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Fantasy Focus Live! MNF Recap
Fantasy Focus Live! Week 7 recap
  1. Mac T

    Mac T2 sekonda më parë

    Lebron look like had personal problem he didn’t look like himself.

  2. Adam Henry

    Adam Henry2 sekonda më parë


  3. Connor McLean

    Connor McLean3 sekonda më parë

    Lets be honest we all been waiting for the NBA season to start

  4. Ferdi S

    Ferdi S3 sekonda më parë

    Shout out to Molly for finally carrying out her duties: moderate.

  5. Marion Jermaine Smokes Sr.

    Marion Jermaine Smokes Sr.19 sekonda më parë

    The Lakers will win it all this year I'm taking on all bets

  6. thekingbradable

    thekingbradable22 sekonda më parë

    Nobody: Stephen A Smith & Wario: WAAAAAAA

  7. Lavar Ball

    Lavar Ball26 sekonda më parë

    Please tell me how the Celtics have a better perimeter shooting team than Toronto

  8. William Fout

    William Fout31 sekonda më parë

    Stephen A., you need to Jeter-Up! How 'bout a heartfelt message to that gonna-wait-on-28 YANKEES fan base? "You know they're gonna win the World Series NEXT year!"

  9. Giffond Hall

    Giffond Hall37 sekonda më parë

    Dominique takes had been mediocre he needs to get fired

  10. Joseph Gatheright

    Joseph Gatheright39 sekonda më parë

    Bro first take hilarious for this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Nate Cruz

    Nate Cruz45 sekonda më parë

    The Eagles Egos went through the stratosphere after winning one super bowl. Instead of using that as fuel, they became full of themselves and are now all falling apart. Meanwhile, the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year and are looking like another bet for a 4th straight Super Bowl appearance

  12. James Kilkenny

    James Kilkenny48 sekonda më parë


  13. JPG

    JPG49 sekonda më parë

    Kawhi had good game last night, but the lakers lost because of coaching and the clippers bench is incredible.

  14. Taurus Brisbon

    Taurus Brisbon50 sekonda më parë

  15. Christian Moore

    Christian Moore51 sekonda më parë

    Lebron got exposed last night damm

  16. Yo Lolo

    Yo LoloMinutë më parë

    Stephen A the guy who shouts when you are near.

  17. Eric meng

    Eric mengMinutë më parë

    lebron is great but not the same person but the king will rise 🙏

  18. Dylan Gray

    Dylan GrayMinutë më parë


  19. Gerald Walls jr

    Gerald Walls jrMinutë më parë

    Facts SAS "whatcha gonna do lebron "

  20. Blair Chatmon

    Blair ChatmonMinutë më parë

    Stephen A you talk to much and pre judge everything,it's the first freshen game!

  21. StardustCrusader

    StardustCrusaderMinutë më parë

    God any time I see Richard Jefferson I am immediately triggered for some reason 😂 dude just pisses me off fresh. Anyways ya idk if Zion can change his body type BUT he definitely needs to lose weight and stop playing above the rim. He will be the next D Rose if he doesnt change his style asap

  22. Gambino

    GambinoMinutë më parë

    Dan Orlovsky has some nerve critiquing Trubisky. I mean Trubisky sucks but cmon dawg

  23. Broderick Simpson

    Broderick SimpsonMinutë më parë

    SAS always talks tough on tv whether it’s telling KD he doesn’t want to make an enemy out of him or saying he’d tell Kawhi to his face that he’s not the best player in the league. Strange dude

  24. anu Nnaqi

    anu NnaqiMinutë më parë

    Lebron is an anunaaqi in basket just wait till u see the king rise over

  25. Achilles 9715

    Achilles 9715Minutë më parë

    After one game lol

  26. Steve Treehots

    Steve TreehotsMinutë më parë

    Max like most NFL coaches don't understand why Brady is the GOAT. Belichik understands, that's why he replaced a pro bowler in Bledsoe with Brady. Many QBs have been faster than Brady, threw further than Brady, were more athletic than Brady. He is the GOAT because of his mind.

