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  1. D COSBY

    D COSBY3 orë më parë

    Really hope jack comes back

  2. Yeter Senel

    Yeter Senel4 orë më parë


  3. Logican TBR

    Logican TBR4 orë më parë

    Tony Stark: I have a Great Depression inside of me Joker: HA!

  4. light saberAddiCt

    light saberAddiCt5 orë më parë

    When i saw the title, i thought it was just going to be a ripoff of Dreamscape, but no, EVEN BETTER. The continuation of the Shining movie. Now THIS is who you make a character from an existing film to a female, even minority lead. Include the original, introduce the new. She will either save Danny, or he will die and she will continue the franchise. No need for replacing existing characters. I can't wait to see this.

  5. Hamza

    Hamza6 orë më parë

    When u tell ur little brother to dig down in minecraft... 2:04

  6. Pragya Parmar

    Pragya Parmar9 orë më parë

    It was a good movie!

  7. The64v

    The64v12 orë më parë

    I notice the only major actor not talking here about the film is Johnny Depp.

  8. Mersy

    Mersy13 orë më parë

    Whoever chose thé music for this movie should be imprisoned!!! You are a horrible person!

  9. Joseph Williamson

    Joseph Williamson14 orë më parë

    Old white dude helps young black girl be awesome. More SJW trash. NO TY

  10. Munchlax Gaming

    Munchlax Gaming14 orë më parë

    I honestly thought it would be detective pikachu dancing video


    SWAPNIL TAJNE16 orë më parë

    Joker movie Hindi dubbed plz

  12. bot1

    bot120 orë më parë

    Now I know where the idea to make Hobbs & Shaw a movie came from

  13. Fortnite Pictures Animation Offical

    Fortnite Pictures Animation Offical20 orë më parë

    Thanks for giving us this free 10 minutes WB.

  14. Story Lover

    Story Lover21 orë më parë

    Wait what are the children suppose to be and if they're dangerous why do they keep them

  15. Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best

    Squidward Tenticles Isthe BestDitë më parë

    If we didn't get this sequel it would have been Incredibles all over again.

  16. Yis Pinto

    Yis PintoDitë më parë

    Everyone came here just becouse they saw Tom Holland

  17. Ness

    NessDitë më parë

    an ad within a trailer

  18. Nadeem Shaikh

    Nadeem ShaikhDitë më parë

    Release in hindi

  19. arish venkatesh

    arish venkateshDitë më parë

    Its like pokemon in a fairytale way

  20. mercuryrulz

    mercuryrulzDitë më parë

    Jed Bartlet is the goat of tv Presidents

  21. Lucas Lucas

    Lucas LucasDitë më parë

    I really hope that Pokemon movies with the theme of each generation (RGB - Sword & Shield, they will be eight movies, or 9, Including B2W2) will be launched, and them linked to each other, like the MCU. You really should refer to the manga Pokemon Adventures.

  22. Terri Sadoo

    Terri SadooDitë më parë

    Tom Holland and Chris Hemsworth thay be the best actors

  23. Rey Pierce Studios

    Rey Pierce StudiosDitë më parë

    So I guess this movie is going to be like a super hero and horror movie together into one.

  24. Nicholias Parham

    Nicholias ParhamDitë më parë

    1:30 when you run into an ex from your thot days

  25. TheHumbleFellow

    TheHumbleFellowDitë më parë

    "It has to choose you too." That line adds so much to the series!

  26. glx490

    glx490Ditë më parë

    leftist extremist agenda beautifully presented by hollyweird producers.

  27. Pennywise

    PennywiseDitë më parë

    Is this Harry Potter mixed with the Shining? I don't understand these "Vampires who eat anything that shines"... feels like a stain on the "The Shining"

  28. Chintuishere

    ChintuishereDitë më parë

    These McDonald’s commercial are totally getting out of hand

  29. Shivani nautiyal

    Shivani nautiyalDitë më parë

    I've lost the counts of trailer of this movie!

  30. Puleng Maake

    Puleng MaakeDitë më parë

    I am not disappointed at all This is amazing😌😌😌🤓🤓🤓

  31. Jamie Merian

    Jamie MerianDitë më parë

    CGI Scatman Crothers? Now ive seen it all. . .Good movie or bad, im sure ill be entertained.

  32. dark zeratul

    dark zeratulDitë më parë

    interesting I think, I want to see this

  33. Gimme any idea to name my channel

    Gimme any idea to name my channelDitë më parë

    Yesterday I saw this movie IT Chapter 2 It was insane bruh I didn't even expect such an awesome film

  34. renewer

    renewerDitë më parë

    Has PC inclusion culture come to The Shining now?

  35. Lenard Miller

    Lenard Miller2 ditë më parë

    OH MY FUCN GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. George Reynolds

    George Reynolds2 ditë më parë

    The worst start in history for a release in 2,500+ cinemas.

