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  1. Saint Force

    Saint Force12 sekonda më parë

    6:53 best of the best! SONNY!!!

  2. Nick saunders

    Nick saunders54 sekonda më parë

    As a Texan fan I can’t stand the pats but I love it how all the commentators leave out the fact that the pats had 14 points taken away because of bad refs....

  3. roland villanueva

    roland villanuevaMinutë më parë

    wow I’m not saying jimmy G is the best qb in the nfl but they find ways to criticize him, even indirectly

  4. Greg Pope

    Greg Pope2 minuta më parë

    Hung 46 on the so called #1 defense... They got exposed.

  5. Teddy Lee

    Teddy Lee2 minuta më parë

    good one sonny !!

  6. Fernando Obregon

    Fernando Obregon2 minuta më parë

    Mike never played football so one cares what you say you disrespectful over paid idiot anyone can do your job just talk Haha Facts

  7. kingtimjr1

    kingtimjr13 minuta më parë

    He went full on Super Saiyan Son, making a name for himself. And starting a new legacy

  8. Andy Puefua

    Andy Puefua3 minuta më parë

    49ers Ravens are the only 11-2 teams. Go niners and good luck to ravens fans (y’all don’t really need it but just take it anyway)😂

  9. Jay P

    Jay P3 minuta më parë

    I have been racially abused in the past but isn't it a bit too far arresting people for this? I'm guessing it is because he is a footballer. If we guy racially abused me in the street - nothing would be done

  10. Kenyan Music

    Kenyan Music4 minuta më parë

    great highights

  11. caca yang

    caca yang5 minuta më parë

    imagine how much teams are willing to pay for soyuncu when mcguire was 100 mil

  12. Tone Smoke

    Tone Smoke5 minuta më parë


  13. Steven & Tracey Jiles

    Steven & Tracey Jiles7 minuta më parë

    Love this show.

  14. Nicholas Mushonga

    Nicholas Mushonga9 minuta më parë

    what is the use of Christensen's height. HE LOST A SOFT AREIAL TUSSLE WITH CALVERT. AND YOU PEOPLE YOU RUSH TO BLAME ZOUMA!!!!!!

  15. Abubakr Wally

    Abubakr Wally10 minuta më parë

    49ers vs saints is the game of the year!!!

  16. 이용

    이용10 minuta më parë


  17. hussain mustafa

    hussain mustafa11 minuta më parë

    Lc can creat problem for liverpool for cup

  18. SlickChick

    SlickChick12 minuta më parë

    Will you clowns grow up and do real analysis? Media tunnel vision is pathetic, you must watch games with your eyes shut.

  19. kxvinninezero

    kxvinninezero14 minuta më parë

    Mike Florio sus


    HIGH VOLTAGE17 minuta më parë

    Mike is a HATER. Did he just say he wants Jimmy to make a big pass? Thread the needle? DID HE NOT WATCH THE GAME?!

  21. Brian Waller

    Brian Waller17 minuta më parë

    Why do you guys automatically assume Dallas wins the division. They could VERY easily lose out. I don't think they beat the rams or philly on the road. They will be lucky to beat the Redskins but they most likely will mentally mail it in by then.

  22. Jason Mobbs

    Jason Mobbs21 minutë më parë

    Florio can't stand giving the 49ers any props whatsoever.

  23. Samuel Skinner

    Samuel Skinner21 minutë më parë

    And that statement is: San Fran needs the refs help to beat Nola.

  24. Roy Garza

    Roy Garza21 minutë më parë

    Florio is such a freaking idiot, I bet the other guys on set would agree too

  25. brian Lohse

    brian Lohse22 minuta më parë

    Boy you got that wrong.