  27. BBBS Regina

    BBBS ReginaMinutë më parë

    Kawhi shut down Lebron last night while dropping 30. I think Max wins this round.

  28. Tenzin Jurmey

    Tenzin JurmeyMinutë më parë


  29. DropSixteenTV Tv

    DropSixteenTV TvMinutë më parë

    The fact that they don't want to accept that Lebron is about to be 35, shows how great he is. We going to miss him when he retires.

  30. Christian Moore

    Christian MooreMinutë më parë

    It’s first game of the season

  31. AT

    ATMinutë më parë

    5:29 Max hating on Kobe again take #5633. 6/24 is atrocious but he also scored 10 in the last quarter while taking 4 shots ( at a game of 80 pt pace which ended 83-79). Not enough? He was avg'ing for the series 29, 9, and 4 at 45% FG%. Can't hear that dumbass talking anymore...

  32. Jamari Swain

    Jamari SwainMinutë më parë

    I mess with kawhi but I can not play with that man in 2k

  33. GuitWick

    GuitWickMinutë më parë

    No one can play with lebron. You can only bask in all his glory

  34. Young Hit Makerz

    Young Hit MakerzMinutë më parë

    Lebron the type to pass the ball in his finale game 🤣

  35. PuppyTube

    PuppyTubeMinutë më parë

    Zion is in a tough spot. Because he uses his size to his advantage with his athleticism. But since he’s so heavy, his joints are going to take a beating and his career will be short. So he’s gonna be an interesting case going forward. Same thing we Embiid

  36. AiirxGeordan23

    AiirxGeordan23Minutë më parë

    dont worry, it was against the best two way player in the league, next game against the jazz he'll be back to normal.

  37. 77figures

    77figuresMinutë më parë

    molly looking fine AF today..

  38. scarlet

    scarlet2 minuta më parë


  39. fafi G

    fafi G2 minuta më parë

    Lakers come back win

  40. Calvin Reddick

    Calvin Reddick2 minuta më parë

    Is this their new set? It’s fire

  41. J real

    J real2 minuta më parë

    SAS is mad because he was wrong in hyping Lebron up over the summer. He just knew Lebron was coming into this year going on a tear. Lebron is simply on the decline. **I'M SAYING IT NOW** This current LA team will not make it to the NBA Western Conference Finals.

  42. Mr Williams

    Mr Williams2 minuta më parë

    Kawhi led his team by actions and aggressiveness on the offensive end. Lebron led his team by throwing powder in the air..and ducking responsibility at the post game interview.

  43. Q Sosa

    Q Sosa2 minuta më parë

    The way he said, “He didn’t want that Kobe Bryant smoke” 😂😂😂😂 and that music

  44. Mac T

    Mac T2 minuta më parë

    We may have lost the battle but not the WAR! Lakers Nation!!!!

  45. anu Nnaqi

    anu Nnaqi2 minuta më parë

    Listen everyone lebron is gonna shut all of yall up very soon.....that game was a feel out game ......wake up people the king is feeling the battle field out.....just watch and see in soon time u will see lebron ain't to be messed with

  46. James Kilkenny

    James Kilkenny2 minuta më parë

    more defense=less offense when you're old...

  47. Ig: Leo. Contreras816

    Ig: Leo. Contreras8162 minuta më parë

    Both Jordan and Smith are cowards and are known to be left wing biases towards athletes that express any kind of political opinion. This has nothing to do with the HOF and another stab at athletes who are the voice of the underprivileged.

  48. Ryder H

    Ryder H2 minuta më parë

    Aaron Rodgers: Stephon A: He’s a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man!

  49. kshark

    kshark2 minuta më parë

    Lebron has been deferring IN the moment his whole career. Why do you think he will suddenly change. He does not have it. Heck he even deferred on the China comment

  50. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith2 minuta më parë

    Touchdown Tom to the Bears next year. Book it

  51. Dez Wattronica

    Dez Wattronica2 minuta më parë

    Kawhi has alway been a thorn is Lebron's side

  52. Liiyow Momo

    Liiyow Momo2 minuta më parë

    and here i thought LeBron was better than Kawhi tho ..... smh gtfo Kawhi is a BEAST!!!

