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  1. BabyPinkandAdultRed

    BabyPinkandAdultRedDitë më parë

    How much of a fee?

  2. Maria Cordero

    Maria CorderoDitë më parë

    Jasmine’s kids are beautiful so is she.

  3. My life as Bianca

    My life as BiancaDitë më parë

    I love how brooke comforted chloe

  4. K T

    K TDitë më parë

    Yeah..Since Holly is doing sm with her life means that she is not detonated to dance...0-O. Explains a lot about Cathy....

  5. Sophie Holmes

    Sophie HolmesDitë më parë

    Just wondering did anyone notice that Abby had Australia money in her purse and she is American

  6. stella a

    stella aDitë më parë

    Ummm I'm feeling sorry for Maria . They seem like dreadful people....

  7. Autumn tha biblophile

    Autumn tha biblophileDitë më parë

    Jade is my favorite person on this show.💕

  8. Sophie Roman

    Sophie RomanDitë më parë

    Idk why, but I just really love ❤️ Kelley ! I feel like she would be so much fun to go out for a girls night out

  9. Autumn tha biblophile

    Autumn tha biblophileDitë më parë

    Kayla is a sweetheart I don't understand why people hate her.

  10. Kiwia Wheeler

    Kiwia WheelerDitë më parë

    I’m sorry but maddies solo costume and hair made her look like flo from progressive Someone had to say it

  11. belle

    belleDitë më parë

    Stop crying your a five year old I want her to know she can be sad and have emotions 🤦‍♀️

  12. K T

    K TDitë më parë

    Look at Paige Maddie and Chloe all holding hands! 🩰🥺😩🥰

  13. pakart1 Truthful

    pakart1 TruthfulDitë më parë


  14. Ethan Boag

    Ethan BoagDitë më parë

    Jojo: I can do my splits Me: your not even half way Also me:starts laughing 😂 like crazy

  15. Shelley Chapman

    Shelley ChapmanDitë më parë

    Nobody: Literally NOONE... Not even the cute cat in my pfp... KALANI’S EYEBROWS! 😱

  16. Christina Estell

    Christina EstellDitë më parë

    Coreen is literally wrong about everything she says 😂😂😂it’s sad honestly

  17. Mary Mejia

    Mary MejiaDitë më parë

    Madison is so cute ! She for sure was holding back her tears ❤️ being strong for mama bear

  18. Addison.Playz_Roblox .Michele

    Addison.Playz_Roblox .MicheleDitë më parë

    “Turns our they were second and second is the biggest loser on the stage” Jokes on you because they didn’t get second while on the stage, on the stage they got first

  19. Bridgewater Sassy

    Bridgewater SassyDitë më parë

    "Cause you're not invited over. Cause we don't let trash near the door." 2:01 We're just gonna ignore that??

  20. Charity Saxum

    Charity SaxumDitë më parë

    And Matt... he rocks! Best security guy the girls could have 😊

  21. Destiny Liverpool

    Destiny LiverpoolDitë më parë

    yassss I love this

  22. miguel garcia

    miguel garciaDitë më parë

    I whish ginna read this because shes ugly and she doesn't deserve to win ever

  23. Tanya Delaney

    Tanya DelaneyDitë më parë

    That's not right did the people saw purple diamond because they fell when they was doing that chair thang

  24. Sophia Reed

    Sophia ReedDitë më parë

    those poor police officers how to waste their precious time on Abby Lee Miller. so sad 😞

  25. Beautiful dino

    Beautiful dinoDitë më parë

    It stupid

  26. MaKenna J

    MaKenna JDitë më parë

    Love dance moms

  27. Miss Molly

    Miss MollyDitë më parë

    Why are they showing the part about Jennifer again. She went back, and married her cousin. She only left so she could marry her own cousin.

  28. April Gill

    April GillDitë më parë

    steve i know how i know u u drive the bus to the wine fest

  29. Rya Jade

    Rya JadeDitë më parë

    00:33 excuse me

  30. James Staples V

    James Staples VDitë më parë

    so wish I could help them all out

  31. Lesley Olsen

    Lesley OlsenDitë më parë

    The people in the row in front of abbey when they herd Mackenzies name they got excited

  32. Queen Diva

    Queen DivaDitë më parë

    Who else is on Holly's side cause I definitely know I am!!

