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Funk Bros
Funk Bros

2 brothers doing every challenge, vlog, experiment, flip, scooter trick and crazy adventure all on camera at the FunkYard! We began as pro scooter riders and segued that into a full time youtuber show! We live our life’s authentically through the lens of ALworks and love to spread love and positivity

Moving truck filled with SLIME!
  1. John Vanderwege

    John Vanderwege2 minuta më parë

    Papa rug don’t give a fvck

  2. Apollo Pereira

    Apollo Pereira2 minuta më parë

    Do a moving truck with LEGO’s in it pls and say who’s idea it was thx

  3. Goat Gaming

    Goat Gaming2 minuta më parë


  4. Luv.Vincent.34

    Luv.Vincent.343 minuta më parë

    I love there intro! SICK! ❤️🤩

  5. Luke Green

    Luke Green4 minuta më parë

    stay strong funk fam has your back

  6. Slime House

    Slime House5 minuta më parë

    Soo awkward when Corey walked in on papa rug

  7. Coltin Jones

    Coltin Jones7 minuta më parë

    Hot pink

  8. Sky_Stewie44

    Sky_Stewie448 minuta më parë

    More hide and seeks

  9. Maxim Mortega

    Maxim Mortega9 minuta më parë

    Hi funk bros shout out from the Philippines !🤟🏻🤟🏻

  10. joshua hawkins

    joshua hawkins10 minuta më parë

    Meriden ct

  11. joshua hawkins

    joshua hawkins10 minuta më parë


  12. RedShock

    RedShock11 minuta më parë

    If this is blue you love FUNK BROS🌟 👇(I’m gifting my next 10 subscribers🤩)

  13. Evelyn Johnston

    Evelyn Johnston11 minuta më parë

    How do you buy merch?

  14. Alyssa Jaboro

    Alyssa Jaboro11 minuta më parë

    Love you guys

  15. Crispy Bacon

    Crispy Bacon13 minuta më parë

    Tips for hide and seek when seeking. •There’s always one person that hides near the seeker •There’s probably one person that climbed or hiding behind something •Lastly there’s always someone that hides far far away on the second floor from seeker

  16. Jonquil Williams

    Jonquil Williams15 minuta më parë

    You should go to Walmart with baby doll carseats and try and trade them for the gift card

  17. Avvo Ilangesyan

    Avvo Ilangesyan16 minuta më parë

    I have a good idea. Capron or Cory should drive a car to the middle of a busy city and the loser of a challenge should get on top of the car and say something embarrassing

  18. Koerper Family

    Koerper Family16 minuta më parë

    Hi I love u gize

  19. Lety Bray

    Lety Bray16 minuta më parë

    Do a hide in seek at the ace family house

  20. BLX EVA

    BLX EVA18 minuta më parë

    Me: *MOM I BROKE MY ARM* Mom: *You’d cry if you broke your arm* *him not crying at all when he breaks his collarbone*

  21. R R

    R R18 minuta më parë

    Commenting with my forehead Efddcttfqgf

  22. Nexus. Yield

    Nexus. Yield20 minuta më parë

    Su cod cock fvvghgrfh

  23. Brian Ramirez

    Brian Ramirez20 minuta më parë

    Papa rug in the room eating and drinking alone 😂😂😂😂 how he stared at corey


    SIEZ MYTHICAL21 minutë më parë

    What was that in 12:09

  25. Brian Ramirez

    Brian Ramirez22 minuta më parë

    Why does rugs face look creepy in the thumbnail

  26. I Don’t know

    I Don’t know22 minuta më parë

    The way you opened the door and saw FazeRug dad😂

  27. Connor Yeric

    Connor Yeric22 minuta më parë

    Love ur vids

  28. Connor Yeric

    Connor Yeric22 minuta më parë

    Happy birthday

  29. Regan Scoots

    Regan Scoots22 minuta më parë

    I think u should go to the tunnel with faze rug and see if he is up 🔥🔥🔥that would be lit

  30. Brother Man Anderson

    Brother Man Anderson24 minuta më parë

    Build a fort in your house with papa jake

  31. Ty Johnson

    Ty Johnson24 minuta më parë

    nice Cory i love 7 Up too! 8:42 :D

  32. samurai stinger

    samurai stinger25 minuta më parë

    If someone tried to taze me i would throw fists all yous are calm me u aint gettin close

  33. Michala Crawford

    Michala Crawford26 minuta më parë

    Our one was 200 meters and 100ft in meters is 30 m so ours was 6.2 times yours

  34. Turtles4Life

    Turtles4Life27 minuta më parë

    7:13 your video starts my friends.......