  37. Eric14492

    Eric144922 ditë më parë

    I never noticed this before, but just as Bartlet says "In this building, when the president stands, nobody sits" 1:56, there is another woman in the background behind him sitting at a table.

  38. Fandom girl

    Fandom girl2 ditë më parë

    The book was fantastic

  39. Champ4Now

    Champ4Now2 ditë më parë


  40. Hash Bro

    Hash Bro2 ditë më parë

    0:27 I told my friend But as usual he didn't listen 3 years in Alabama Now his sister is pregnant and the father is my friend Sweeeeeeet home Alabama

  41. Faisal Feroz Khan

    Faisal Feroz Khan2 ditë më parë

    0:25 - They come back. And we say, hello there.

  42. Rhythm Divine

    Rhythm Divine2 ditë më parë

    these Mcdonald commercials are getting out of hand now....

  43. Novi Wibowo

    Novi Wibowo2 ditë më parë


  44. Demon Dutron

    Demon Dutron2 ditë më parë

    Human waste on her face 😂😂

  45. John Smith

    John Smith2 ditë më parë

    Isn't it ironic that nowadays, the roles in the second scene have been completely reversed. Now it's the left that is all about speech codes and censorship and it's the right that is all about free speech. And what part of their mission of equality, tolerance, diversity, and now "love Trumps hate" is accomplished by slugging people who wear the wrong caps or rioting/burning/breaking stuff just because their candidate didn't win an election? I sure don't recall McCain or Romney supporters acting that way, or for that matter any supporters of the losing Presidential candidate for that matter.

  46. CodeRed001

    CodeRed0012 ditë më parë

    This is absolute trash. From Kubrick to Michael Bay level shilling.

  47. Visi Tuts

    Visi Tuts2 ditë më parë

    Spiderman far from home Annabelle comes home

  48. Zoya Usmani

    Zoya Usmani2 ditë më parë

    In india There was a serial In olden days It's name was *woh* It was exactly like this but the thing is it was not a movie But serial with episodes Any indian reading this you can watch all the episode on youtube

  49. AD G

    AD G2 ditë më parë

    This movie portrays that you can't trust a little black girl because she is violent with animalist behavior.

  50. Steve Kupitz

    Steve Kupitz2 ditë më parë

    Follow me fellas!

  51. lastpirateslife

    lastpirateslife2 ditë më parë

    see... this actually looks like it might be a good film.

  52. Douglas Snyder

    Douglas Snyder2 ditë më parë

    When it came to the home-video release of this movie, the only disappointing part from the special features is the only one episode selection from Batman: The Animated Series; which was Catwalk. They should have included the episode Almost Got'Im as well, then I would have been satisfied.

  53. david raiser

    david raiser2 ditë më parë

    One Word "OUTSTANDING"

  54. Parth Dey

    Parth Dey3 ditë më parë

    Boring movie

  55. Matt Rose

    Matt Rose3 ditë më parë

    Not a fan of the cinematography based on this trailer, looks slightly generic.

  56. Censored Toast XD

    Censored Toast XD3 ditë më parë

    Melanie is such a cutie 😂

  57. Aggietha 16

    Aggietha 163 ditë më parë

    I missed bad cop

  58. The Terbear

    The Terbear3 ditë më parë

    People trying to compair this to real life and say they hate Trump. But this is Hollywood and no president is like this nor is a politician. If your liberal you'd love this show because the president is left leaning and as self righteous as they come. But House of Cards was more realistic and good until they got rid of Kevin Spacey. I dare Hollywood to make a show about a Republican president and not demonize them. Couldn't do it.

  59. Mary barham

    Mary barham3 ditë më parë

    i remember watching this when i was like 10 🤣

  60. Luis Carlos Herrera

    Luis Carlos Herrera3 ditë më parë

    Deberían adaptar algun libro de Sebastian Fitzek

  61. eletricboogalo

    eletricboogalo3 ditë më parë

    Does the director know that the Overlook Hotel exploded in the books and does not exist anymore? Sheesh.

  62. LeeRoy Payne

    LeeRoy Payne3 ditë më parë

    Where can i watch this movie in fulll?

  63. Paul Cagliarini

    Paul Cagliarini3 ditë më parë

    Absolutely quality

  64. XGhostPrimeMinister1.1X 1,000

    XGhostPrimeMinister1.1X 1,0003 ditë më parë

    And then Ralph Fiennes aka Lord Voldemort turns up and everyone’s like oh great Jude Law should meet Michael Gambon

  65. Big Ern Mahkracken

    Big Ern Mahkracken3 ditë më parë

    This was a great book, King imo hasn't been the same writer since his accident. There's been a few of his short stories that I've enjoyed but nothing that has garnered a re-read. Except for Doc Sleep, I've read this book twice. I loved the suspense and I'm hoping this movie does the book justice.

  66. Travis Starr

    Travis Starr3 ditë më parë

    The Shinning 2: Danny Gets The High Ground HIGH GROUND!

