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  1. Cranberry Box

    Cranberry Box31 sekonda më parë

    loving the overcooked music

  2. Luna Moon

    Luna Moon56 sekonda më parë

    So no one's gonna metion that Zach *sipped* on the almond extract? Haaaaaalrighty then 😳😬

  3. Karlee Shannon

    Karlee Shannon2 minuta më parë

    I wish I could like this video 1000 times. i cry everytime. Thanks Eugene for sharing this with the world.

  4. Marhian Magos

    Marhian Magos3 minuta më parë

    “People don’t realize that there could be salt in everything. In fact, there is no such thing as too much salt.”- Keith Habersberger 2019

  5. Lili-chan

    Lili-chan5 minuta më parë

    “Teddy, we gonna go gay bars tonight.” That was so wholesome and funny at the same time. 😆💚😆💙😆❤️

  6. Gianna

    Gianna6 minuta më parë

    6:52 my reaction when I see myself for the first time in the morning

  7. Suphin Chong

    Suphin Chong6 minuta më parë

    Im hlf qay of the video and im thinking eugene about to kill someone

  8. E Chan

    E Chan8 minuta më parë

    Why does the theme song sound like dinosaur king

  9. bubbletea

    bubbletea8 minuta më parë

    this is so wholesome.

  10. Iris Waltz

    Iris Waltz9 minuta më parë

    Love it when guys cook

  11. Helizzle

    Helizzle10 minuta më parë

    love you guys so much. you actually make me laugh when im feeling down and thats really hard for me to do. ily foreverrr

  12. Ocean The Sea Queen

    Ocean The Sea Queen10 minuta më parë

    Fun fact: I got moved from my media arts class to foods and nearly burned down the school.

  13. daniel rodriguez

    daniel rodriguez11 minuta më parë

    I was waiting for Keith to smile and say “fuck” like he always does when he places badly. Lol

  14. Jenny Pai

    Jenny Pai12 minuta më parë

    Reese: "It's really hard to mess up" Eugene: "Just you wait"

  15. Dil Howlter

    Dil Howlter12 minuta më parë

    "Hi my name is Roy and I have no baking experience but I'm extremely judgemental" I'm in this video and I don't like it

  16. Lauren Lightner

    Lauren Lightner12 minuta më parë

    I love how after Ned freaks out and digs in the trash, he gives up and proceeds to fall over a bucket 😂😂😂

  17. ShinxCosplay

    ShinxCosplay12 minuta më parë

    reading the comments after is amazing, but Keith and Zach NEED to switch places cause Keiths aint no cookie in the least. it's a CRUMB MACHINE xD

  18. Emily Moya

    Emily Moya13 minuta më parë

    12:39 Ted Bundy talking to the judge

  19. Jasmin Mena

    Jasmin Mena13 minuta më parë


  20. Niclien _

    Niclien _13 minuta më parë

    The way Ned just goes full himbo when Ariel's around is 10/10 Also, Ned looks like Jesse Ferguson with less Vincent Van Gogh but that's beside the point

  21. Williem Iman Wijaya

    Williem Iman Wijaya14 minuta më parë


  22. Sazkia Atifa W.

    Sazkia Atifa W.14 minuta më parë

    i thought the baby who cried at 0:05 were singing the Lord of the Ring's soundtrack

  23. Jennifer Aplaon

    Jennifer Aplaon14 minuta më parë

    eugene😍😍😍 the alcoholic guy i love😊😊😊

  24. Jennifer Aplaon

    Jennifer Aplaon15 minuta më parë

    cant wait for the cake😍😍😅😅😅 but the biggest question.... is it safe to eat😂😂😂😂

  25. Emily 102102

    Emily 10210216 minuta më parë

    Omg I love Brianna she’s so sweet and positive

  26. bubbletea

    bubbletea16 minuta më parë

    5:42 is Delibes' Flower Duet from Lakme

  27. Toasted ᑕlouds

    Toasted ᑕlouds17 minuta më parë

    I had chronic nose bleeds too! You were not alone Eugene lol

  28. Tynan Cravy

    Tynan Cravy17 minuta më parë

    Now Ned needs to be adjusted

  29. Tori Middleton

    Tori Middleton17 minuta më parë

    The easiest cookie recipe ever: 1 cup sugar 1 cup peanut butter 1 egg If for some reason I was ever in this situation... that would be my go to 😂

  30. Emily Moya

    Emily Moya19 minuta më parë

    7:05 Soviet union is proud of you comrade

  31. R M

    R M19 minuta më parë

    It should be called Try Guys Baking W.A.R (without a recipe)

  32. CaptnCrunch

    CaptnCrunch19 minuta më parë

    11:20 because everyone should be blessed with this absolute BOP

  33. Divneet Kaur

    Divneet Kaur20 minuta më parë

    What's with the cows?

