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  1. animal 361

    animal 361Minutë më parë

    And he’s only 19. Haters can sit the fuck down.

  2. Winteriscoming

    Winteriscoming2 minuta më parë

    The bulls should get get iman and Alfonzo try to get rid of valentine and felicio I want to see what Wendell do but I’m kind of heavy on Steve Adams if you they can get him put up good numbers with giving up point and rebounds to Westbrook and he is only 26

  3. dude dude

    dude dude3 minuta më parë

    this commentator the basket ball joe buck


    TOMS WILL9 minuta më parë

    Mavericks took it to there azz

  5. Matthew Martinez

    Matthew Martinez9 minuta më parë

    Knicks fans? Where u at?

  6. dude dude

    dude dude11 minuta më parë

    quick take kawhi out we getting shit on

  7. PixelGGod

    PixelGGod11 minuta më parë

    For a 7'7 center to be that fast.... Boston should give him a 2 year contract

  8. Tyrell Pittman

    Tyrell Pittman17 minuta më parë

    To all the headphone users, anyone else heard someone say "block that shit" at 2:35

  9. Dave The Extraordinaire

    Dave The Extraordinaire18 minuta më parë

    how many preseason games does Nuggets will play?

  10. Donovan Marcus

    Donovan Marcus20 minuta më parë

    DAWG THIS ISH AINT FAIR LOL. Something you see in a video game

  11. Michael Spencer

    Michael Spencer21 minutë më parë

    It is a pleasure to be able to watch someone of his caliber play in my time

  12. Kadeem CUSH

    Kadeem CUSH22 minuta më parë

    Well worth it well worth it

  13. 張領

    張領23 minuta më parë

    That kid Roby is actually pretty good, he can be as good as Dwight Powell if he can works as hard as Dwight

  14. ya mom said I could

    ya mom said I could25 minuta më parë


  15. Justin Barnett

    Justin Barnett27 minuta më parë

    He's a 7'3 shooting guard...

  16. Camo Watson

    Camo Watson27 minuta më parë

    Clippers barley have a bench. I Like them, it’s just not enough to hang with other teams. All they have is Pat, Paul, and Kawhi honestly. And somebody not gone show up this season.

  17. Kevin J.

    Kevin J.28 minuta më parë

    3:30 🥶🥶🥶😵

  18. Brady Platt

    Brady Platt31 minutë më parë

    why wasn't pg 13 playing

  19. Braedenkillsu

    Braedenkillsu33 minuta më parë

    0 on the bulls would probably get like 5 more inches of vert if he cut his hair

  20. Aaron

    Aaron35 minuta më parë

    Dude justin jackson is looking like a rotational stud

  21. Colby Warner

    Colby Warner42 minuta më parë

    This man been league ready since the 10th grade

  22. WeWantdj

    WeWantdj43 minuta më parë

    Doing all of this without kuz and cousin sheeshhhh

  23. totalChris

    totalChris45 minuta më parë

    Rookie MVP in the making.

  24. Hugo Alvarez

    Hugo Alvarez55 minuta më parë

    As a Lakers fan, I must say that I was really impressed by Dallas. They seem to be the only team that can match the Lakers in height. Dallas is gonna be fun to watch this season. Matter of fact, the NBA in general is gonna be fun to watch with teams like Houston, Dallas, Utah, Denver, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Portland, Boston, Toronto and of course the two LA teams. Heck, the Kings even look hungry and fun to watch. Good to be a basketball fan this season. I think the Championship is up for grabs and its anybody's game.

  25. Got Bunnies

    Got Bunnies56 minuta më parë

    0:54 editing team y'all good?

  26. The Chosen

    The Chosen57 minuta më parë

    He reminds me alot of dominique wilkins!

  27. Itz Spyke

    Itz SpykeOrë më parë

    i fr can't take him seriously with that hair

  28. CJ O

    CJ OOrë më parë

    why is there a travis scott 1 in the thumbnail

  29. Madness With A Twist

    Madness With A TwistOrë më parë

    bruh the f-ing editor is so bad

  30. Austen McKee

    Austen McKeeOrë më parë

    Facts: Clippers got rid of Danilo & Shai, their two best young prospects In that same trade, they got rid of several 1st round picks, tickets to more young prospects In that same trade, they acquired PG13, a player who, much like their franchise player Kawhi, is about as likely to stay healthy the whole season as Dennis Rodman is (mentally)

  31. Julian Romero

    Julian RomeroOrë më parë

    The chosen one with the Unicorn = best duo

  32. Slobodan Dzikoski

    Slobodan DzikoskiOrë më parë

    Zach plays so elegantly

  33. Trill House

    Trill HouseOrë më parë

    So bucks got robin hittin 3's too mow 🤦🏿‍♂️

  34. Klaw George

    Klaw GeorgeOrë më parë

    Every team cares about the Preseason but the Clippers and its so funny seeing "Clippers suck" from Preseason games lmao Bron is going 110% in his 17th year and almost played in every Preseason and Kawhi is playing 50% and only played 2..