  35. 《Høneybee》

    《Høneybee》27 minuta më parë

    Wow. My 2 absolute favorite youtubers combined. Mind blown, this is good my friend good..

  36. XxBaseballDudexX

    XxBaseballDudexX28 minuta më parë

    This is how many people love Faze Rug and Funk Bros ⬇

  37. Recqzy

    Recqzy28 minuta më parë


  38. Nancy Gomez

    Nancy Gomez28 minuta më parë

    This vid is sick

  39. Ella Kube

    Ella Kube30 minuta më parë

    Do more videos with fazrug

  40. PbToastNerd

    PbToastNerd30 minuta më parë

    they redid corey entering the house because they wanted to get papa rug eating and drinking

  41. Cian Borkowski

    Cian Borkowski30 minuta më parë

    best intro out of any youtubers

  42. Alison Forrest

    Alison Forrest30 minuta më parë

    Our can you com to Aus Qld

  43. LIL REAPER8576

    LIL REAPER857631 minutë më parë

    2:41 the Ana wanana kakmai hdudus did I do it?

  44. Alison Forrest

    Alison Forrest31 minutë më parë

    Can I Matt you

  45. Enoch Ramiscal

    Enoch Ramiscal31 minutë më parë

    Yesssah I see that suicide 14:51 local boy from the islands cheeee💯👏🏼

  46. jack_103

    jack_10332 minuta më parë

    Best intro

  47. Emma Tittle

    Emma Tittle33 minuta më parë

    9:11 Excuse me, it's SQUASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!! 👍🏻😁😂

  48. Chris Drummond

    Chris Drummond36 minuta më parë

    I love you 😍

  49. Fadel fun &games

    Fadel fun &games37 minuta më parë

    No sorry fax rug is not worthy of funk bros

  50. cole rosell

    cole rosell37 minuta më parë

    You should do hide and seek in FaZe rugs haunted house at night like if you agree

  51. Raul Carbone

    Raul Carbone38 minuta më parë

    Like I you are the best because I now you are I love you guys 😍😂

  52. Ebony Pitt

    Ebony Pitt39 minuta më parë

    Why wasn’t Capron there


    TTILL VIDS39 minuta më parë

    13th thousandth like

  54. Charlie Stevens

    Charlie Stevens40 minuta më parë

    Well I have already seen his vid so ha!

  55. Sophia Volpe

    Sophia Volpe40 minuta më parë

    No joke both of you guys are my favorite. Subscribed to both.

  56. Sumer

    Sumer40 minuta më parë

    Why does Brian’s face look like one of the Snapchat filters in the thumbnail?

  57. Valerie Jasper

    Valerie Jasper41 minutë më parë

    Fill your trampoline with obleck

  58. JTLYT 32

    JTLYT 3241 minutë më parë

    Saw Corey Billy and Charlie in the spin wheel vid know it came out a week ago

  59. Spencer Curtis

    Spencer Curtis44 minuta më parë

    the water is disgusting-

  60. Overated YT

    Overated YT45 minuta më parë

    Faze rug : Bosley throw epicly

  61. eli green

    eli green46 minuta më parë


  62. Tanner Breese

    Tanner Breese46 minuta më parë


  63. Imi Radbone

    Imi Radbone46 minuta më parë

    “You’ll never find me”- faze rug *first person found*

  64. Gloria Cal

    Gloria Cal46 minuta më parë

    if i was palying wuld toataly go up in the creepy hole because im so small

  65. Goodnight Family

    Goodnight Family48 minuta më parë

    Love your content! Had to subscribe!

