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Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Killers and survivors, welcome!
This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

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Dead by Daylight | Live Q&A
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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Vit më parë

  1. måke lord

    måke lordDitë më parë

    The killer is ghost raider

  2. Boran Rüzgar

    Boran RüzgarDitë më parë

    Its probably pinehead

  3. Giovanni Iacolare

    Giovanni IacolareDitë më parë

    The Deathslinger...honestly I’m a little disappointed

  4. Mia Justine

    Mia JustineDitë më parë

    Now that the PTB is out and we are seeing the killer in full effect with the new chapter, this teaser looks nothing like what’s actually out tbh

  5. Dani Collantes

    Dani CollantesDitë më parë

    The new Killer is a cowboy? Not what I expected

  6. Marcus Wilcock

    Marcus WilcockDitë më parë

    Add a killer with a G U N

  7. who?

    who?Ditë më parë


  8. Young mi Jin

    Young mi JinDitë më parë

    HellRaiser in the Dead By Daylight OH Yeah!

  9. Mika Fraga

    Mika FragaDitë më parë

    New Killer: Andromeda Shun New Survivor: Seint Seiya New map: Sanctuary

  10. Laith Al-Fdeilat

    Laith Al-FdeilatDitë më parë

    It’s this wild west guy named the deathslinger

  11. Mrrgle the Mediocre

    Mrrgle the MediocreDitë më parë

    Yee Haw

  12. Maximillian Wolfe

    Maximillian WolfeDitë më parë

    CONFIRMED: New Killer: The Deathslinger (uses gun with a chain as his power) New Survivor: Zaria Kassir

  13. Suga Wolves

    Suga WolvesDitë më parë

    And yet no spotlights for the Hag and Huntress

  14. Erza

    ErzaDitë më parë

    T-T Dwight's such a coward

  15. Eric Andrade

    Eric AndradeDitë më parë

    Up hitbox?

  16. Deniz Oezdogan

    Deniz OezdoganDitë më parë

    New Killer : Sylas New Survivor : Garen New Map : Demacia

  17. Ian Molina

    Ian MolinaDitë më parë

    New killer: Cujo just think about it. it makes sense.

  18. Puteshestvennick Kirill

    Puteshestvennick KirillDitë më parë

    Будет интересно

  19. Litt1e Penguin5

    Litt1e Penguin5Ditë më parë

    Jason Voorhees And Tommy J

  20. random commenter

    random commenterDitë më parë


  21. Travis Smith

    Travis SmithDitë më parë

    hell raiser


    JASON MCGUIRKDitë më parë

    I think it's a hint for pin head

  23. Rafale721

    Rafale721Ditë më parë

    Nobody:... Devs: we need a new killer... Also devs: let's make a fake teaser so that the community will give us an idea. Community: Chain chomp

  24. Sylvy's Birdies

    Sylvy's BirdiesDitë më parë

    Ngl I'd be terrified if chain chomp was added into the game LMAO yes been my nightmare fuel forever

  25. V G

    V GDitë më parë


  26. Gabriel Lasfargue

    Gabriel LasfargueDitë më parë

    Gangster pistolet rou

  27. GenZee

    GenZeeDitë më parë

    If Chain Chomp couldn't make it into smash, he could make it into DbD. Congrats man. You deserve it.

  28. ImCroozy

    ImCroozyDitë më parë

    Oh God it's Snoop Dogg

  29. Blaze PL

    Blaze PLDitë më parë

    in my opinion Jason will be the new killer because at the end of the last part jason drowned having a chain around his neck and it may be he and the new surviver may be Tommy Jarwis

  30. Wheatley the Core

    Wheatley the CoreDitë më parë

    Chain me to your bed, daddy;)

  31. egg

    eggDitë më parë

    The new killer is kool-aid man

  32. big fat strowky

    big fat strowkyDitë më parë

    This was so misleading tbh

  33. big fat strowky

    big fat strowkyDitë më parë


  34. Gacha Angel

    Gacha AngelDitë më parë

    Can you add Jason from Friday the 13th

  35. ColtOcelot

    ColtOcelotDitë më parë

    Your hitboxes are SO GOD DAMN TRASHHHHHH .

