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Facts are fun, but most are presented in a boring and badly edited videos. The Infographics Show focuses on making animated motion infographic videos, made in a fun and entertaining way. Some topics we cover are military comparisons, celebrity comparison, video game comparison a lot more.
Software that we use: Adobe Audition for voice recording, Adobe Illustrator for dealing with vectors and Adobe After Effects for animation.
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World War 3 Airplane: E-6 Mercury
Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien Hand Syndrome

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  1. MadScorpion

    MadScorpionDitë më parë

    dat Kurzgesagt mimic thumbnail

  2. Daniel Nisanov

    Daniel NisanovDitë më parë

    What is the music in background?

  3. Анна Олейникова

    Анна ОлейниковаDitë më parë

    It's -1°C here. What... And it's seven-thirty-one (7:31 pm) so idk what to do

  4. TheAbsurdist

    TheAbsurdistDitë më parë

    What is they theory of the talking lion?

  5. TheOnePickle

    TheOnePickleDitë më parë

    This is a very possible theory


    KING ZAPDitë më parë

    Great video!

  7. __

    __Ditë më parë

    11:17 run.

  8. Cerberus 8513

    Cerberus 8513Ditë më parë

    The Mandalorian has great writing and my proof is that everyone says it even most reviewers say so and not only because of baby Yoda

  9. Margaret Neanover

    Margaret NeanoverDitë më parë

    Wow, the ark, ...? Forgetting the covenant. Of course rings too? You have that kinda security? MN, aside that MP, M,A, MS, then MN. Not exact initial order. No, across the sea was a corner piece, ...just throwing it out there...

  10. Zekiya jaja

    Zekiya jajaDitë më parë

    So basicly just how we europeans watch americans ?

  11. Arnob Viewer

    Arnob ViewerDitë më parë

    *Game of Thrones music hits*

  12. NightStop_ YT

    NightStop_ YTDitë më parë

    At my school We experienced a sonic boom and the school was shaking

  13. Stefano Martini

    Stefano MartiniDitë më parë

    Joel go to the bathroom

  14. Klipz B&R

    Klipz B&RDitë më parë

    Anybody else here after after US killed the leader Qasem Soleimani??

  15. Will Rider

    Will RiderDitë më parë

    Mega oooooooof

  16. Razor Gaming

    Razor GamingDitë më parë

    John wicks a hit man

  17. Joshuacarre youtube

    Joshuacarre youtubeDitë më parë

    A flame frower would actually work but ik pretty sure the owners of the pizzeria will not let you bring a flame frower into the fnaf 1 location

  18. sapo sapo

    sapo sapoDitë më parë

    Do you vs spawn please

  19. reginaldino enchillada

    reginaldino enchilladaDitë më parë

    U didn't mention that the moon could be hollow...

  20. mad doggin

    mad dogginDitë më parë

    What about Charles bronson ? The prisoner not the movie star .

  21. some chill dude

    some chill dudeDitë më parë

    I’ve almost drowned before, it was very relaxing to me actually when I accepted my fate but, after being saved that’s when it started to hurt

  22. Beasstt

    BeassttDitë më parë

    When he asks who would pay $1.00 for gasoline but over here in California we pay $3.22

  23. B LaS

    B LaSDitë më parë

    I was just WAITING for the Joe Rogan mention 😂

  24. Andrew Lilya

    Andrew LilyaDitë më parë

    "Inches at centimeters"

  25. Хуета Какая-то

    Хуета Какая-тоDitë më parë

    I'm Russian and to hear these jokes about dangerous Russian gangsters is a really funny thing😂

  26. coconut butter uvu

    coconut butter uvuDitë më parë

    realizes my parents could be drafted: *wait a minute.*

  27. Brock Dandos

    Brock DandosDitë më parë

    They forgot Leonardo Notarbartolo.

  28. Joshuacarre youtube

    Joshuacarre youtubeDitë më parë

    I'm pretty sure the internet was not around when fnaf 1 happend

  29. mcdutch83

    mcdutch83Ditë më parë

    I really really like this video. I’ve of course first had an idea like this begin after doing acid which I saw some crazy things that changed my perspective vastly. Thinking about it after a lot made things seem more convincing than assuming it was only the affects of the drug. I believe we’re all connected by energy that most would call souls and when we die that energy is transferred along into the next stage.

