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Worst Haircut FAILS

Worst Haircut FAILS

4 ditë më parë

Worst Design Fails EVER

Worst Design Fails EVER

14 ditë më parë

Giant Food That's TOO BIG TO EAT
Extreme NO HANDS Challenge
Teachers Who Took It TOO FAR
a video without editing

a video without editing

3 muaj më parë

How To Draw 3D ART On Paper
I let my boyfriend CUT MY HAIR
DUMBEST People On The Internet
Things You Keep Doing WRONG


3 muaj më parë

Trying Funny DIY PRANKS

Trying Funny DIY PRANKS

3 muaj më parë

WEIRD Things Only AMERICA Does
  1. mary gogo

    mary gogo15 sekonda më parë

    when i hear them i was like no no am not playing this then like its not really not scary

  2. SteveFuentesRacing

    SteveFuentesRacing21 sekonda më parë


  3. Nellea Lolly

    Nellea Lolly30 sekonda më parë

    I got a 2 head

  4. phantom v

    phantom v31 sekonda më parë

    Ayy your only human. (Me on the other hand am a robot full of more error, glitches, and unable to change or maybe I'm just a boy)

  5. Megan Kernochan

    Megan Kernochan34 sekonda më parë

    I’ve been on the first one!

  6. Retep Williams

    Retep Williams35 sekonda më parë

    I'm a onivore

  7. William Colon

    William Colon39 sekonda më parë

    7:14 F


    CHARLIE WELTY40 sekonda më parë


  9. Jasakria Romaniati

    Jasakria Romaniati49 sekonda më parë

    Me: Hmm why do a lot of people in China have the Corona Virus? Lia: *uploads this video* Me: that makes sence

  10. Kapena Costa

    Kapena Costa56 sekonda më parë

    I watched the actual video she had to clean the octopus and the mud worms wit salt

  11. Sunshine Dreaxxmer

    Sunshine DreaxxmerMinutë më parë

    Her- airplaneee... *falls* me- time to travel to Antarctica

  12. Heartly Hana

    Heartly HanaMinutë më parë

    I’m a gamer...

  13. Rhiannon Clonan

    Rhiannon ClonanMinutë më parë

    It’s still

  14. Tammy Scahill

    Tammy ScahillMinutë më parë

    i can't breath

  15. Belem Aguilera

    Belem AguileraMinutë më parë

    Eat your cereal

  16. Pink • Steven

    Pink • StevenMinutë më parë

    That's why dinosaur are extinct

  17. Delanie Backus

    Delanie BackusMinutë më parë

    I have to pay for my own b-day and they spent $32000 or something

  18. Gabi Jacob

    Gabi JacobMinutë më parë

    sssniperwolf can i get a shout out and a follow on tik tok plz

  19. Chaz Corbin

    Chaz Corbin2 minuta më parë

    It's like edible cocaine 😂

  20. M u f f i n やづ維

    M u f f i n やづ維2 minuta më parë

    can I cut water

  21. Cameron Malouf

    Cameron Malouf2 minuta më parë

    ooh B your nasty watch your show "with thats what she said" thank you for the new drinking game love you sis

  22. Judy Hernandez

    Judy Hernandez2 minuta më parë

    2 0 2 0 ?

  23. ag slime

    ag slime2 minuta më parë


  24. Felix Chung

    Felix Chung2 minuta më parë

    2:48 triggered

  25. {-Lilåc Skyx-}

    {-Lilåc Skyx-}2 minuta më parë

    I classify as an attack helicopter

  26. Cookie_LoverLoL Cupcake

    Cookie_LoverLoL Cupcake2 minuta më parë

    Me when my mom gets me food I don’t like 3:19


    RUDIZ MOM2 minuta më parë

    Sssniperwolf it is bread because when you put bread in the toaster it becomes toast do you get the simulation now

  28. Mr.Gamer001

    Mr.Gamer0012 minuta më parë

    The girl of the story looks like late teen/adult Sakura a lot

  29. Katie Da potato

    Katie Da potato2 minuta më parë

    Lia: this channel is family friendly Five seconds later Lia: 👌 👆

  30. Mergan Bird

    Mergan Bird2 minuta më parë


  31. claire esmond

    claire esmond2 minuta më parë

    i has a 3head

  32. Marlo_Loves# Minecraft

    Marlo_Loves# Minecraft2 minuta më parë

    1:58 um that’s cupcakes not ice cream...