  34. 권엘리

    권엘리21 minutë më parë

    Hilights of the video: 10:20 ~ 11:00

  35. Priscilla Mach

    Priscilla Mach21 minutë më parë

    10/10 Zach, was not expecting that, out of all the guys, for sure

  36. Saltie Gacha

    Saltie Gacha23 minuta më parë

    The uk :D

  37. Ruby McGrath

    Ruby McGrath23 minuta më parë

    As someone who bakes every week I’m concerned

  38. hyun nie

    hyun nie24 minuta më parë

    As a Korean, Eugene wtf that's for bibimpap what-

  39. TimmyS27

    TimmyS2725 minuta më parë

    Roy just comes out and tells it like it is. Love that man.

  40. JelliBear 246

    JelliBear 24625 minuta më parë

    I'm sorry if I offend anyone, But who the hell doesn't know what to do in an earthquake?! Seriously. At least in New Zealand we have a national earthquake drill (optional) and earthquake drills at school. As well as almost constant ads advising what to do. Like, what's it like in America? Or the rest of the world?

  41. Lolz & Lolz

    Lolz & Lolz25 minuta më parë

    Aww I’m a virgo! Thanks for the confidence booster... I really need it right now ;-;

  42. zac willoughby

    zac willoughby26 minuta më parë

    I’m sorry but educate yourselves before you come next time

  43. xxMythical Beast

    xxMythical Beast28 minuta më parë


  44. HI IM PIEZ

    HI IM PIEZ29 minuta më parë

    I'm a very sad Cancer :( this is a big h*ckin' sad because I 100% respect Eugene, but that's okay

  45. Nicholas Lopez

    Nicholas Lopez29 minuta më parë

    This is what I've been waiting my entire life for

  46. armando moncivais

    armando moncivais30 minuta më parë


  47. StarShips

    StarShips33 minuta më parë

    Yess Eugene a person who finally doesn't hate Scorpios!

  48. Smiley

    Smiley33 minuta më parë

    Apples don’t need cutting, you just bite and bite and bite.

  49. Leslie Alcala

    Leslie Alcala35 minuta më parë

    I can’t stop rewatching this video. Something about Keith eating cheese is just so satisfying.

  50. Angelina Qu

    Angelina Qu35 minuta më parë

    Can we adopt him into the channel plz

  51. Ashley Bostick

    Ashley Bostick38 minuta më parë

    Zach being triggered lol

  52. Dayna Whaling

    Dayna Whaling39 minuta më parë


  53. purplerains

    purplerains40 minuta më parë

    12:58 Geopolitics and Imperialism has entered the chat

  54. im just really tired

    im just really tired44 minuta më parë

    roy choi needs to be a permanent judge on without a recipe

  55. TheBizzle1984

    TheBizzle198446 minuta më parë

    Zach made what is, essentially a tuile, which definitely is a cookie

  56. Graceful Diamond Painting

    Graceful Diamond Painting47 minuta më parë

    I haven’t started... but I’m hopeful Eugene didn’t use his body weight in alcohol this time.... Probably a hopeless wish, but still...

  57. ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇ ᴍᴇ

    ᴇxᴄᴜsᴇ ᴍᴇ48 minuta më parë

    I can def picture Ned waving that knife around all psycho.

  58. RoPiDe

    RoPiDe49 minuta më parë

    Zach is the most sensible dog owner i have ever seen.

  59. Alison Scott

    Alison Scott50 minuta më parë

    The jaelpeon fries are topped with jaelpeon sauce lol

  60. Osmo Tale

    Osmo Tale50 minuta më parë

    "It's our cinnamon"❤❤ -Zach, 2019

  61. Anna Sin

    Anna Sin51 minutë më parë

    The foundation game in this video is strong.

  62. Nargis mardani

    Nargis mardani52 minuta më parë

    Can we just appreciate Eugenes contour🙌🏼

  63. Mitch Bott

    Mitch Bott53 minuta më parë

    You need to put butter then vegemite

  64. Carson Guinn

    Carson Guinn55 minuta më parë


  65. Svtfoe_Forever _

    Svtfoe_Forever _55 minuta më parë

    0:30 Anyone else here the mansion theme from overcooked?

