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3 muaj më parë

  1. Xan Lives Here

    Xan Lives Here19 sekonda më parë

    I adore that you're a fellow directioner. Also I'm a Harry's Alien too. Feels you. I cook 24/7

  2. cloudy0001

    cloudy000138 sekonda më parë

    i live with my parents instead of on campus but my eating habits are horrible it’s not that i’m broke i just don’t have time 🤧

  3. S.a.hbarmary Mary

    S.a.hbarmary Mary44 sekonda më parë

    It broke my heart to see her crying omg

  4. Bree Johnson

    Bree Johnson53 sekonda më parë

    As a college student I drink a 5-hour energy for breakfast, eat whatever is the cheapest at the vending machine for lunch, and either instant mash potatoes or ramen for dinner.

  5. Ella Mizzy

    Ella MizzyMinutë më parë

    Omg why do they keep zooming in and out on there faces... HALP

  6. Katy Nadal

    Katy Nadal4 minuta më parë

    As a college student I don't eat a lot of snacks I don't have the time. I have eaten the cup of ramen for multiple meals a day. But I've also had the the full on snack machine breakfast

  7. Juan Fajardo

    Juan Fajardo6 minuta më parë

    Omg! I live by that ramen place!

  8. Jahnia Cherenfant

    Jahnia Cherenfant7 minuta më parë

    The times of day she’s eating is correct for college students but the food is not. If you’re living on a campus you’re most likely eating campus food. So for lunch i usually have a sandwhich, pasta, chicken fingers, rice bowl or something then for dinner I’ll go to the buffet then for my night dinner it’s like Starbucks, oatmeal or something you can make quickly in your dorm.

  9. laurel spear

    laurel spear7 minuta më parë

    who else thought this was gonna just be instant ramen for a week

  10. Paige_ Jones

    Paige_ Jones7 minuta më parë

    10:13 That guy is a legend

  11. and I oop

    and I oop8 minuta më parë

    Why does it have 69.000 likes?

  12. Karen Ellison

    Karen Ellison8 minuta më parë

    Nina is definitely one of my favourite BuzzFeed creators - she's so awesome!

  13. LordWhis

    LordWhis9 minuta më parë

    Nina's fiance is the most awesome person ever !

  14. Carla Sen

    Carla Sen10 minuta më parë

    Me gusta las papas fritas.

  15. Danni Evans

    Danni Evans11 minuta më parë

    I had some fantastic mr Fox vibes, just me ?

  16. Katy Nadal

    Katy Nadal11 minuta më parë

    No I'm sorry she said she was poor that sounds like she has money but does have the money for cheap places to eat

  17. Savanna Rojas

    Savanna Rojas11 minuta më parë

    Also her parents probably pay for her food to go out and her college like mine did that’s why she goes out to eat all the time 🤷🏻‍♀️ thanks mom and dad

  18. David Arndt

    David Arndt13 minuta më parë

    If I were to start to lose my vision and a Doctor couldn't fix it, I would shoot myself! Life would no longer be worth living if I lost my sight!

  19. kenneth patterson

    kenneth patterson13 minuta më parë

    I thought this said “ I ate a college student for a week” 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀

    Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀13 minuta më parë

    12:29 was that chick fil a? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Savanna Rojas

    Savanna Rojas13 minuta më parë

    Just like I was in college I ate so bad now if I did I would gain 30 pounds in a week! But u need to add about 5 cups of coffee and a Red Bull or 2

  22. julia segala

    julia segala13 minuta më parë

    This is not real and staged

  23. Judgy Judy

    Judgy Judy15 minuta më parë

    *you would think a college or university student would eat like a yogurt, ramen, or like a protein bar*

  24. Aaliyah Summers-Stover

    Aaliyah Summers-Stover16 minuta më parë

    she is perfect she has a big personality she is my favorite BuzzFeed worker

  25. Kuron :p

    Kuron :p17 minuta më parë

    Props to Farah

  26. Anika A

    Anika A17 minuta më parë

    The college girl is lying. No way she freakin eats o much and so often.

