Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland

I Forgot It's Not a Racecar...
  1. Justin Harrison

    Justin Harrison6 sekonda më parë

    Need to see 7s out of Leroy again 😩

  2. Anthony S Taylor Jr

    Anthony S Taylor Jr7 sekonda më parë

    Lieutenant Dan is a perfect name. Hold what ya got.

  3. skrrt skrrt

    skrrt skrrt16 sekonda më parë

    James:hell yeah i got a dollar The eye on the dollar :mystical jewish powers of hood removal.

  4. 808 G8GT

    808 G8GT36 sekonda më parë

    Cleetus....why aren't you wearing your new bald eagle helmet!?! Lol

  5. daymobrown

    daymobrown37 sekonda më parë

    Really seems like James and Cooper are getting along, this makes me happy.

  6. Nathan Merrill

    Nathan Merrill57 sekonda më parë

    Set Leroy to kill.

  7. Joe Garmer

    Joe GarmerMinutë më parë

    James is really getting funnier scrabble buttons love it

  8. larryboy011

    larryboy011Minutë më parë

    Should have had a shipping company nitrogen bag the car in a wooden crate to keep it salt free. That is how heavy sensitive equipment goes via ocean.

  9. one2tumble

    one2tumble2 minuta më parë

    I like Lt Dan!

  10. David Baker

    David Baker2 minuta më parë

    He took you at the line! 🥴

  11. Aaron Huffman

    Aaron Huffman2 minuta më parë

    10:24 trying to race you on a dirtbike in the distance

  12. SplitWindowVette

    SplitWindowVette2 minuta më parë

    Leroy need mo powa baby

  13. Jason Dudderar

    Jason Dudderar3 minuta më parë

    Dam Dam Dam !!!!

  14. corey 4c

    corey 4c3 minuta më parë

    James knows u need a 6x6 to build a driveshaft.

  15. Dale McVirgil

    Dale McVirgil3 minuta më parë

    haell yeah lt dan

  16. Jake Shaw

    Jake Shaw4 minuta më parë

    Lt dan all the way

  17. Tom Clyburn

    Tom Clyburn4 minuta më parë

    LT. Dan! Hellz yea

  18. Do it like Capt. Dan

    Do it like Capt. Dan4 minuta më parë

    Hell yea “Lt. Dan” got his legs back...

  19. killer zsu

    killer zsu4 minuta më parë

    Dan The man

  20. TheMattHoskins

    TheMattHoskins4 minuta më parë

    Has the car ran a 7 since the first time. Wonder why it doesn't run a consistent 7 sec pass 🤔

  21. Bryan Rose

    Bryan Rose4 minuta më parë

    That’s what I like about James when in doubt turn it up

  22. FishRSA

    FishRSA4 minuta më parë

    Lt. Dan is the absolute funniest name for an axle breaker I've ever heard. Please keep the name

  23. Garrett Rush

    Garrett Rush5 minuta më parë

    Keep the name, and ill bring you some icecream

  24. kmartbmx69

    kmartbmx695 minuta më parë

    James tapes hood: "That ain't goin nowhere" Hood: "Hold my pins"

  25. aussieplaya5

    aussieplaya55 minuta më parë

    Lt Dan is a great name.

  26. XxCaptanTac0MoN

    XxCaptanTac0MoN5 minuta më parë

    LT Dan suits the 240

  27. John Dibianca

    John Dibianca5 minuta më parë

    James you get your dollar ? 🇺🇸

  28. Brandon Gutierrez

    Brandon Gutierrez5 minuta më parë

    James is the GOAT!

  29. Bradley A

    Bradley A6 minuta më parë

    Next for Leroy is a sequential gearbox surely!

  30. Jordan Hogan

    Jordan Hogan6 minuta më parë

    Great name.... but, you have to keep the mullet with a name that good

  31. Brenten Brooks

    Brenten Brooks7 minuta më parë

    Baltic supra racing in the background a 3:08 lol. Just chillin

  32. Dion K

    Dion K7 minuta më parë

    Hey brother awesome video just one question : why dont you get a few front pannels for leroy for some aero?? Keep em going dale

  33. Keith Jamieson

    Keith Jamieson7 minuta më parë

    Loved the part when Cooper narrates the " sighting of the wild and rare Cleeter"! Literally had me belly laughing!!