  33. girlshavefun ddd

    girlshavefun dddDitë më parë


  34. Mind The Gap HJ

    Mind The Gap HJDitë më parë

    Absolutely brilliant as always. This was so awesome to watch not just the performance but the opportunity that the girls get to show what they've got. I loved seeing their individuality and most of all the special bond they have because win or lose ( nobody is a loser here ) they always back each other up and are genuinely happy for each others accomplishments 😍💃❤

  35. Matthew Rosario

    Matthew RosarioDitë më parë

    The I feel like deetranada should of wine cause she did a song and a rap in one

  36. Helena and Maggie’s Daddy ass comedy

    Helena and Maggie’s Daddy ass comedyDitë më parë

    This would be cute if it was in season 2


    LENNIX LAFUDitë më parë

    This dwarf needs to find her own mommy friends instead of perking her daughters friends

  38. Lacy Ferguson

    Lacy FergusonDitë më parë

    Is this the whole movie

  39. feitras pace

    feitras paceDitë më parë

    This girl is surrounded by men.....ewwww happy to let my.kid be a kid!!

  40. Sweetie _Gacha

    Sweetie _GachaDitë më parë

    What was that twinkle toes 😂😂😂

  41. SMS Academy

    SMS AcademyDitë më parë

    so we not gonna talk about the little girl from the cowborettes weave coming out 😂🤔

  42. Kristin Walker

    Kristin WalkerDitë më parë

    Did anyone else notice Mr. Torrey as a judge?

  43. Shayla Delphonse

    Shayla DelphonseDitë më parë

    To me let todrick Hall is a honor

  44. Sophia Reed

    Sophia ReedDitë më parë

    maddie: i DoN’t LikE t O lOse, bUt i nEveR. loSe aNywAyS. me: i swear 🤦🏼‍♀️

  45. Andrea Fields

    Andrea FieldsDitë më parë

    I have an Alana too!!

  46. Andrea Fields

    Andrea FieldsDitë më parë

    Alannas mom is beautiful!!

  47. gabby H.

    gabby H.Ditë më parë

    Hey Abby what if you kept MacKenzie in? You might have won.

  48. bellz

    bellzDitë më parë

    5:12 are you on crack??


    MYLEIGH BERRYDitë më parë

    That’s funny when Jess said that and now Jojo is a STAR

  50. Miss Molly

    Miss MollyDitë më parë

    Honestly, Heidi always looks scared to me. She is so unhappy. I think she is secretly proud of Jessica, and the girls, for getting out!

  51. noah cook

    noah cookDitë më parë

    “we never wanted you anyway” oh please, ava was the best dancer on that team

  52. BabyPinkandAdultRed

    BabyPinkandAdultRedDitë më parë

    Action speaks louder than words. he may say that he may love you but...

  53. Madison J

    Madison JDitë më parë

    But why is no one talking about Amanda’s performance though 😭😍

  54. Xoxo Luv

    Xoxo LuvDitë më parë

    Kid: We already know we are better than them *ThEN How CoME YoU DidNt wIn, HmMmMMmMmmMmmmmMmM?*

  55. Payton Millner

    Payton MillnerDitë më parë

    2:50 Jill is having a moment

  56. Raquel’s Place 72

    Raquel’s Place 72Ditë më parë

    My mom name is dorothy

  57. Mariii XOXOX

    Mariii XOXOXDitë më parë

    The thum nail looked like she was wearing jeans I’m like 😳 what

  58. Keisha Smith

    Keisha SmithDitë më parë

    I don't like Abby 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  59. Laila’s Life

    Laila’s LifeDitë më parë

    22:12 y’all I love diana😂😂😂

  60. Patti Broadhurst

    Patti BroadhurstDitë më parë

    Maddie leaves. Jill this is a spot for my little Kendall

  61. bridget quinones

    bridget quinonesDitë më parë


  62. Miss Molly

    Miss MollyDitë më parë

    I wish they would put a list of all the businesses owned by all of these orders, so we would know who to boycott. They make tjose kids eat out of dumpsters, so boycotting them isn't going to hurt the children anymore than they are already hurt.

  63. Darichell Armstrong

    Darichell ArmstrongDitë më parë

    I cried watching this one

  64. Maya Schuttenhelm

    Maya SchuttenhelmDitë më parë

    Madison is so mean she is 13 and she is bullying Asia. Asia is only seven years old P.S Madison should be eliminated from the competition

  65. Alana Amanda

    Alana AmandaDitë më parë

    Why is this show still on?