  27. cristal dragon

    cristal dragon18 minuta më parë

    Dont mind me possible aro/ace just passing through

  28. Aubrey Garoutte

    Aubrey Garoutte18 minuta më parë

    Thats gonna be terrible for your neck.

  29. Your Girl Aliya

    Your Girl Aliya18 minuta më parë

    More Nina videos please

  30. Jasmine Angeles

    Jasmine Angeles18 minuta më parë

    Oof I actually see some college students in my school eat like this even tho they payed 2k a semester for unlimited dinning hall food :0

  31. Alice Etkin-Bell

    Alice Etkin-Bell19 minuta më parë

    Omg I'm the same for some reason I feel nauseous in the morning if I eat :(

  32. Tori

    Tori19 minuta më parë

    LOL I'm a college student eating dinner watching this video!

  33. Maddie H

    Maddie H19 minuta më parë

    All these comments are about budget but that really wasn’t the point. It was kind of just “eating like a teen with high metabolism and no fear of bodily consequence” like chill lol

  34. sxrika-b

    sxrika-b20 minuta më parë

    ffs i waiting for her to eat spam, egg and rice for the whole week straight

  35. ky

    ky20 minuta më parë

    this was super inaccurate but the video was still entertaining to watch

  36. Naomi Dubois

    Naomi Dubois20 minuta më parë

    did she just take i BITE out of the STRING CHEESE i- but- wowwwa

  37. i like Anime

    i like Anime22 minuta më parë


  38. rxsegxld

    rxsegxld22 minuta më parë

    so pretty much lindsay is a girl in a boy band

  39. TheRealKunr

    TheRealKunr23 minuta më parë

    I have Avoidant, Restrictive Food Intake Disorder and Binge Eating disorder so this hits home for me. I give my love thoughts and prayers for anyone suffering from an eating disorder. YOU didn’t choose to be this way

  40. Your Girl Aliya

    Your Girl Aliya24 minuta më parë

    9:22 Are u serious?

  41. Tara -Jane Mc Glynn

    Tara -Jane Mc Glynn24 minuta më parë

    "Oh look who came to visit me" im ded gahaha

  42. Kiwana Roberts

    Kiwana Roberts24 minuta më parë

    So no one's saying anything about nina's ... you know ? Nope. Ok

  43. Destini Schatz

    Destini Schatz25 minuta më parë

    lmao. my weekly food budget is $30. this isn’t a college student’s diet. it’s a rich 20 year old who can’t cook’s diet.

  44. c r i i s p y y

    c r i i s p y y26 minuta më parë

    ok but Ryan in the intro? 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  45. Daisuke swaggybeat

    Daisuke swaggybeat26 minuta më parë

    It's your own fault for having an open relationship😐

  46. Sara _25

    Sara _2527 minuta më parë

    Yet again she is still skinny and I’m not 😐😭😖😖

  47. Mali Barrera

    Mali Barrera29 minuta më parë

    Damn I wish I could eat out this much. Imma need someone to put me on their sugar daddy 🤣🤣

  48. Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts29 minuta më parë

    I actually didn't eat in college. Only ate at the dining hall because i HATE buying fast food lmao

  49. Emily Witt

    Emily Witt32 minuta më parë

    i think like 10 times about buying a kebab for 3,50 and if i can afford that

  50. abby olsvensson

    abby olsvensson32 minuta më parë

    One size fits all doesn’t actually fit everyone! It’s more for a certain amount of sizes that a larger amount of women will be. Like you’re not going to get a petite uk size 4 girl and a plus size girl to fit into the same dress. Material doesn’t work that way, sewing doesn’t work that way, money put into the product does not work that way.

  51. Lindsey Parsons

    Lindsey Parsons33 minuta më parë

    I can only afford a dining hall and Walmart grocery runs. This girl isn't as broke as the rest of us lol. 5th week of school and I still haven't gone out to an actual restaurant.

