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  1. CJ Thibeau

    CJ Thibeau6 orë më parë

    I needed that laugh with the chicken stock Amiel lmao so glad you're hosting your own show, it is a perfect fit and I love watching it so much!


    MOCHI KINS6 orë më parë

    Cheeeeesee Opportunities

  3. Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom Of Speech6 orë më parë

    Well. Someone likes chicken.

  4. Ellis Black

    Ellis Black6 orë më parë

    I cannot stand how much I adore this man

  5. Multi-Boxing Carlos

    Multi-Boxing Carlos6 orë më parë

    downvoted: too much talking not enough takis.

  6. elena mitchell

    elena mitchell6 orë më parë

    i don’t eat meat but i love watching these videos lol

  7. Joey Suggs

    Joey Suggs6 orë më parë

    Overdoing the hand camera movement. Grow up.

  8. Völlgarr

    Völlgarr6 orë më parë

    You mean Brads dehydrator?

  9. Dan Newton

    Dan Newton6 orë më parë

    Anyone know the watch Amiel is wearing??

  10. El Mac

    El Mac6 orë më parë

    Oh Brad, you fine but simple.

  11. Aksh Son

    Aksh Son6 orë më parë

    Natalie is Vegan?

  12. dumdummegadumdum54

    dumdummegadumdum546 orë më parë

    They should hunt puffins that would fun see them cacthing birds barehanded

  13. Emma Molloy

    Emma Molloy6 orë më parë

    please have BA chefs react to episodes of markiplier makes im begging you

  14. JacobMotherFuckingPayne

    JacobMotherFuckingPayne6 orë më parë

    Vvvvvvvvtec vtec vtec

  15. Penguin Caped

    Penguin Caped6 orë më parë

    You CANNOT teach THAT

  16. Padmmegh Ambrela

    Padmmegh Ambrela6 orë më parë

    Where is the lucknawi non veg food and banarsi veg food of u.p. Nobody accepts it but we Indians are at least 60% non vegetarian even beef although not off cow but off bull and buffalo is consumed in northern states while in more european(french,Portuguese, Dutch) influced union territories ,goa and north east India you can get cow beef.

  17. Joe Masters

    Joe Masters6 orë më parë

    People are obviously not watching the taco video for culinary reasons.

  18. Ayushi Goswami

    Ayushi Goswami6 orë më parë

    Watching 40 min Aloo gobhi recipe while eating 15 aloo gobhi recipe. Surely that one is Indian-ISH...

  19. Rachel Rose

    Rachel Rose6 orë më parë

    Rick always has his nails painted and I adore him for it

  20. K Teo

    K Teo6 orë më parë

    Watch this video with then without your eyes closed and you get a whole different experience

  21. Krystal Methodist

    Krystal Methodist6 orë më parë

    oh my GOD i love you Amiel

  22. አጃኢብ አጃኢብ

    አጃኢብ አጃኢብ7 orë më parë

    Nayya Hawa put your hijab

  23. Pingo

    Pingo7 orë më parë

    priya sucks no more

  24. Gary Kennedy

    Gary Kennedy7 orë më parë

    Every single person on Earth: Mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving because of the tradition of it. These Yahoos: "we aren't asking the right questions"

  25. Anuz Penetratuz

    Anuz Penetratuz7 orë më parë

    0:18 HowToBasic entered the Chat.

  26. Jasmine Alderton

    Jasmine Alderton7 orë më parë

    Amiel. Those hands. I can’t.

  27. Teresa Smith

    Teresa Smith7 orë më parë

    Brad calls me poor and a child for 10 minutes. Thanks. I know, I can’t cook, I have a small stomach, and “good” food is a luxury I can’t afford. If I have to buy 20+ ingredients for one meal, most of those will only be used for that 1 meal, and expire before the week is up, then I’m not going to be making that meal.

  28. Beautiful Rat

    Beautiful Rat7 orë më parë

    Where do you get blue takis 🤧

  29. Sam Dragonborn

    Sam Dragonborn7 orë më parë

    Can these be used in lotus moon cakes?

