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Tony Fernandez dead at 57

Tony Fernandez dead at 57

4 ditë më parë

CBC Archives: Radio Wars 1982
  1. That Bearded Mechanic

    That Bearded MechanicDitë më parë

    Hilarious how you turn the comments off on the Trudeau videos. Good to see the liberal agenda of censorship on the Canadian people. Haha. Pathetic.

  2. Sage Red Gaming

    Sage Red GamingDitë më parë

    Restaurants aren't getting louder, the people are.

  3. Jasen Ericksen

    Jasen EricksenDitë më parë

    They removed all the plastic biodegradable bags and then make us buy the non biodigradable thick bags and we still throw them into the ocean because we get charged to do it.

  4. Liam Watson

    Liam WatsonDitë më parë

    I am so happy to see this couple caught red handed. I hope they plead guilty when they appear in court. In terms of when the scams will stop, I don’t think they’ll ever stop. India still bilks Canadians over the phone.

  5. Cynthia Stevens

    Cynthia StevensDitë më parë


  6. Real ist

    Real istDitë më parë

    The number 1 priority of the Conservatives when election is called is to privatize this corrupt broadcasting corporation ran by corrupt liberals

  7. Prashant

    PrashantDitë më parë

    I am using blue light filter...I feel better after using it...I don't know why after this video...??

  8. Rob Hanson

    Rob HansonDitë më parë

    Great episode. Absolutely riveting and absolutely chilling. If Bob McKeown is the correspondent count on it being a top notch show.

  9. Nathen Pomeroy

    Nathen PomeroyDitë më parë

    My uncle went missing from New Brunswick in 1989 and he never contacted anyone until 2005 some people just want to start over.

  10. Shayan Zafar

    Shayan ZafarDitë më parë

    Canadians police seems lazy. Why wouldn't they coordinate with other forces internationally?

  11. sMiLey Warrior

    sMiLey WarriorDitë më parë


  12. Lourdy Vicente

    Lourdy VicenteDitë më parë


  13. Grnha

    GrnhaDitë më parë

    This not the first time people have had a full time job out of gaming

  14. Useless Intellectual

    Useless IntellectualDitë më parë


  15. Real ist

    Real istDitë më parë

    Call an election now!!!!

  16. Cuthbert Allgood

    Cuthbert AllgoodDitë më parë

    This video made me shut autoplay off

  17. ART DUX. OV. YAN

    ART DUX. OV. YANDitë më parë

    In the USA 🇺🇸 the government doesn’t call you ask you for money. They send you a letter. Then you call them to send the money. If they call asking for money it means there Indian. Plus there is no Indians working for the irs I bet. Ha ha

  18. Jayson Therres

    Jayson TherresDitë më parë

    1989 American medical association encyclopedia of medicine lists corona virus the common cold, now you know.

  19. Real ist

    Real istDitë më parë

    Turn your comments on we want Trudeau to listen to the majority we do not care about this story we want the protesters to move from the rail tracks now

  20. Mario Calixterio

    Mario CalixterioDitë më parë

    This movie is probably has the most spoilers in history

  21. Truepatriotlove

    TruepatriotloveDitë më parë

    Garneau is a traitor and Justin's little puppet. A once great man is a laughing stock.

  22. Tiffany Holmes

    Tiffany HolmesDitë më parë

    It isn't just happening in Canada. I get calls from all over the US saying that they were the IRS. The IRS will never call you!!

  23. Cobax

    CobaxDitë më parë

    what funny when this "IRS" person said his name is Stephen. My dad said, "is Stephen spelled with a v or ph?". Stephen said. "One moment please. My dad responded, "Take your time.'" a few minute later Stephen said, "its spell ph." and the "IRS" explain about my dad SSI and threaten for him to be arrest if he doesn't pay. although this may sound threatening, but my dad quoted from the movie The Whole Nine Yards with Bruce Willis character said, "I'm gonna come over to your house, I'll chop your legs off, set fire to your house, and watch as you drag your bloody stumps out the door."

  24. Access to my energy Is YOUR privilege.

    Access to my energy Is YOUR privilege.Ditë më parë

    That front hair is refusing to spend a single day in prison...it's out of there.

  25. SinisterHAND

    SinisterHANDDitë më parë

    0:48 She does not have 18,000 people that pay her monthly. A "follow" is not a Twitch Subscription. "Followers" don't pay money. "Subscriptions" do. Way to make her sound successful though, I'm sure she makes enough to cover expenses that's about it.

  26. Daniel Sherwood

    Daniel SherwoodDitë më parë

    People from her home area, friends, family, work etc. will probably be a bit nervous to have her around when she gets back even if she's been fully cleared as safe.

  27. Rabbi Bob

    Rabbi BobDitë më parë

    Y'all really think any celeb is going to promote anything for free? If they ain't getting paid for it, they ain't showing it to you.

  28. Daniel Sherwood

    Daniel SherwoodDitë më parë

    It just doesn't seem like a good idea to allow people to go free from that ship on the 19th until they do a full quarantine in isolation off of that ship. There obviously is contamination and infection that has occurred during the quarantine. The time will need to be reset in case anyone has most recently come down with the virus.

  29. Frank Nil

    Frank NilDitë më parë

    Of course ordering through a food delivery app is expensive. You're paying for the restaurant price plus last mile delivery, the latter of which is not cheap.

  30. Jo Mac 704

    Jo Mac 704Ditë më parë

    What kind of woman moves in with this heifer and eats her out? No way, I can smell the stink through ALworks

  31. Pastor Sylvia

    Pastor SylviaDitë më parë

    Praying you both are ok and you go home on the plane! God bless you and protect you both!

