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Joe Tells Dan Aykroyd About DMT
Was JFK a Speed Freak?

Was JFK a Speed Freak?

15 ditë më parë


    JOHN KMETZ13 sekonda më parë

    Hahahaha this fuckin guy

  2. Music Loops

    Music Loops22 sekonda më parë

    4:24 Joe is tripping shit lol

  3. Raphial Lee

    Raphial Lee48 sekonda më parë

    I think joe eddie inhale the smoke that came out of joe rogan's mouth

  4. trey2823

    trey282350 sekonda më parë

    Still need the exposure and distribution.

  5. Thera Pist

    Thera PistMinutë më parë

    I guess Robert Downey is a racist too.

  6. ski102426

    ski102426Minutë më parë

    Seems to me like you could of left the right amount as a tip and just because people talk about random shit doesn't mean they are on drugs. Out in the real world people are actually really open and like to have random conversations, get out of your bubble you sound like a typical out of touch celebrity that thinks they are smarter than everyone.

  7. zia marshall Khamou

    zia marshall KhamouMinutë më parë

    This is the fight where askren breaks out the secret ben bombs

  8. Mr megane r26 f1

    Mr megane r26 f1Minutë më parë

    Why do people even give him time of day same with the Kardashians there all fucking idiots

  9. james ford

    james ford2 minuta më parë

    At the very most his credit score should go down

  10. jmcieslak0

    jmcieslak02 minuta më parë

    I'm not the biggest fan of Kevin Hart's comedy but he got done so dirty

  11. Mayflower

    Mayflower2 minuta më parë

    My parents never laid a hand on me because my dad would let me know in the most powerful Scottish accent when I’d fucked up and that always set me straight

  12. ShiestyShamus

    ShiestyShamus2 minuta më parë

    If Paulie broke his hand bad, he woulda been posting X-rays. He would keep his hand in a cast for a year if he thought it would save him face for losing to Artem.

  13. 999 999

    999 9992 minuta më parë

    Why is blackface so taboo but Whiteface is still allowed.

  14. James Dylan

    James Dylan2 minuta më parë

    There's a right an wrong way to do everything ladies and gentlemen lol

  15. Dan Bjeffe

    Dan Bjeffe2 minuta më parë

    Adam Conover. I grew also up with comics. In the 70s 80s they were women kicking ass. Modesty Blaise, Jane Grey, Elektra. You dont have a fucking clue about the topics your talking about.

  16. Eduardo Soto

    Eduardo Soto3 minuta më parë

    Joe Rogan and The Black keys!?!?!😮 Never thought I'd see the day

  17. Dan

    Dan3 minuta më parë

    This guy is a generic Dane Cook. Think about the redundancy for a minute.

  18. Apathetic Jesus

    Apathetic Jesus3 minuta më parë

    I think he's kinda right about the Korn thing. Just not in the way he intended. He was just shitting on Nu Metal. But he unintentionally made a good point. If bands like Korn and Mudvayne are selling hella records about child abuse, drug addiction and suicide because people (mainly youth) identify with those topics then that is a sign of societal decline imo. I grew up fairly poor but way better off than some of my schoolmates. I knew way too many kids who lived in little slices of hell. One dude was an alcoholic by 7th grade and another dude's mom o.d.'d when he was in 8th. There were multiple shootings and stabbings and squatter's dens a block from my elementary school in the mid-late 90's. In a moderately sized, relatively low crime city (Boise, ID). I can't imagine what inner city or old logging town kids go through smh.

  19. Glynn Thomas

    Glynn Thomas3 minuta më parë

    Pretty sure Soul Man was met with backlash, pretty much killed Howell's career.

  20. Darren Earhart

    Darren Earhart3 minuta më parë

    4:00 that forcefield talk

  21. Martin Patella

    Martin Patella3 minuta më parë

    The impression of Jordan Peterson was fucking stellar 😂😂😂

  22. Gregory S

    Gregory S4 minuta më parë

    Damn that was intertaining

  23. smokedes2

    smokedes24 minuta më parë

    JRE, he broke his right hand and he's right handed, not left handed. Even still tho, 1 handed Paulie should have still obliterated him because of his movement. I'll give Lobov some credit he had to hang in there for a round against a master boxer

  24. Thera Pist

    Thera Pist4 minuta më parë

    My only pet peeve about this is that the other political parties rely on this to try and get votes. If your only platform is digging up dirt on your opposition, you don't get my vote. Thsee shit diggers are not who I want representing my country. It's not like Trudeau was at a Clan meeting.