  66. Holly Lin

    Holly Lin55 minuta më parë


  67. Aden Williams

    Aden Williams55 minuta më parë


  68. TypicalFuzzball

    TypicalFuzzball56 minuta më parë

    374 you hooligans

  69. Meghan Vesely

    Meghan Vesely56 minuta më parë

    6:46 lmbo

  70. sky ramos

    sky ramos57 minuta më parë

    "the fully loaded fuck me up biscuit breakfast" LMFAO!!!!

  71. Tropxcal Goddess

    Tropxcal Goddess57 minuta më parë

    This video summed up *the struggles of being a woman*

  72. BuckToothCow

    BuckToothCow58 minuta më parë

    What do they do with the food they don’t eat?

  73. E E

    E EOrë më parë

    Was I the only one surprised when the doctor guy said porn

  74. Play games

    Play gamesOrë më parë

    1:08 why the hand on the babies crotch?

  75. SoyNutsAndKale

    SoyNutsAndKaleOrë më parë

    When Mal was singing, he looked like he was wondering about life. We must keep him singing!

  76. Diana Morales

    Diana MoralesOrë më parë

    Virgos are the best signs and this is coming from a Sagittarius

  77. good boo

    good booOrë më parë

    7:00 Im starting to think that zach is a russian spy

  78. notanonymous

    notanonymousOrë më parë

    I'm gagging watching Eugene add these ingredients 🙃

  79. SoyNutsAndKale

    SoyNutsAndKaleOrë më parë

    As an Australian, I was kinda salty they didn’t eat the top of the pie before they ate the rest

  80. Gaia Calls

    Gaia CallsOrë më parë

    This is ridiculous man. Simply just move out the way GaiaCalls for awareness guys your rucksack will not save you in fact if you type in zeta talks 7 of 10 you will find out the big one is the whole planet move California will just sink the uk sinks and so on because of our ridiculous and highly destructive behaviour called fracking however its seems we are all fucked where is there to run too but no where to go but out of red zones California gets wiped off the global map how scary man good luck I heard if we repent the lord will save our land ...

  81. Smirti Anand

    Smirti AnandOrë më parë

    Try Guys Bake Without a Recipe is the best try guys series

  82. LuminousAva

    LuminousAvaOrë më parë

    I feel like, competition wise, Eugene is just blessed by some troll gods who are like "Oh he's making a spicy cookie with alcohol and 90% of the batter was eggs? Yeah he still gets second, just to fuck with Keith"

  83. Gabriella Louise

    Gabriella LouiseOrë më parë

    Peanut butter cookies should be the easiest you barely need anything else in them

  84. Fran Kear

    Fran KearOrë më parë

    I thought of titanic as soon as Eugene showed the whistle, then he mentions titanic 😆

  85. M o c h 1

    M o c h 1Orë më parë

    "gEt tO a bAtHtUB aND pUT a mATtReS oVeR iT!!!!"

  86. l Esposito

    l EspositoOrë më parë

    Toddlers are watching like:'re overdoing it...

  87. anika tasnim

    anika tasnimOrë më parë


  88. Ashton

    AshtonOrë më parë

    Ned was acting like a total jerk this whole episode..

  89. Mima M

    Mima MOrë më parë

    What's up with the cows???

  90. sarahcloe

    sarahcloeOrë më parë

    This is so chaotic

  91. Makurrado Shi

    Makurrado ShiOrë më parë

    I just saw the video about de baby Wes and he has Ned's nose! 😍😭 Idk why but I got alll the feels, cried a bit even.. lol. So damn cute!

  92. Star Kitty

    Star KittyOrë më parë

    My friend: hey how you doing? Me, drawing: 17:53

  93. george white

    george whiteOrë më parë

    Give Keith something sower and he turned to R2D2

  94. Shay

    ShayOrë më parë

    Ned 10:01: “it’s getting slower and thicker” -me in high school

  95. legend of Zelda master 1827

    legend of Zelda master 1827Orë më parë

    That song was actually good

  96. Tamzyn Jackson

    Tamzyn JacksonOrë më parë

    Keith keeps saying daddy ...

  97. ralph nabhan

    ralph nabhanOrë më parë

    Ned: literally dying Bean: playing with chew toy 8:50

  98. Alejandra H

    Alejandra HOrë më parë

    Keith getting destroyed during his judging made this whole video worth it

  99. asundaysunset

    asundaysunsetOrë më parë

    honestly, knocking over a lamp with the wiener IS pretty close to throwing a log and breaking the windshield. There's wood and broken glass in both!

  100. Sapphire Moonlight

    Sapphire MoonlightOrë më parë

    Are they still competing for the BEST cookie???