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  1. Nawrin

    Nawrin5 minuta më parë

    Hasan must have had the weirdest questions when he was a kid

  2. Laura L.

    Laura L.14 minuta më parë

    really wish sources were posted somewhere, would love to cite the lady comparing the prices of insulin pens in my paper

  3. Anjali Baskar

    Anjali Baskar14 minuta më parë

    he’s so weirdly specific with his likes

  4. damon carrawell

    damon carrawell15 minuta më parë

    Fun fact if you’re in your room and it’s dark you can see the static electricity

  5. Abu Miran

    Abu Miran18 minuta më parë

    Can Tiktok be renamed as cringe app

  6. Anjali Baskar

    Anjali Baskar21 minutë më parë

    safeway soups are bomb 🔥

  7. anyaz_doomham

    anyaz_doomham21 minutë më parë


  8. ivan ow

    ivan ow23 minuta më parë

    how is that going super malaysian xp.

  9. Thomas Churchill

    Thomas Churchill26 minuta më parë

    Came for the politics, stayed for the fashion advice for professional brown people.

  10. liljiminvert

    liljiminvert31 minutë më parë

    oh god i love this man🥺💜

  11. biji rani

    biji rani31 minutë më parë

    The Hrithik Roshan poster killed me..

  12. Sriparno Baksi

    Sriparno Baksi31 minutë më parë

    Mother worked until became a ghost.

  13. toti asem

    toti asem32 minuta më parë

    It goes from foot to finger cuz our bodies are conductive to electricity Hasan hh

  14. owlright

    owlright33 minuta më parë

    here's a hot take: gulab jamun is overrated. so many other sweets taste WAY better. (If you're from the bengals you know what i'm talking about)

  15. Rum Nas

    Rum Nas33 minuta më parë

    That Bella girl is so pretty!

  16. Tarani Kalagara

    Tarani Kalagara33 minuta më parë

    I love Hasan Minhaj and all.. great guy. The wikipedia thing is embarrassingly relatable. But, one thing really bugs me. Not all South Asians are the same. Not all Indians have the same tradition and all. Like the mithai thing. I just want to point that out. North Indians may do that but as a South Indian, we don't. Just want some South INDIAN appreciation. <3 Either way, your show is really funny.

  17. Fahmina Zaman

    Fahmina Zaman36 minuta më parë

    Can you do an episode like this but with Desis in their 20s? :) Would love that! And would LOVE to be in it!!

  18. Christopher Joseph

    Christopher Joseph40 minuta më parë

    Hasan, you are an amazing celeb. Giving the kid a chance to glow up is so awesome of you bro.

  19. Ruby Kaur

    Ruby Kaur46 minuta më parë

    Stand with Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  20. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker47 minuta më parë


  21. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker47 minuta më parë


  22. sandeep p

    sandeep p47 minuta më parë

    19 year old girl : i love tik tok, it's the best app Sniper : we got the target in position permission to engage !

  23. Imran Ali

    Imran Ali49 minuta më parë

    I have that same denim jacket!

  24. Usama Sulaiman

    Usama Sulaiman49 minuta më parë

    FYI, that is not a Jalebi. It is an Imarti

  25. Muhammad Alif b As'shaari

    Muhammad Alif b As'shaari54 minuta më parë

    I felt attacked when he threw Malaysian under the bus there but I'm just happy to hear our country being mentioned on the show in a positive(-ish) light this time around!

  26. Bharat Siddeshwar

    Bharat Siddeshwar54 minuta më parë

    Do an episode on Kashmir issue man. What are you scared of?

  27. Megan Belmont

    Megan Belmont58 minuta më parë

    I'll decorate for the holidays when I want!

  28. Palestine Exists

    Palestine ExistsOrë më parë

    USA has turned away 🚢 with Jews escaping Nazi Germany.

  29. Sabrina Jorgensen

    Sabrina JorgensenOrë më parë

    Little does Hasan know that tik tok users have been tagging and posting #freehongkong for awhile now! Tik tok just shadowbans the users, but it's still something!

  30. Ryan Macabre

    Ryan MacabreOrë më parë

    Made a Hong Kong video per request on Tiktok. If you search HasanHongKong you should find it. Blow it up so other people on that platform duet/use audio for Hasan?

  31. Dirty Bird

    Dirty BirdOrë më parë

    Hasan don't ruin her childhood. Play Santa. It's fun for the kid and parents. Edit: I figured it out early but they used to tell me they had to leave a check for Santa so I didn't ask for anything too expensive.

