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Scraps: Mutt Romney

Scraps: Mutt Romney

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  1. xlncy kitchen

    xlncy kitchen18 sekonda më parë

    This is soccer

  2. Brittany Garrison

    Brittany Garrison24 sekonda më parë

    Should have shortened it. Play HIV maybe.

  3. Mystic_ Miki

    Mystic_ MikiMinutë më parë

    Yo wht season and episode is this please tell me I want to watch this

  4. Helen Dane

    Helen Dane3 minuta më parë

    Just amazing and awesome

  5. Antivlog

    Antivlog3 minuta më parë

    That tie tho

  6. Harjap Singh

    Harjap Singh3 minuta më parë

    I could hear Conan thinking after the man said "I am sock," he wanted to say "and you must be shoe." Obviously, that would be disrespectful so he kept his mouth shut. His brain is hardwired for comedy, wonder all the stuff he has to hold back in saying but still pops up in his head.

  7. KPepper L

    KPepper L3 minuta më parë

    I love that story Soo much about rats driving

  8. blueribbonman1

    blueribbonman14 minuta më parë

    What kind of explicit lyrics does Phil Collins songs have🤔

  9. pleappleappleap

    pleappleappleap5 minuta më parë

    Mark Hamill looks a bit like Eddie Izzard, doesn't he?

  10. West Africa Ghana

    West Africa Ghana6 minuta më parë

    I just love this guy's lots of energy

  11. karl rizal

    karl rizal7 minuta më parë

    Conan: Made the world a happier place.

  12. JoAnne Weiss

    JoAnne Weiss8 minuta më parë

    Conan is so relaxed & happy on these trips, especially this one! Enlightening for me bc I supervised 78 home health care sides in NY City & 90% were direct from Ghana. Now I understand why every second they were do full of joy, optimism, humor & love!!!!

  13. Geral Sanchez

    Geral Sanchez9 minuta më parë

    JCVD , es lo máximo , todas sus películas son buenasas eres único 😍♥️ , aún con la edad que tienes sigues siendo ágil ♥️

  14. Amar Fawwas

    Amar Fawwas9 minuta më parë

    He literally say "The Horse", just turn on the subtitles. 😂😂

  15. Victor Dominguez

    Victor Dominguez9 minuta më parë

    The people from the audience are too loud.

  16. Dorito Chip

    Dorito Chip10 minuta më parë

    Conan is the best interviewer, man lolol

  17. Troy Moyer

    Troy Moyer11 minuta më parë

    My dumbass really believed these where just costume

  18. JeyB

    JeyB12 minuta më parë

    Why would ANYONE dislike a video about a tribute to someone who has passed away? It's not like it's about Trump..

  19. Phantamos XD

    Phantamos XD13 minuta më parë


  20. Udit Gupta

    Udit Gupta14 minuta më parë

    This story has to be fake

  21. mountain boy

    mountain boy15 minuta më parë

    I'm quite bothered by the fan behind Conan.

  22. Sammy Highcourt

    Sammy Highcourt16 minuta më parë

    Ohhh myyyy Gooood😄💃💃🏿💃😄. Ghana's Nana Ama Mcbrown ♥️♥️😍😘

  23. Deep Patel

    Deep Patel16 minuta më parë

    Don't know this man, but he gave us Conan. Thank you

  24. Ana King

    Ana King16 minuta më parë

    How soon is too soon to make Bono/Skiing jokes though

  25. Big L Lutchman

    Big L Lutchman17 minuta më parë

    Now he’s back on the People’s Court and still killing it with the interviews of the defendants and plaintiffs. R.I.P. Judge Wapner

  26. Brian Adeva

    Brian Adeva18 minuta më parë

    Need a boom mic

  27. CrossWood Productions

    CrossWood Productions18 minuta më parë

    Cultural appropriation!!!!! This is shameful.

  28. unfuckingmaker

    unfuckingmaker20 minuta më parë

    That time Conan told us what his real job is.

  29. Sage 888

    Sage 88820 minuta më parë

    Those 🐀 🐀 weren't 🚗 around Baltimore if it Helped stress. 😂

  30. James Linton

    James Linton23 minuta më parë

    This is truly one the most amazing commitments to a bit ever filmed.