  35. King Kosta

    King KostaOrë më parë

    It’s is preseason but damn where was that Clippers D🤣

  36. kirill mcdonald

    kirill mcdonaldOrë më parë

    kelly olynyk made mo bamba mad then bamba got scored on by winslow i was laughing the whole play

  37. Nelly Bigmoney

    Nelly BigmoneyOrë më parë


  38. Omar Pasha

    Omar PashaOrë më parë

    Portland made too many mistakes at critical moments!

  39. egghead37able

    egghead37ableOrë më parë

    Clippers are overrated. They’re more like lottery favorites

  40. Omar Pasha

    Omar PashaOrë më parë

    T-Wolves should have kept D. Rose! Now, you are paying for it!

  41. BIG MIKE

    BIG MIKEOrë më parë


  42. patrick Henderson

    patrick HendersonOrë më parë

  43. Ander Aguinaco

    Ander AguinacoOrë më parë


  44. 1952hotrob

    1952hotrobOrë më parë

    Good job Lebron for being a good recruiter. They have a good chance of being a Champion this season. No more crying if they don’t make it to the finals. “SUPER TEAM”..

  45. Stay Withwork

    Stay WithworkOrë më parë

    Towns lazy as fuck and to see him just stand at the 3 point line instead of being in the post says it all.

  46. JahMae Co

    JahMae CoOrë më parë

    lol @ 5:47 when McGee acting like he was hurt towards outside the line and all the sudden gets back in with AD assist. He wasnt really hurt. It was a strategy. Genius!

  47. DJ Dimes

    DJ DimesOrë më parë

    This is the team that everyone said will win in the play offs?😂

  48. Van Ranque

    Van RanqueOrë më parë

    The Hype Train Luka Doncic Didn't Have in his Rookie Season.

  49. Sham Gawd

    Sham GawdOrë më parë

    Watching this live was one of the best raptor games in history

  50. Hal Jordan

    Hal JordanOrë më parë

    Lol... *tHe ClIpPeRs ArE gOnNa Be UnStOpPaBlE tHiS yEaR* 😂

  51. Phil W

    Phil WOrë më parë

    People are going to realize how underrated Kyle Lowry is when they watch Kawhi play this season.

  52. sarcasm 360

    sarcasm 360Orë më parë

    The bucks would be the 1 seed even in the west

  53. MrDemeko

    MrDemekoOrë më parë

    Point Justice!

  54. leonardo Fernandez

    leonardo FernandezOrë më parë

    Lonzo might just get the most assist this season L0L

  55. Victor

    VictorOrë më parë

    Just as I thought. The clippers are garbage. I didn't see Khawhi get double teamed once and he still wasn't shit

  56. Gio Marasigan

    Gio MarasiganOrë më parë

    Melo should consult VC!


    PRANA TUNEzOrë më parë


  58. GSHeverything _27

    GSHeverything _27Orë më parë

    I heard Jimmy is MJ son

  59. Steelx X

    Steelx X2 orë më parë

    Did the announcer just call mo Wagner a Michigan state spartan bruuu how do you messs that up

  60. Emmanuel Hernandez

    Emmanuel Hernandez2 orë më parë

    Go spurs go

  61. Jason

    Jason2 orë më parë

    Mavs got buckets doncha know!

  62. Josevt Tolentino

    Josevt Tolentino2 orë më parë

    Warriors should start trading

  63. Robinson R.L. Wigfall

    Robinson R.L. Wigfall2 orë më parë

    It’s all Gravity. The ball falls down. Let’s go Clippers !!!! Play this together.

