Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.

I'm Still Here

I'm Still Here

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Meme Templates Are EASY

Meme Templates Are EASY

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We Found THANOS In minecraft!
The ONLY Golf Game That's Funny
KFC Dating Simulator

KFC Dating Simulator

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You're Gonna Wanna See This

You're Gonna Wanna See This

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I Quit Youtube For This
This Has To Stop

This Has To Stop

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I'm Sorry To Do This

I'm Sorry To Do This

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I HATE Minecraft w/ pewdiepie
Gaming On Youtube Has Changed
  1. Emma Maceachern

    Emma Maceachern2 sekonda më parë

    Yes! Season 2 Is here!! :D

  2. slimysludge

    slimysludge11 sekonda më parë

    when i meet you i'm gonna have to ask you to shout laugh at my face

  3. Jennifer Maestas

    Jennifer Maestas16 sekonda më parë

    You haven't died this year that's great

  4. Alex Byrne

    Alex Byrne18 sekonda më parë

    Jack hey siri I have a bad case of diarrhoea siri that's shit

  5. Tharion The dragon

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  6. ΩKhmerSpark

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  7. arsine

    arsine33 sekonda më parë

    0:38 that was VERY UNSATISFYING

  8. Christian

    Christian33 sekonda më parë

    9:33 Jack:I have a bad case of diarrhea

  9. Newt Scamander Rules

    Newt Scamander Rules36 sekonda më parë

    I won that staring contest thank you very much😂

  10. Spiderbro 1

    Spiderbro 136 sekonda më parë

    I swear if we have anther Tom Bergeron moment on jfhv I'm cry again

  11. werevin06

    werevin0643 sekonda më parë

    obamas last name is obama, obama obama.

  12. Courtney Oldfield

    Courtney Oldfield44 sekonda më parë

    I literlly skip u saying the name and try to guess along 😂

  13. AJG Rulez

    AJG Rulez49 sekonda më parë

    What the censored?!?!?

  14. Postwar White

    Postwar White50 sekonda më parë

    More like jacksepticeye funniest home videos Chapter 2

  15. Vex Fence

    Vex Fence57 sekonda më parë

    Pay attention!! PAY ATTENTI--!!!!

  16. MiningMods YT

    MiningMods YTMinutë më parë

    the green screen changed to minecraft and the most fake looking ad popped up

  17. FrostFireDemon

    FrostFireDemonMinutë më parë

    The wearable chair is a way to cheat the wall sit

  18. DG _E

    DG _EMinutë më parë

    Ive waited forever for this

  19. Ramyaa Rajarajan

    Ramyaa RajarajanMinutë më parë

    I feel sad for sean

  20. saber tink

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  21. Jacob Lindstrom

    Jacob LindstromMinutë më parë

    1:03:36 I knew what condom was when I was eight

  22. Dark Shadow

    Dark ShadowMinutë më parë

    Jack do fortnite

  23. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    can i get 10,000 subscriber without videosMinutë më parë

    Random Player: Hello Jack: What’s Up Gamer (Expecting Him to Just Say What’s Up) Random Player: Hello Jacks Brain: Umm...ok

  24. Ruth Miller

    Ruth MillerMinutë më parë

    Jack used the budget he earned from monitization to buy that portable leg chair thingy. Good job. 👍

  25. Darragh Drennan

    Darragh DrennanMinutë më parë

    Do you know Jacob Breslin

  26. Дамян Ангелов

    Дамян АнгеловMinutë më parë

    F *minecraft chest noise* CK om my god not the coments too😥

  27. NotAGoat

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  28. jayden molano

    jayden molanoMinutë më parë

    When you mix handsome Jack with tall Jack 🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. kuba g

    kuba gMinutë më parë

    More Energy then there is in a hectolitre of redbull

  30. the gangsteri-aine

    the gangsteri-aineMinutë më parë

    can we talk about thumnail like seriusly that's most emo thing i have seen today *g note*