  67. 221BSam

    221BSam3 ditë më parë

    Best TV show ever!!!! But, I think CJ’s press conference post Rosslyn on gun violence should have been there.

  68. Ethan Vo

    Ethan Vo3 ditë më parë

    Why is recommended right now?

  69. Erica O'Brien

    Erica O'Brien4 ditë më parë

    The “rant at god” is my favorite speech in television of all time. I honestly cannot decide if the writing or Martin Sheen is better but they both were phenomenal.

  70. trishan thomas

    trishan thomas4 ditë më parë

    I can already tell the book was so much better..... Watch the movie first so your not disappointed lol then read the book

  71. Balasubramanian A

    Balasubramanian A4 ditë më parë

    Who watching the trailer after movie

  72. VEGETA

    VEGETA4 ditë më parë

    So this is between 50 shades of grey an 50 shades darker??

  73. koz.

    koz.4 ditë më parë

    The Poké Ball mechanics are really cool and well thought out, I also like the callback to Generation 1 with the burst of smoke when Cubone came out.

  74. Arr Ziz

    Arr Ziz4 ditë më parë

    After 20+ years the glory that is seeing 8:01-8:10 and being able to slow it down to tell that it's happened.

  75. Erkeksi Kadının Bayansı Annesi

    Erkeksi Kadının Bayansı Annesi4 ditë më parë

    Pls dont make remake old movies

  76. Beyond Pro

    Beyond Pro4 ditë më parë

    I am missing the references to the Shinning

  77. Yuval Shor

    Yuval Shor4 ditë më parë


  78. Demented Dirt

    Demented Dirt4 ditë më parë

    I love pennywise 😍😍

  79. Seth Houser

    Seth Houser4 ditë më parë

    Does anyone know what those people in that bus are?

  80. Neo Sivaprasad

    Neo Sivaprasad4 ditë më parë

    2017=let's float 2019=let's sink

  81. Sumit Sutradhar

    Sumit Sutradhar4 ditë më parë

    Great Movie Trailer

  82. Viva H

    Viva H4 ditë më parë

    Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Doctor Sleep - Final Trailer - Warner Bros. UK depends on your mindset and attitude.” “The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.” “It’s your life; you don’t need someone’s permission to

  83. Prabhav Shankar

    Prabhav Shankar4 ditë më parë

    Do it Professor X , You can defeat Pennywise on the Astral Plane !

  84. ToTheWorkshed

    ToTheWorkshed4 ditë më parë

    Make a loose sequel... fine, but why cannibalize all of Kubrick's imagery? Something tells me this movie has nothing to offer other than exploiting the original's greatness. This is so disheartening. If injecting classic music cues and CGI recreations of iconic imagery is all this film has to offer I'll take a hard pass.

  85. george X

    george X4 ditë më parë

    why is no one talking about this

  86. Jack Collins

    Jack Collins4 ditë më parë

    hello there!

  87. Mark Eliezer Arnoco

    Mark Eliezer Arnoco4 ditë më parë

    Doctor Strange in horror movie.

  88. Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath

    Humansaredum Fuckthemtodeath5 ditë më parë

    I'm struggling to like anything about this movie. So far one of the worst movies of 2019 . I don't think the remaining 678 hours left of this movie will be any better .

  89. Malvin The Hacker

    Malvin The Hacker5 ditë më parë

    Big up ash 0:14

  90. Nina Buu

    Nina Buu5 ditë më parë


  91. Lord Fand Angus

    Lord Fand Angus5 ditë më parë

    Oh, so I only lost the frist four minutes when I watched it at the theater (arrived late that day :P)

  92. Vex TV

    Vex TV5 ditë më parë


  93. gökce ucar

    gökce ucar5 ditë më parë

    I watched the movie in the cinema in the first day. And I will buy the DVD in the first day.

  94. heinz hunz

    heinz hunz5 ditë më parë

    Noch nie minecraft gespielt oder was? Zombies Verbreenen bei sonne oder tag

  95. TwoForOneGaming

    TwoForOneGaming5 ditë më parë

    Was expecting a dancing Pikachu o.O

  96. alessandro Cipollone

    alessandro Cipollone5 ditë më parë

    This should have been directed by Spike Jonze or Jon Favreau....someone who can make a comedy mystery, which is what this story is. This trailer does nothing for the images from the book.

  97. BIlly Ray

    BIlly Ray5 ditë më parë

    Weeping tears of excitement and Nostalgia.. Stephen will be knows as one of America's greatest Authors of all time....period.

  98. Deadly Gaming

    Deadly Gaming5 ditë më parë

    Not at all scary Useless

  99. Marco polo Any

    Marco polo Any5 ditë më parë

    1:20 when the theme started playing the light in my room started flickering now I ain't playing people

  100. Adam G

    Adam G5 ditë më parë

    0:41 As soon as I saw the cheesy jump scare, I knew I was out. The Shining is NOT that kind of horror movie.