  30. Megabonez

    MegabonezDitë më parë

    4:55 but the first game established they are out to eat people, not just plants.

  31. Joshuacarre youtube

    Joshuacarre youtubeDitë më parë

    I dont even know what tinder even is so is it a app made for serial killers or something

  32. the sugarfox

    the sugarfoxDitë më parë

    You got to take into account the way our different aircraft work together to extend their capability. For example the F18 super hornet by itself leaves alot to be desired, but when you add the reader capability of the E2 Hawkeye with the electronic destruction of the EA 18 or the EA6 then you got a party.

  33. MR.President

    MR.PresidentDitë më parë

    Some of this can't be possible I mean we have a solar system. We should nuke every planet.

  34. A dude On the internet

    A dude On the internetDitë më parë

    ”Aliens are watching you” Me:*looks at sky* 🖕

  35. raymond lallungawia

    raymond lallungawiaDitë më parë

    His would also est him if he had died

  36. Enforcer Wet

    Enforcer WetDitë më parë

    Theres definitely life out there but they might not be intelligent life

  37. Phantom Wizzard

    Phantom WizzardDitë më parë

    You forgot to say that apple is making weak screens so it breaks easier so the people is needed to buy a new phone as apple is closing all the screen change stores, so apple earn more money and thats also why they have more purscheses

  38. FeneoM GameR

    FeneoM GameRDitë më parë

    Just head glitch.

  39. Akash Shelar

    Akash ShelarDitë më parë

    Clickbait. Please don't reduce credibility of this channel by using such titles.

  40. William St Pierre

    William St PierreDitë më parë

    Roasting ff vii fans 😂😂😂

  41. Aravindraj Solaimuthu

    Aravindraj SolaimuthuDitë më parë

    What about malayalam?

  42. MR.President

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    Don't eat drugs... it's scary.

  43. Cletus Biggum

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    Well if they are watching then I have a message for them Don’t do anything crazy to me

  44. stritsvang 103b

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    Best air craft pache from south Africa

  45. Sis bro Life

    Sis bro LifeDitë më parë


  46. The Ghost

    The GhostDitë më parë

    Proof has to do with mathematics. Science deals with evidence. And those scientists don't have a theory. At most you can call it a hypothesis.

  47. Shadow Star HD

    Shadow Star HDDitë më parë

    Bollywood films have a lower gross compared to Hollywood films due to inflation. 1 USD is roughly 70 INR. If 1 USD was 1 INR, then the numbers would be different.

  48. white dwarf

    white dwarfDitë më parë

    you don't understand what fermi paradox is

  49. As far Alam

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    He in not in Pakistan 😠

  50. Kenji87

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    Alines don't visit us because they still havn't found intelligent life on the planet.

  51. Rhyddid Rose Louw

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    So, basically North Koreans are Ferengi/Bajorans.

  52. pitpotdeeerste

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    The so called expedition to the titanic used the same equipment. the search for the titanic was funded by us tax payers and was a cover

  53. B Bogdan

    B BogdanDitë më parë

    why the videos are becomeing like Sci-Fi stories? You should do more videos like the hypnosis, psychology, the challenges, science, technology,history etc.

  54. John K

    John KDitë më parë

    Aliens do not exist they are nothing more than a myth and a hoax.

  55. cowarski johnson

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    Dear fbi, I'm just curious

  56. Muhammad Sayhebolay

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    Are they Protoss, Zerg, Xenomorph, Nameks, Or Frieza Race?

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  58. Robbie Sam

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    T-Mobile isn’t happy about this video

  59. Zense

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    "Humans aren't the apex predator of the environment" we now know what game he plays

  60. korncows1

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    This is a great show. I love this show. This show is great. I am great. You can be too. Watch this show and be great like me. Your welcome. Hello wonderful person .

  61. young Donkey Kong

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    He went white to black in a matter of seconds lol

  62. Kris Hellenberg

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    All of the dreams I can recall are nightmares about me being chased by someone or something wanting to eat me then suffering then escaping the gut while the snore above the sound barrier and waking up screaming who dares to disturb my slumber and evil laughs and getting the villain out. All the villains are boys, and Ima girl. Usually these nightmares are at public places like school or the park or even my house sometimes.