  31. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos2 minuta më parë

    "no game has ever had swimming before" Minecraft crying in the corne

  32. Fluky

    Fluky2 minuta më parë

    Good choice Jack. was gonna pull up on you if you didnt bring it back

  33. Hannah Faulkner

    Hannah Faulkner2 minuta më parë

    Jack: *sees something absolutely stupid* aight I’m gonna buy it

  34. zpooky zinen

    zpooky zinen2 minuta më parë


  35. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos2 minuta më parë

    Random person : Hello Jack : Hello Jack 2 seconds later : I made a friend

  36. Roman Nicolich

    Roman Nicolich2 minuta më parë

    These are fucking words to live by

  37. Kirbii

    Kirbii2 minuta më parë

    D-does this mean happy wheels is coming back TOOO!????

  38. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos2 minuta më parë

    Jack “THIS IS THE BEST GAME!” sad minecraft noises

  39. Spider Boy

    Spider Boy2 minuta më parë


  40. supermarioalex13

    supermarioalex132 minuta më parë

    You had the diarrhea song in one of your other funniest home videos

  41. The World of Oceanblue Art

    The World of Oceanblue Art2 minuta më parë


  42. JaQwest Summers

    JaQwest Summers2 minuta më parë

    Jack's gonna have the coolest set of polio in December

  43. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos2 minuta më parë

    Nobody: Everyone: Everyone: Everyone: “-Everyone 2019” -Everyone 2019

  44. Stacie Mal

    Stacie Mal3 minuta më parë

    What brand of gaming chair do you have?😊

  45. Maxy Minecraft

    Maxy Minecraft3 minuta më parë

    2:06 bad move

  46. Haleysongtopaz

    Haleysongtopaz3 minuta më parë

    Me :its back its finally back Mom: what's back Me and jack : LAUGH

  47. Martin Casperson

    Martin Casperson3 minuta më parë

    RIP tall Jack, not Handsome Jack.

  48. Lolly52y

    Lolly52y3 minuta më parë

    1:27 actually he must be asking for help

  49. Hinkuh

    Hinkuh3 minuta më parë

    Jack does good on his dutch accent

  50. Acount Acount

    Acount Acount3 minuta më parë

    wait u just have 2 cut outs of ur self

  51. Minecraft Song's For Veterans

    Minecraft Song's For Veterans3 minuta më parë

    Its tall jack who died not handsome jack. handsome jach is on the right on our screens

  52. No Name

    No Name3 minuta më parë

    jack 2019: now the vedio will be not demonatised and i will earn so money but after seeing this vedio jack reaction f not again

  53. Poni Koji Jede Kroasan

    Poni Koji Jede Kroasan3 minuta më parë

    Me: Ready to watch the video* The second I click an ad plays* *We Have Been Tricked,We've Been Backstabbed,And Quite Possibly,We've Been Bamboozled*

  54. slyspartan700

    slyspartan7003 minuta më parë

    i can confirm ..mcdonalds do have answering machine X)

  55. Rammin Rhino

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  56. Noah Moruzi

    Noah Moruzi4 minuta më parë

    Its baaaack

  57. genetic experiment

    genetic experiment4 minuta më parë

    1:29 I can relate because I live in Wales

  58. Kobra Kid22

    Kobra Kid224 minuta më parë

    I saw the first clip (I'm only like a minute in lol) and the first thing that came to mind was TLC's No Scrubs song 😂

  59. Matthew Hildebrand

    Matthew Hildebrand4 minuta më parë

    Where is my “DING DING, TOP OF MORNING”? also IT’S BACK!

