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  1. Samuel Watts

    Samuel WattsMinutë më parë

    The day ATHLEAN-X become a gaming channel everyone who gyms will be screwed

  2. Ronald König

    Ronald König10 minuta më parë

    I have to many Body Parts and to Little time to Train them all properly

  3. IT'SME

    IT'SME23 minuta më parë

    What might be over training in exersizes/sets/reps/weight?

  4. Xotxof

    Xotxof27 minuta më parë

    I went to the gym and my trainer told me to do those ab thingis and then i asked him whats this handle (the handle for the dips) and he was like its just there for fun

  5. T P

    T P32 minuta më parë

    People have no clue how hard it is to maintain 10% and under year round. You have to watch your diet around the clock and so much goes into it. I’d be surprised if Jeff has always been truly natural from my 12+ years of bodybuilding experience I would say no. If he is truly 5.3 BF and keeps that year round he is NOT NATTY. He looks to me to be 7-8%.

  6. mason anderson

    mason anderson32 minuta më parë

    Who else heard the dog bark at around 5:15

  7. BuildingLean

    BuildingLean36 minuta më parë

    I thought this was a fitness channel?

  8. Lelouch Lamperouge

    Lelouch Lamperouge37 minuta më parë

    Why couldn't the video be his presentation? It looked interesting!

  9. Kevin Xavier

    Kevin Xavier40 minuta më parë

    Is this even healthy?

  10. Cheadder Puto

    Cheadder Puto44 minuta më parë

    Who dosn´t recommend the usage of animal protein? Are people that big of morons? That´s the best you can eat for bodybuilders lol! All the way around! NOTHING more nutrient than meat not even fucking close, if you look at the science behind it! They are just believing in the propaganda began standpoint! Or the pseudo science behind it! Not the REAL science behind it! lol! Morons!

  11. Rajat Pandey

    Rajat Pandey46 minuta më parë

    Pls don't be stupid, cant believe such dumb video from your channel

  12. Josh Rice

    Josh Rice48 minuta më parë

    That shit just tore my triceps up bruh. I just did 3 sets of 15. And my arms are just about limp

  13. Cheadder Puto

    Cheadder Puto54 minuta më parë

    Like the top 1% of bodybuilders i truely trust! He should be my couch! I don t think this man lie very much!

  14. avi esfandi

    avi esfandi55 minuta më parë

    Dude you're awesome. Two thumbs up!

  15. v

    v55 minuta më parë

    Yo he kinda thick tho,

  16. Aranku Sunya

    Aranku SunyaOrë më parë

    Just a quick question, I’ve tried some workouts like these for a few years usually 7-8 minutes abs, but this one makes my abs hurt during the exercise (which is good) but I don’t have any pains or soreness afterwards and through out the day. I’m accustomed to my abs killing me after ab workouts but for this, it’s just normal. Should I do 2 rounds of this, or is there another workout I should or should I not feel soreness after workouts?

  17. Vafa Mottahedin

    Vafa MottahedinOrë më parë

    "F- you Gumby!"

  18. Raghu Seetharaman

    Raghu SeetharamanOrë më parë

    Didn't have a countertop. Tried using the tops of two chairs. Chairs toppled over. I died. Minute over. Time for pushups.

  19. Anurag Sharma

    Anurag SharmaOrë më parë


  20. UnDead N Legend

    UnDead N LegendOrë më parë

    Make a video on work outs to make you sore

  21. Jay Work

    Jay WorkOrë më parë

    I got veins girls love a vascular guy -Stewie voice

  22. rmatarrita

    rmatarritaOrë më parë

    If you want to look like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete AND LIVE LIKE AN ATHLETE there you go, new improved slogan

  23. jose carlos peralta

    jose carlos peraltaOrë më parë

    Scrolled by the thumbail and stopped thinking someone is claiming this was a before and after

  24. Prince Ninja

    Prince NinjaOrë më parë

    Do this everyday at my moving job. Btw Jeff I've been watching your videos for years now. You are truly my inspiration and my motivation. .I would go as far as saying your as motivational to me as Bruce Lee is to me. I really need to finally purchase your program

  25. Regie Reels

    Regie ReelsOrë më parë

    If anyone wants the max shred or ax-1 program i can help you guys. Just let me know your email and i will send it to you. Im being genuinely serious.

  26. Corey Kuehl

    Corey KuehlOrë më parë

    How do you work around having an extended spine? My wife has a nub of a tail from her spine being too long and it hurts her to do things like crunches or exercises on a bench. Of course we can get a small cushion or something for that specific area, but I'm wondering if there is a better solution.

  27. Arturo Balcazar

    Arturo Balcazar2 orë më parë

    Jesse, whenever you have a sick day or can't go into work with Jeff hit me up and I will be the assistant to the assistant. Please, I want the blessings of Jeff.

  28. jiseong15

    jiseong152 orë më parë

    Nice vid. I saw someone do the palmless grip and I tought I was doing it incorrectly.

