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Safiya Nygaard

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Our Wedding | Safiya & Tyler
I Got A Custom Black Wedding Dress
I Got A K-Pop Makeover

I Got A K-Pop Makeover

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Choosing My Wedding Dress
I Baked Lipstick Into A Cake
I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish
I Got Custom Clothes From An App
We're Getting Married
I Got A 1950s Makeover
I Got A Tokyo Makeover
Trying $1 Makeup From Wish
I Dressed Like It Was 1967
I Dressed Like It Was 1977
I Tried Period Yoga Pants
I Dressed Like It Was 1987
I Dressed Like It Was 1997
I Tried A Period Swimsuit
The History of Lipstick

The History of Lipstick

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I Let Strangers Pick My Makeup
I Tried Period Leggings

I Tried Period Leggings

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  1. Ashley Guillen

    Ashley GuillenDitë më parë

    Is anybody in 2020?

  2. Anna Nguyen

    Anna NguyenDitë më parë

    Are you danish, you last name sounds like a danish person could have

  3. scroopy nooperd

    scroopy nooperdDitë më parë

    I keep trying to figure out what the Marin rose thing is!!!

  4. Nouraine Shah

    Nouraine ShahDitë më parë

    wow wish like their captions

  5. Sarp Business Services

    Sarp Business ServicesDitë më parë

    Wat else can she do, I wonder!🤔

  6. Dana Cherlin

    Dana CherlinDitë më parë

    Just for general knowledge, the ahava dead sea lotion means "love" in hebrew, which was probably done on purpose because im 99% sure the lotion was exported from israel (rather than jordan) 😊 just a cute fact

  7. DramaticallySophia

    DramaticallySophiaDitë më parë

    her first outfit is LEGIT a genderbend joey’s outfit from escape the night and another outfit looks like colleen’s i-

  8. Mayuki Oshiro

    Mayuki OshiroDitë më parë

    i love how you say açaí bc thats absolutely right

  9. DramaticallySophia

    DramaticallySophiaDitë më parë

    she went from making a youtube video about 1977.. to being in 1978 as “The Investigative Reporter” in *Escape The Night* 💛

  10. Polly Parr Ferris

    Polly Parr FerrisDitë më parë

    I really loved the Jimin shoulder reference

  11. LavenderLushLuxury

    LavenderLushLuxuryDitë më parë

    I Love Your Videos.

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    Miss MorganDitë më parë

    I love this so much 😍

  13. LavenderLushLuxury

    LavenderLushLuxuryDitë më parë

    I Love Your Videos.

  14. Syed Muhammad

    Syed MuhammadDitë më parë

    Are u a Muslim 🤔cuz safiya is Muslim name.

  15. earlene wallace

    earlene wallaceDitë më parë

    Safiya, you not only one of the most delightful ALworksrs I have experienced but one of the most infectiously delightful people ever. You, Tyler and friends have made time fly by while watching the assembly of your awesome Frankenstein cake. Also your wedding video was just wonderful. You and Tyler are just meant for each other 💗💗

  16. LavenderLushLuxury

    LavenderLushLuxuryDitë më parë

    I Love Your Videos.

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    Arwa ÀsjadDitë më parë

    One world: awesome!!

  20. Isabella :]

    Isabella :]Ditë më parë

    “Hey, I like your lipstick! Where did you get it?” Safiya: uhhhhhhh

  21. Its lia Playz

    Its lia PlayzDitë më parë

    Ummmmmm why is safiya and laurenzside soooooooooo alike

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    Madalyn fayeDitë më parë

    where did you get the holo boots ???? i need them

  23. Mylynne Davis

    Mylynne DavisDitë më parë

    My name is Mylynne, but everyone pronounces it my-lin and it's actually pronounced mu-lin. So when I heard her name I got shocked. Never in my life have I found someone with a simillar name to mine.

  24. Luzytha Offline

    Luzytha OfflineDitë më parë

    james charles should try that app

  25. Ruth Pfendtner

    Ruth PfendtnerDitë më parë

    Am I just fat or do 40 chicken mcnuggets sound easy?