  30. wintang warastri

    wintang warastri7 orë më parë

    Perhaps Brad can try making belacan in It's Alive, since that paste is also fermented. Thinking about his reaction to the "stinky" prawn. :)

  31. Jack K

    Jack K7 orë më parë

    great, now i want chicken

  32. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron7 orë më parë

    I really hope Amiel has multiple sets of the same "uniform" he wears because if he's a heavy smoker he will stink 🤮

  33. Orion Ake

    Orion Ake7 orë më parë

    1:31 🎵Beefy and clean is the way that you're making me feeeeeel toniiight... It's haaaaard to put it down🎵

  34. Simona Rs

    Simona Rs7 orë më parë

    My girl Shola thinking outside the box

  35. Julian Serrano

    Julian Serrano7 orë më parë

    Shane has obviously never made crab cakes

  36. MrEpicMann

    MrEpicMann7 orë më parë

    Wait I thought their name was starburs not starbursts

  37. ermelinda eliasse

    ermelinda eliasse7 orë më parë

    I am Mozambican 😍

  38. K Teo

    K Teo7 orë më parë

    6:14 markiplier holds a knife while staring at the camera menacingly

  39. alien operator

    alien operator7 orë më parë

    Rip 24 chickens

  40. penboiyi

    penboiyi7 orë më parë

    That's not Amiel, that's Alottamiel

  41. Muhammad Amirul Muhamad

    Muhammad Amirul Muhamad7 orë më parë

    More Hawa, please!

  42. Todor Vladorovic

    Todor Vladorovic7 orë më parë

    How to basic knows more ways than u !!!

  43. Shukri Abdi

    Shukri Abdi7 orë më parë

    Hi Hawa , super sugo...

  44. Jacob Deloera

    Jacob Deloera7 orë më parë

    Here's every way to overcook the white meat

  45. Emmanuel Guzman

    Emmanuel Guzman7 orë më parë

    You and Matty go Hogg hunting

  46. ironsoul80

    ironsoul807 orë më parë

    would have made that into a muffaletta no doubt

  47. Tori Martinkovic

    Tori Martinkovic7 orë më parë

    Watched this video directly after watching the video where they debated what was a meal and what was a snack. Kinda shocked that they all consider sandwiches a meal but not things like nachos or a quesadilla?

  48. Maria Doan Trager

    Maria Doan Trager7 orë më parë

    More Brad and Matty please.

  49. Kelcee Mote

    Kelcee Mote7 orë më parë

    Im pregnant, and these are my #1 craving. I can eat at least 2 bags. Its the only thing that doesnt upset baby. 😂😂 ironically.

  50. Barang Rusak

    Barang Rusak7 orë më parë

    Is Delany single? asking for a friend

  51. Nick Boronda

    Nick Boronda7 orë më parë

    Bullshite....most mushrooms are edible....and even the most poisonous can be taken tiny nibbles of, if your unsure, listen to your gut both literally and/or metaphorically, take a teeny tiny nibble of the cap, wait an hour, study your state, then try a tiny big bigger piece, once you have an opinion about the cap, do the same for the stem...also find two of the same type and compare them to eachother for age or decomposition....this guy even said hes self taught...

  52. waterbitten

    waterbitten7 orë më parë

    Wait is this the Hunzi whos behind the camera on gourmet makes??

  53. sarah f

    sarah f7 orë më parë

    just a quick question here, where does all the meat go after the filming?

  54. mattyjmar10

    mattyjmar107 orë më parë

    Whaaaaa?! How am I just learning about Hawa... love this new(ish) member of the BA Test Kitchen crew!

  55. Brian Jordan

    Brian Jordan7 orë më parë

    just need a $1000 mandolin, and you too can make a ruffle.

  56. Thunder Rhododendron

    Thunder Rhododendron7 orë më parë

    Amiel's way is my most hated way, hands down. Texture. Temperature. Taste. All wrong. Soz. Molly's, 🤮

  57. classicalmusic26

    classicalmusic267 orë më parë

    Finally, it's back. Can't wait to see what's next. Please try with pork, shrimp/prawn/lobster, tuna, or duck.

  58. Happy Duck

    Happy Duck7 orë më parë

    13:58 9000 level intelect

  59. Rich Is

    Rich Is7 orë më parë

    How about not kill the defenceless innocent animal. Save the planet too, even your health than watch some creep fiddle about with a corpse.

  60. Angie Lieb

    Angie Lieb7 orë më parë

    RisoTTo Not risoddo

  61. A damn Goddess

    A damn Goddess7 orë më parë

    “Its so dirty tasting” WELL PEAL IT!

  62. WhoKnows

    WhoKnows7 orë më parë

    When did we switch to the laguiole knife over the opinel?

  63. frostだげ

    frostだげ7 orë më parë

    2:58 XD his face!!!

  64. Max Battran

    Max Battran7 orë më parë

    I just watched how to make eggs in different styles 30 minutes straight, and don’t even like eggs 😂

  65. Sarmad.

    Sarmad.7 orë më parë

    No one Absolutely no one Hawa: "XAWAASH"

  66. Sarmad.

    Sarmad.7 orë më parë


  67. Pavani Surabhi

    Pavani Surabhi7 orë më parë

    Bwhahaha Northern India and Uttar Pradesh 🤣 I was literally rolling on the floor. I guess many of my German friends know which part of India is North India. 😛 Uttar Pradesh is just not vegetarian. Lol I don’t think if we can generalize that statement. Can you say French eat only Fish? 🤓 Jokes apart! Appreciate you took efforts in making this video. Impressed with your pronunciation.