  53. mored arev haritourian

    mored arev haritourian2 minuta më parë

    Lebron was literally playing the media lastnight not the clippers not like LEBRON plays

  54. MVP MVP

    MVP MVP2 minuta më parë

    lebron looked great athletically on some plays. it just looked like a "first basketball game in half a year" type of game for him. he will probably dominate next game.

  55. Ayanda Zulu

    Ayanda Zulu2 minuta më parë

    "let there be light" ??? Really Molly? Doesn't Molly have other passions... Something else she can do with her life... Coz this is not it

  56. Basil Kehoe

    Basil Kehoe2 minuta më parë

    They need Michael on the show more often

  57. Pranjal Upadhyaya

    Pranjal Upadhyaya2 minuta më parë

    Kawhi is going to TERMINATE the Lakers!!!

  58. Jaystarski

    Jaystarski2 minuta më parë

    Here goes the LeBron excuses 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  59. Javier Mejia

    Javier Mejia2 minuta më parë

    🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ last night kawahi showed he’s number one... and I’m a lakers fan... I was so hurt he didn’t join the Lakers but I know y he didn’t...

  60. TheEsssayGaming

    TheEsssayGaming2 minuta më parë

    Stephen A is purposely sounding slow when he talks to appease to the blazed LA crowd around them.

  61. Pretty Gordo

    Pretty Gordo2 minuta më parë

    The Lakers could use someone who can get them buckets when no one else is scoring. Only person that could fill that role is MAYBE Danny Green.

  62. 1017ALYX 9SM

    1017ALYX 9SM3 minuta më parë

    tired hearing of father time. i’m no dickrider but this is the first game with a new system. Lebron gonna get his

  63. ErvinM

    ErvinM3 minuta më parë

    TB is going to LA ...... Rams or Chargers 10-23-2019

  64. juanio

    juanio3 minuta më parë

    Danny green needs help, maybe the lakers should trade lebron and get that man some help.

  65. Malachi Commodore

    Malachi Commodore3 minuta më parë

    Bron aint from South Cal. He from Cleveland. Kawai is about that Life

  66. LRG rojo

    LRG rojo3 minuta më parë

    Lebron isn’t even the problem, the lakers roster SUCKS, I said it all offseason

  67. Stefan Oude Bos

    Stefan Oude Bos3 minuta më parë

    Video's trash.Him yelling WHYYYY makes this 10 times better

  68. Eric

    Eric3 minuta më parë

    anyone else skip forward when Max talks?

  69. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee3 minuta më parë

    "every time we see Kahwi on that court , we going to look at you LeBron and ask, What chu gunna to do ?"Classic truth .


    NOLAY AUSTIN3 minuta më parë


  71. kape hendrix

    kape hendrix3 minuta më parë

    Time to take out the trash Howie period or the season is over

  72. Brandon Chavez

    Brandon Chavez3 minuta më parë

    didn't lebron and the lakers say that they will play through AD this season? also it's just one game you guys acting its the end of the world or something. the team will have games like this from time to time they just need to get used to play with each other and they'll be good.

  73. Kyluhd

    Kyluhd3 minuta më parë


  74. Mauriya Lewis

    Mauriya Lewis3 minuta më parë

    Oh yeah he tried of being tied to the guy that helped him when 6 rings dumb as first take show

  75. dana vergara

    dana vergara3 minuta më parë

    I want his hoodie.

  76. Brother Jason Rembert

    Brother Jason Rembert3 minuta më parë

    Kwahi Took His Soul !!!!!

  77. MeekTyrant

    MeekTyrant3 minuta më parë

    Ty Johnson or Odell at Flex, full PPR?

  78. Michigan Wolverine in Austin

    Michigan Wolverine in Austin3 minuta më parë

    Draymond is from Saginaw. Thug and fighting is in his blood.