  29. Danny

    Danny2 orë më parë

    people so soft man had to start off his meal plan video with a disclaimer

  30. Timothy Biggers Jr

    Timothy Biggers Jr2 orë më parë

    Has anyone done this yet, how did it go?

  31. Twobarpsi

    Twobarpsi2 orë më parë

    Lol more triggers, than a Trump rally!

  32. Buck Nekrid

    Buck Nekrid2 orë më parë

    Thought Jeff would’ve collapsed after Greg internally rotates Jesse’s arm

  33. A E.

    A E.2 orë më parë

    wow thanks this was exact!

  34. idahoolson

    idahoolson2 orë më parë

    got a new hip 2years ago have a hard time with internal rotation 60 years old thanks

  35. X1K Commercials

    X1K Commercials2 orë më parë

    Wassup Buddy. I have a video request. Can you make a video explaining why people pass out when they dead lift heavy weights. Is it a sign of underlying problems or just a temporary thing?

  36. Will J

    Will J2 orë më parë

    This guy,, Im not sure about his workout!

  37. MetalShredMaddNESS

    MetalShredMaddNESS2 orë më parë

    My hip pops when I push my toe towards my ankle in the second exercise, is that bad?

  38. The Sober King

    The Sober King2 orë më parë

    Thats not how Beni Magnussen does it...

  39. Albrim Kastrati

    Albrim Kastrati2 orë më parë

    When you train so hard you turn black

  40. AKSHAY G

    AKSHAY G2 orë më parë

    It’s not a transformation he just maid his belly for a movie character then he come back to his original body

  41. Carlos Tapia

    Carlos Tapia2 orë më parë

    Greg is an OG and super humble

  42. Wahi' Valleys

    Wahi' Valleys2 orë më parë

    At 3:05 you mention a couple of specific conditions or injuries, therefore, "never" roll your back. What if you are just sore or tight, but no real injuries, is it still a bad idea? Wahi' Valleys

  43. PowerLifting 101

    PowerLifting 1012 orë më parë

    Should I do 10-12 reps a day of this. Also my it band injury leg feels alot weaker than my healthy leg on this exercise is that normal

  44. Stephen

    Stephen2 orë më parë

    Lol look up dwayne Johnson at 15...guy has a pretty big frame which is part of the reason hes such a big guy

  45. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans2 orë më parë

    You'll all be sorry you neglected the kipping pull up when you're reincarnated as a fish that got stuck on dry land

  46. Hannah Perkins

    Hannah Perkins2 orë më parë

    I’ve started experiencing a shoulder impingement on my back days, so I’m wondering if I should rest my shoulder for a little while before attempting this. I mostly feel the impingement when I do pulling motions not so much in pushing motions.

  47. Kyle Vereb

    Kyle Vereb2 orë më parë

    "Gobleg" Lol good one. I noticed ^_-

  48. cubmixit

    cubmixit2 orë më parë

    Jeff- You will never ever ever be able to out work a bad diet..... clean up your nutrition...... Me - I’m out....

  49. wild gaming channel

    wild gaming channel2 orë më parë

    All i want to know is why isnt this guy in a superhero movie?

  50. Hafiz SpeedForce

    Hafiz SpeedForce2 orë më parë

    Since when this channel turns to GAMING channel😂😂

  51. Prakhar Adwani

    Prakhar Adwani3 orë më parë

    Jeff meeting his family members Jeff: whatsup guys jeff cavalier here athleanx dot com.

  52. ShoxGGz

    ShoxGGz3 orë më parë

    So glad I read the description 🤣

  53. Big Seksi

    Big Seksi3 orë më parë

    This is why juicers have such big traps... Roids and Jeff's videos.

  54. The Sober King

    The Sober King3 orë më parë

    Anyone else wanna see Jeff get into juijitsu? I feel like he would be one EFFECTIVE EFFICIENT killer. The science of juijitsu sounds even more terrifying.

  55. Balin Robello

    Balin Robello3 orë më parë

    If you want to get great abs and some sort of big arms, first mix certain workouts that helps all the types of parts of your body.Then make a plan, beginners can try 1 month and see what happens.Last thing is think about what you eat, make a diet, but if you are still young and your parents make you breakfast, lunch, dinner.Then don't eat side snacks in between ask them to add some ingredients that are healthy.One last I have to say, don't stop eating what you certainly eat everyday, doesn't help, it's better to gain fat and turn it into muscle, then to get skinny then to have barely showing abs.

  56. Brandon’s Lawn & Landscape

    Brandon’s Lawn & Landscape3 orë më parë

    I love this video it will help me out lose my body fat

  57. HUNGERblood

    HUNGERblood3 orë më parë

    Sir why you dont say simply pause is good or bad . You really complicated these excercise. I think you should add simple summary on last of the video . It'll help us for more understanding. I hope u will do. Have a nice day sir😊

  58. The Sober King

    The Sober King3 orë më parë

    I feel like if Jeff did juijitsu, he would REALLY be able to hurt you.

  59. Daniel Hubatch

    Daniel Hubatch3 orë më parë

    Read the comments, if you don't laugh. you are very, very sick.