  33. Guvnor Gaming

    Guvnor Gaming2 minuta më parë

    4:55 what is that hairy brown monster for I all I know about

  34. BaLeigh Cole

    BaLeigh Cole3 minuta më parë

    I thought it was the polar bear from the the riddle that you're playing right now I got the polar bears because the polar the polar mom because the mom will protect her baby and like I could just walk on through I mean so simple if I am my friends were in this I would definitely picked up Olivia's because you just walk right on through I mean what's the matter with you we just walk right on duh I mean so easy and when you've just picked the polar bear she picked the right answer I mean just walk on through bye🌸🦄

  35. Jenna Phan

    Jenna Phan3 minuta më parë

    Australia says Zed for Z

  36. Samantha Wilsey

    Samantha Wilsey3 minuta më parë

    They said cindy has 5 kids then cindy cant be a kid if they are her kids

  37. The Profo Stuff

    The Profo Stuff3 minuta më parë


  38. JoaneXbunny y

    JoaneXbunny y3 minuta më parë

    ColtEEE dontEEEEEE give me the credit cardEEEEE I laughed too much it’s a crime

  39. Prettygirl Shel

    Prettygirl Shel3 minuta më parë

    Can tickle myself

  40. The life of Bella Love every one

    The life of Bella Love every one3 minuta më parë

    SSSniperwolf I will pay to be your friend

  41. M u f f i n やづ維

    M u f f i n やづ維3 minuta më parë

    did she want him as much as I wanted my crush when he made me feel loved

  42. Junbah lyon

    Junbah lyon3 minuta më parë

    When you said no pickles I was going to say that🤣😂😭😂🤣

  43. James williams

    James williams3 minuta më parë

    You can give my pickle a little kick anyday

  44. kr m

    kr m3 minuta më parë

    I smell my food first

  45. Diana Franco

    Diana Franco4 minuta më parë

    Am I the only one what had an issue with the audio?

  46. Benson Ong

    Benson Ong4 minuta më parë

    Who thinks they should make everyday items into food?and taste test it

  47. Tonya Turner

    Tonya Turner4 minuta më parë

    I see 571

  48. Kennedy scharphorn

    Kennedy scharphorn4 minuta më parë

    I think it’s funny for the battery hack they have them sitting in a bowl nice and neat before they but it into there individual section

  49. Edgar Carranza

    Edgar Carranza4 minuta më parë

    She said 3018 instead of 2018 🤣

  50. {-Lilåc Skyx-}

    {-Lilåc Skyx-}4 minuta më parë


  51. Julius's slm Games

    Julius's slm Games4 minuta më parë


  52. Sunshine Dreaxxmer

    Sunshine Dreaxxmer4 minuta më parë

    *im sorry but you can’t feel gravity but I can I guess.* *if there was no gravity you would know that the earth was um “flat” huh*

  53. zarin fnu

    zarin fnu4 minuta më parë

    attack hellicopter


    AVONLEA THYME AJ THYME4 minuta më parë

    1:06 that's a crocodile...

  55. Crystal Wu

    Crystal Wu4 minuta më parë

    That's wayyyy too much cheese it kinda made me sick xD-

  56. Katelyn the stupid girl

    Katelyn the stupid girl4 minuta më parë

    The one after the tree with the underwear also looks like a underwear

  57. Neema Moore

    Neema Moore4 minuta më parë

    It's funny when she says wham-bam yes ma'am 😄 😂

  58. Ayla Okley

    Ayla Okley4 minuta më parë

    Poop does not taste good, and I learned that the hard way. I'm joking.

  59. Brooke Wilson

    Brooke Wilson4 minuta më parë


  60. Aaron Winslow

    Aaron Winslow4 minuta më parë

    This is for billy F

  61. BEaNs I said beans

    BEaNs I said beans4 minuta më parë

    Who else got a anime ad that was talking about a thicc anime girl... 😅

  62. Sydney Kurpiewski

    Sydney Kurpiewski4 minuta më parë


  63. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth Smith5 minuta më parë

    N͙o͙t͙ m͙e͙ 😭

  64. Jelly Duh

    Jelly Duh5 minuta më parë

    the 3 call should be stranger thing

  65. Blxndie x3

    Blxndie x35 minuta më parë

    Is it the question, or the answer that is savage

  66. J Sqaud airlines

    J Sqaud airlines5 minuta më parë

    I want to be there

  67. The BendyJay8913

    The BendyJay89135 minuta më parë

    Wow they are so trash

  68. Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth Smith5 minuta më parë


  69. Heartly Hana

    Heartly Hana5 minuta më parë

    OMG Congrats on 18 million Subscribers! I’m so happy for u! U totally deserve it! Ur AMAZING 😉 😄😊☺️🤗🤭

