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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?

Who Is Jeffrey Epstein?

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  1. M .G

    M .G22 sekonda më parë

    It sounds good when Americans talk about the Turkish operations What about the American invasion to Iraq Death for USA

  2. Nibbaheam 47

    Nibbaheam 47Minutë më parë

    'Too many stres play in gangster vegas so he decide to make it look real

  3. Dai Stoke

    Dai Stoke2 minuta më parë

    The real answer to emojee question. 😔😔😔🤤🤤🤤😖😨😨👽 doomed doomed doomed

  4. Mike Naylor

    Mike Naylor3 minuta më parë

    Matthew 25:40 Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

  5. Joaquin Praveen Vishnu

    Joaquin Praveen Vishnu4 minuta më parë

    I like Marvin Kalb

  6. SEA Beagle

    SEA Beagle7 minuta më parë

    False flag event

  7. Sheppy Fenny

    Sheppy Fenny13 minuta më parë

    NYT likes Whites and Women.

  8. 5ft 8

    5ft 814 minuta më parë

    hope he wont do a nas on us

  9. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross19 minuta më parë

    They’re in Area 51 😉

  10. 5ft 8

    5ft 821 minutë më parë

    the fat guy looks like cartman from southpark lmao


    ARVIND GUPTA23 minuta më parë

    allah hu Akbar😳😳gaand chud gyi alla u akbar.hahhaha !! Good ,aur chodo inn alla ke kutton ko terroriston ko.

  12. ce aka

    ce aka24 minuta më parë


  13. Aksoar

    Aksoar28 minuta më parë

    This video is a textbook example for manipulative storytelling. The New York Times proves that it doesn't care the slightest way about the people in that region nor about the Syrian refugees. If it did, it would have reported that the YPG is made up of a bunch of terrorists who have silently massacred masses of Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians as well as Christians. The YPG has been heroized by the likes of the New York Times even though the group is essentially the same thing as Daesh, only with a different agenda. Directing the microphone to a bunch of YPG supporters and showing them as victims doesn't tell anything about the real story. Turkey has hosted more than 5 million Syrians who are the real victims of the 21st century's worst massacre and Turkey has the right to force terrorists from its border and provide a safe space for these war victims. If the actor was Israel instead of Turkey in this case, they would have been portrayed as non-negotiable heroes for getting rid of terrorists and providing safe haven for victims.

  14. NC redbird

    NC redbird30 minuta më parë

    So sad, senseless. Children being put in danger by the parents that are supposed to protect them. The children couldn't make a choice and couldn't understand what this was about from either side. I'm all for adults making life choices for themselves even if it makes no sense to myself or others but love your children enough to send them to safety while you make those choices. No child should see their parent or siblings killed, especially by any officer that are supposed to protect and serve. The FBI, down to the local cops made horrible decisions that day. It seemed not one of either side gave any thought or care to the children caught between adult battles with use of deadly force. This isn't my American government, not the government that I have been taught that fights for the oppressed and freedom of those. It sickens me to know that idea of what our cunty is built in doesn't really exist. It's subjects like this, police killing or severely beating innocent unarmed citizens, falsely arresting that are the cause of the break in citizens trusting and seeing the law as our enemy.

  15. Tristan Wolf

    Tristan Wolf34 minuta më parë

    Biden did the classic "man" taking credit for a job he never involved himself in. It's observable and several key figures have already refuted Biden's misguided claims. Elizabeth Warren treated the situation with grace and humour #priceless .

  16. Red Pill

    Red Pill34 minuta më parë

    What about the 500000 children oh, half a million children, that United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright admitted United States killed in the first Gulf War alone?

  17. s b

    s b35 minuta më parë

    boycot turkey !!!!!

  18. James Busse

    James Busse38 minuta më parë

    Died with "Trump" on his lips. And Trump sent roses. A fitting end.

  19. Bryant Roeback

    Bryant Roeback38 minuta më parë

    He should be called a prophet.

  20. Stylo King

    Stylo King41 minutë më parë

    Or kitna badman ho gy indiaa walo

  21. Alexandru Novac

    Alexandru Novac41 minutë më parë

    Black ops 2

  22. Jesus Saves

    Jesus Saves42 minuta më parë

    This film resonated with me deeply. The wonder of my 6 year old self came flooding back for a short period of time while watching this on the big screen.

  23. Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis44 minuta më parë

    I live in Baltimore and I drive in the city all the time. It’s not that big of a deal. Just go slow and kind of move to the side if you see them coming. Also now that it’s cold outside they won’t be out riding again until the spring. Really this is only something that happens for like half the year

  24. Christian Galindo

    Christian Galindo46 minuta më parë

    Mission Failed, we'll get em next time...

