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NEW iPhone 11 Pro Clone Unboxing!
iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!
Every iPhone Comparison 2019!
Top iPadOS 13 Features!

Top iPadOS 13 Features!

3 muaj më parë

iOS 13 & iPadOS Unveiled!
Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!

Fake AirPods 2 Unboxing!

6 muaj më parë

  1. Dzeine139

    Dzeine13925 sekonda më parë

    And where are the buttons to close al the apps or tabs in Safari at once??:(((

  2. complation replayzz

    complation replayzzMinutë më parë

    Your very white friend 0:06

  3. Savanah’s World

    Savanah’s World3 minuta më parë

    im scared to update 😂

  4. Cyberpunk God

    Cyberpunk God5 minuta më parë

    When u posting a vid of iPhone 11 pro

  5. your buddy

    your buddy6 minuta më parë

    Dude where's the unboxing video of iphone 11's.

  6. Claire Peterson

    Claire Peterson8 minuta më parë

    Here is the link for them.. fairpodss.com?sca_ref=17586.UFxYspHAXC

  7. hazem sam

    hazem sam9 minuta më parë

    Do not download the update 13 due to problems with the charging process if the phone is in the charge rate less than 10% Do not update it

  8. Sophie Muller

    Sophie Muller10 minuta më parë

    oh, i'm in love 😍

  9. jamilo jamil tanib

    jamilo jamil tanib14 minuta më parë

    Wait a minute he have a fake iphone xs max ! , the screen is not like the real one ..! Who with me ? 1 like = 1 yes

  10. Isak Loves Gacha

    Isak Loves Gacha16 minuta më parë

    Finally an iphone xs that can fit my hand :) 0:56 IT SAYS SOYES..., not iPhone (plus it has no apple logo)

  11. marc galindo

    marc galindo17 minuta më parë

    Hope to win big upgrade for my iphone 5s bro

  12. MsBabyBody

    MsBabyBody21 minutë më parë

    You can order the perfect clone here, no joke, fairpodss.com?sca_ref=17643.IRN8LQpzNU Your welcome ✌🏼

  13. Nilion Bees

    Nilion Bees21 minutë më parë

    They ruined the health app / I have to dig around to find my daily mileage, and can’t swipe to see previous day

  14. Honda Kuan

    Honda Kuan25 minuta më parë


  15. Sacrilegious Zeyn

    Sacrilegious Zeyn26 minuta më parë

    Top 10 cases for iPhone 11 pls

  16. Will Adams

    Will Adams27 minuta më parë

    The screen protector is supposed to break by breaking it it takes the force of the drop and the energy and absorb it the energy and momentum is what breaks your screen in the event of a drop

  17. Lara

    Lara29 minuta më parë

    I want the coral one!!!😢

  18. zbobhigh

    zbobhigh30 minuta më parë

    Audi RS5? R8?

  19. Anime Game

    Anime Game31 minutë më parë

    iOS 13 😂😂oops well that Apple they saw ur video 😂😂😭

  20. Kareem Hassan

    Kareem Hassan33 minuta më parë

    Dude way to many ads chill out

  21. Joms Dol

    Joms Dol33 minuta më parë

    On XR - Loving everything on this update, but i think battery was a bit better on 12.4.1 🤔 i think will keep 6s on 12.4 😂

  22. Tjeerd Visser#

    Tjeerd Visser#34 minuta më parë

    iphone 4 is erg oud

  23. Count Morris Music

    Count Morris Music36 minuta më parë

    lol I love that Runescape is in the downloads. You're a real OG my friend!

  24. Ricky Mondin

    Ricky Mondin36 minuta më parë

    Hi, can u make a vid to help me decide which series 5 to get out of all the models? Aluminum, or Steel or Titanium or Ceramic?

  25. Dub_Steep

    Dub_Steep38 minuta më parë

    This guy is brain dead

  26. r011ing_thunder

    r011ing_thunder43 minuta më parë

    I have update 12.4.1 on my 5s why the frick can't I find the update

  27. — AdidasGawD —

    — AdidasGawD —47 minuta më parë

    I just broke my AirPods, hook me up bro!!!

  28. Alexander Reginis

    Alexander Reginis50 minuta më parë

    works for iphone 6s?

