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Westen Champlin
Westen Champlin

My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.

  1. Leo

    LeoDitë më parë

    0:46 is the way to say that I didn't want to paint the red truck door blue by mistake

  2. S B

    S BDitë më parë

    Strangely very satisfying to watch the tanks get shiny. I hope Walls Blizzard Proof will sponsor you, they rock!

  3. mrlpn2

    mrlpn2Ditë më parë

    the boys cant fit it in the hole hahahhahhhahahahhah

  4. TheAplhabeta

    TheAplhabetaDitë më parë

    First time I’ve ever heard you swear Westin, made it even funnier you where thrown about it not being a 4wd

  5. mikestrucks

    mikestrucksDitë më parë

    Big blue looks great again 😬🙌🏻🤘🏻

  6. Simos Garage

    Simos GarageDitë më parë

    That transition was the best! 😆👌🏼

  7. Silver Fox

    Silver FoxDitë më parë

    The salvage company musn't have heard about professionally cataloged

  8. Robert Gose

    Robert GoseDitë më parë

    use the bars off the bent mirrior

  9. Philip Tierney

    Philip TierneyDitë më parë

    My ten year old said he didn't like these videos. He's up for adoption now.

  10. boxerfan2

    boxerfan2Ditë më parë

    Should have went a little further and made it optimus prime. J/k

  11. Drew Shafer

    Drew ShaferDitë më parë

    I love the Peterbilt, Westen! Nice work

  12. S B

    S BDitë më parë

    This is so cool. It;s like playing with Tonka trucks as kids.

  13. Fordboy24 T

    Fordboy24 TDitë më parë

    I miss the 7.3

  14. Joe Truitt

    Joe TruittDitë më parë

    Truck looks great. Love to have a truck like yours. Great job

  15. Tyler Prometheus

    Tyler PrometheusDitë më parë

    When your Peter turns blue, You might wanna give it a rest, Westen! Put that big ol thing away.

  16. Doug Williams

    Doug WilliamsDitë më parë

    air cleaner- character marks means it is broken in lol(nice job fixing her up)



    Swans don't fly like that

  18. Cody Donovan

    Cody DonovanDitë më parë

    FINALLY... I feel like it's been so long since the last video

  19. Nickalie Hulmer

    Nickalie HulmerDitë më parë

    get some tractor wheels on it ha ha ha

  20. Robert Ordewald

    Robert OrdewaldDitë më parë

    You guys are all wrong, Think about the 1st generation of 5.7 liter Diesels put in to Olds, Pontiac Cadillac as well as GMC and Chevrolet trucks. THEY were terrible engines. I had a 1981 Caprice Diesel - Gen 2 engine, The issues I had with it was the injection pump and the head gaskets. What really bugged me was having to spend $50 some dollars for new head bolts each time the heads came off. Folks(GM Mechanics) said you didn't have to but if you didn't it would simply do it again. That car handled really well got 24 mpg on the highway and I bought it in 1983 with 48,000 miles for $2,250.00 I bought it from a friend who owned a salvage yard, he picked it up filled the tank and it would not start afterward. I bought it, fixed it in his driveway and drove it home(5 minute fix)

  21. Franz Wieler

    Franz WielerDitë më parë

    When is the mustang Cummins swap coming

  22. Vlopddap

    VlopddapDitë më parë

    Canada : "still smell maple syrup and moose"! I am in Canada and you made my day Westen! LOL! ;-)

  23. shadow5115

    shadow5115Ditë më parë

    Check out Anthem Off-Road for wheels.

  24. John Hunt

    John HuntDitë më parë


  25. Logan Terry

    Logan TerryDitë më parë

    Drinking game: drink every time someone says the stupid phrase “expertly cataloged.”

  26. Santos C

    Santos CDitë më parë

    Looks like there is a dent in the freshly painted door. Maybe someone tried to open it wider than it would go with that massive air cleaner. but the truck looks sick, NICE!!

  27. Robert Ordewald

    Robert OrdewaldDitë më parë

    Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you the Right Reverend Champlin, let us now open our song books to Song 210 and sing out 'The Ford will be unbroken by and by' Followed by 'I'll soon be a Cummins when I marry my sweetheart' Written by John Henry Ford. An F700 industries Release Copywrite pending.....

  28. jose guzman

    jose guzmanDitë më parë

    Nices fumminsford

  29. JJ Parker

    JJ ParkerDitë më parë

    Yeah shut the fuck up, you bought it at an auction that only dealers can go to. You make it sound like anyone could've bought this truck. Just another youtuber kid using daddys dealer license to buy really nice, dealer only auction cars. Seriously shut the fuck up with that title. It would've been 5500 to any one of us. Shut up poser.