  25. ronkirk50

    ronkirk5048 minuta më parë

    This country has a deficit of empathy and a surplus of greed and selfishness. "Social Darwinism" is not an acceptable policy for an industrialized country. It is not a question of "perfectly legal", but rather what is moral.

  26. Tim Carder

    Tim Carder52 minuta më parë

    black market The illegal buying and selling of goods above the price fixed by a government. Black markets usually develop when, because of war, disaster, or public policy, a government tries to set prices for commodities instead of allowing the normal operations of supply and demand to set prices.

  27. david wilson

    david wilson54 minuta më parë

  28. david wilson

    david wilson54 minuta më parë

  29. david wilson

    david wilson54 minuta më parë

  30. Setu Tv

    Setu Tv55 minuta më parë

    *সুন্দর একটি ভিডিও Nice Subject*

  31. david wilson

    david wilson55 minuta më parë

  32. Love,Peace, Happy

    Love,Peace, Happy56 minuta më parë

    The loser is always the population. N


    WERKENECH INC56 minuta më parë



    XxIRISH 4SSINxX57 minuta më parë

    I watched this in class and some people were laughing

  35. Logical Conservative

    Logical ConservativeOrë më parë

    Democrats 1963-Yesterday "end the endless wars! No more colonialism!" Democrats today: "why won't trump do endless wars and colonialism?"

  36. kim jong un the socialism dude

    kim jong un the socialism dudeOrë më parë

    Wow. You can even open a museum filled with Bob's paintings and people will love it!

  37. Cyberdemon1542

    Cyberdemon1542Orë më parë

    Is it just me or is this guy a psychopath?

  38. Mexicola

    MexicolaOrë më parë

    Like how Israel bombs hospitals and America funds them?

  39. Craig Bigelow

    Craig BigelowOrë më parë

    There's supposedly only 50 troops troops that were in Syria! They can't even get their story straight about that!

  40. Just Another Artist

    Just Another ArtistOrë më parë

    Love the Spongebob music in the background

  41. Mario Figue104

    Mario Figue104Orë më parë

    Fools, they trade the life’s of millions of unique species for printed paper.

  42. Douglas Barton

    Douglas BartonOrë më parë

    It's changed how I feel about my country. I honestly didn't think this could happen here. It's changed my view of the Republican Party, to see how they've fallen into a lockstep behind this man. It's changed how I feel about my neighbors. (This was the worst, by far, the day after the election, when I was literally in shock, and couldn't look at anyone, anywhere without a feeling of suspicion and rage: Did YOU vote for him? It's changed how I feel about the right-wing media, from annoyance and irritation to fear and loathing, having now seen the overwhelming power of propaganda, and a feeling of impotence to fight against it. It's changed how I feel about the Evangelical Christian community, from a quirky variant of Christianity to a malevolent force for evil. It's changed my perception of humanity in general, to see how easily people can be reduced to mindless, tribal allegiances, and to fear Trump's campaign promises

  43. Renée

    RenéeOrë më parë

    I've always been a strong advocate for the Syrian refugees, especially the children who have no access to medical care, schools, food and housing. This situation is not going to get any better with Assad in control. Only worse. It's genocide. It's terrifying. And it all started in March 2011. But what I'd really like to know, is **How many Syrians ever took part in terrorist actions against the US?** NOT A SINGLE ONE. Yet: they're on tRump's racist list of banned countries. And my Christian mother in law is trapped in Damascus. But tRump, like Assad and other dictators, couldn't care less. Greed, corruption, nepotism, and narcissism, this is tRump's USA. Sold out the Kurdish people now. Turning our backs on everyone. God is watching.

  44. Yiğit Kaya

    Yiğit KayaOrë më parë

    What about the 4 milion refuges turkey has accepted because of your war????

  45. david wilson

    david wilsonOrë më parë

    the slimes is censoring comments.

  46. NA66 35

    NA66 35Orë më parë

    This's very sad 😭😭🙏🙏

  47. W. Mandella

    W. MandellaOrë më parë


  48. Myhandsspeak

    MyhandsspeakOrë më parë

    Who cares?

  49. BTS LIVE

    BTS LIVEOrë më parë

    Very sad. Why is keep happening to innocent beautiful people in Middle East? May God Bless them 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  50. Golden Shamrock

    Golden ShamrockOrë më parë

    India end State Terrorism, Social Murder, killing and illegal occupation of Kashmir now. Freedom, freedom, freedom of Kashmir from India.