  31. roygfs

    roygfs23 minuta më parë


  32. Patti White

    Patti White24 minuta më parë

    Kevin is so funny and in a different way than Conan's style. Together its the best thing

  33. Inocencio Rafael Salazar Perez

    Inocencio Rafael Salazar Perez24 minuta më parë

    Jajajajajajaja.... me recordo a la pelicula Al diablo con el diablo cuando brendan fresher habla español...quieres unos crustaceos...raoooool. jejejeje

  34. byMika

    byMika25 minuta më parë

    They speak better English than in China

  35. JWfanz

    JWfanz25 minuta më parë


  36. D4 Clicking

    D4 Clicking26 minuta më parë

    Jim Carrey would play an awesome "Joker"

  37. Lissette Velazquez

    Lissette Velazquez26 minuta më parë

    Why can’t I work for Conan?????😢

  38. Amar Fawwas

    Amar Fawwas27 minuta më parë

    Oh gosh, love this guy, so authentic. 😂😂

  39. Timothy Lynch

    Timothy Lynch27 minuta më parë

    Funniest conan clip of all time

  40. Andy Thompson

    Andy Thompson28 minuta më parë

    Dump on the lawn😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  41. David De Armas

    David De Armas28 minuta më parë

    Lol that was MAC AND ME

  42. Doanz T

    Doanz T29 minuta më parë


  43. zberry582

    zberry58230 minuta më parë

    'why am I walking backwards?' 'it's really fun to fail on two different teams' 😂 gotta love Andy! This was the best clueless gamer episode!

  44. Andy Thompson

    Andy Thompson31 minutë më parë

    Artie is the man!!!!!

  45. Laila Ali

    Laila Ali32 minuta më parë

    Up Ghana with love from 💚🇳🇬

  46. Ana King

    Ana King32 minuta më parë

    Conan's responses to the conversational portion are intended as a joke but are responses I 100% relate to. And I'm sure I'm not alone there.

  47. sbn025

    sbn02533 minuta më parë

    ohhh boy that janice laugh put my friend down in an instant!!!!

  48. victor pasta

    victor pasta35 minuta më parë

    ur like a mormon at the front door XD

  49. Dorito Chip

    Dorito Chip35 minuta më parë

    She’s beautiful like wow

  50. malmegre

    malmegre36 minuta më parë

    No fighting, no no no 😂

  51. Mehreen Hassan

    Mehreen Hassan37 minuta më parë

    Conan has always been so attractive 😭

  52. Ethan Baker-Hayes

    Ethan Baker-Hayes37 minuta më parë

    Wait till Reedus and Morgan get a look at this.

  53. PutinWithAnimals

    PutinWithAnimals38 minuta më parë

    Good thing about being blown up is you're not stressed anymore

  54. Joshua Shimizu

    Joshua Shimizu38 minuta më parë

    Best part of the vid: the Asian girl is taller than Kevin Hart. LOL

  55. Marx P

    Marx P38 minuta më parë

    I feel bad for the people in new york i heard they got big ass rats haha. Do they get dwis if theyre drinking and driving?

  56. Barstool Blues

    Barstool Blues39 minuta më parë

    This movie was great. More people need to see it. Just pure madness.

  57. carlos rodriguez

    carlos rodriguez39 minuta më parë

    I actually went to school with someone who had almost that same personality 🤣🤣🤣

  58. PutinWithAnimals

    PutinWithAnimals40 minuta më parë

    Nice tie <3

  59. jahnrasta

    jahnrasta41 minutë më parë


  60. Epie Jr Abalos

    Epie Jr Abalos42 minuta më parë

    Conan needs to go in Philippines as well👍👍

  61. Esper Creative

    Esper Creative42 minuta më parë

    Conan in Ghana... Best thing I've seen this year!!!

  62. Spark Zuckerbum

    Spark Zuckerbum42 minuta më parë

    5:52 advice given 6:00 ignores own advice Watch his eyes.

  63. LeaveYourNameAfterThe beep

    LeaveYourNameAfterThe beep43 minuta më parë

    Damn it....How I met Your Mother ruined his name for me. All i hear is a frog and a parrot talking to one another.....

  64. MrsB8T

    MrsB8T44 minuta më parë

    Doug Llewelyn is such a legend!

  65. Ester Sánchez

    Ester Sánchez44 minuta më parë

    Hahahahahahahaha so Funny

  66. Edith Lazenby

    Edith Lazenby45 minuta më parë

    Met Willem once in NY... extremely nice and engaging.

  67. Bronje Samuel

    Bronje Samuel46 minuta më parë

    Conan's just like thanks for entertaining my nonsense LOL. I don't think he even really understands the profound impact these remotes have on his viewers, to see him interact with completely different cultures in a humane and good natured way. Even when it gets serious and some people want to air their frustrations, he's responsible enough to allow them to, unbiased, unaltred...... What a legend.

  68. Maniesh Ramanayake

    Maniesh Ramanayake46 minuta më parë

    Nobody: Conan in Dec '93: "you wanna meet Rusty the bailiff?"