  26. Shau Snow

    Shau SnowDitë më parë

    Can you please stop saying “samash”. Cute first time. Okay second time. Fifth time in a video....

  27. evelyn-yt

    evelyn-ytDitë më parë

    When u said Jake Paul was born in 1997, I was like don’t remind me of that mistake.

  28. Rachel Ramirez

    Rachel RamirezDitë më parë

    Yes!!!! I am living for this!! I was wondering if you would post this after all and you did. and most of I got to see it!!!! love it SAF and tyler too lol! Pretty sweet guys!

  29. foxhanaaa

    foxhanaaaDitë më parë

    Still enjoy watching your video even after a year. Enjoy your newly wedded life n keep posting! 💯

  30. Jessica

    JessicaDitë më parë

    I've seriously watched this video three times now. I can't figure out what the appeal is but I'm okay with it. :)

  31. Rwiin r

    Rwiin rDitë më parë

    U guys nailed it

  32. Laura_cz :D

    Laura_cz :DDitë më parë

    10:39 ooor the FBI is trying to find a new way to spy on people👀

  33. just a person having fun

    just a person having funDitë më parë

    I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE THIS VIDEO WAS 40 MINS LONG UNTIL SOMEONE POINTED IT OUT IN THE COMMENTS.. I just watched a 40 min video of someone baking cake instead of studying for my exams tomorrow 🙄 (But i kinda didnt regret anything)

  34. Dolan BabeS

    Dolan BabeSDitë më parë

    Can we just appreciate how much time and effort Safiya/her editors puts into her videos.

  35. Natalie Sukhon

    Natalie SukhonDitë më parë

    before i watched this i was doing red flavour dance practice and is tyler a kpop stan or not

  36. collegebandi

    collegebandiDitë më parë

    omg i needed those eyebrow trimmers when i was still with my ex. he had some serious bushy eyebrows. oh well lol

  37. qqq

    qqqDitë më parë

    for me the bubbling means that i didn't put it in right. i think some people get a different size or a different design that's not diva if it's a consistent problem.

  38. galactic superwind

    galactic superwindDitë më parë

    I did not expect seeing jyp in transparent pants here x'D

  39. Grace Webster

    Grace WebsterDitë më parë

    When I get married I'm going to hire a professional baker cause I do not trust myself in any way shape or form to make a WEDDING cake . And only have vanilla and chocolate cause I am not unique or a good baker.

  40. Jude Najjar

    Jude NajjarDitë më parë

    They got married on my birthday *cries tears of joy*

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    melanieDitë më parë

    how is this edible

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    Ignat DibenkoDitë më parë

    Oh my god you guys!! I thought i wouldn't cry watching it second time, but here i am crying so hard my cat got scared. You are incredible!!!

  43. Ayushi Beharry

    Ayushi BeharryDitë më parë

    Hey Safiyah! Love your videos! But I am confused as to why the option of decan was not mentioned, although the very specific natal charts was. From your previous videos, your birthday is on the 16th July which makes you a 3rd Decan Cancer, aka Cancer-Pisces... (Although I believe there is no actual reference to dress exactly as a Cancer-Pisces... xD) Here is a link if you want to learn more: Cheers and Keep on making Great stuff!

  44. Kittykat Cutie

    Kittykat CutieDitë më parë


  45. Supergirly Sofia

    Supergirly SofiaDitë më parë

    Wait a minute.... the parrot's name is Iago? I thought it was Diego this whole time DX *MY LIFE IS A LIEEEEEE*

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    i can not believe you fed him that

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    The second outfit looks like something my mom wore that I’ve seen in photos

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    Why does her dad remind me of the oddonesout..

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    Alice K-aDitë më parë

    I was surprised to see Wengie in a random naked swim suit video... I haven't watched her for so long

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    "Day 2 is always... abundant" -Safiya Nygaard

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    Honestly crying and idk why. I’ve tagged along for the entire ALworks journey and felt like I was there ever since the first recommendation 😂 every time you guys cried I bawled.

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    Still gets ads removed from video because of an angry beauty influencer

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