  26. Shawn Mahaffey

    Shawn Mahaffey22 minuta më parë

    He does make those throws fool

  27. Johnny Bell

    Johnny Bell23 minuta më parë

    Take all of what you said back my Titans destroyed these boys bad🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Raymond Supan

    Raymond Supan23 minuta më parë

    Why did you stop posting football night in America. I live in Europe and watch it every Monday morning? That's messed up nbc sports

  29. RIPperonii

    RIPperonii23 minuta më parë

    Lol I don't think mike can throw like jimmy tho. Always trying to knock Jimmy's improvement

  30. Brian Waller

    Brian Waller24 minuta më parë

    What don't the media just stop attending his pressers and he'll go away. But these media jackasses keep giving him air time

  31. nelly sorokko

    nelly sorokko24 minuta më parë

    Amazing beautiful

  32. Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim24 minuta më parë

    His dad took away his smartphone again, so he can practice like usual w/o reading his review on line.

  33. Andrew Liao

    Andrew Liao24 minuta më parë

    Stop doubting Jimmy G.

  34. YoureGoingDownFed

    YoureGoingDownFed25 minuta më parë

    It’s anti-white racism that no one is pointing out the simple fact that people say the most hateful things they can to people they hate because they hate them, not because they’re racist. He hated the United players because they were United. Maybe he also is racist. But it’s completely dishonest and reprehensible to ignore the fact that this man in question’s real “tribe” is most likely Man. City, not white people.

  35. Roy Garza

    Roy Garza26 minuta më parë

    Jimmy G Comeback Player of the Year

  36. Jhabari Owens

    Jhabari Owens29 minuta më parë

    Jimmy Garoppolo has 3,245 passing yards with 25 touchdowns and 11 interceptions with a 103.9 passer rating while completing 69.5% of his passes not bad kid not bad at all

  37. Science Network Society

    Science Network Society32 minuta më parë

    What!! I mean... what!!! Did I just see??????? Sonaldo nazario

  38. Lloyd Lau

    Lloyd Lau34 minuta më parë

    Kittle's face mask was held for more than 5 seconds by a Saint player. That was intentional and Kittle could be injured in that play. That player should be fined or suspended for games that he intended to hurt Kittle during the play. A face mask penalties during the play were mostly unintentional. Luckily, Kittle has a neck of a bull. NFL Commissioner that is your call.

  39. Flight_guy

    Flight_guy35 minuta më parë

    Jimmy broke some hearts today 💔

  40. Yount Freshly

    Yount Freshly35 minuta më parë

    goff haters suk it

  41. Antonio R.

    Antonio R.36 minuta më parë

    Niners baby

  42. Free Thinker88

    Free Thinker8836 minuta më parë

    49'ers v Ravens Super Bowl rematch incoming?

  43. Aley Star

    Aley Star38 minuta më parë

    When he lowkey collapsed at the end of his performance I felt so proud. I started to tear up and smile but it hurts to smile cuz I’m wearing a face mask 😅😂 I’m proud of you Yuzuru Hanyu! 😆💖

  44. Raymond Chen

    Raymond Chen39 minuta më parë

    imo best PL goal this season so far

  45. R McElhaney

    R McElhaney39 minuta më parë

    Aston Villa's Jack Grealish should move to Leicester. He would fit in nice playing with the Foxes.

  46. T's Garage

    T's Garage43 minuta më parë

    face save lol

  47. SuperDynamite666

    SuperDynamite66644 minuta më parë

    Vardy is best

  48. Chuck Chong

    Chuck Chong49 minuta më parë

    Up yours VAR!

  49. Laffingrl

    Laffingrl54 minuta më parë

    That dress trick thing was amazing!

  50. Cheb Ornek

    Cheb Ornek56 minuta më parë

    Good guess Chris. Chiefs defense continues to show up. Patriots defense doesn't look so stifling against top offensive teams. Every dynasty has gotta end.

  51. Basiru Jabbi

    Basiru Jabbi57 minuta më parë

    Klop is a mastermind his sides always compete

  52. Norman Rowe

    Norman RoweOrë më parë

    The Rams just wiped the Coliseum floor with the Seahawks! Bah ha ha ha ha!

  53. J.J Rangel

    J.J RangelOrë më parë

    Where are all the American Pulisic fans at ? Lol

  54. Connor Martin

    Connor MartinOrë më parë

    Not sure how Villa didn’t have anyone get sent off. On a side note, very much looking forward to Leicester/Liverpool in a few weeks.