  25. George Pask

    George Pask5 minuta më parë

    oh well... i prefer my headphones than britney spears -toxic at the gym

  26. Sober Sherpa

    Sober Sherpa5 minuta më parë

    @2:30 is it Metallica's job to call out people downloading or music or using Napster to get their music free? WTH DUDE!!!!! Is it your job to judge Metallica for not wanting to be taken advantage of? What? Sit down and shut up? That comment was pretty lame. Yes I'm being ironically judgeful

  27. Jeff vee

    Jeff vee5 minuta më parë

    Last week it was blackface, now we are calling it brownface? lol wtf.

  28. Brian Kimball

    Brian Kimball5 minuta më parë

    This dudes analogies are the fucking worst ever and have zero substance in his bs leftist beliefs. How about the left has lost their fucking minds and no rational person is siding with either side. This dude is an emotional retard

  29. Don

    Don6 minuta më parë

    He definitely loves his sweet small 5’2 corn fed tasty mother

  30. Pat L

    Pat L6 minuta më parë

    Lol 1981. He woulda been 9. You smoked too much weed broo

  31. Michaela Jonker

    Michaela Jonker6 minuta më parë

    This guy looks like he could be my child and not my father

  32. Elizabeth Swann

    Elizabeth Swann7 minuta më parë

    Rebranding ideas doesn't make them good. The number of people that get fooled by this is effing horrifying. History repeats itself because of this kind of garbage.

  33. Ryan Flores

    Ryan Flores7 minuta më parë

    Pregnant puppy nipples hell nahh😂

  34. breathe and squeeze

    breathe and squeeze7 minuta më parë

    The liberal runner in kelowna had his campaign signs painted blackface overnight. Hilarious.

  35. Brandon Kruse

    Brandon Kruse7 minuta më parë

    Capsules**** not pills. Big difference.

  36. Thorn Matthew

    Thorn Matthew7 minuta më parë

    The left made the dumb fucking rules so they should have to follow them. Oh, where is Megan Kelly?

  37. cal bow

    cal bow7 minuta më parë

    It were fucking good tho 😂😂

  38. Paul Flood

    Paul Flood8 minuta më parë

    So should a woman that is incapable of becoming pregnant have a say?

  39. Ryan Flores

    Ryan Flores8 minuta më parë

    Damn joe expected more from u on this shit

  40. Anthony Mountjoy

    Anthony Mountjoy8 minuta më parë

    Elon hasn't invented anything!!AHahaha. Her pays real scientists with other peoples money and then assumes credit for the achievements. Does that make him smart or expoitive? You decide.

  41. korncows1

    korncows18 minuta më parë

    I think grw theory is the most chance to be reality what do you guys think?

  42. k McGreg

    k McGreg9 minuta më parë

    no 2001 and hes a teacher also 29

  43. Thorn Matthew

    Thorn Matthew9 minuta më parë

    Brown face? Black face. It’s a big deal because he’s a fucking hypocrite! And... it was 2000 or something. If this was any republican it would be a the BIGGEST news ever.

  44. A Bro

    A Bro9 minuta më parë

    "Joe Rogan defends blackface"

  45. Ricky Dhunna

    Ricky Dhunna9 minuta më parë

    This is being blown up for political reasons obviously. Trudeau is far from being a really smart leader but the sad thing is he's the best of our options of the Federal options. He has misguided and lame focus lots of time but at least we have someone who's not as divisive as all these other crazy right wing leaders around the world. If you think Scheer is going to make the country better or he has better social values for the country then you're delusional

  46. Nick B

    Nick B9 minuta më parë

    There are many degrees in college(s) that are essentially worthless- and government in collusion with big banks is pushing kids into taking on huge debt to fund these worthless degrees. It's a scam.

  47. NoahsBox

    NoahsBox9 minuta më parë

    It's not as much the blackface in and of itself. Nobody seriously believes JT is a rascist. It's the hypocrisy. He's been the social justice crusader up here, holding people to a standard that he can't live up to himself.

  48. Nathan Witus

    Nathan Witus9 minuta më parë

    If it were one instance I wouldn't care, but it's 3 seperate instances and one of them was from 2001. Secondly it's an illustration of him being a hypocrite: he espouses anti racism yet he wears black/brown face.

  49. NATHAN M.

    NATHAN M.9 minuta më parë

    If Iron Mike trained defense against kicks and closing the distance quickly he would have dominated. No one has hands like Mike.

  50. Hannah Hoggs

    Hannah Hoggs10 minuta më parë

    Who is he to tell women how to be women. Maybe he should learn how to be black because this hotep stuff is dumb. Don't try to tell me how to be a woman and if you have so much of a problem with how we are then be gay and leave us the hell alone!!!!