  70. Sonal Dahima

    Sonal Dahima5 minuta më parë


  71. Alexis Goodchild

    Alexis Goodchild5 minuta më parë

    The pug on the tv tho 8:10

  72. wolfiewaffle cutie

    wolfiewaffle cutie5 minuta më parë

    Am i the only one who ships them both? ;-;

  73. Sunshine Dreaxxmer

    Sunshine Dreaxxmer6 minuta më parë

    Oh my god... moon, is round. sun, is round. Jupiter, is round. Mars, is round, Uranus, is round, and the earth is supposedly just a frisbee flying around the *round* sun

  74. HannahMichelle Stewart

    HannahMichelle Stewart6 minuta më parë

    When he out of town. what's up with his mom

  75. derpy poptart

    derpy poptart6 minuta më parë

    R.I.P. headphone users 8:36 ouch

  76. Abiagil Dreger

    Abiagil Dreger6 minuta më parë

    2:08 it is a ditto not not a messed up pikachu

  77. gjehovah roberts

    gjehovah roberts6 minuta më parë

    where did that bannana come from ? Hell?!?!

  78. Chloe Leighty

    Chloe Leighty6 minuta më parë

    Yo like jello?well it is made of crushed cow bones

  79. Pr3ttyLuh._. Lyric

    Pr3ttyLuh._. Lyric6 minuta më parë

    “Cut the dookie with all the other languages. We don’t need them👏🏼”

  80. Jennifer Neumann

    Jennifer Neumann6 minuta më parë

    No but I saw someone flax I was wondering what it was

  81. Yolanda Bryant

    Yolanda Bryant6 minuta më parë

    An Arrow on fire🔥

  82. potato_the_fox OwO

    potato_the_fox OwO6 minuta më parë

    *UwU* I love ur *DOGGO*

  83. Jack wilcoxon331

    Jack wilcoxon3316 minuta më parë

    Thats a juul pod

  84. SteveFuentesRacing

    SteveFuentesRacing6 minuta më parë


  85. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui6 minuta më parë

    She didn’t say "BUT ANYWAYS THATS ALL FOR TODAY"!😱 at the end

  86. Sophie Potatoe

    Sophie Potatoe6 minuta më parë

    I hug and hold hands with my friends

  87. Eggy

    Eggy6 minuta më parë

    2:33 I thought the same!! 😂😂

  88. shark puppets cousin

    shark puppets cousin6 minuta më parë

    my stupid friend did not believe the 6666666666 and i said ok then call it and he did not call it

  89. M u f f i n やづ維

    M u f f i n やづ維6 minuta më parë

    4th grade for me ahah-

  90. Pyroman /

    Pyroman /6 minuta më parë

    5:23 i highly doubt a scho.has a E.E.G machine

  91. kenneth garcia

    kenneth garcia7 minuta më parë

    That Mom is not cool.👿😡😤😩😠

  92. Cøzy_Føxÿ

    Cøzy_Føxÿ7 minuta më parë

    1:06 he said it....

  93. Jessica

    Jessica7 minuta më parë

    That woman was terrified of that octopus! I couldn’t stop laughing!

  94. Oscar Carrillo

    Oscar Carrillo7 minuta më parë

    I do 6 only.

  95. Juan Mejia

    Juan Mejia7 minuta më parë


  96. Madison Flowers

    Madison Flowers7 minuta më parë

    The tree one makes me sad


    NICOLE MILLS7 minuta më parë

    The 2 toilet photo is probably from Italy! There they got 2 because for women the smaller one is to pee pee in, like a man’s urinal!

  98. B.W Washington

    B.W Washington7 minuta më parë

    I feel bad for all the animals that died in this video rest in peace rip

  99. Suki Barriosmagana

    Suki Barriosmagana7 minuta më parë

    I love sparkly water 💦