  55. Imported TV

    Imported TVOrë më parë


  56. Shadow the Aussie

    Shadow the AussieOrë më parë

    Supper sonny! 👍

  57. Seamus the Terrible

    Seamus the TerribleOrë më parë

    Top notch. On top of his world class talent, he's a great guy as well. Role Model.

  58. Joseantonio Garcia

    Joseantonio GarciaOrë më parë

    Lol I love how he celebrated with the ball boys

  59. Sullay BJ

    Sullay BJOrë më parë

    Ole needs to prove he can also beat so called small teams then maybe. Pep has to buy a CB to win Ucl

  60. Dark Seid

    Dark SeidOrë më parë

    All the goals Tottenham: 4:00, 8:10, 30:05, 55:15, 73:30 Burnley: Tottenham:5 goals Burnley:0 Best goal is at 3:

  61. cky2kdunn

    cky2kdunnOrë më parë

    And we stumbled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostarOrë më parë

    At 5:40 minutes: Old school styled shorts.

  63. Indigo Cheef

    Indigo CheefOrë më parë

    Predicting 20-24 suggests that the Chiefs Offense isn't AS explosive as the Texans Offense is.

  64. Adam Scharf

    Adam ScharfOrë më parë

    Where are the weekend goals

  65. Francisco Leal

    Francisco LealOrë më parë

    Wolves have only lost 2 games this season in the epl.... fewest loses compared to any team other than Liverpool. Other than their 9 draws they are doing great!

  66. Rockapulco

    RockapulcoOrë më parë

    That's 93 pace

  67. kikyo4ever

    kikyo4everOrë më parë

    I am amazed at all the jumps but honestly the skating was boring because that was all. There was no magic there and I don’t feel like I am on edge. His skating was aggressive. His on ice program felt heavy and forceful. However, he deserved the win. He didn’t make any mistakes on his program and those amazing jumps put him at the top. I love watching Yuzuru on ice. His skating is magical. Feeling sad that he did fall short on a couple jumps that caused him a gold. I believe he will come back better and stronger !!

  68. Leo Osnaya

    Leo OsnayaOrë më parë

    Imagine if Wolves had Van Dijk

  69. Serko Moryasi

    Serko MoryasiOrë më parë

    Rebecca Lowe for fifa president!

  70. kikyo4ever

    kikyo4everOrë më parë

    Yuzuru is the reason why I watch and enjoy ice skating so much. He is Legend. He has accomplished so much already and is still going strong. Hoping he rest well. I know he will come back better and stronger!! Sending love and hug your way Yuzuru! 😊😊

  71. 김의수

    김의수Orë më parë

    I am very proud of him as Korean and think you are the world class.

  72. Jezza819

    Jezza819Orë më parë

    Yeah I also thought Rodgers has zero chance of seeing that contract through until 2025.

  73. Laffingrl

    LaffingrlOrë më parë

    Wow...She is a human butterfly!

  74. Lorenzo D

    Lorenzo DOrë më parë

    Bro why tf does Bruce keep starting Joelinton over Gayle... southhampton is basically a championship team anyway f

  75. Dale Murray

    Dale MurrayOrë më parë

    This video didn’t age well.

  76. Elliott Moore

    Elliott MooreOrë më parë

    Did the ref know he can show a red card?

  77. The Doc

    The DocOrë më parë

    Love this guy my favorite analyst

  78. YaYa Lo

    YaYa LoOrë më parë

    Does anyone know how Nathan scored a 5.03 GOE on the opening 4F+3T in his Free Skate? I thought a +5 GOE was the maximum...

  79. Carlo M12

    Carlo M12Orë më parë

    Go forth Leicester and avenge us, take down that red scum!

  80. Ali Bakir

    Ali BakirOrë më parë

    Leicester City is a team worth watching!

