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Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor

One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. Greece And Dayzzz

    Greece And DayzzzDitë më parë

    Yummy! #textgang

  2. minecraft daily

    minecraft dailyDitë më parë

    No no u dis the ice cream wrong u need to use charcoal

  3. Dabber Lake

    Dabber LakeDitë më parë

    Really how dare you disrespect me just cause there’s a myth about Alabama u think that we frick our cousins well phrick u

  4. Mood. Edits

    Mood. EditsDitë më parë

    It works withought salt and its called the sharpie challenge

  5. TTV Darion08

    TTV Darion08Ditë më parë

    Shut yo ass up u loss every one

  6. Anakaren Salazar

    Anakaren SalazarDitë më parë

    text gang

  7. Sebastian Carlos

    Sebastian CarlosDitë më parë

    He said “or ur cousin I don’t know where ur from”

  8. Anakaren Salazar

    Anakaren SalazarDitë më parë

    text gang

  9. Anakaren Salazar

    Anakaren SalazarDitë më parë

    text gan

  10. Anakaren Salazar

    Anakaren SalazarDitë më parë

    text gang

  11. yosanz

    yosanzDitë më parë

    Who else peeped the henny

  12. B l e s s e d_ V j _ A c o s t a

    B l e s s e d_ V j _ A c o s t aDitë më parë

    It wasn’t black dye, they used coal

  13. Mikayla Chapin

    Mikayla ChapinDitë më parë

    *looks nothing like the picture* Brennen - "Honestly, ours looks so much better than the picture."

  14. micheal brakefield

    micheal brakefieldDitë më parë

    If you need a new paint job get one 😐😐

  15. Fisted-Savage

    Fisted-SavageDitë më parë

    Text gang gang, BTW I love you! You are my favorite ALworksr! You should call random ALworksrs, and they tell you to make a certain food and give it to them

  16. Morgan Carney

    Morgan CarneyDitë më parë


  17. Cherille Silim

    Cherille SilimDitë më parë

    brennen is a little too flirty with the waitresss.. i only come here for the food

  18. King. FN

    King. FNDitë më parë

    Please get met to 100subs plz for good luck for ever plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. Joseph channel

    Joseph channelDitë më parë

    The nacho cheese burger is not a pizza

  20. Evie 412

    Evie 412Ditë më parë

    People getting triggered from Jake bitting into ice cream

  21. Jay vlogs45

    Jay vlogs45Ditë më parë

    Hennessy In the back

  22. Erry Iliodin

    Erry IliodinDitë më parë

    Your trash ban close by it own

  23. Cesar Solis

    Cesar SolisDitë më parë

    Did anyone else hear Brennen say: I didn't honestly know I was gonna like the combination of nacho cheese on a pizza even though it was a burger

  24. Jacob Lane

    Jacob LaneDitë më parë

    Text gang

  25. Joyce Richeson

    Joyce RichesonDitë më parë

    no one: absolutely no one: ads: lets play before every bite

  26. Elizabeth Fisher

    Elizabeth FisherDitë më parë

    I want you to do that but I cant afford the merch

  27. Stevie Crnjak

    Stevie CrnjakDitë më parë


  28. The Fear

    The FearDitë më parë

    9:55 it’s in reverse

  29. Stephanie Kiser

    Stephanie KiserDitë më parë

    It liked moved a little bit

  30. all out

    all outDitë më parë

    Anyone here he said nacho cheese on a pizza 12:01

  31. Kylie Wickizer

    Kylie WickizerDitë më parë

    Bringing the first one it wasn't frosting it was white chocolate 😂🤣

  32. lucas Noah G.

    lucas Noah G.Ditë më parë

    It looks really good #textgang

  33. Svage l

    Svage lDitë më parë

    "finds the board" well finders keepers

  34. Audrey Tejeda

    Audrey TejedaDitë më parë

    #Textgang plsssssss I want your shirt!!!!

