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  1. Mbati Osiris

    Mbati Osiris35 sekonda më parë

    This was very hot heat! Burning the track up!

  2. Hennaly Patel

    Hennaly Patel52 sekonda më parë

    These commentators are terrible

  3. jamie cumbee

    jamie cumbee2 minuta më parë

    Wait till Kyle Allen plays the 49ers then we will truly see who he is but I'm predicting that he is going to throw to pick and lose two fumbles

  4. 박재형

    박재형3 minuta më parë

    Just looking into bolt’s start in the video, and I am guessing he would’ve outrun those two runners in front of him

  5. Kai Wei

    Kai Wei3 minuta më parë

    Too much booty for that pole to handle lol

  6. Gwynbleidd

    Gwynbleidd6 minuta më parë

    Wonder Woman

  7. Tragick Hip-Hop

    Tragick Hip-Hop6 minuta më parë

    I do think my Niners can score 40+ points against Washington, but as long as we win it's all good. Lets go Niners baby!

  8. eve EN

    eve EN7 minuta më parë

    Shes cute!!

  9. Cody Williams

    Cody Williams7 minuta më parë

    She got such a nice booty 😩

  10. Impeach all Putin-Appointees

    Impeach all Putin-Appointees9 minuta më parë

    I won’t lie, I would love for her to snap my pole.

  11. soleezy123

    soleezy12310 minuta më parë


  12. Wrecker23

    Wrecker2311 minuta më parë

    Imagine going to watch this in person

  13. dossube

    dossube11 minuta më parë

    This Traore guy is built like Maradona! Fast & Strong

  14. Sarah DeLeon

    Sarah DeLeon11 minuta më parë

    Whose floor music is that in the background?

  15. Raider AL916

    Raider AL91613 minuta më parë

    I think it’s easy to give this 5-1 GB a predicted win; The Raiders have struggled in the secondary, but against a banged up GB team that CAN’T STOP THE RUN... And a Raider Run-Defense that forces you to throw... Sure, you have Aaron Rodgers (injured or Not, he’s starting) he doesn’t need too much talent at WR to do what he does, but The Raiders coming off a bye, the packers on a short week... I give Oakland the edge. 32-26 RAIDERS in GB

  16. Kat Kat

    Kat Kat14 minuta më parë

    0:13 : thought that was Chris Pratt

  17. Yinka K

    Yinka K14 minuta më parë

    It’s crazy when u realize this was almost 10 years ago

  18. Fayenwolf

    Fayenwolf14 minuta më parë

    Communism, it's bad for your brain.

  19. Gurvinder Parmar

    Gurvinder Parmar16 minuta më parë

    Wow...that was an awesome display of brute power.

  20. JDTheDon

    JDTheDon17 minuta më parë

    She can break my pole too

  21. Rene Alc

    Rene Alc18 minuta më parë

    I need to start watching these Olympic female events! They're 🔥fire🔥

  22. ray fish

    ray fish18 minuta më parë

    And they were never seen agaiin

  23. Nicholas Plante

    Nicholas Plante18 minuta më parë

    I'm just glad the race/video started right away, and I didn't have to wait 6 minutes for a 38 second race

  24. Yulia Cherednikov

    Yulia Cherednikov19 minuta më parë

    Silly me. I read the title and thought, “does she really look like a goat? That’s mean...”

  25. Solo Health & Fitness

    Solo Health & Fitness20 minuta më parë

    That’s what I call courage

  26. MalkinDirect Tube

    MalkinDirect Tube21 minutë më parë

    somewhere in sweden an angry white nationalist is sitting in mom’s basement shaking his head saying what a shame

  27. GeneralShabazz

    GeneralShabazz21 minutë më parë

    That 3 leg to 4th leg hand off was perfect! I give the 2nd leg props.but 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th leg hand offs were perfect!

  28. Tummi Fitness

    Tummi Fitness23 minuta më parë

    Peyton is our only hope for the front office. Unlike Elway, he knows modern football and isn't stuck in 1995.

  29. Manuel Duenez

    Manuel Duenez23 minuta më parë

    That’s a big girl


    MASTER N3PHILIM23 minuta më parë

    too much amphetamines

  31. J Cronin

    J Cronin23 minuta më parë

    Chris is the best.

  32. Richard .T

    Richard .T23 minuta më parë


  33. candylk247

    candylk24724 minuta më parë

    Always concerned,about how that pole bends so,far

  34. Mushroom Cube

    Mushroom Cube25 minuta më parë

    You can hear the steroids in his voice.

  35. andrew moore

    andrew moore26 minuta më parë

    I guess she wears the pants as well as the strap on in that household.