  51. Adventurista Rider

    Adventurista RiderOrë më parë

    Those north koreans need to be free so that they will realize that the outside world is better and best

  52. Czeslaw K.

    Czeslaw K.Orë më parë

    met plenty of those in germany and let me tell you it wasn't usually a pleasure

  53. Icet Lorenzo

    Icet LorenzoOrë më parë

    This video shows a horrible atrocity against the most vulnerable ones: Children. It was the government responsibility to protect this people. I see the video is just trying to blame The Church (and a very specific congregation), but I think it's both parts fault. Now, to blame an entire institution for this barbarity just reflects the personal views of many towards The Church of the Lord. Wake up people, there is evil in the world. It is infiltrated inside the Church since Jesus Christ the Lord was living with us. The Church of the Lord: The Catholic Church has Judas Iscariot as the betrayer of the Lord, meaning, it's not perfect. Jesus predicted evil inside and outside the Church. So we just have to pray, pray, pray for these little ones that lost their life cruelly and for the people that still is affected by such tragedy, pray for the healing on their soul. The Church of the Lord will never get destroyed by evil. God promised that HIMSELF. Luke 22:31-32 31 “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”

  54. 1LLZ YAZ

    1LLZ YAZOrë më parë

    Come on, stop showing your sympathy bcoz you didn't care bout them. Remember when Assad attacked on his people? Shame on you.

  55. Robert John

    Robert JohnOrë më parë

    Europe should intervene. Why does America have to do everything?

  56. Blane Swanson

    Blane SwansonOrë më parë

    Wow God help us if any Crayz Democrats get in. Sad Disabled Veteran!!!!!!!!

  57. catalinacurio

    catalinacurioOrë më parë

    These people have been betrayed by trump. 😢😢😢

  58. Exist6nce

    Exist6nceOrë më parë

    I’m ah 19 year old engineer and artist stopping by keep grinding 🔥🙏🏿💪🏽

  59. Dio Shin

    Dio ShinOrë më parë

    Great content.

  60. ๖Rainforce

    ๖RainforceOrë më parë


  61. yaşa

    yaşaOrë më parë

    Nice hasbara propoganda! Where was NYT when their kurdish allies were ethnically cleansing the Syrian christians and others in North syria???? HMMMMM 🤔

  62. Caramelo

    CarameloOrë më parë

    It’s amazing the amount of work done for this report. What would the US be without NYT?

  63. Targeted Individuals

    Targeted IndividualsOrë më parë

    Such a natural beauty!

  64. Busy_Blues

    Busy_BluesOrë më parë


  65. Kuramadeus

    KuramadeusOrë më parë

    0/10 Not enough Yang

  66. Azzy Feral

    Azzy FeralOrë më parë

    It don’t matter what percent u are u still what a connection even if it is a small one. I see half’s and quarters feel some thing missing form there lives. Once they see there ancestry home they feel happy from that sight. But it’s getting harder to live with ur culture cause kids must leave home to pursue a good education and lifestyle.




  68. James Bell

    James BellOrë më parë

    Over 50,000 people in Dallas last night to see the president. When one of these Democrat communist bimbo's gets maybe 2 or 300 people to come and see them.

  69. Alfie Clinton

    Alfie Clinton2 orë më parë

    3:58 “ OH MY GOD...I think the barmaid got the wrong drink...oh well I’ll finish this and see if I made the news tonight “ ( on a more serious note this was severely messed up in many and I hope that the victims rest in peace and that witnesses are able to go on with their lives without this haunting them every single night )

  70. BPatMann bin BPatMan

    BPatMann bin BPatMan2 orë më parë

    Millionaires arguing with millionaires as to who hates millionaires the most.

  71. Matthew Richards

    Matthew Richards2 orë më parë

    2:52 So trump is “caging” kids that are trying to illegally enter the United States. Tell me what’s wrong with that. And I like to see any of them do better at identifying terrorists.

  72. Dence Tayaban

    Dence Tayaban2 orë më parë

    I think they are not Brazilians...they are just Europeans

  73. Senneca Wise

    Senneca Wise2 orë më parë

    Tulsi Gabbard- she has close ties to the RSS fascists and the BJP from India- I will give her a chance if she will have an open conversation about it and maybe she made a mistake- but i dont trust her. BERNIE for President, look how everyone is using Bernie's arguments from the past 6 years.

  74. Conrad Von Hötzendorf

    Conrad Von Hötzendorf2 orë më parë

    Have you taken your joy?

  75. Gamer Cam

    Gamer Cam2 orë më parë

    Kamala does know there more men than women

  76. Urketadic

    Urketadic2 orë më parë

    Why not pretend and say you are sunni?

  77. Rick Gross

    Rick Gross2 orë më parë

    Well if its the NEW YORK TIMES it MUST be TRUE LOL. I won't believe its real until ABC TELLS ME it is. Cuz ABC would NEVER STOOP to using FAKE VIDEOS!