  64. Nasir Watts

    Nasir Watts2 orë më parë

    Kawhi is an amazing on ball defender

  65. Meet the Fr34ks

    Meet the Fr34ks2 orë më parë

    Boi gone be injured his whole career 😭😭 ... Zion's done, past year 3 knee injuries💀 and will miss beginning of season smh

  66. Tiger Life

    Tiger Life2 orë më parë

    Klay Thompson’s at his best is better than anyone else in the league

  67. RickeysTech Review

    RickeysTech Review2 orë më parë

    Mavs definitely going to the playoffs.. if your disagree dislike

  68. OG Steppenwolf

    OG Steppenwolf2 orë më parë

    He is already injured bruh

  69. ALvin Ohlala

    ALvin Ohlala2 orë më parë

    This is my idol ♥

  70. dreastyork

    dreastyork2 orë më parë

    That shot made Skip Bayless cry.Too bad it didn’t put him on the edge of a cliff.

  71. Nick Starkey

    Nick Starkey2 orë më parë


  72. JAY_ NBA

    JAY_ NBA2 orë më parë

    2 lefties going at it

  73. jonathan Bruno

    jonathan Bruno2 orë më parë

    He better not come off the bench

  74. Fredro Frazier

    Fredro Frazier2 orë më parë

    The Bulls might be sneaky good.

  75. I say stupid shit

    I say stupid shit2 orë më parë

    Luka > Zion

  76. zac4three

    zac4three2 orë më parë

    Trae young is not even close so shut up

  77. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford2 orë më parë

    Hope he doesn’t end up like D rose with that speed and aggression to the hole

  78. immasoxfanbaby

    immasoxfanbaby2 orë më parë

    25pts a game. 8 dunks per game

  79. Ken Wong

    Ken Wong2 orë më parë

    NBA needs more centers like Hakeem in this era.

  80. dawg 1

    dawg 12 orë më parë

    How many times are they gonna play each other, they play tonight

  81. Lisa Alley

    Lisa Alley2 orë më parë

    Lisa Alley Royal Campaign Heaven Gates Church 10:00AM Illinois State 2019 Lisa Alley 200 Million Troops Sermon

  82. WatchMeMove x

    WatchMeMove x2 orë më parë

    why tf you have Travis Scott Travis Scott don’t fuck with Zion trash ass

  83. Lisa Alley

    Lisa Alley2 orë më parë

    Lisa Alley Royal Campaign Heaven Gates Church 10:00AM The Devil Is A Liar Sermon 2019

  84. Chase Reed

    Chase Reed2 orë më parë

    I love seeing luka, a second year offensive star, not known for his defense bc of his athletic deficiency, playing hard on defense in the pre season. That competitiveness is what separates him.

  85. Isaiah Thomas

    Isaiah Thomas2 orë më parë

    I want to apologize I made a mistake I said Wendell Pierce Junior but his name is Wendell Parker jr. I'm sorry I still love the Bulls and I want to apologize for that mistake and go Rockets

  86. 1HP

    1HP2 orë më parë

    The super team era nearly destroyed my love for the league but I welcome this new story arc. Dynamic duos are so much more interesting then putting all the best players on 1 team.

  87. MyOwnBoss

    MyOwnBoss2 orë më parë

    It’s just preseason!

  88. Zestea

    Zestea2 orë më parë

    I just realized my grandpa is older than the NBA 😳 goddamn

  89. TMaier16

    TMaier162 orë më parë

    Can never boo this man after the moments he gave us. Kawhi will forever be a Canadian sports hero

  90. Ark gaming

    Ark gaming2 orë më parë

    Proud of this dude from criminal to nba star RESPECT FOR YOU WALL MY NEW FAV NBA PLAYER

  91. Rigs Dnigs

    Rigs Dnigs2 orë më parë

    Ik its preseason but those fast break dunks should not be in top plays like we know niggas can dunk bro Posters doe 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  92. waffleman

    waffleman2 orë më parë

    I’m sorry but anyone else think that Zion waddles.

  93. Lupulwe lupulwe

    Lupulwe lupulwe2 orë më parë

    Its hard

  94. jumongwu

    jumongwu2 orë më parë

    Im liking this heat roster 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Cali

    Cali2 orë më parë

    Ik it’s only the preseason but Clippers look to small. Where’s the defense ??

  96. Celso Luz

    Celso Luz2 orë më parë


  97. Mike Ortega

    Mike Ortega2 orë më parë

    Vince got to his spots heated up

  98. The Question

    The Question2 orë më parë

    Aldridge and other big man will have a field day in the paint against the Rockets. They don't have much size at the forward positions at all.

  99. Olayinka Abegunde

    Olayinka Abegunde2 orë më parë

    Warriors arent going to the finals👌👌😆🤣

  100. Shogun

    Shogun2 orë më parë

    Why laker fans be watching so many clipper videos? Lowkey clipper fans.