  32. AlesiPanic

    AlesiPanicOrë më parë

    Lmao the “I stand with Hong Kong” thing on tiktok is real

  33. jenny li

    jenny liOrë më parë

    Oh my god that is what I do!!! Who has time to through 80 plus episodes. You can read about how it all ends in wiki!!!

  34. pinkwakabeagle

    pinkwakabeagleOrë më parë

    The girl dancing: presentaaaaa (Puerto Ricans will understand)

  35. WisePosterior

    WisePosteriorOrë më parë

    Indian Uncle > Uncle Sam

  36. Rebecca

    RebeccaOrë më parë

    hasan getting the tiktokers to watch patriot act now

  37. Rebecca

    RebeccaOrë më parë

    someone edit the actual song over theirs just to see how she did 😂

  38. Auris Lam

    Auris LamOrë më parë

    Hi Hasan, please do an episode about Hong Kong. We need your help! #StandwithHongKong

  39. Shivani Mehta

    Shivani MehtaOrë më parë


  40. mohammed mohsin

    mohammed mohsinOrë më parë

    I'm.going to tik tok right away and watch those lottery dance videos...

  41. E F

    E FOrë më parë

    I love the delivery of serious political topics in a more youthful, street/casual style, though. Don’t change a thing!

  42. Pravesh Raghoo

    Pravesh RaghooOrë më parë

    I thought I was the only one reading movie plot on Wikipedia :)

  43. Sweta Shah

    Sweta ShahOrë më parë

    Do you wanna do one episode on International students and the job market for them?

  44. Kaydiasez

    KaydiasezOrë më parë

    Ludoo for the WIN! and me little sister got to insist on baklava but her girls sneaked in hazelnut chocolate to break up the monotony. At a wedding who's going to stop you?

  45. Sushil Ghonse

    Sushil Ghonse2 orë më parë

    Nowadays i want only Deep Cuts rather than Main Episodes

  46. Christian Rampersaud

    Christian Rampersaud2 orë më parë

    Can you do a episode on Guyana 🇬🇾 🛢 oil

  47. uniformoctober

    uniformoctober2 orë më parë

    12:20 this is what my wife does... totally an asian thing XD

  48. Hardik 3004

    Hardik 30042 orë më parë

    Ok boomer

  49. Edwin Semidey

    Edwin Semidey2 orë më parë

    Yet his own grandfather was a criminal that was expelled from the USA, iT TOOK his grandfather several years to re-apply and get in.

  50. Dee Cohen

    Dee Cohen2 orë më parë

    Ronnie Chang is fucking hilarious

  51. Naved Qureshi

    Naved Qureshi2 orë më parë

    As an Indian, I'm offended on Hrithik's six fingers' comment 😂

  52. Dee Cohen

    Dee Cohen2 orë më parë

    I never all that she fucking sucked

  53. Dean Kruse

    Dean Kruse2 orë më parë

    The dance seems like sign language

  54. CasualGamer!

    CasualGamer!2 orë më parë

    lol so proud of Ronnie... I’m Malaysian too and I’m the same way with shows I don’t watch (except I just do it by reading social media and recap articles) 😂

  55. Vanessa Ramirez

    Vanessa Ramirez2 orë më parë

    She was so cute. Lol.

  56. Ihatesnakue 45

    Ihatesnakue 452 orë më parë

    By the time I eat my 287th gulab jaamun I'll die of diabetes

  57. Tito Tim Travels

    Tito Tim Travels2 orë më parë

    So he does not understand static electricity or plumbing? There goes the stereotype of smart Indians... 😎

  58. Zoe Ngo

    Zoe Ngo2 orë më parë

    tan would be so proud of his outfit

  59. Flame

    Flame2 orë më parë

    Always the Easter eggs in the outros (14:02)


    DUKE NUKEM2 orë më parë


  61. Erik Truedson

    Erik Truedson2 orë më parë

    They didn't want to pay for the song lol

  62. Anupapaya Poopy

    Anupapaya Poopy3 orë më parë

    the goddamn gulab jamun in the center of the earth picture at the end, marry me graphics team

  63. Arturo Escorcia

    Arturo Escorcia3 orë më parë

    Yeah no, Tik Tok is horrible

  64. Shivangi Sikri

    Shivangi Sikri3 orë më parë

    I love the tiny comments in white that the person editing this video put in. Best part of the show.

  65. aa

    aa3 orë më parë

    I know they already did an episode on Chinese censorship, but if Hasan looked into censorship on tiktok that'd be kinda interesting- like he said the hong kong thing as a joke, but it's actually happening! People (and professors) make tiktoks talking abt Hong Kong and the uighur muslim massacres to see if they'll get taken down, and they are.

  66. Galaar

    Galaar3 orë më parë

    Awesome, I can now never eat Nacho Cheese Doritos again.