  51. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez10 minuta më parë

    “One bad bitch is worth a thousand hoes” -Kanye West

  52. Jesus Felipe Murrieta

    Jesus Felipe Murrieta10 minuta më parë

    I went to a chiropractor when I was 19 years old with lower back pain. the guy didn't seem off or anything, he had me do some stretches and my back popped and pain was gone. it went away for years. whenever I get that lower back pain, i just repeat the same stretches and pop my back and i'm good. so for minor back pain, maybe they' aren't so bad. I agree they shouldn't claim they can do more than that though.

  53. Brandon Kruse

    Brandon Kruse11 minuta më parë

    Kratom is safe and safety IS the point. I don’t think this guy knows what he’s talking about. Kratom is a plant - not a drug. With VERY low addictive properties, yet it works as well as most pharmaceutical drugs with nearly zero side-effects. Lastly, no one has died from Kratom. All death tied to it has also had a cocktail of dangerous pills in the toxicology report.

  54. Cinema Canuck

    Cinema Canuck11 minuta më parë

    2001, and it's not about the face itself. It's the hypocrisy of the douchebag.

  55. Matt Harriss

    Matt Harriss11 minuta më parë

    Jake the Snake Roberts was one of my all time favorites!

  56. Jonathon Frazier

    Jonathon Frazier11 minuta më parë

    I want to see Bruce Campbell on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  57. Clayton Bouldin

    Clayton Bouldin11 minuta më parë

    Lars wasn't just talking about music too. He was talking about all entertainment media-movies, tv shows and music too. Over time he was proven correct too.

  58. Jonathon Frazier

    Jonathon Frazier11 minuta më parë

    I want to see President Trump on the Joe Rogan podcast!

  59. Gregory S

    Gregory S12 minuta më parë

    Damn Rogan is good

  60. Proto Theatre

    Proto Theatre12 minuta më parë

    Trump and right-wing dictators suck.

  61. Alan37129

    Alan3712912 minuta më parë

    Everyone I know in the Europe and UK is on SSRI almost. So so many people. We have a drug problem here too. Not just in the USA. So many random statements about the UK and Europe that are just wrong sometimes. I'm sure we do the same here about the state's though.

  62. Brian Silva

    Brian Silva12 minuta më parë

    This shit had me rollin 😭

  63. Clydesdale Moving&Hauling

    Clydesdale Moving&Hauling12 minuta më parë

    No one thinks Justin Trudeau is really racist but he has imposed the religion of Woke on the Canadian people. One of the rules of this new religion is that anyone caught dressing up as a different ethnicity will be destroyed. So that being said Justin should and will be subjected to the new rules. Its not just a costume its cultural appropriation and its racist. You're supposed to be a smart guy Joe figure it out !!!!

  64. zdrumdude

    zdrumdude12 minuta më parë

    The answer is YES!

  65. Kyle Bags

    Kyle Bags12 minuta më parë

    I guess Dan is only allowed to speak on their records

  66. J Ward

    J Ward12 minuta më parë

    People forget that HL is a super athlete. Very tough guy too.

  67. Nathan Ramos

    Nathan Ramos13 minuta më parë

    blovov? levin? joe can be intentionally stupid at times

  68. Steven Soar

    Steven Soar13 minuta më parë

    Prince harry wore a nazi outfit at a fancy dress party no one gives a shit now ...

  69. Tep and Flash

    Tep and Flash13 minuta më parë

    Reading Steiner!

  70. Nakadu

    Nakadu13 minuta më parë

    Everything is so divisive and identity based now, don't let a few mongy protesters put a war-line between vegans and meat-eaters now......you don't *have* to choose a side!

  71. Daëmon

    Daëmon13 minuta më parë

    Joe gave some DMT to Bravo right before the podcast...

  72. Max M

    Max M14 minuta më parë

    Live by the soy, die by the soy!

  73. Carlos Rodrigues

    Carlos Rodrigues14 minuta më parë

    F$%k Joe it was 2001.

  74. cozmolives

    cozmolives14 minuta më parë

    Tropic thunder 2008 black face

  75. qed qubit

    qed qubit14 minuta më parë

    glad to see joe rogan doesn't get fooled by this fool ;-)

  76. Eric Hanhauser

    Eric Hanhauser14 minuta më parë

    This guy is a trip.

  77. z0m3le

    z0m3le14 minuta më parë

    Just incase anyone is wondering, we do have immortal creatures on earth, that do not die of old age, like lobsters. Also the closer you travel to the speed of light, the slower time moves for you, if you travel just a fraction slower than the speed of light, you can go across billions of light years, the trip will take billions of years, but you will only experience a very small amount of time, depending on how close to the speed of light you get.