  52. Candice Boyd

    Candice Boyd34 minuta më parë

    I feel guilty eating 3 pigs in a blanket while watching this. But it didn’t stop me. I finished all 3 of them 😂

  53. Olivia Caldwell

    Olivia Caldwell34 minuta më parë

    Thank you

  54. Tarquin McKie

    Tarquin McKie34 minuta më parë

    Love this!

  55. Neus Xx

    Neus Xx34 minuta më parë

    I never skipped breakfast so now if I don't eat breakfast My body can't function normally

  56. Nagisa Shiota

    Nagisa Shiota35 minuta më parë

    Guess what I’m about to do

  57. Steven Maki

    Steven Maki36 minuta më parë


  58. LionessProwess

    LionessProwess38 minuta më parë

    Looks like you've already got it 👍 Something I learned from a very good psychotherapist though: the reason why it hurts so much is because we are mourning the loss of a friend and our hopes. And, that's ok. Time heals all🙂

  59. Carbearr

    Carbearr40 minuta më parë

    In college if usually eat out twice to three times a week I’d consider that a lot actually, surprised this chick eats out so much

  60. Kayla Mèi

    Kayla Mèi40 minuta më parë

    I was expecting turkey sandwiches everyday 💀💀 Grab yo bread, turkey, and cheese. Boom.

  61. Guetto Habanero

    Guetto Habanero42 minuta më parë

    Michael Scott: try my cookie cookie try my googi googi try my cookie coogi

  62. Tea King

    Tea King42 minuta më parë

    shes not broke he has money chipotle everyday is expensive

  63. Shipra Kumar

    Shipra Kumar42 minuta më parë

    I've recently started taking my skincare seriously after turning 21 and there is an incredibly visible change on my skin and my personality.Skincare is self-care. It almost feels therapeutic.Please dont ignore your skin.

  64. Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland42 minuta më parë

    Wow sweety, you eat more than I do in one day. I would say most of the food l eat is healthy. I only have fast food once every 2 months.

  65. midlandonfire

    midlandonfire42 minuta më parë

    I got into world's today in my cheer team is California All-Stars smoed

  66. yullwaa

    yullwaa43 minuta më parë

    people thinking body shape is body weight: 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  67. Leen Kahia

    Leen Kahia46 minuta më parë

    Props to those hair and makeup artist y’all got mad skills

  68. Maddie Eiland

    Maddie Eiland46 minuta më parë

    Her teeth said: ☁️☁️☁️

  69. Makayla Stuckey

    Makayla Stuckey47 minuta më parë

    1:00 she sounded like Colleen ballinger

  70. Hayley Morris

    Hayley Morris48 minuta më parë

    As a uni student, this looked to be accurate but still nasty

  71. Kayra Alvarez

    Kayra Alvarez49 minuta më parë

    I’m a college student just got out of class and I’m eating hot Cheetos with a grill cheese sandwich and grapes 🤷‍♀️ I live off sándwiches

  72. the king of utub e

    the king of utub e50 minuta më parë

    Ohhhh so that's where all my toys ended up

  73. Lauralie Kay

    Lauralie Kay50 minuta më parë

    How has she never eaten a peach?

  74. Dani Martinez

    Dani Martinez51 minutë më parë

    bold of u to assume college students remember to eat

  75. Bianca lucien

    Bianca lucien52 minuta më parë


  76. peculiargiulia

    peculiargiulia52 minuta më parë

    Ok, Kristin looks amazing in pants! Like what the heck?

  77. Daniella Maritz

    Daniella Maritz54 minuta më parë

    honestly tho, jazzmyne is what I aspire to be

  78. Katsiana Degagne

    Katsiana Degagne54 minuta më parë

    Ugh... I can relate...