  78. Karina

    Karina2 orë më parë

    At least 45 people were injured in the incident, including a pregnant woman......

  79. Rxc Fitz

    Rxc Fitz2 orë më parë

    he tried the cod modern warfare drone c4 technique

  80. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams2 orë më parë

    And now they are making it to where this won't happen again.

  81. Brian Dominguez

    Brian Dominguez2 orë më parë

    Only saw him speak once but I new he was a good and real man. May he Rest In Peace.

  82. Watogo

    Watogo2 orë më parë

    A good man almost to the very end until he became anti Constitution rooting for open borders, sanctuary cities , late term abortions and trying to falsely frame President Trump. Not to mention letting Baltimore turn to a waste land. Regardless RIP Mr Cummings thank you and god bless you for your service.

  83. Amarjeet singh

    Amarjeet singh2 orë më parë

    Why you didn't go pakistan to see what happpen in Baluchistan ?

  84. braidan

    braidan2 orë më parë

    “marijuana cigarette”

  85. Vicky thecat

    Vicky thecat2 orë më parë

    Affordable housing is the biggest problem for almost all metropolitan cities. People on low-mid income have to move away, many miles/kms away from their work place and suffer the crowded stressful daily transportation just to make a basic living. It's really time to stop the rich ...

  86. jne K

    jne K2 orë më parë

    Harvard just removed part of its admissions process by removing the SAT as a requirement and they’re focusing more on community service.

  87. Oliver Phippen

    Oliver Phippen2 orë më parë

    Nancy starts an impeachment with out a vote or a crime or bi partisan participation and only desire ?? She has been working on this before he was elected ?? She approves investigation in the dark and leaks what she wants while disallows Due Process to the opposition ? She refuses to remove Adam Shifty the known LIAR despite the bi partisan vote to censure and remove him for ethical violations ? Then Nancy comes in to a meeting and tries to take over a POTUS meeting and then refuses to listen - disgraceful ?? She holds a news conference and only allows only her media friends to ask a question ?? She says that she has nothing to hide -except the impeachment hearings ??? Its very obvious that Nancy is a Political Witch and will do anything to get her way thus the witch hunt ??? She is running the house of representatives into extinction with her disdain /Lawlessness ?? Isn't ranting on about impeachment when no crime has been committed like SEDITION ? It’s conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. This is why Women should never lead they are LAWLESS ?? This is not who we are ??? is it

  88. FA gaming

    FA gaming2 orë më parë

    Guy you see china is very bad

  89. Simple Figure

    Simple Figure2 orë më parë

    Wanna hear a joke? Joker 68% Batwoman 69%

  90. T.C. Eisele

    T.C. Eisele3 orë më parë

    Bernie clearly won the debate........He was lean and mean and made the most of every moment......Even though almost 30 minutes went by without the moderators letting him speak........Now with 3 members of the Squad endorsing him, watch out America!........Bernie's Rainbow is coming whether the Corporate Media and their Investors like it or not!!! Bernie Sanders 2020!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Resilient Knight

    Resilient Knight3 orë më parë

    Where are the Ying Yang twins?

  92. its jajaemsTV

    its jajaemsTV3 orë më parë

    technology destroying a ozone layer

  93. whispjohn

    whispjohn3 orë më parë

    This is the NYT, do not believe one word of it, this is utter lies. They really are trying hard. When the Aleppo battle was going on the Russians had bombed the last hospital in East Aleppo 21 times, it was still there when the place was liberated, in full working order. These detailed findings come from where? Toomuch detail if you ask me, plus it all in Russian, next time I get a Russian speaker in my house I shall ask them to translate, this is pure propaganda. Why would the Russians bomb the same place 4 times? They wouldn't.

  94. Rebecca Paredes

    Rebecca Paredes3 orë më parë

    At true man of his words and a true American may your soul rest in peace

  95. Rons Channel540

    Rons Channel5403 orë më parë

    None of these people will win against Donald Trump .

  96. CJ official

    CJ official3 orë më parë

    I'm sorry for what happened to you But all the jokes are just jokes.

  97. Евгений Коваленков

    Евгений Коваленков3 orë më parë

    тупая украинская шлюха - будет учить Трампа как себя вести - все что она сказала - ложь

  98. Colllin Woods

    Colllin Woods3 orë më parë

  99. Kenneth Wong

    Kenneth Wong3 orë më parë

    There literally is a #yangmediablackout we’re so far in this rabbit hole that you cannot deny it anymore

  100. the bun

    the bun3 orë më parë

    I'm scared of heights felt like I was holding my breath until he reached the top.