  66. Dampheria1

    Dampheria1Ditë më parë

    She attacked Traci because she knew about her felonies and that her master degree was a lie too, along with having a baby with every man who she thinks have money.

  67. Jayda

    JaydaDitë më parë

    When did Jojo get there?!

  68. Jaccori Walker

    Jaccori WalkerDitë më parë

    What’s the name of that song?

  69. Alana Amanda

    Alana AmandaDitë më parë

    The fact that all this is scripted... and OSO obvious

  70. taytay hawaii

    taytay hawaiiDitë më parë

    "I ThOUghT ThE WItCh WouLD MeLT"abby Lee Miller

  71. Charity Saxum

    Charity SaxumDitë më parë

    I swear the same 7 people give each of the episodes a thumbs down! Must be Order members who hate that Jessica, Andrea, Shanell, Kollene and Amanda are succeeding in life and are helping other escape and succeed!! You girls keep doing the Amazing things your doing! 🥰

  72. Amal Chamchaoui

    Amal ChamchaouiDitë më parë

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me what a Sickled Foot is???!!!

  73. Monica Servian

    Monica ServianDitë më parë

    0:16 Let's all wear shorts and not tell nia

  74. _yourgrace

    _yourgraceDitë më parë

    I wonder when this first aired ✨

  75. Star ASMR

    Star ASMRDitë më parë

    Asia’s such a cutie who else saw that she hugged maddie after maddies solo

  76. Diamondrichgurl1

    Diamondrichgurl1Ditë më parë

    Idc Diana be sounding unreasonable!! She always mad

  77. pam carr

    pam carrDitë më parë

    I was criminal gust watching

  78. Jaida Tuggle

    Jaida TuggleDitë më parë

    Probs not related but the seven deadly sins is an anime.

  79. April Gill

    April GillDitë më parë

    aww brooke was so happy for them and then when she wasnt smiling the producers showed her close up i hate that

  80. aimee glatt

    aimee glattDitë më parë

    It will be interesting if the movie has her parents calling her ShannAn, because they absolutely do not. Her parents and brother call her by her given name of Shannon.

  81. Kaylan Toomey

    Kaylan ToomeyDitë më parë

    304,765 view

  82. Marquita Ross

    Marquita RossDitë më parë

    I'm from Mississippi and this southern thing is BS to me

  83. Halle Keys

    Halle KeysDitë më parë

    Hi don’t like Madison I didnt know her attitude could be worse than her dancing

  84. Saucier Data

    Saucier DataDitë më parë

    Yvette needs to worry about her own kid 😂 like I seen her kid one time in this one lol wth

  85. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy KinderDitë më parë

    Are you all related then

  86. Kylie Van Cooney

    Kylie Van CooneyDitë më parë

    brady: and that’s not the way we wanna do it. right?” …… “*RiGhT*” honestly me when my friends are in afight

  87. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy KinderDitë më parë

    Did you ever ever see love in Daniels eyes

  88. Questions _Kid

    Questions _KidDitë më parë

    Christi is rude

  89. Tammy Morales

    Tammy MoralesDitë më parë

    That's dumb she got injured and the judge is like Jordan doesn't win dumb

  90. Girl Code

    Girl CodeDitë më parë

    She sound like a walrus 25:46-25:29

  91. Maya Schuttenhelm

    Maya SchuttenhelmDitë më parë

    Jordyn should still be in the competition I miss her

  92. Elise Richards

    Elise RichardsDitë më parë

    Ahhhh neva makes her team looks soo soo bad 😬and that dress wasn’t it at all

  93. Ainsley Snyder

    Ainsley SnyderDitë më parë

    The dance is amazing. The red on pink just doesn't sit well with me

  94. Caite Rhine

    Caite RhineDitë më parë

    Always yelling and screaming at each other.

  95. Kathy Kinder

    Kathy KinderDitë më parë

    If there is insect are there any disabled kids


    IG:xREDxHEADxBIMBO :*Ditë më parë

    Jaylen danced for dancing dolls

  97. CeCe_ TV

    CeCe_ TVDitë më parë

    Anybody know the episode where the southern roulets snitched on dianna?

  98. Dina Hendrix

    Dina HendrixDitë më parë

    But she didn’t resign

  99. sophia and her babys

    sophia and her babysDitë më parë

    Poor Abby 😧

  100. Aliyiah’s World

    Aliyiah’s WorldDitë më parë

    Nobody Nobody in the world Brandon: 39:20