  67. Imperial Knight

    Imperial Knight3 orë më parë

    why do you need Wi-Fi for a song you already downloaded?

  68. Cruzin’

    Cruzin’3 orë më parë

    1:47 REAL TALK: PASSPORT. I felt that one.

  69. sjo q

    sjo q3 orë më parë

    Hi Bella

  70. dwinosam

    dwinosam3 orë më parë

    Yeah...I guess that is technically a dance?

  71. divjot singh

    divjot singh3 orë më parë

    I really liked his grey kaws shoes ......I want to buy them but they are so fuckin expensive

  72. Katy S

    Katy S3 orë më parë

    Hasan sounds like a juggalo trying to explain away science in this one

  73. HüDO NēDEM

    HüDO NēDEM3 orë më parë

    I wish she danced to the music. Had to look it up cause I was ... ok.. but it’s cool lol

  74. Hritik Juyal

    Hritik Juyal3 orë më parë

    Indians alone have downloaded TikTok more than 190 million times. If we add the rest top 5 countries, India has clear majority with huge gap. TikTok is the most cringy app I have ever seen.

  75. k&D hair sqaud andrews and Swearingen

    k&D hair sqaud andrews and Swearingen3 orë më parë

    Omg I go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis also omg especially old movies 🤣🤣 I am 54 I fall asleep or get bored it's easier to read

  76. Alex Montgomery

    Alex Montgomery3 orë më parë

    Anyone know where the jackets from?

  77. Abidur Rahman

    Abidur Rahman3 orë më parë

    People who do not know "what gulab jamun is?" Hasan's Reply: Mannn, "its fried donut covered in syrup"

  78. Suzie Avocadi

    Suzie Avocadi3 orë më parë

    Omg my grandma told me that 💩 goes to hell too when i was a kid

  79. HüDO NēDEM

    HüDO NēDEM3 orë më parë

    3:58 caught me off guard scared the hell out of me lmaooo

  80. Wrold

    Wrold3 orë më parë

    Cmonn Eddie

  81. KPepper L

    KPepper L3 orë më parë

    Tik tok ads annoys the crap out of me... I don't know why...

  82. Sarai Medrano

    Sarai Medrano3 orë më parë

    i’m in love with hasan minhaj

  83. Julien Taming

    Julien Taming3 orë më parë

    Tiktok is crap.

  84. Jeremiah Bachmann

    Jeremiah Bachmann4 orë më parë

    Let's hope he is just joking about Santa.

  85. Master Slashing

    Master Slashing4 orë më parë

    OK Boomer came from Reddit

  86. The_Catman

    The_Catman4 orë më parë

    Those end cards always say "Only on Netflix" but the bulk of every episode is immediately on youtube and these deep cuts are (afaik) YT exclusive, what gives?

  87. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez4 orë më parë

    Petition to have a full hour of Deep Cuts.

  88. Cruzin’

    Cruzin’4 orë më parë


  89. dangerhamster

    dangerhamster4 orë më parë

    How dare he insult Jalebi like this? Agreed though Laddu and Borfi can go to hell

  90. var null

    var null4 orë më parë

    Honestly I would watch a Patriot Act episode on waste management.

  91. CoD mobile with DoubleYou3D and more!

    CoD mobile with DoubleYou3D and more!4 orë më parë

    the audience are paid to laugh

  92. Hanni Matugas

    Hanni Matugas4 orë më parë

    Re: Reading the synopsis of shows one hasn't watched Oh, I do this a lot! Glad to know I'm not alone. Hahaha

  93. Lyra Sharma

    Lyra Sharma4 orë më parë


  94. Sarowar Ahmed

    Sarowar Ahmed4 orë më parë


  95. Ayla Soares

    Ayla Soares4 orë më parë

    My dad had the worst black spot ever. Took more than 5 minutes to get out, it just kept on giving... Yeah, that's love :p

  96. Natalie Diaz

    Natalie Diaz4 orë më parë

    START MAKING “I stand with Hong Kong” TIK TOKS!!!!!

  97. Arion661

    Arion6614 orë më parë

    Hasan: "I will emotionally guilt her" Me: "That be our way."

  98. The Macrobian Nomad

    The Macrobian Nomad4 orë më parë

    Guess what three countries the US overthrow democratically elected 'Leftist' governments by using Right Wing violent militias to install puppet governments, then fast forward gang violence is rampant and there's a refugee crisis?

  99. Deal Unboxing

    Deal Unboxing4 orë më parë

    You should have 10 Mil Subs by now.

  100. vikdmon

    vikdmon4 orë më parë

    I would sue Safeway for discrimination