  66. Leandro Santos

    Leandro Santos49 minuta më parë

    Notifications on

  67. Jessica Lewis

    Jessica Lewis49 minuta më parë

    Billy finally won! 👏🏻👏🏻

  68. Addy Paige

    Addy Paige49 minuta më parë

    Y’all need to do something with water WITH FAZE RUG!!!

  69. Leandro Santos

    Leandro Santos49 minuta më parë

    Shout me out

  70. SesiBoys Gaming

    SesiBoys Gaming50 minuta më parë

    Bet you won’t like my comment

  71. SesiBoys Gaming

    SesiBoys Gaming51 minutë më parë

    He’s in the couch

  72. Jacob Zuzga

    Jacob Zuzga51 minutë më parë

    I live in Mount Clemens Michigan

  73. Razan Jouni

    Razan Jouni51 minutë më parë

    bro u really should he is the best you guys are in my top 2

  74. Every Day

    Every Day53 minuta më parë

    I meant to say hid in the best spot

  75. Every Day

    Every Day53 minuta më parë

    Billy head in the Best spot

  76. The Bass Slayer

    The Bass Slayer54 minuta më parë

    3:28 oh, hi papa rug

  77. Annette Thaxton

    Annette Thaxton54 minuta më parë

    10/10 spot is the attic

  78. Mark Ferguson

    Mark Ferguson55 minuta më parë

    roses are red Violets are blue I don't know anything that rhymes with this DO YOU?

  79. Big Phartz

    Big Phartz55 minuta më parë

    Faze rug 2019: I suck at drinking water

  80. Olivia Nightingale

    Olivia Nightingale55 minuta më parë

    Put down dog chewing bones or antlers and walk around in the dark with no shoes and socks

  81. MoDzDareDevil Daredevil

    MoDzDareDevil Daredevil56 minuta më parë


  82. Lorenzo Galindo

    Lorenzo Galindo58 minuta më parë

    Do another video with rug

  83. Stine Greve Rasmussen

    Stine Greve Rasmussen58 minuta më parë

    Hahaha good hiding spot for you all 😂 you guys are so awesome and funny

  84. Isaac Coltvet

    Isaac Coltvet59 minuta më parë

    Go to 18:13 and put playback speed at .25x

  85. iiixly Subscribe

    iiixly Subscribe59 minuta më parë

    Where’s his dog Lola?

  86. Nick Forde Vlogs

    Nick Forde VlogsOrë më parë

    good video i love you guys


    HL VOLTAGEOrë më parë

    Thumb nail it looks like they cut out of faze rug and Corey after they took a picture

  88. ClaimedBiscuit

    ClaimedBiscuitOrë më parë


  89. Amir Baabyape

    Amir BaabyapeOrë më parë

    At 10:10

  90. Amir Baabyape

    Amir BaabyapeOrë më parë

    I saw Corey in the Range Rover in the trunk

  91. Makenzie Lallance

    Makenzie LallanceOrë më parë

    I wish I could meet them

  92. Shawn Reed

    Shawn ReedOrë më parë

    who's your guys favorite funk bro mines Corey

  93. Joce and Emma the cats

    Joce and Emma the catsOrë më parë

    Me: no need to give me a tour... I’m a rugrat

  94. Adriana Williams

    Adriana WilliamsOrë më parë


  95. Zlockzy

    ZlockzyOrë më parë

    2:46 it’s dark outside and your about to go to sleep but mama rug is standing there drinking coffee! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  96. Jetteson Moody

    Jetteson MoodyOrë më parë

    Grande prairie Alberta Canada

  97. Eveline van Maanen

    Eveline van MaanenOrë më parë

    Of course

  98. world seller

    world sellerOrë më parë

    both my favorite you tubers in one video DREAM COME TRUUEEEEE

  99. Dub Dub

    Dub DubOrë më parë

    Do a video with Brandon brawadis FazeRug brother

  100. Abdur-Raheem Nisar

    Abdur-Raheem NisarOrë më parë

    Just for clout and views and your channel is dying