  78. Big Bird78

    Big Bird7814 minuta më parë

    Fuck transgender 🖕🏿

  79. Anthony Mountjoy

    Anthony Mountjoy15 minuta më parë


  80. batty boy

    batty boy15 minuta më parë

    My head hurts🙄

  81. Ruthlesss86

    Ruthlesss8615 minuta më parë

    Schaub needs to quit. I only say this to rogan because you made him.

  82. qed qubit

    qed qubit15 minuta më parë

    frickin annoying. (our) reality is constructed from less real contradictions that balance out becoming atoms atoms are 10^30 planck-spaces big, changing 10^43 times per second. they cluster & concentrate around vague centres of mass which become highly concentrated. these masses become spinning balls called stars & planets, and periodicly cycle around each other. these cycles are the iterations of anything &everything that can happen given the circumstances of all the parts present, trying out all the combinations possible. cells are next level complexity. humans are next level complexity. quantum scale is the unreal/imaginary; atomic scale and bigger is where reality starts. We are the simulation programmers : We are the ones crossbreeding new species of plants & animals we make&use plastic. Saying the entire Universe is a simulation (only one of a gazillion) in a box outside the universe,OUTSIDE TIME SPACE is idiotic.

  83. Robert Dimaggio

    Robert Dimaggio15 minuta më parë

    Lol he sounds like a whiny pussy. Its called supply and demand. Rihanna pulls in more because more people listen to her than you, and your just sour bout it. Im not a pop or RnB fan myself, but I know not many people share my tastes. And thats ok. To go on a tirade about Old Town road is an excuse...."People are not smart enough for my music" ya ok bud, or your music aint that good to the majority of people....and considering music is subjective, prolly should just stop QQing.

  84. Jose Maccarini

    Jose Maccarini15 minuta më parë

    Had to cut the high frequencies from 2khz to make this listenable, so much tongue noise, almost louder than his voice. Extremely annoying

  85. Jeffrey Jr

    Jeffrey Jr15 minuta më parë

    As a white castle worker I agree it's like a vitamin from a poison factory to buy our "vegan" (impossible) burger.

  86. Mcauley Holmes

    Mcauley Holmes15 minuta më parë

    Joe, It’s not a good argument to say “back then, it wasn’t a big deal” because what that actually means is “Well back then minorities didnt have the right to speak against it and white people didn’t give a shit if it was racist”. I don’t even think it’s a big deal, I’m just saying that’s not a great argument

  87. Reinhardt Maritz

    Reinhardt Maritz15 minuta më parë

    This guy is a moron. Looks like an alcoholic imo

  88. Michael Pegasiou

    Michael Pegasiou15 minuta më parë

    Such a nice guy and totally different to when he was young,I’m the same 52 and don’t recognise my younger self wouldn’t say or do anything the same.

  89. Børk Børkenson

    Børk Børkenson15 minuta më parë

    Instead of arguing over “who the real fascist, Nazis, etc.” are why not just call Antifa who they are? Disgusting commies

  90. Seabass McGee

    Seabass McGee15 minuta më parë

    Well Frans Botha beat Jerome LeBanner so yeah he could but he could also lose too...question answered

  91. woodencoins808

    woodencoins80816 minuta më parë

    Sandy hook was fucking fake

  92. Matthew Zeigler

    Matthew Zeigler16 minuta më parë

    Hancock has his own dogma and begins from unscientific perspectives. He is not an archaeologist.

  93. Allabout TheWoodrows

    Allabout TheWoodrows16 minuta më parë

    If we use dmt it makes you happy haha

  94. Abraxas

    Abraxas16 minuta më parë

    It's not about racism, its about the hypocrisy.

  95. Nyx The Fool

    Nyx The Fool16 minuta më parë

    It’s on purpose too smh

  96. Drink Dawn

    Drink Dawn16 minuta më parë

    3:28 what that female cop did was technically illegal, entrapment law should’ve taken place, that kid must have a shitty lawyer.

  97. Angelo Gone

    Angelo Gone17 minuta më parë

    Joe "purple shirt" Rogan

  98. Travis Stratton

    Travis Stratton17 minuta më parë

    How do you explain something you have no clue about yourself. It’s fun to watch these videos and see the point when the science guy deviates into pure conjecture. It usually happens in the first 30seconds.

  99. Namoo Nara

    Namoo Nara18 minuta më parë

    CD's are still a great medium, especially if we are talking about small labels and independent artists. 44k16bit file is quite good, and pretty much the closest to what the artist and mix/mastering engineers intended to be heard. Also the artwork and packaging is a great size. Vinyl is cool if the music was tracked to tape. Most music since the 90s was not.

  100. Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson

    Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson18 minuta më parë

    They need to fill out their Bandcamp front