  30. Gman Boobies

    Gman BoobiesDitë më parë

    Stacks straight back or out. No 45 please.

  31. salameh kaabneh

    salameh kaabnehDitë më parë

    u need to work on tires

  32. Justin Barber

    Justin BarberDitë më parë

    Bout time dawg

  33. Robert Ordewald

    Robert OrdewaldDitë më parë

    So is he gonna suplex the engine?

  34. Bryon Huff

    Bryon HuffDitë më parë

    Give those wheels an acid bath and polish the crap out of them

  35. Joseph Malinowski

    Joseph MalinowskiDitë më parë

    This guy is great I we just never seen someone who loves life more than this guy always just one happy person love to watch his videos

  36. Joe Pere

    Joe PereDitë më parë

    You got the paint from Napa Should of went to auto body supply store Nice truck though

  37. Kelly Tribier

    Kelly TribierDitë më parë

    goin to get it don eh

  38. Jared Murray

    Jared MurrayDitë më parë

    Are you going to sell the Pete or put it to work?

  39. P bar B TRANSPORT

    P bar B TRANSPORTDitë më parë

    I would get some good handles so you can open that hood easier because if you just keep pulling on the swan you will break the Surround of the grill

  40. John Frese

    John FreseDitë më parë

    He is gonna do a beating on his peter look out

  41. Edgar Milson

    Edgar MilsonDitë më parë

    Wes, what happened to the vent window? Are you going to install it? Just wondering, Edgar from Canada

  42. Just Another Aviator

    Just Another AviatorDitë më parë

    1 truck 2 truck Red truck Blue truck.

  43. doctor pepper

    doctor pepperDitë më parë

    two morons playing in the sandbox

  44. Daniel Aguirre

    Daniel AguirreDitë më parë

    Waylon, you should of gotten the square Peterbilt logo for the truck. It would of looked cool. They sell them at Raneys chrome shop.

  45. Austin Kirkham

    Austin KirkhamDitë më parë

    Eh did you pick up the timmys?

  46. David Beach

    David BeachDitë më parë

    What do you do with all your rehabbed vehicles? Do you report on the sales and how successful they were versus your costs? Or is your farm a a vehicles growing farm?

  47. Ed Guillaud

    Ed GuillaudDitë më parë

    Hood ornament should gotten a rubber duck like from the movie convoy.

  48. Robonthemoor

    RobonthemoorDitë më parë

    You do know what your doing👍 great show stop talking so much😂

  49. Steve

    SteveDitë më parë

    Waylin is part cat...

  50. Stephen Riley

    Stephen RileyDitë më parë

    Westen, Chaos truck wrestling, but in the end... looking good. Clean that shop floor, one day the sparks will relight your fire! Regards Stephen.

  51. mikey 's 1st phone

    mikey 's 1st phoneDitë më parë

    You guy's are crazy 🙋💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  52. raymond johnson

    raymond johnsonDitë më parë

    For as naturally talented he is at working on these trucks...you can tell he is very young. ( like a fat goofy lil nephew or son) Lol

  53. Wicked Intent semi

    Wicked Intent semiDitë më parë

    Good job wes love the sense of humor 😂 it’s stack time not snack time had me dying 🤣

  54. Andrew Ferguson

    Andrew FergusonDitë më parë

    Great Job!!! Thank You... :-)

  55. Alex Rosado

    Alex RosadoDitë më parë

    Who put the dent in the driver’s door??Westin?Waylon?

  56. G.K.

    G.K.Ditë më parë

    hey Western where yo neck at???lmao

  57. Stormin13

    Stormin13Ditë më parë

    Is that a dent in the door at 12:11 ?

  58. Connor

    ConnorDitë më parë

    Fun fact: Wichita Falls, Texas (where Westen bought the Peterbilt) is famous for being the town with the worlds *smallest skyscraper!*

  59. Byron Brodeur

    Byron BrodeurDitë më parë

    Westin gotta polish up all the chrome and then she will look really good

  60. Timothy Gay

    Timothy GayDitë më parë

    you guy are one of a kind

  61. Valters Lācis

    Valters LācisDitë më parë

    No lollygagging!

  62. Craig Miles

    Craig MilesDitë më parë

    Tell us about that late 80s black Ford by the shop!

  63. Luis Carlos

    Luis CarlosDitë më parë

    westen I think you are funny

  64. Reece Williams

    Reece WilliamsDitë më parë

    I think you’re looking at the wrong part of the camera

  65. Wild Bill

    Wild BillDitë më parë

    Are yall going to polish the wheels?