  79. Claire Hancock

    Claire Hancock55 minuta më parë

    i honestly wish i could be in one of these videos. it could be like spending the day with a teenager or like following a teenager for 24 hours. but with everyone in this video

  80. Yasmin Garcia

    Yasmin Garcia56 minuta më parë

    Why did they put teen in the title? It just seems weird. Just say college student not teen college student

  81. Mommies Media .... follow me on Instagram!

    Mommies Media .... follow me on Instagram!57 minuta më parë

    I have a neurological disorder called Fibromyalgia. Basically feels like a toothache in your body. Lady Gaga was diagnosed with this. I had IC and Endometriosis. Enjoyed this video today. Stuck in bed with heating pad. Bad pain day. I wish I had the courage to talk about this kinda stuff.

  82. NewYorkOtaku4ever

    NewYorkOtaku4ever57 minuta më parë

    do people actually eat like this??? wow, so unhealthy

  83. Dena Bee

    Dena Bee57 minuta më parë

    ok but what’s this girls workout routine

  84. Tracie Irene

    Tracie Irene57 minuta më parë

    I had a mandatory meal plan at my school and was not about to buy more food on top of that. So I ate 3 times at the cafeteria Mon-Fri, 2 times Sat + Sun, and rarely any times outside of that. I was not a snacker. I'm still not, unless I miss a meal. I ate a lot of crap, but sometimes the entrees were really not that bad for me, and better than what I made myself when I left the dorms.

  85. Cinis

    Cinis57 minuta më parë

    That’s called unhealthy eating- not college eating

  86. Miss Lady

    Miss Lady58 minuta më parë

    So what if a person reject you skip them ! Lol you’ll get better ❤️

  87. TheMajesticTaco

    TheMajesticTaco58 minuta më parë

    Ok so I’m an UNBELIEVABLY slow eater... so whenever at my friends or a long distance family members house, they always ask me, “oh do you not like the food?” And I always say “Kh yeah it’s really good” and the proceed to take 10000 years to eat what’s on my plate while they keep giving me looks to see if I really like it or not 😂

  88. Aoife Kelly

    Aoife Kelly58 minuta më parë

    My names Aoife, imagine my struggles!

  89. Madison Parker

    Madison ParkerOrë më parë

    She said orange foods contained retinol, but retinol is the animal form of Vitamin A and is only found in animal products. The plant form of Vitamin A is Beta-carotene.

  90. Mimi 17

    Mimi 17Orë më parë

    I thought I ate badly as a student...oh my God lmao

  91. Evelyn Krull

    Evelyn KrullOrë më parë

    Dude when I was in college I lived off of $20 a week and basically ate nothing but rice and gravy. This seems like "parents pay for everything" college diet

  92. phenominiallmusic

    phenominiallmusicOrë më parë

    I’m a college student and I eat a lot healthier than this. I eat veggies everyday. But that no breakfast thing. I feel that

  93. Kristina Bak

    Kristina BakOrë më parë

    I laugh that she says no to ice skating because I am an ice dancer (no jumps, think ballroom dancing on ice) and I have been skating through my whole pregnancy (currently 7 months). My doctor knows and has told me that it's fine and just to be careful. I assume it just depends on your level of activity prepregnancy.

  94. Lenny lele

    Lenny leleOrë më parë

    "I'm broke, I only eat out 3 times a day"

  95. CurtinsRise

    CurtinsRiseOrë më parë

    Imagine being a college student beimg afford to eat out twice in one day. Cant relate

  96. Shania Ginn

    Shania GinnOrë më parë

    When I was in college all my budget allowed to me eat was freezies and popcorn and kraft dinner bought at the dollar store....

  97. Paige Myhand

    Paige MyhandOrë më parë

    Okay so I’m 19 and I didn’t go to college but I only eat fast food! I literally eat 2 meals a day and it’s mostly Chickfila !!! So I guess I eat like a college student

  98. Sarah Leonard

    Sarah LeonardOrë më parë

    im sorry how does being broke equate to eating chipotle/mcdonalds frequently????

  99. Bella Gillott

    Bella GillottOrë më parë

    The glass maker guy had a Jimi Hendrix shirt!!!

  100. Damaris Negron

    Damaris NegronOrë më parë

    I needed to see/hear this. “Wipes tears from eyes”.