  36. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson26 minuta më parë

    Guy on the right - snappy dresser...must know football cause he has been ignoring fashion...

  37. Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson27 minuta më parë

    So Raiders to the super bowl...LOL These two sound like non-homers to me.

  38. Nicole Noel

    Nicole Noel28 minuta më parë

    This us the cutes thing ever😄💖

  39. John SLAUGHTER

    John SLAUGHTER29 minuta më parë

    Falcons need to trade julio!!!

  40. Alexander Campodonico

    Alexander Campodonico29 minuta më parë

    Why would it be the Patriots? New England never gives their trading partners any value for the players they receive. Might as well just give A.J. Green away then. Trade him to a team that will actually give you something good in return.

  41. James Ballsworth

    James Ballsworth29 minuta më parë

    Took peyton like 7 years to win a superbowl

  42. Elmi Mohamud

    Elmi Mohamud30 minuta më parë

    Wingers like nani, Valencia were not the best in the world but you can see how they played for the badge and fans, I would trade my two legs to have those kinds players, never giving up, exciting football, creating nothing out of something, and more importantly played for the fucking badge

  43. Staingo Jenkins

    Staingo Jenkins31 minutë më parë

    China's government is comiting genocide right now.

  44. A L

    A L33 minuta më parë

    These analysts sound really foolish when they try to say Green Bay "got away with" the win on Monday. Lions had 58 yards in the second half. 98 yards in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters. They kicked 5 Field Goals and got lucky with their lone TD. Should Detroit have won? If they actually scored TDs, sure. But they didn't. So this meme of the Lions only losing over a blown call is getting old REALLY fast.

  45. heather zirkle

    heather zirkle34 minuta më parë

    Can someone please explain why the ladies did that? There must be a reason.

  46. Damian Hernandez

    Damian Hernandez34 minuta më parë

    What an absolute madwoman 🔥

  47. ManDogVlog

    ManDogVlog35 minuta më parë

    Usain Bolt is the Chuck Norris of running. You don't need to win, or even continue to race. You will always be the world's fastest man! Respect

  48. Lamont Johnson

    Lamont Johnson35 minuta më parë

    I would pastor Wilson her 💯😛

  49. Longshoreman

    Longshoreman35 minuta më parë

    She can break my pole

  50. CGagnon5

    CGagnon537 minuta më parë

    what a dumb activity

  51. tony stewart

    tony stewart37 minuta më parë

    She looks amazing

  52. Phoenix Moon

    Phoenix Moon37 minuta më parë

    Athletes are so AMAZING!!!! Cherry looks like a very handsome Omar.

  53. Fame King341

    Fame King34138 minuta më parë

    I like how this guy cheering but he still not the fastest in the world

  54. Adrian Kirkland

    Adrian Kirkland40 minuta më parë

    Flacco is a bum tired of these slow a** QBs we starting we have no o line for a pocket passer especially one that can't make adjustments based on defense why does one need 3 seconds he holds ball way to long

  55. freedomandroyaltyreigns

    freedomandroyaltyreigns40 minuta më parë

    Go girl!

  56. Stephen

    Stephen41 minutë më parë

    She is pretty

  57. Louis G

    Louis G42 minuta më parë

    beautiful mixed Race Women 😍Mixed ppl are so Beautiful

  58. Yellow MAn

    Yellow MAn42 minuta më parë

    I would wife that😁

  59. GeomighTNYC

    GeomighTNYC42 minuta më parë

    Theres black girls in sweden? I gotta travel

  60. John E

    John E44 minuta më parë

    That offense line is horrific Joe Flacco has no weapons I think Flacco retires soon The more he plays the more his legacy is tarnished

  61. Erik Saling

    Erik Saling46 minuta më parë

    Where is Harry Wilson’s top class free kick against Man City???

  62. ccwalker050

    ccwalker05046 minuta më parë

    The entire OL AND whoever thought it was a good idea to go for two on an opening touchdown drive should be fired.

  63. azuarc

    azuarc47 minuta më parë

    How to set the marathon world record: Step 1 - Learn to levitate.

  64. spike smit

    spike smit48 minuta më parë

    Catastrophic? nah. I personally found it to be kind of a cute moment.

  65. ccwalker050

    ccwalker05048 minuta më parë

    I tried to tell everyone that Denver doesn't have any offense. NONE! I'm constantly amazed at how dropping some well-deserved criticism on the Broncos suddenly you're NOT A FAN! How utterly stupid is that. True fans recognize and can admit there's a problem with this team or Elway or both. Their an undisciplined mess all around and offensively they've been sorry going on 3 years now.