  29. CrazyGamer 2414

    CrazyGamer 241450 minuta më parë

    Hope you do a drop test of the iPhone 11, 11 pro, and the 11 pro max

  30. Xavin Dayal

    Xavin Dayal51 minutë më parë

    3D touch??? Long press menu on a icon is 3D touch lol

  31. Ramo Shehada

    Ramo Shehada52 minuta më parë

    Who else is watching on their iPhone 11 pro max

  32. Rainbow

    Rainbow53 minuta më parë


  33. Myster E

    Myster E59 minuta më parë

    IM GETTING THE PURPLE RED GREEN AND YELLOW 11....Also ordering my 11 Pro Max

  34. Ghost creeper 36

    Ghost creeper 3659 minuta më parë

    Srry if i ask, but whats the USB killer

  35. Double7 Prod.

    Double7 Prod.Orë më parë

    Just added some tweaks, good job Apple 🤣

  36. ESGO

    ESGOOrë më parë

    I will buy an iPhone when they "invent" side loading apps


    RACH OFFICIALSOrë më parë

    you look very old now😌😌😄

  38. James Charles

    James CharlesOrë më parë

    My IPhone 8 got really laggy after the update and I realise it was my storage. When shall I replace my battery? It’s on maximum capacity of 88%

  39. Roidnelius Mastertren

    Roidnelius MastertrenOrë më parë

    ice cream sandwich phone

  40. Gaurav Sharma

    Gaurav SharmaOrë më parë

    Where are you @everythingapplepro? We have been missing you ever since the new iPhones came out! The first channel that i was eying on was yours. Please be back soon with the videos and your amazing content! I hope you are fine. Peace and Love.

  41. Stud

    StudOrë më parë

    got a note 10 ad ecksdee

  42. Matthew Plays

    Matthew PlaysOrë më parë

    How is this flamingo???

  43. Bayani Pulido

    Bayani PulidoOrë më parë

    Pls. Test the gaming performance and ALworks performance.. thanks more power .

  44. Ravi Singh

    Ravi SinghOrë më parë


  45. Maxim

    MaximOrë më parë

    5:13 holy shit bro ypu play osrs?

  46. Sujan Poudel

    Sujan PoudelOrë më parë

    at least the cutout in the middle looks better than a reduced notch.

  47. D_King 993

    D_King 993Orë më parë

    Will they have usb-c?

  48. Arachne Phobos

    Arachne PhobosOrë më parë

    what car is that?

  49. Jess Heaven

    Jess HeavenOrë më parë

    Finally, I found a trusted seller for these clones after getting scammed twice. Phew... It arrived within a week. You're welcome. 🤷‍♀️ iaccessories.org

  50. Chetan Hindwal

    Chetan HindwalOrë më parë

    Somenon suggest me.. How can i found/purchase nokia 3310 old.. Any site for geniun product

  51. Jake 348

    Jake 348Orë më parë

    Samsung users I have a question, why did it take an extremely long time for Samsung to actually put a good quality camera in there phone ?

  52. Nathan Holewa

    Nathan HolewaOrë më parë

    Will CarPlay tell you which line is ringing with dual sim yet? 😡

  53. Pete Andrei Coching

    Pete Andrei CochingOrë më parë

    Do some of you guys here notice the small issues on dark mode, like when you swipe on settings, the blacks and the grays kinda having a delay?

  54. Flub Flubber

    Flub FlubberOrë më parë

    Turn animations off in settings + you can do that developer stuff also and theire you set it on 0.5

  55. Yunior Borges

    Yunior BorgesOrë më parë

    No such as “Perfect Update”. Full of bugs and security back doors to access to the contact, even Apple acknowledge the issues and they are rushing the .1 version patch. This channel is pretty honest about its review but sometimes it shows the fan side of it :)

  56. Chicken Stricken

    Chicken StrickenOrë më parë

    I notice with the new update when I’m on a call my time will completely disappear and reappear it’s a little annoying but not a deal breaker

  57. I Am

    I AmOrë më parë

    Bro why's the full review getting delayed?

  58. Thousand Sunny

    Thousand SunnyOrë më parë

    it will not work cause that usb needs high voltage

  59. Privilege

    PrivilegeOrë më parë

    My first apple device was an iPod touch 4th generation, I’m pretty sure it came with iOS 3.0

  60. HYHY

    HYHYOrë më parë

    My first phone was actually the nokia x2 But my first iPhone was the 4s in2013-2014 After that i got iphone 5s in 2017 And im here with my XsMax

  61. SergeantChaos

    SergeantChaosOrë më parë

    Me: *clicks download iOS 13* iPhone: “About 21 hours remaining”

  62. Parchi Kaat

    Parchi KaatOrë më parë

    Hello Youngster i think you should also giveaway something to india's people like me 😄😁🤗

  63. Zane B

    Zane BOrë më parë

    Android had these features for years.

  64. Shimiko K

    Shimiko K2 orë më parë

    its illegal if u make calls with a fake phone


    FRANMUST2 orë më parë

    Love your videos bro👍👍 keep up the good work

  66. Liju Subrahmaniyan

    Liju Subrahmaniyan2 orë më parë

    So I can keep my 6s for the next 3 or 4 years...🥰

  67. Jeff Harmed

    Jeff Harmed2 orë më parë

    Too early for hype. I’ve already spotted a bug after just 24 hours on IOS 13. The highlighters in iBooks don’t work!!!!!

  68. Edis Delgado

    Edis Delgado2 orë më parë

    So everything about the update is perfect?