  69. Steven

    Steven46 minuta më parë

    I always love that 90s fog you see in past videos.

  70. The Movie Planet

    The Movie Planet47 minuta më parë

    Doug Llewelyn did end up being "all right" indeed. Three years later, the man co-created _Judge Judy_ and had earlier created the concept of "Electronic Press Kits". Since three years, he's back on _The People's Court_

  71. fdama

    fdama49 minuta më parë

    Ghanaians are BIG. What do you people eat?

  72. Leonard Ell-Bon

    Leonard Ell-Bon49 minuta më parë

    Yang Gang trolls don't miss one video. I can't wait till he's out of the game, not because I hate him but cannot stand this.

  73. Wolfy_and_ cat

    Wolfy_and_ cat49 minuta më parë

    Marcel the shell♥️

  74. ogmegamind

    ogmegamind50 minuta më parë

    Ok boomer

  75. Chris Mahoney

    Chris Mahoney50 minuta më parë

    I super love this!

  76. Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions

    Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions50 minuta më parë


  77. Ray Mendez

    Ray Mendez50 minuta më parë

    When is the show WEEDS coming back?

  78. Nana Akua

    Nana Akua51 minutë më parë

    Bae Nana Ama Mcbrown to the world. The most talented, awesomest woman in Ghana!! PERIODT

  79. Caleb Clunie

    Caleb Clunie51 minutë më parë

    We're all in ICU. Let's all participate in our own recovery, and get well soon. The folks in the waiting room are running out of magazines and crossword puzzles.

  80. Adem Demachi

    Adem Demachi52 minuta më parë

    Amazing people amazing history hi from Albania 🇦🇱 🇦🇱 🇭🇹 🇭🇹

  81. Pedro Nascimento

    Pedro Nascimento52 minuta më parë

    Teach them to ride motorcycles and send them to Mars, goddamit!

  82. Joe Wojtecki

    Joe Wojtecki53 minuta më parë

    Nobody beats me because I'm The Wiz

  83. TheSaurabh2294

    TheSaurabh229453 minuta më parë

    When in England why is it "The Queen" but in Ghana it's Ashanti.

  84. sara cooper

    sara cooper54 minuta më parë

    Now for that joke to be considered funny you need to go back and what the previous seasons of Conan...

  85. Gabriel Dal Molin

    Gabriel Dal Molin54 minuta më parë

    that's not how this meme works bros. Loved you in Death Stranding Conan!

  86. Olivia Simper

    Olivia Simper55 minuta më parë

    Happy Bavarian Joe! He was on Jack Whitehall’s “Travels with my Father.” What a fun guy. Conan just kills me 😂

  87. Glenn TOMMY

    Glenn TOMMY55 minuta më parë

    is conan hair real

  88. Ricardo Marques

    Ricardo Marques55 minuta më parë

    The name of the one listening to the Ukraine com is Mouse Mulvaney

  89. Cricket Corleone

    Cricket Corleone56 minuta më parë

    what kind of pepper sauce? how do you spell it?

  90. Edwin Szeto

    Edwin Szeto56 minuta më parë

    The waiter is gorgeous

  91. jenks Cx

    jenks Cx57 minuta më parë

    He looks so good with a beard jheeze

  92. James Kelvin

    James Kelvin57 minuta më parë

    Paul Rudd has a Teddy Ruxpin collection. Little known fact.

  93. Belarouci Amina

    Belarouci Amina57 minuta më parë

    hide ur boob 😆

  94. vesito17

    vesito1758 minuta më parë

    “You say ‘yes’ like you know” 😆

  95. Matt W

    Matt W59 minuta më parë

    Love it!

  96. Shawn Macdonald

    Shawn MacdonaldOrë më parë

    Its probably due to all the testing. It ruins any mammals day to be poked and prodded. I got an idea, why not test on convicts never getting out, there you go.

  97. Scott Covert

    Scott CovertOrë më parë

    OK Gen Z. You know everything thanks to the Boomer invention of the Internet. It's up to you to save the world now. You can possibly do no wrong. - A Millenial.

  98. Slyguy threeonetwonine

    Slyguy threeonetwonineOrë më parë

    I'm a bit creeped out, but oddly aroused at the fact those South Korean girls all spoke and emoted like synchronized swimmers!

  99. Bang Bang FAME!

    Bang Bang FAME!Orë më parë

    LOVED Conan's episode! Looked normal to me!🤣👏🏼

  100. Lucas Yousif

    Lucas YousifOrë më parë

    Making jokes about dead people you stupid Conan or just ignorant?