  66. Lara Jinnie

    Lara Jinnie48 minuta më parë

    nice try guys

  67. Patchwork 85

    Patchwork 8549 minuta më parë

    As a former pole vaulter in HS that pole breaking was my biggest fear! Kudos!

  68. Nebechadnezzar

    Nebechadnezzar49 minuta më parë

    She is stunningly attractive, I mean, most Olympians are by default.

  69. J Meezy

    J Meezy50 minuta më parë

    Boy she got some yams 🍠 on her!

  70. Samuel Stephen

    Samuel Stephen50 minuta më parë

    Go to a different club if you want game time.

  71. Eric Clifford

    Eric Clifford50 minuta më parë

    AJ Green and GOLD

  72. olimario

    olimario52 minuta më parë

    The 4x400 WR is actually 2:54

  73. Kevin Karakoudas

    Kevin Karakoudas54 minuta më parë

    Great actor

  74. Ray.Ardelle at Success

    Ray.Ardelle at Success56 minuta më parë

    pole made in China❗😐

  75. Dirty Randy

    Dirty Randy57 minuta më parë

    AJ gotta go to Buffalo!!!

  76. J Crows

    J Crows59 minuta më parë

    Beast Mode!!

  77. Nick Etten

    Nick Etten59 minuta më parë

    I want do see a Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes QB dual. Who’s going to beat the Packers now? That game is three weeks away

  78. Cosmoevents21st

    Cosmoevents21st59 minuta më parë

    As long as there isn't ligament damage the kid will be back.

  79. Sam Stan

    Sam StanOrë më parë

    "Are the bengals competent enough to tank?"....."NO!".....As a bengal fan for nearly 3 decades, he hit the nail on the head.

  80. Tiger Hoods

    Tiger HoodsOrë më parë

    John Elway is the real problem

  81. Christian Navarro

    Christian NavarroOrë më parë

    In this race You could’ve put hurdles in front of Dalilah and Cindy; nonetheless, they still would’ve won.

  82. ty gotta yeet

    ty gotta yeetOrë më parë

    she can break my pole anytime

  83. The Aquamancer

    The AquamancerOrë më parë

    Joe Flacco looks like an elderly dinosaur in the pocket. A remnant of an NFL age past. Time to see what you have for the future.

  84. rdmanone

    rdmanoneOrë më parë

    Those transgenders are mopping up and Sport aren't they.

  85. nicolas cruz

    nicolas cruzOrë më parë

    Love the stache big cat!

  86. Matt McCullough

    Matt McCulloughOrë më parë

    I think Patrick Mahomes is going to be fine he was walking off the field I think he's going to be perfectly fine and high school they would have told you to get up and walk it off.

  87. Connie B

    Connie BOrë më parë

    Patriots don’t have anything to trade.

  88. Connie B

    Connie BOrë më parë

    Trade him to Rams for Reynolds or Cook orKupp.

  89. Chris Snape

    Chris SnapeOrë më parë

    I played a very high level of rugby and did this, I was back in 3 weeks,and a metal brace is not allowed, reason being there are no pads so it is dangerous to the tackler. One think is I have needed 3 scopes since. If there is no other bad damage, no reason not to play. I am a Hawks fan but I love to watch Mahones

  90. C.J. Rhodes

    C.J. RhodesOrë më parë

    "Heartbreak Kids"? It's the Kardiac Kids Bake.... yikes

  91. James Wills

    James WillsOrë më parë

    She can break my any day

  92. Charles Horton

    Charles HortonOrë më parë

    Mahommie == TEBOW!!!!!!!

  93. Jesus Salazar

    Jesus SalazarOrë më parë

    OMG I think I'm in love with her she could toss me around God Bless America

  94. Shawn West

    Shawn WestOrë më parë

    Howard Webb ManU 12th man that was a clear red

  95. CALICOTV301

    CALICOTV301Orë më parë

    She's looking magically delicious 😋

  96. King Ghost

    King GhostOrë më parë

    He should've just powered through it.

  97. Matt McCullough

    Matt McCulloughOrë më parë

    That would be a dumb decision for out for Patrick Mahomes to take the rest of the year off because what happened to Alex Smith when he was with the 49ers he did that and call or text after date ended up being a better quarterback than him and he lost his job that is not a good idea and Colin Kaepernick wasn't a better quarterback it turned out he'd turned out to be turned out to suck.

  98. David Velasquez

    David VelasquezOrë më parë

    you know they got executed.

  99. pinoi78

    pinoi78Orë më parë

    Thank god she’s alright. What a beautiful woman.

  100. Matt McCullough

    Matt McCulloughOrë më parë

    I don't think my home's is going to take a chance of take not playing the rest of the year because of the other quarterback ends up doing better than him he might lose his job and I don't think he's going to take that chance.