  69. Not Ornstein

    Not Ornstein2 orë më parë

    Boycott eBay scammer

  70. alif farhan

    alif farhan2 orë më parë

    not gonna be that one broke ass nigga that always comment about apple is bitch because they cant afford it, but this phone really not worth the money

  71. Enhle Sibiya

    Enhle Sibiya2 orë më parë

    someone please buy me an iPhone ☹

  72. Mr. CREATOR

    Mr. CREATOR2 orë më parë

    How much durablity you want? This guy :YES Please support my channel

  73. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee2 orë më parë

    Roses are red Lapis is blue The unboxing starts At 4:32

  74. Rielymir

    Rielymir2 orë më parë

    Should i move from ihpone 8 to iphone x?

  75. CASS

    CASS2 orë më parë

    I would love to get the xr cause it’s better then a iPhone 4s

  76. Rakesh Kharta

    Rakesh Kharta2 orë më parë

    Who use these Fake Phones?

  77. Clintye Westwood

    Clintye Westwood2 orë më parë

    I'm watching this on an iPhone 3g

  78. PreludeXDG

    PreludeXDG2 orë më parë

    no one is exited about it these days either.

  79. Christopher Willoughby

    Christopher Willoughby2 orë më parë

    I already get 5g on my iPhone X.. I think it is a software bug on the last iOS 12 version. But I will find out after I update the reality. But this makes me believe that 5g will defiantly be on the 2020 iPhone. if it dose not looks like I am holding on to this phone for another year. No new iPhone for me till it offer 5g.

  80. Lego

    Lego2 orë më parë

    Damn half of the comment is 'guys don't do it' *Gives link*

  81. Sean Tariman

    Sean Tariman2 orë më parë

    "A cut out of the display that absolutely does nothing." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  82. Meiko Peiko

    Meiko Peiko2 orë më parë

    Another thing to note, until upgrading to iOS 12.4.1, my iPhone X’s Siri wouldn’t work. As in, wouldn’t speak back even with sound enabled, wouldn’t call people when asked , you’d ask it to play music and have to physically press the play button on the Siri screen. There were VERY limited fixes. Whenever I’d tap Siri and search on the settings screen, the app would freeze so I couldn’t fix it that way. I had TO RESET MY SETTINGS TO GET IT TO WORK AND IT ONLY WORKED FOR A DAY before going back to its original state. Oh, and not to mention the ridiculous overheating. I’m not exaggerating, it’s almost burnt my hand a few times. That said, since updating it works great now. But this has been an issue since at least 12.1.

  83. nk

    nk2 orë më parë

    I just bought a haino Teko (German brand) pop-pods. 90 days standby... Double tap does work and pairing it on note 9.. 3.5 hrs calling. 17 hrs charging box, 5 times charging box can charge earbuds 5 times.


    DAT BOI GAMING2 orë më parë

    I need air pods

  85. Nervis Moreno

    Nervis Moreno2 orë më parë

    Airpods are pretty resistance in durability and playback terms. but, right now i found myself stuck with a pair of airpods unable to record voice messages or even for a phone call. i think they both might probably broke on a 3 foot fall. sucks.

  86. Bacon Boiベーコン美学

    Bacon Boiベーコン美学2 orë më parë

    EverythingApplePro: 3:32 "it's pretty easy" Also him: *sTrUgGLinG*

  87. Edgy Child

    Edgy Child3 orë më parë

    My cousin has the original flappy bird on the first iPod touch . It’s really wierd, it doesn’t work but he never got the app deleted like every body else

  88. Edgy Child

    Edgy Child3 orë më parë

    When ALworks looked like 📺

  89. Adrian Diaz Arias

    Adrian Diaz Arias3 orë më parë

    Anyone realize the s8 at the beginning is fake?

  90. FmTGamer

    FmTGamer3 orë më parë

    Android is still better

  91. Mr. Muffin

    Mr. Muffin3 orë më parë

    2019 after the iPhone 11 just dropped?

  92. Cameron G

    Cameron G3 orë më parë

    Downloaded the new update and loved and was mostly excited that I get to go back and look at my old text messages from my wife at the beginning of our relationship! It worked for about an hour and then it started acting like it did before, very frustrating Apple!!!

  93. J0N3S1N

    J0N3S1N3 orë më parë

    You alright man? You have posted amidst all the iPhone releases and official ios 13 update, and beta 4? Hope everything is ok with you.

  94. Malik ali

    Malik ali3 orë më parë

    Where is prise

  95. lil Gamer

    lil Gamer3 orë më parë


  96. alberto sandoval

    alberto sandoval3 orë më parë

    Why am i watching this? I have Android

  97. lil Gamer

    lil Gamer3 orë më parë


  98. 346pablo

    346pablo3 orë më parë

    Cant turn my screen into horizontal after the update

  99. lil Gamer

    lil Gamer3 orë më parë


  100. Ceejay Arelleno

    Ceejay Arelleno3 orë më parë