  34. Nick9910

    Nick99107 minuta më parë

    I got you some ice cream lieutenant Dan

  35. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    Gsfbffx Pdhhdf8 minuta më parë

    Emillio looking like a mexican

  36. Shane Wright

    Shane Wright8 minuta më parë

    Another great video 👍👍👍

  37. Twon Twon

    Twon Twon8 minuta më parë

    Best name for it frfr

  38. klarkqent

    klarkqent8 minuta më parë

    Still want giraffe tuned stickers

  39. DERP

    DERP8 minuta më parë

    Turn it up brother, you've got the front half on point with a 1.38... Time to let Leroy stretch his legs.

  40. Cripple Bitchin

    Cripple Bitchin8 minuta më parë

    Copper your killing me with the Jaraffee hunting timing. Brother that was funny and lets see the Camaro. Copper you are the regular guys hero we can all relate to you and your times. I love seeing a car go fast and Cleetus and James are doing that but you my friend are the guy most of us can strive to be like. Great video thanks for taking us along

  41. GaryLordsWayMinistry

    GaryLordsWayMinistry9 minuta më parë

    I'm liking those John Force burnouts.

  42. john doe

    john doe9 minuta më parë

    Ruby is faster then the Turd ; wait I mean Leroy

  43. Remzly 0

    Remzly 09 minuta më parë

    6:05 When the track is almost too well prep'd

  44. Mark McCurdy

    Mark McCurdy9 minuta më parë

    Find someone that looks at you the way James’s car looks at a drags strip before a race.

  45. projectdelta50

    projectdelta509 minuta më parë

    car known for losing axles (legs) it always gets new legs, names perfect

  46. EvilSink

    EvilSink10 minuta më parë

    James’ bringing the 1000 yard stare at launch as usual hahaha

  47. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez10 minuta më parë

    But you ain't got no legs Lt Dan. LOVE THE NAME!!!

  48. Just Awesome ::

    Just Awesome ::10 minuta më parë

    Awesome video 🔥

  49. Axle Grind

    Axle Grind11 minuta më parë

    cleeter and james both got treed

  50. Clifford Eisaman

    Clifford Eisaman11 minuta më parë

    Double or nothing doesnt mean shes paying. She was up a dollar.

  51. Charlie Tadpole

    Charlie Tadpole11 minuta më parë

    Keep the Name LT Dan!!!

  52. Jason Langevin

    Jason Langevin11 minuta më parë

    Even slow Leroy looks terrifying !

  53. Charlie Berger

    Charlie Berger12 minuta më parë

    Lieutenant Dan GOT SOME NEW LEGS ! "Magic Legs"

  54. Jason Langevin

    Jason Langevin12 minuta më parë

    God a 2 shift auto drag dosent look as much fun as stick shift drag , it kinda looks boring from the cabin

  55. Why have you subscribed?

    Why have you subscribed?12 minuta më parë

    Lt. Dan is an American hero. 240 is not deserving of that name!

  56. Vapor Bill

    Vapor Bill12 minuta më parë

    If the car is Lieutenant Dan, does that make you Forest? I do like the name.

  57. David Baker

    David Baker12 minuta më parë

    Lt Dan keep it!

  58. Erik Karlonas

    Erik Karlonas12 minuta më parë

    Ruby sounds awesome! cant wait to see the 427 in her. Leroy! Now that Toast is on its way to Aussieland, ya need to start dialing in Leroy. Leroy is a beast that quite honestly needs to be further unleashed. Seems like ever since Rocky Mountain its taken a backseat. i know you have other cars that are getting some needed attention but ya know Leroy is your man and one of the "true " Bald Eagle Machines. TURN UP LEROY, its time as come to make some serious times and punch a hole through his old record. I want to see a post saying this: Ruby: 8.2 Leroy: "HOLD MA CASE OF DEW AND BEER!" 😎😁

  59. Charley Betts

    Charley Betts12 minuta më parë

    Hell Yes! Keep the Lt. Dan name!!!! Its awesome!

  60. Alex Sanchez

    Alex Sanchez12 minuta më parë

    Sweet honey barbecue James's burnout was lit

  61. measleman

    measleman13 minuta më parë

    At 180 mph a fly would take your eye out...PUT YOUR VISOR DOWN!....

  62. Kid Beanss

    Kid Beanss13 minuta më parë

    James hood is a perfect candidate for quik latch sponsor!

  63. Rance Siniard

    Rance Siniard13 minuta më parë

    LT DAN!! You got new legs!!