  63. George Fisher

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    Sorry but you come to a British bar in Liverpool when Liverpool are playing.... Jeez

  64. Quatzalcules Ding!

    Quatzalcules Ding!Ditë më parë

    Humans are also an example of extraterrestrial intelligence. We are aliens to aliens and they are aliens to us.

  65. Darryl Lax

    Darryl LaxDitë më parë

    Infographics: aliens are watching you. Me: wanna match a blunt?

  66. danielle roces

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    Am sad that this might be his last challenge episode. 😢 I hope he reconsiders

  67. BlackViking349

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    Me who can't do more than 8 pushups

  68. Floris Boon

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    Maybe the aliens are dumber than us.

  69. Kenji87

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    I feel so sorry for that iceberg. It was just chilling in the ocean when suddenly a ship full of humans ram into it.

  70. nireeksh bhandary

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    I didnt knew that there is a equation on possibility of alien life !!!

  71. Muhammad Amin Nur Rashid Bin Md Zan

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    well china 😁

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    Here in Denmark gasoline varies from 92 (rare) over 95 to 100.

  73. nicky bonnes

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    i never seen a alien there is no proof of an alien but trust me! this is PROOF! THE THEORY IS PROOF!

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    Proud to see my country being in the list.. nepal Really any country can invade us anytime...ur welcome

  75. Josh

    JoshDitë më parë

    Buried in cm underwater grave.....



    What this videos eludes to when speaking of DMT is what's known as astral projection. Astral projection is Spirritaul in nature and basicly allows the user to see past the physical world and remove the filters. This can lead to uncontrolled pycosis where the user can't tell the waking world from the dream or Spirrit world and if they seek help from main stream doctors they will be told they are schizophrenic. Those populour gray entitys are not alians they are demons who Basicly hate humans and always have. I suspect that those Gray entitys with those black oval eyes are what the Bible describes as fallen angels. To far down the rabbit whole for most people but in my opinion you can't have both alians and Spirrits, it's either one or the other.

  77. Andrew Chappelow

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    This actually so interesting like if u agree I’m not going for likes I actually just want to see what you think about infographics video

  78. AJITH P.J

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    Le Aliean Approches : Me : Ok BooMer

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    A taco, a taco who craps icecream.....very nice

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    you use a flare gun to stun him

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    Who would win? The undertakers.

  82. Bionically Challenged

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    I need a hug.

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    I love your writing bro

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    This sounds like a plague from the Bible.

  85. me3333

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    Realistically with the exception of bacon, why would any aliens want to visit us

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    Why so many feelings about civics? Lol

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    Man i have 15 years and 2 years ago i was buried alive because i got hit by a car and they tough im dead 😱🤕😳 And i wake up with a headache And i screamed... People got scared and i hit the wood a lot of times until i broke it after i got out and i told the priest im not dead and he called my parents and is done.. 😑🤕

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    3:31 lord farquard is that u

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    man said by 2025 England will be the fattest country I mean bruv your mostly fat yk

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    idk why, I’ve been such a huge dragon ball fan to where if I can’t run fast I just do an instant transmission

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    In Ireland it's like $1.40 for 1 liter which is les than a gallon

  92. ALMY

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    If we wouldn't go to school 75% of kids would only stay at home play video games or watch Netflix or ALworks all day long and get lazy. we would have to set something else to replace it kids have to do something

  93. Steven Utter

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    0:11 Yeah speak for yourself IGS , you're the one revealing your personal information, girlfriend, ex military, willing to do anything for a little bit of cash. One look at that and any government agency will go, "I think we've found our speci....I mean man. I think we've found our man, Dr.".

  94. Dývko

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  95. HitMyBluntBaby 05

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    Aliens are watching us and studying us just like we are watching them and studying them.

  96. Jolgeable

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    "Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us. " - Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes)

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    Looking forward to Electric Cars.

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    Hahahaha loved this one got heaps of laughs or of it

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    It's better without a contact.

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    China is the best just because Japan has those things your talking about China still has its fantastic countries LOVE FROM CHINESE PEOPLE