  60. The Sober King

    The Sober King3 orë më parë

    ALworks is amazing. Thank you Jeff! Sincerely.

  61. Tim Mosso's Sunglasses

    Tim Mosso's Sunglasses3 orë më parë

    great vid.

  62. jacob wanamaker

    jacob wanamaker3 orë më parë

    My go to ab workout is the cloak and dagger whipper snapper.

  63. Alex Guppy

    Alex Guppy3 orë më parë

    Jeff, "jealous of these veins" Cavalier.

  64. shirvy

    shirvy3 orë më parë

    Thanks for the info 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  65. Balin Robello

    Balin Robello3 orë më parë

    You know what this means, if your still in school, stop eating and asking for snacks at school

  66. Matt Yates

    Matt Yates3 orë më parë

    I am incredibly upset I missed this video when it came out. 5 minutes and I've felt relief in my back that I haven't felt in years. Thank you so much, I can't believe it!

  67. Wking

    Wking3 orë më parë

    Been doing this for almost a month and has completely changed my biceps. I've been working out for 20 years and always struggled with dumb, stupid ass bicep growth, until now.

  68. footyjr52

    footyjr523 orë më parë

    Not only did this help relieve pain and give me a plan of attack to prevent it from getting this bad again, but finally knowing what was causing this has given me the greatest since of relief by knowing what to do to fix it. I always thought it was something in my lower back. This has given me confidence in the gym as to what I can do, and how to not irritate this muscle again. a year in a half later, I finally stumble upon this video that seems almost like a miracle how fast it relieved this pain. Thank you Jeff!

  69. nitin dixit

    nitin dixit3 orë më parë

    Hello sir, If anyone is ripped and he want to gain muscles size. Tell me he need to bulk first or not ?

  70. lightning boi

    lightning boi3 orë më parë

    I can't wait for this channel to fully become something more than a fitness channel cause fuck the fitness industry.

  71. azalikmar2

    azalikmar23 orë më parë

    Question, whats the best bicep exercise you can do if you have a severely sprained wrist? Thanks ahead of time

  72. Amal VN

    Amal VN3 orë më parë

    Next video: Jesse is killing your gains..

  73. Nicholas Bowen

    Nicholas Bowen3 orë më parë

    When Jeff enters a body building comp he doesnt get judged he judges them

  74. Nicholas Bowen

    Nicholas Bowen3 orë më parë

    He should ente a competition

  75. MR Random

    MR Random3 orë më parë

    Hi Jeff great video,I have a to avoid activation of the quads when doing these lower abs workout(how to activate the lower abs instead of activating the quads.Need help cause my quads are sore as heck and my lower abs are barely even sore.pls help.

  76. Mohammed Hafiz Khan

    Mohammed Hafiz Khan3 orë më parë

    Should I tell Jeff , what you've been up to? Huh Jessie.

  77. Daniel Fonseca

    Daniel Fonseca3 orë më parë

    Don’t count reps, make your reps count!

  78. Benjamin Kelley

    Benjamin Kelley3 orë më parë

    I heard that lower weight, properly performed leg extensions could actually help people with knee joint instability...

  79. Tony Murillo

    Tony Murillo3 orë më parë

    You talk a lot. just get to the point.

  80. Carlito Roman

    Carlito Roman3 orë më parë

    It always kills me how anyone can dislike a video from someone who’s a physical therapist & knows how the human body functions, it’s absolutely fucking incredible!!! Thank you Jeff for always being so insightful, I can definitely say your advice has helped me tremendously in my training & getting to know my own body.

  81. Midwest Motorsports & More

    Midwest Motorsports & More3 orë më parë

    Jeff, what are your thoughts on those Testosterone supplements - the one that comes to mind is that Nugenix and Frank Thomas is the spokesperson....?

  82. Brad Riddell

    Brad Riddell3 orë më parë

    Timer set at 2 minutes pick 4/5 explosive exercises do 10 reps then skip for the remainder of the time

  83. Kenneth Figueroa

    Kenneth Figueroa4 orë më parë

    Great video!...Thanks for sharing!

  84. Daniel Fonseca

    Daniel Fonseca4 orë më parë

    I want your Monster Maker! #focus

  85. that dude

    that dude4 orë më parë

    You could take steroids they make it so you can be at such a low level of body fat that you would have health issues if you werent on steroids

  86. yougal pradhan

    yougal pradhan4 orë më parë

    I have outer pain

  87. osoPogi

    osoPogi4 orë më parë

    that is the most cringy shit i watched all day

  88. ClayKuz

    ClayKuz4 orë më parë

    3:00 for daily

  89. luke jackal

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    Manuel Santana4 orë më parë


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    Michel Rea4 orë më parë

    Super clear explanation! Thanks

  92. Oliver WIldman

    Oliver WIldman4 orë më parë

    Great information. From personal experience being between 11% and 8% using skulpt to measure I’m very very weak at 8% whilst training MMA. Even once I’ve settled into the lower body fat level after a week or so. I 100% know from experience Jeff is too low on body fat for optimal health. He’s still look fantastic with a little more fat on him..