  35. Double

    DoubleDitë më parë

    You failed all of them, all of a sudden you care about health, nah your foods ain’t good compared to the other. All GTA died screen in my view🤦‍♂️💯👎

  36. VibinWitDeDe

    VibinWitDeDeDitë më parë

    The last Instagram food.... Me:Ooooo this looks so good Me: about to take a bite Mom: SUGAR!!!! All that is is SUGAR Brennen Taylor the parents are coming after you 😂😂

  37. Jose Ssv

    Jose SsvDitë më parë

    Text gang

  38. Realbjamiee

    RealbjamieeDitë më parë

    Can you do those mystery cases again ? & like the ghost hotels. 🥳

  39. Christian Dela cruz

    Christian Dela cruzDitë më parë

    The thing is called masa pan

  40. Double

    DoubleDitë më parë

    Jake agreed to everything Brennden says🤦‍♂️🤦💯

  41. Hamid Reza Nadi

    Hamid Reza NadiDitë më parë

    I’ve actually tried coconut charcoal ice cream and its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

  42. King Ethan

    King EthanDitë më parë

    Lmao it’s not a hack it’s a promotion I work there

  43. Nichole Ruelas

    Nichole RuelasDitë më parë

    Love it make took one for the team and Ate the ice cream 😂 #TEXTGANG

  44. XPLR

    XPLRDitë më parë

    It was my birthday when this was posted

  45. Audrey Sarabeth

    Audrey SarabethDitë më parë

    #textgang I love u brennen💕

  46. lisamarie24

    lisamarie24Ditë më parë

    i Love You Brennen

  47. alijah Jenkins

    alijah JenkinsDitë më parë

    only ppl who play cod or call of duty will understand this "mission failed well got um next time

  48. nevaeh johnson

    nevaeh johnsonDitë më parë

    “our your cousin i don’t know where your from” 😂💀

  49. Anthony Martinez

    Anthony MartinezDitë më parë

    Text gang

  50. Anthony Martinez

    Anthony MartinezDitë më parë

    Text gang

  51. Reily Soto

    Reily SotoDitë më parë

    No it’s not true I love you not your mom

  52. Kelsey Doyle

    Kelsey DoyleDitë më parë

    Your brother’s hot

  53. Yasmine Davis

    Yasmine DavisDitë më parë

    Can you plz do more hotel vids🖤 I love your vids btw💕‼️

  54. GEMINIz _

    GEMINIz _Ditë më parë

    3:06 “Failure reason here” Come on man you could’ve tried.

  55. Guerra1977 Santos

    Guerra1977 SantosDitë më parë

    wait what pizza is the best

  56. Addison Pictures

    Addison PicturesDitë më parë

    Text gang


    OOFER GANGDitë më parë

    The first one it wasn’t frosting it was chocolate

  58. R10 Football

    R10 FootballDitë më parë

    Who else spotted the trash can open 12:00 12:05

  59. The Immortal Doomslayer

    The Immortal DoomslayerDitë më parë

    We need to save Chef Brian

  60. illuminati Master Dalrymple

    illuminati Master DalrympleDitë më parë


  61. Armani Minchaca

    Armani MinchacaDitë më parë

    I hope Kobe gets better

  62. illuminati Master Dalrymple

    illuminati Master DalrympleDitë më parë

    #birthday boi

  63. Demetri Kazalas

    Demetri KazalasDitë më parë

    8:15 Brennen:were not vegan Me:duhh you’re making a burger

  64. Pink Night is savage

    Pink Night is savageDitë më parë

    Buy the freshest and coolest merch in the game at

  65. Heaven Brundidge

    Heaven BrundidgeDitë më parë


  66. Sophie Galvan

    Sophie GalvanDitë më parë

    I love your videos so much Brennen #textgang

  67. Gg Vazquez

    Gg VazquezDitë më parë

    the first one isnt frosting, its melted white chocolate

  68. shouko Vargas

    shouko VargasDitë më parë

    #textgang Brennen you are funny, full of love, and can anyone's day by your jokes, keep up the GOOD WORK, love you Brennen, TAYLOR FAM!