  64. Carman 2012

    Carman 201213 minuta më parë

    You should call your car Lt Dan but say it with a Forrest Gump voice every time 👍

  65. Jason Dudderar

    Jason Dudderar13 minuta më parë

    I love ruby!!!!!!!!


    SEDRICK WELLS13 minuta më parë

    Lt. Dan all day

  67. Jeromy Smith

    Jeromy Smith13 minuta më parë

    LT. Dan it is.

  68. Paul Mason

    Paul Mason13 minuta më parë

    great … this is what your channel is about ……………………

  69. Jarrett Konrad

    Jarrett Konrad14 minuta më parë

    Maybe, Leroy needs more turbos... I also forgot how mean James' 240 sounds


    J.FINESSE FLIGHTS14 minuta më parë

    Hey Cleet, don't street cars have to have a hood to qualify??

  71. igjoe2192

    igjoe219214 minuta më parë

    Gonna have to start callin' him "James Force" if he keeps doing burnouts like that.

  72. Frank g Estrada

    Frank g Estrada14 minuta më parë

    Lt. DAN. EPIC

  73. Jay AR

    Jay AR14 minuta më parë

    Dude at 13:10 looks so high lmao

  74. thomas edelved

    thomas edelved14 minuta më parë

    Fuck that motherturd rips shit omfg

  75. Brandon DK

    Brandon DK15 minuta më parë

    Nobody: Cleetus when he drives: 😯

  76. 9ff70f96

    9ff70f9615 minuta më parë

    Bad aero holding Leroy back, and a hood on Ruby might help matters, too.

  77. skydanzr

    skydanzr15 minuta më parë

    Lt. Dan is already taken

  78. Connor Gilmour

    Connor Gilmour15 minuta më parë

    james is hilarious

  79. Luke S

    Luke S15 minuta më parë

    Lt Dan FTW

  80. Mason Ryan

    Mason Ryan15 minuta më parë

    no broken bits is always a good day.

  81. Marshall Mills

    Marshall Mills15 minuta më parë

    "Here's clearly excited!" - Cooper @ James's burnout haha

  82. Julian Dechecchi

    Julian Dechecchi16 minuta më parë

    Coop in the wild is awesome hahahaha

  83. David Jessee

    David Jessee16 minuta më parë

    I was here!! Awesome racing! Meeting Cleetus was cool!

  84. Alex Perkins

    Alex Perkins16 minuta më parë

    Ruby vs 240

  85. LinuxDaily

    LinuxDaily17 minuta më parë

    is this going to become the next drag car for the channel? lol

  86. Euphoric GamingHD

    Euphoric GamingHD17 minuta më parë

    That dude in the stars and stripes fit, is my spirit animal

  87. The Irish man paddy shalloe

    The Irish man paddy shalloe17 minuta më parë

    That was an insane pass

  88. Joey brago

    Joey brago17 minuta më parë

    Love the name Lt.Dan definitely keep it

  89. hondarideralex

    hondarideralex17 minuta më parë

    if leroys drivetrain was in Ruby, it would be a mid high 7s all day. aerodynamics man.

  90. Jason Langevin

    Jason Langevin18 minuta më parë

    Naming cars is for children

  91. goku2rock

    goku2rock18 minuta më parë

    I think copper has the best collection of non running race cars... 😂

  92. thizzobishi

    thizzobishi18 minuta më parë

    Lovin cooper coming more into pkay crackin jokes still shy you can tell but one day youll see many have said it already hes got some one liners year or two hes gonna be the staple of the channel hell be dropping hitters all video.


    DETROIT RED WING18 minuta më parë


  94. LJMTexas

    LJMTexas19 minuta më parë

    What's up with the dude at 16:28 ? Did he say "Don't Talk Crap" about his outfit?

  95. Albert Baki

    Albert Baki19 minuta më parë

    Runs 8.5 with one hand on the steering wheel

  96. Matthew Buckley

    Matthew Buckley19 minuta më parë

    LT. DAN is the name good sir! Keep it!

  97. Edward Tear

    Edward Tear19 minuta më parë

    You know what, it's weird but I've kinda had the same thing. I've named all my cars and they hardly ever go wrong. The two I've sold broke down a few months after I sold them despite running beautifully for me for years. One developed play on the little ends and the other burnt up some exhaust valves.

  98. helipilotuh1

    helipilotuh119 minuta më parë

    Ruby sounds mean.

  99. isaac shively

    isaac shively19 minuta më parë

    LT. Dan got his legs back!


    LBZTOMMY19 minuta më parë

    Lt. Dan ftw love the name!!