  81. Overseer Farcus

    Overseer FarcusOrë më parë

    Ben arfa

  82. LaRamsLunatic !!!!

    LaRamsLunatic !!!!Orë më parë

    Another top pass rusher shut down by Bobby Evans .... Khalil Mack, chandler jones and now jadaveon clowney

  83. 2ndEndingVintage

    2ndEndingVintageOrë më parë

    Just curious....what's the point of El Ghazi, exactly ? How many cherry opportunities do you want in a game ???? Leicester, firing on all cylinders right now, wow !

  84. Mike Cassady

    Mike CassadyOrë më parë

    Love the pen and paper aesthetic, hope you make more of these!

  85. JJGerrard1980

    JJGerrard1980Orë më parë

    That's easily goal of the year and it is absolutely one of the greatest goals in football history. Take a bow Son.

  86. Scifikimmi

    ScifikimmiOrë më parë

    The commentator was surprised at the 93 you can tell but he did a really good job of keeping an even tone in his voice about it. Very professional. Haha.

  87. Vincent James

    Vincent JamesOrë më parë

    Vardy in Title winning form!

  88. Osain

    OsainOrë më parë

    small D**k Noah Lyes....all that confidence/cockiness and NO D**k ...

  89. Ranuk Abeylath

    Ranuk AbeylathOrë më parë

    I was so happy that Allison was sent off cause I don’t like Liverpool at all they suck

  90. Loyal Ram

    Loyal RamOrë më parë

    Hey Chris, how about that Seahawk size thatwas supposed to dominate the Rams tonight...Tell me, how many TD’s did that Hawk offense score tonight? Yeeaaaah....isn’t special. Lol

  91. Zoe Ostrosky

    Zoe Ostrosky2 orë më parë

    she is the Russian ice fairy

  92. 2ndEndingVintage

    2ndEndingVintage2 orë më parë

    Huh...Southampton blew that game, totally. Way too many opportunities missed. Newcastle hung in there....

  93. MrJamkev

    MrJamkev2 orë më parë

    Don’t think city is any way worst than last season they just don’t have the defense to help them press forward as effective as they are use to

  94. anty12332

    anty123322 orë më parë

    I feel like this goal isn’t as good as people make it out to be. It’s more just awful defending


    DOCUMAX2 orë më parë

    Nobody will agree with me. Or they'll think I'm mad. But I believe that the 'educate' thing is a cliche, one that's been 'going on' for years too. ie, everybody says it, and it's never worked, anyway. And what it's really all about - the behavior of these fans in the video - is ultimately an expression of the outrageous money differentials between these young guys on the park and these mugs on the terraces. It's unconscious almost, but the unease is just coming out in this racist behavior and tribalism. By getting close enough to shout at these multimillionaire young black guys and lowering it down to the most base level and denominator it's their way of claiming in their minds some self worth and leveler. And as the "wages" per week (wages being the frame of reference of the ordinary working man) of the players get even higher then the racist expression is getting worse. It's happening all over Europe.

  96. S N

    S N2 orë më parë

    captain 93 ‼️

  97. PD NY

    PD NY2 orë më parë

    Proud of my Son!

  98. Dae-Joong Kim

    Dae-Joong Kim2 orë më parë

    Son : I can not made this Puskas goal without Mourinho, without he’s defensive strategy..

  99. Brock Main3

    Brock Main32 orë më parë

    I know that jimmy played great and really gave us a great performance but in my opinion kittle is the hero in this game because the 49ers struggled the whole 2nd half to score and when it was 46 to 45 with 50 seconds to go us 49er fans were very nervous. I give kittle all the credit because we were REALLY struggling till he ran for 40yrds and gave us the win. KITTLE WE LOVE YOU AND YOU’RE THE BEST TE IN THE LEAGUE TO US..... NINERS NINERS NINERS

  100. Ed Ster

    Ed Ster2 orë më parë

    Amazing analysis which proved absolutely NOTHING! 6 offensive points, 5 sacks and a handful of holding calls on offense. It all looks good on paper or in this case the board but in reality all it meant was a Seattle loss.