  36. Phillip Grapentin - Riemer

    Phillip Grapentin - RiemerDitë më parë

    Wie wär's mal mit nem Skinwalker? Sowohl Survivor und als Killer Spielbar? So'n richtig übler Werwolf, würde ich echt fett finden...

  37. juampy06

    juampy06Ditë më parë


  38. RreeffGameSk

    RreeffGameSkDitë më parë

    Jason 100%

  39. TheBeastMaster

    TheBeastMasterDitë më parë

    new killer: Sylas

  40. intlinlz 221

    intlinlz 221Ditë më parë

    Guys this is officialy leaked by leaksbydaylight's subreddit.Alongside the leak of that film producer survivor,the new killers name is *The Gunslinger*

  41. T Burns

    T BurnsDitë më parë

    Kool Aid Man: Unchained

  42. Brekol

    BrekolDitë më parë

    I think the new killer is monster.

  43. Crimson X

    Crimson XDitë më parë


  44. Mazen Bh

    Mazen BhDitë më parë

    It's so obvious that this guy is not a native English speaker 😂

  45. Felipe Szperman

    Felipe SzpermanDitë më parë

    ghost Rider

  46. ocean man

    ocean manDitë më parë

    wow, I can't for this killer to get add, then people who are not used to play him/her call them op, and then you guys nerf them until they are no longer playable.

  47. Pawelsky

    PawelskyDitë më parë

    I think its The Miller, from The Windmill Massacre, he had chains too.

  48. George Farron

    George FarronDitë më parë

    I wonder if it's the pig guy from outlast....

  49. Piotr Białowąs

    Piotr BiałowąsDitë më parë

    Today is PTB guys for new killer be ready

  50. Andrew Garcia

    Andrew GarciaDitë më parë

    Damn everybody is like Mario , Chain Chop the first thing I thought was fucking cujo

  51. Игорь Петрунин

    Игорь ПетрунинDitë më parë

    Где Мать Вашу Русские Субтитры.

  52. Игорь Петрунин

    Игорь ПетрунинDitë më parë

    Добавте Русские Субтитры.

  53. Mr Mortem

    Mr MortemDitë më parë

    buffalo bill is the new killer

  54. Rob Silverlight

    Rob SilverlightDitë më parë

    honestly for how slow the chain was dragging no way it's pinhead I know I'm prolly wrong but I just want it to be Pyramid Head.

  55. Erik Kim

    Erik KimDitë më parë

    who fed sylas?

  56. k i z z p`

    k i z z p`Ditë më parë

    worst game ever game for kids

  57. Oscar Orejuela

    Oscar OrejuelaDitë më parë

    Hagan algo para las premades toxicas

  58. Al Khem

    Al KhemDitë më parë

    Could be a killer who can hooks survivors to a chain instead of finding a hook

  59. Project Kiro

    Project KiroDitë më parë

    new killer: Homer simpson new survivor: bart map:kwik e mart ability: strangle.jpeg

  60. Alex Gherghina

    Alex GherghinaDitë më parë

    Give us the Trailer !!!

  61. Leonie Yvo

    Leonie YvoDitë më parë

    New Killer: Jason New survivor: Tommy New map:/

  62. Goi Jehudim

    Goi JehudimDitë më parë

    Don't buy the killer!! He will get nerfed anyways...

  63. PheraGamer

    PheraGamerDitë më parë

    I honestly think this is a flail, wich would fit the breaking walls feature

  64. Marcel THEROND

    Marcel THERONDDitë më parë

    Reminds me "the Gamekeeper", from identity 5, a dbd-like game pretty important. This killer have a chain-hook he can use to grap survivors from a certain range, so they pull towards him, (GET OVER HERE!) or he can use it on the walls, like a grapnel

  65. Mask Fusion Gamer

    Mask Fusion GamerDitë më parë


  66. Shaun McMahon

    Shaun McMahonDitë më parë

    Killers codename is "Ukraine" Hitler had a bunker during the war named, Werewolf.