  68. awkaylamay

    awkaylamay7 orë më parë

    Can you please do Salmon next !

  69. Jhube

    Jhube7 orë më parë

    is gabby dexter

  70. Oshagh

    Oshagh7 orë më parë

    24 wrong ways to cook a chicken maybe a more fitting title.

  71. katemind

    katemind7 orë më parë

    She reminds me of Dakota Johnson

  72. Catalin Suciu

    Catalin Suciu7 orë më parë

    i want more videos with shane

  73. crazycode 111

    crazycode 1117 orë më parë

    So the bacon butter is just dripping

  74. Loren B

    Loren B7 orë më parë

    This is just a waste of chicken...

  75. Lauren Poland

    Lauren Poland7 orë më parë

    You can tell that Carla's a mom because she has so much patience to deal with Mark.

  76. Rana

    Rana7 orë më parë

    No one: Brad: bad meal

  77. Bebek Yoda

    Bebek Yoda7 orë më parë

    How to basic: Hold my egg!

  78. AlohaMilton

    AlohaMilton7 orë më parë

    Eggs are a bit disappointed at being made a joke of. Some absolutely disgusting made up methods that no one would use while ignoring common and excellent methods. On the tomato sauce egg, its also many other dishes that have high water content, and you dont make a hole to the pan just a depression in the sauce or chili or shakshuka or whatever, and it poaches the egg on the bottom and steams it on the top, no hard cooked parts at all. Huevos rancheros, with the eggs cooked in simmering refried beans is an example of a lower water content medium that can still poach/steam an egg. All the disgusting methods that are rediculous pandering to internet troll life could be ditched in favor of actual cooking methods people around the world use effectively. The omelet section was really bad as well, low effort even the french omelet the host seemed to favor was done really hastily. To bad he had to save time to screw around with a waffle iron and a similar type appliance just for its notoriety. That was just sad and lame.

  79. Jamie Le Tual

    Jamie Le Tual7 orë më parë

    Why is it called crème fraîche (which translates to "fresh cream") if it's soured cream?

  80. Alex Rossi

    Alex Rossi8 orë më parë

    it's killing me how his idea of seasoning is just... salt

  81. Amanda Brito

    Amanda Brito8 orë më parë

    I love this recipe! Its not intimidating to attempt. I often feel tht way when i want to try something thing. I might actually try it!

  82. sophie

    sophie8 orë më parë

    more hawa!! more hawa!! im living for this content

  83. Alexa Suess

    Alexa Suess8 orë më parë

    BA we need the written recipe! Where is it?

  84. DocRock08

    DocRock088 orë më parë

    "We meet again... counter droid..." I'm dead.

  85. Chris Blakely

    Chris Blakely8 orë më parë

    I'm amazed how forgiving dark meat is for cooking. Amiel did pork chops already?

  86. nealtcaldwell

    nealtcaldwell8 orë më parë

    Always love these videos y'all!

  87. Look at my channel description

    Look at my channel description8 orë më parë

    Suprised Kevin didn't unplug the dehydrator

  88. Hillyaclistic

    Hillyaclistic8 orë më parë

    Why Carla is so good at this????

  89. Genevieve Laramee

    Genevieve Laramee8 orë më parë

    Which dehydrator does he use?

  90. lollipoppuu

    lollipoppuu8 orë më parë

    chef: i have no such restrictions *2 minutes later* chef: im not legally allowed to say that *makes sense*

  91. Boost Me Academia

    Boost Me Academia8 orë më parë

    I love everything about this video.

  92. Flexible Dreamer

    Flexible Dreamer8 orë më parë

    But ghee has such good flavor...

  93. evan nathaniel

    evan nathaniel8 orë më parë

    cant teach that andy

  94. Moira Crowley

    Moira Crowley8 orë më parë

    It'd be really cool if you did Snyder's of Hanover pretzels

  95. Prady

    Prady8 orë më parë

    they're all incredibly ignorant about southern cuisine. Seafood? are we in just Goa or something? Don't know about ghee? lol...

  96. Ana Reis

    Ana Reis8 orë më parë

    Amial: salts chicken Amial: BeAuTiFuLlY sEaSoNeD

  97. Jake Powell

    Jake Powell8 orë më parë

    All this looks a bit pink to me. I wonder how they felt the 48hrs following filming? 🤮

  98. Daniel Vickers

    Daniel Vickers8 orë më parë

    Where’s the slap method

  99. MegaJorn123

    MegaJorn1238 orë më parë

    i laughed so many times, this guy is funny

  100. Burial

    Burial8 orë më parë

    I do not like Rick.