  60. Alex Rus

    Alex Rus4 minuta më parë

    _More than 60% of comments: Swimming in games_ _20% of comments:quotes_ _20% of comments: ActUAl cOmMenTS_


    WILMER CERECERO4 minuta më parë

    Jack:3:53 Also Jack:5:51

  62. Geno Sans

    Geno Sans4 minuta më parë

    Wow only 871 comments I thought there would be ALOT more

  63. Rima Abboud

    Rima Abboud4 minuta më parë

    I love u jack

  64. Commandbaker333

    Commandbaker3334 minuta më parë

    Season 2 of Jse funniest home videos because fortnite season 2

  65. Dexter thoma

    Dexter thoma4 minuta më parë

    Have you ever heard of the game called impeach

  66. LivingasHilde

    LivingasHilde4 minuta më parë

    5:58 he kinda sounds like Jedediah from Night at the museum 😂

  67. Jc400

    Jc4004 minuta më parë

    This is anti’s origin story

  68. God of the Cripples

    God of the Cripples4 minuta më parë

    I caught that Naruto ringtone

  69. Galled Glados

    Galled Glados4 minuta më parë

    jack: Demonetize me all you want ...but you'll never take away my swearing! jack: *censors* *swear*

  70. Alone Audio

    Alone Audio4 minuta më parë

    Did you hear that ALworks is working on a system to get you money even if you are age restricted? Maybe you can finally be yourself mate!

  71. Sumeira Nasim

    Sumeira Nasim5 minuta më parë

    As soon as he hit the board my internet went out😂😂😂

  72. Silver & Sans Studios 6

    Silver & Sans Studios 65 minuta më parë



    PUMPKIN SPIDER5 minuta më parë

    Remember when jack could curse


    WILDQWARDINO5 minuta më parë

    *jack hit that guy in team rumble for 69*

  75. Scythe

    Scythe5 minuta më parë

    Let me go get my popcorn

  76. Alec R.

    Alec R.5 minuta më parë

    I love cloak jack.

  77. D TheCapricorn

    D TheCapricorn5 minuta më parë

    So wait what happened to anti actually?

  78. Icey

    Icey5 minuta më parë

    5:19 That was tall Jack

  79. Sohraab Bawa

    Sohraab Bawa5 minuta më parë

    7:06 that's because you're a scrawny little **swore**

  80. Tara Steeb

    Tara Steeb5 minuta më parë

    Weve found the new Ramsey Bolton

  81. Penguin Guy17

    Penguin Guy175 minuta më parë

    5:19 thats actually tall jack

  82. creeperade

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  83. skrattadu florardu

    skrattadu florardu5 minuta më parë

    FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Johnson Davis

    Johnson Davis5 minuta më parë

    We are ramping it up still haven't fixed the light yet

  85. Marta Sz.

    Marta Sz.6 minuta më parë

    I hate how people will actually get triggered if someone says "hey fortnite isn't that bad" if you wanna be an epic gamer, dont be rude to other gamer friends

  86. Sherrycake

    Sherrycake6 minuta më parë

    LAUGH!! That always cracks me up 😂

  87. Katsu 123

    Katsu 1236 minuta më parë

    5:50 Cough cough what happened to the no swearing?

  88. Becca Wilson

    Becca Wilson6 minuta më parë

    That was tall Jack. You had a memorial for the wrong one lol

  89. I Need A Life

    I Need A Life6 minuta më parë

    5:20 that was tall jack not handsome jack

  90. Duckkis

    Duckkis6 minuta më parë

    My Borderlands loving self went nuts at the simple mention of Handsome Jack. Aaaaanywaayyy, back to the video now. For real, this time.

  91. Recks Roller

    Recks Roller6 minuta më parë

    Vince probably sold his way out of prison.

  92. hollowwolf 147

    hollowwolf 1476 minuta më parë

    I work at McDonalds and we dont have that

  93. Angel38 Pedro

    Angel38 Pedro6 minuta më parë

    Love you jack can you make more Skate 3 video's i love these.

  94. James Deerin

    James Deerin6 minuta më parë


  95. Pavica Salajć

    Pavica Salajć7 minuta më parë

    River man's name is W.D.gaster

  96. D TheCapricorn

    D TheCapricorn7 minuta më parë

    *S W O R E*

  97. Ellie S

    Ellie S7 minuta më parë

    Please do another one, loved this video

  98. Alex Santos

    Alex Santos7 minuta më parë

    My dog actually howl


    UGLI DUCKLING7 minuta më parë

    You were the chosen one!

  100. Jc400

    Jc4007 minuta më parë

    Can jack get an Oscar award