  79. Logan Allen

    Logan Allen3 minuta më parë

    Well said

  80. Arin Ellis

    Arin Ellis3 minuta më parë

    This music is perfect hahaha hahaha

  81. Broderick Simpson

    Broderick Simpson3 minuta më parë

    Dudes talk about not liking Molly and they get together and fall over themselves to attack anyone who doesn’t have an issue with her but Max says some of the dumbest things about basketball that a person could say. He also comes up with these comparisons to athletes in other sports that are completely unnecessary. I wish Molly would interrupt him more when he tries to talk about basketball. They should’ve let Metta and SAS talk about this and let Max have a break. Five years ago Metta would’ve come across that desk when Max called him crazy.

  82. Wilson S

    Wilson S3 minuta më parë

    LA Clippers were as good as advertised. Period.

  83. Dylan Gray

    Dylan Gray3 minuta më parë

    yo thank you stephen a

  84. Jason Maxwell

    Jason Maxwell3 minuta më parë

    We get it.... you hate Hayward and Stephens.... but you love Kyrie

  85. Samuel Butcher

    Samuel Butcher4 minuta më parë

    Let’s be real if the warriors traded draymond after that happened Durant would’ve resigned

  86. elvis rolon

    elvis rolon4 minuta më parë

    Metta world peace head looks weird asf I'll be mad everyday if I had a head shaped like that

  87. ricosauve5

    ricosauve54 minuta më parë

    Already with the LeBron needs help narrative?? It's only game 1. Lol

  88. Richard Sypert Jr.

    Richard Sypert Jr.4 minuta më parë

    Kawhi is on a great team similar to how Jordan was on a great team. Also, with lakers playing bad and the clippers playing great, lakers did not lose by that much. I do think Lebron needs to take on more of a gunners mentality from the outside as it would be less effort and open up the rest of his game.

  89. Michael May

    Michael May4 minuta më parë

    Every year the media tries so hard to break up the patriots

  90. J M

    J M4 minuta më parë

    Kawhi is the new Kobe, if you saw last night in the 2 quarter and 3rd nothing but contested midrange shots. And Kawhi would beat KD especially now that KD has no Curry.

  91. Sudhir Kakar

    Sudhir Kakar4 minuta më parë

    Kareem's 15th and 16th season were much better than Max mentions. He averaged 23 a game in 85, at age 38...shooting close to 60%. And was finals MVP. Per minute, he was still the best offensive weapon in the league.

  92. immune list

    immune list4 minuta më parë

    Really idiot

  93. Tris Matu

    Tris Matu4 minuta më parë

    Okay y’all acting like Doc Rivers CP3, Blake and D. Jordan all one time with Mbah mute and jj Reddick And never made it past the first or second round but somehow he’s a great coach because he got one championship? Frank Vogel is a good coach they should let him do his job.

  94. Ben Morgan

    Ben Morgan4 minuta më parë

    Do I start DJ Chark or Chase Edmonds as my flex this week?

  95. IGetSuper-Dome 504

    IGetSuper-Dome 5044 minuta më parë

    Kawhi is CLEARY a better player than Lebron now. He just isn’t a consistent enough shooter off the bounce like Kawhi is. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  96. Ray pace

    Ray pace4 minuta më parë

    Man it’s one game calm down two weeks from now I promise u they will be on my boi king James nuts

  97. Abel Andariego

    Abel Andariego4 minuta më parë

    The thing i hated the most is Alvin Gentry sitting Lonzo smh

  98. Lil hoomies

    Lil hoomies4 minuta më parë

    smith i’ll gonna pop your cherry..u talk so much

  99. The Schmidt Anderson

    The Schmidt Anderson4 minuta më parë

    i swear i’ve heard ever analyst say the exact same thing ever since he got injured “hE nEeDs tO LoSe WeiGhT” WE GET IT

  100. no yeah totally

    no yeah totally4 minuta më parë

    So happy Lonzo left the Lakers