  69. Zoe Mcalister

    Zoe McalisterDitë më parë

    Texting gang

  70. FishLover 264

    FishLover 264Ditë më parë

    Text gang

  71. Juztmyne Love

    Juztmyne LoveDitë më parë


  72. Bryan Montoya

    Bryan MontoyaDitë më parë

    Text gang 😉

  73. Azlyn Morse

    Azlyn MorseDitë më parë

    i can stand a broom up any day........ smh

  74. Tammie Cowan

    Tammie CowanDitë më parë

    2:00 Ok first off that's not "frosting" on the outside lmao it's white chocolate silly it literally says it in the description. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Come on I love this channel Brennon but sometimes you make me roll my eyes so freaking hard!! LMAO 😂🤣 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  75. freddy gaming

    freddy gamingDitë më parë

    nani 10:54 pause it :edit i did the time thing wrong so i changed it :)

  76. Shamellon Says

    Shamellon SaysDitë më parë

    On the first one I think you was supposed to scoop out the cream and melt and dip the Oreo thing in there

  77. Michael Rualzakhuma

    Michael RualzakhumaDitë më parë

    Grab your text book, study & be useable to your family & support your parents. Don't use your life & time being a nonsense!!

  78. Nahanee Ranger.

    Nahanee Ranger.Ditë më parë

    Text gang

  79. Alanis Muriel

    Alanis MurielDitë më parë

    12:05 “ i didn’t know I would like the combination of nacho cheese on a pizza” But he is eating a burger😂🤦🏽‍♀️


    MONOLOGUES GTDitë më parë

    Next video:Making my own restaurant

  81. Tropi

    TropiDitë më parë

    Tiktok is know full of food hacks as well as Instagram thanks to Brennen #textgang

  82. Aisha Lukman

    Aisha LukmanDitë më parë


  83. Sum Nun

    Sum NunDitë më parë

    I have a question why did he only use one seasoning

  84. Brandi Watt

    Brandi WattDitë më parë

    Text gang

  85. Bhagyashree Bora

    Bhagyashree BoraDitë më parë

    CAN YOU PLZ DO ARCADE TIK TOK LIFE HACKS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. David Lewis

    David LewisDitë më parë

    Go fuck yourself

  87. Fun Fortnite

    Fun FortniteDitë më parë

    2:07 it wasn’t frosting it was white chocolate

  88. bossmangamer142 gamer

    bossmangamer142 gamerDitë më parë

    3:41 what you came for

  89. Joel Robles

    Joel RoblesDitë më parë

    Why did he use a fork to spread the sauce 😭💀

  90. Dane Joyce

    Dane JoyceDitë më parë

    Okay...? You said it was good but somehow the garbage lid was ... closing?

  91. Jasmine Orozco

    Jasmine OrozcoDitë më parë

    I thought he said Honey not Henny lmaooo

  92. Haylee Erpelding

    Haylee ErpeldingDitë më parë


  93. thick shrek 74

    thick shrek 74Ditë më parë

    He is lying I have the same flashlight there is a S.O.S mode and that's what he was doing in the graveyard smh

  94. Ravenheart01

    Ravenheart01Ditë më parë

    I LOVE Fruity Pebbles rice krispies. I make them and then put marshmallow fluff on them.

  95. Emerson Davis

    Emerson DavisDitë më parë

    the broom will any day

  96. elusk16

    elusk16Ditë më parë

    When do we know who won the shirt? #TextGang

  97. Lapointe-Houle Jade

    Lapointe-Houle JadeDitë më parë

    You could’ve tried to color the ice cream with some sort of activated charcoal, that would be safe to eat!! :) You might also want to dump the milkshake in another glass after mixing it, you could have rimmed it before making the milkshake and leave space for the cake ;)

  98. Realtor Jason

    Realtor JasonDitë më parë

    Brennen the black ice cream is made with activated charcoal powder.

  99. Roblox :P

    Roblox :PDitë më parë