  66. 8 Ball

    8 BallDitë më parë


  67. Country Allstar 2016

    Country Allstar 2016Ditë më parë

    why is there a dent on the driver side door???? I don't remember that being there

  68. Mark Heim

    Mark HeimDitë më parë

    Hahah I don't have that problem...most are not worthy either

  69. Robonthemoor

    RobonthemoorDitë më parë

    A cleaver bloke would of taken the old one’s home & put them on charge🤪

  70. tim stouder

    tim stouderDitë më parë

    Dam you boys just keep me laughing love watching but I'm a subscriber but i don't get notified when you post i find your videos at random

  71. Lyle Klemm

    Lyle KlemmDitë më parë

    Maybe you should have got batteries at advance auto part lol

  72. Jerry Seinfeld

    Jerry SeinfeldDitë më parë

    Where do I buy one of those hats?

  73. Dave Kimbler

    Dave KimblerDitë më parë

    Are you SURE your not from Texas ? There the only ones that would make a comment on how big there pipe is !!!!! Lol. Well McDuesh now ya went and did it 2 pipes and no fat lady singing and they DONT MATCH ! How else can ya screw up a wet dream ?

  74. el noto logo

    el noto logoDitë më parë

    Duuuude this truck needs a polished rims

  75. lewis bumgarner

    lewis bumgarnerDitë më parë

    Looks great

  76. Abhijeet Kirtane

    Abhijeet KirtaneDitë më parë

    You make great videos guys .. Kudos!!!

  77. Sam Mco

    Sam McoDitë më parë

    Hey wes buy the 389 headlights they'll fit they look better

  78. Jake Lo

    Jake LoDitë më parë

    Will that fit through the drive thru line at Wendy's...

  79. Shane Simmons

    Shane SimmonsDitë më parë

    7:17 "you look like a crackhead" lmfao

  80. Taylor _vapez

    Taylor _vapezDitë më parë

    man im 27 now and grew up riding shotgun with my dad in an 02 Peterbilt with a swan on the hood! best memories in that rig! loving this build!

  81. Jason Harris

    Jason HarrisDitë më parë

    Thx for update on big blue! Looking good👍

  82. matt reeve

    matt reeveDitë më parë

    Should have taken the bunk extension off the back they look a bit nicer but over all looking good 👌👌

  83. Ron D

    Ron DDitë më parë

    6:41 "Ive got the biggest pipe you've ever seen" and Waylon instantly grabs it. :)

  84. Darrin Williams

    Darrin WilliamsDitë më parë

    Where did you find those stacks for $350

  85. John Cena

    John CenaDitë më parë

    Would y’all consider selling that motor ?

  86. hillbilly hack job

    hillbilly hack jobDitë më parë

    Yes I love you "drops her so she hits her head and is to stupid to leave afterwards"


    CLAYTON COUSERDitë më parë

    You should get a big old 20 inch front bumper with lights going across the front of it, that will make rrr shine!

  88. maurice eley

    maurice eleyDitë më parë

    Is that a dent in the drivers door ?

  89. Henry Jacobs

    Henry JacobsDitë më parë

    Dallas Jacobs

  90. Ben Mac

    Ben MacDitë më parë

    You do realise theres a whole other hemisphere where it's currently summer and for the most part comparatively warm weather.

  91. Henry Jacobs

    Henry JacobsDitë më parë

    Jacobs trucking Enterprise from Rushville Indiana

  92. Dave Schwartz

    Dave SchwartzDitë më parë

    Yea the pipes would look awesome in Chrome.

  93. Ryan Sanderson

    Ryan SandersonDitë më parë

    Eh bud that’s not dey way we talk bud!

  94. Rick Pickell

    Rick PickellDitë më parë

    The Pete is l😍🥰king Gah-ood !

  95. RT 87

    RT 87Ditë më parë

    Do you want to sell that Pete ?

  96. tanuki379

    tanuki379Ditë më parë

    That mirror bracket is the bottom and it's suppose to be bent on the end the piece you are missing is shaped like a big v

  97. Larry Cederholm

    Larry CederholmDitë më parë

    Why the hell did you not polish that air cleaner before you installed it and by the way doing it right is not that easy and while im at it CLEAN THAT F SHOP

  98. Henry Jacobs

    Henry JacobsDitë më parë

    My cousin Jam Jacobs owns a Trucking company from out of Rushville. Indiana

  99. Night Saber

    Night SaberDitë më parë

    Big rig needs big waiting time! :)

  100. Motofarm mx

    Motofarm mxDitë më parë

    One stack is an aussie one is a bull hauler.