  67. _SmeXUU_

    _SmeXUU_Ditë më parë


  68. Senko Online

    Senko OnlineDitë më parë

    Imagine if it was Spawn from Dark Horse comics

  69. Don Vito

    Don VitoDitë më parë

    new killer: loli chained in the basement new survivor: me new map: my house

  70. 魔人SPOON

    魔人SPOONDitë më parë

    This change is for the launch of the new killer. The official is not really for game balance. The wall damage of the new system attracts attention is afraid that the new killer will be ugly. This time, it seems that there are new survivors who may be tied to the killer and sold. When the boycott is resisted, the person who plays the survivor will definitely want to buy it. This change to the person who plays the survivor should not be too nervous anyway. The killer will definitely be weakened. After a while, you can laugh at the killer. It will only accelerate the death of this game, and there will always be new games. Unless the survivors don't care, Chinese manufacturers are waiting for the games that will be spent in the future when they are acquired. The Asian players who are deeply tainted will stay!

  71. Kian Guarzo

    Kian GuarzoDitë më parë

    New Killer? aammm Kirby ??!!?!!

  72. Verminlord Soulberry88

    Verminlord Soulberry88Ditë më parë

    I wanted to make a joke about the new killer being a dog. Or the Chain Chomp from the mario series but some 1 already made the joke. :(:

  73. Nexis Bruh

    Nexis BruhDitë më parë


  74. tweek bros

    tweek brosDitë më parë

    Pinhead or Hannibal lecter

  75. Nevin P.

    Nevin P.Ditë më parë

    They should either make the trapper start with his traps or have an add on where he starts with his traps

  76. Patrick Myers

    Patrick MyersDitë më parë

    New killer : alien. New survivor : Ripley. New map : Weyland corporation.

  77. Travis Lagow

    Travis LagowDitë më parë

    Add Tourist Trap (Killer) Slausen (Survivors) I would say Molly she is the main out of the 5 Jerry, Eileen, Becky, Woody or Tina. (Map) Slausen Lost oasis.

  78. HeyMissHayley

    HeyMissHayleyDitë më parë


  79. DNAitoJin

    DNAitoJinDitë më parë

    New Killer: Pin Head If it isn't they definitely should make it happen asap.

  80. Максим Горячев

    Максим ГорячевDitë më parë


  81. Sasha Gaming

    Sasha GamingDitë më parë

    new killer chain man new survivor hacksaw new map dungeon

  82. El Jefe

    El JefeDitë më parë

    Wheres freddy?

  83. TheSmilingDog

    TheSmilingDogDitë më parë


  84. what if ?

    what if ?Ditë më parë

    Why not put mesh hit boxes so killers and survivors have more a realistic hit and juke

  85. Itz Lupe

    Itz LupeDitë më parë

    I have a feeling it's probably Ghost Rider

  86. Chase Veaudry

    Chase VeaudryDitë më parë

    Ghost rider?

  87. • suzuki •

    • suzuki •Ditë më parë

    who let the dogs out

  88. MoonlitDirewolf

    MoonlitDirewolfDitë më parë

    Ghost Rider?

  89. Gianni Smith

    Gianni SmithDitë më parë

    No entiendo los comentarios pero se viene pinhead o me gustaria que fuera el pero si no se da que se puede hacer.❤ Arriba todos los que hablamos español 🇵🇦❤ Edit: team *GENuINE993*

  90. Neon - Venom

    Neon - VenomDitë më parë

    I just spent 16 seconds looking at a chain-

  91. rick black

    rick blackDitë më parë


  92. Miss Sincere

    Miss Sincere2 ditë më parë

    Why is she so tall ?

  93. ImSoWavyy 2X

    ImSoWavyy 2X2 ditë më parë

    See no evil?

  94. Stressed, Depressed, & Band-Obsessed

    Stressed, Depressed, & Band-Obsessed2 ditë më parë


  95. Goated Alex

    Goated Alex2 ditë më parë

    They released the demo skin trailer too late

  96. assembled 18

    assembled 182 ditë më parë

    Convict killer

  97. Alex Ssj3

    Alex Ssj32 ditë më parë

    Hellraiser ?

  98. EverrFire

    EverrFire2 ditë më parë



    BUZZAIRD BIRD2 ditë më parë

    Give up on dead by daylight no saving it now survivers abandon all hope...

  100. Evan R0513

    Evan R05132 ditë më parë

    Wheres the trailer?