  32. J Flewelling

    J FlewellingDitë më parë

    she laments the dollar loss attributed to mental health issues..

  33. Andre V

    Andre VDitë më parë

    Bluff onbluff pn bluff

  34. Michael Totskyy

    Michael TotskyyDitë më parë

    There is one simple way to stop it - to share this information all around Canada. CBC new have to start their news from 10 seconds announcements and finish the same way. Make billboards all around bus stops in main cities. All cellular companies Bell, Telus, Rogers, etc have send special messages once a week during several month. We have a lot of electronics billboards - place this information there. But instead we have this information only on CRA website. Of course RCMP has to do their job to prevent it, but as soon as Canadians stop pay that criminals money they will loose the interest to our great country.

  35. Bob Tavares

    Bob TavaresDitë më parë

    More sensationalism from the Great White North...film at 11.

  36. Jon Gipson

    Jon GipsonDitë më parë

    sad these people need hung in public

  37. Noah Dowd

    Noah DowdDitë më parë

    Dude I already knew you have to have a id and I have never heard of this like if you knew to

  38. Recon 19 Delta

    Recon 19 DeltaDitë më parë

    You train to be an IRS officer right? But your training can NOT hide your stinking Indian accent..it stands out and it is so annoying to me with all due respect.

  39. dash8024

    dash8024Ditë më parë

    I hang up on anyone who has no angelo voice. And people should demand that all internet and satellites be turned off in India put them in the dark !

  40. Richard Ingame

    Richard IngameDitë më parë

    and to think i grew up having a diving board at the public pool, we didnt sign anything just walked there and jumped in kids jumped on eachother and all kinds of crazy stuff. how did we all survive

  41. Sarah Bearman

    Sarah BearmanDitë më parë

    I think they should add self defense to school curriculum in the elementary middle and high school levels and maybe the conduct from human to human could improve instead of getting worse like it seems to have been for a long time

  42. Gary Garside

    Gary GarsideDitë më parë

    he is not resigning he will stick around until being replaced

  43. Loyce Holland

    Loyce HollandDitë më parë

    How small is his Peter?

  44. Monik Hnany

    Monik HnanyDitë më parë

    Ce nul

  45. S D

    S DDitë më parë

    Why don’t they ask how does it spread watched 100 interviews know one is asking the question

  46. Fran Martin

    Fran MartinDitë më parë

    Damn the nephew was just smiling was probably more than happy to just split the money

  47. Michael Amyot

    Michael AmyotDitë më parë

    I'm from the Eastern Townships... The issue is that there is a small but very present English minority here... If you look at most place names (Sherbrooke, East Angus, Cookshire, North Hatley, Sawyerville etc etc) it's very clear there is an English speaking minority. So while "This is Quebec", there is an anglophone from the Townships asking a question in English... Might be best to also respect that minority too? English minorities exist outside of Westmount as well....

  48. Joaquim Diss

    Joaquim DissDitë më parë

    Let me guess another canadian politician who dont want to get caught or arrested for wrong doings. Just slither and escape. For free. Get it

  49. Rob boat

    Rob boatDitë më parë

    Anyone following celebrity's HAS NO LIFE. PS. no i did not watch this video.

  50. Christian Miller

    Christian MillerDitë më parë

    Whats up with toronto and bad foreign scams

  51. Linda Fitzpatrick

    Linda FitzpatrickDitë më parë

    I would never buy anything from Purina. Nor Nestle products! This is just evil.

  52. ogama843

    ogama843Ditë më parë

    Poor, Canadians, living in such conditions. I can’t believe it. It’s like a third world country.

  53. passion5020 passion5020

    passion5020 passion5020Ditë më parë

    Meanwhile as a black Haitian woman I can care less if someone does like me or following me inside the store. I’m good at ignoring people as long as they don’t put their hands on me, they can say whatever they want to say it’s their freedom of speech. At the end of the day they will feel like a moron not me. Ignore people and give them silent treatment it’s always best for me. As long as I love each and every race then I’m good.

  54. Ajay P

    Ajay PDitë më parë

    Another perfectly equal test by the CBC

  55. Mike Hood

    Mike HoodDitë më parë

    I dont recommend Wallys stores You can do better anywhere else just try Even just for a better experience try it it will Be enlightning😎

  56. the heat

    the heatDitë më parë

    If it's not illegal then what's the problem? Leave the guy alone.

  57. Jay Petz

    Jay PetzDitë më parë

    That is a big mark up. Ours are about 1 to 2 dollars. For delivery.

  58. guada71

    guada71Ditë më parë

    The transit guy kept saying "we live in the rule of law where the gov doesn't direct the police" I say he is incorrect! Trudeau stopped the RCMP from investigating his conduct in the SNC Lavelin fiasco

  59. Rabbi Bob

    Rabbi BobDitë më parë

    Everything is a choking hazard if you think about it.

  60. heidi leigh

    heidi leighDitë më parë

    That blonde friend of luka's looks more like Janice from the Muppets than Janice from the Muppets does

  61. John Dulewich

    John DulewichDitë më parë


  62. Earth Man

    Earth ManDitë më parë

    They will be out in no time and do it again.

  63. Wtornado

    WtornadoDitë më parë

    It is hard to say. Was he arrested many times before and jailed for drunkenness? Did he have a history of heavy drinking and a record of disorderly conduct?. Ask the right questions there is something missing.

  64. Vancity Canuck

    Vancity CanuckDitë më parë

    There's a Mexican Restaurant "playa tropicale" in New Westminster BC, I got sick after eating their food, time ago I meet a Mexican girl that used to work there she said they pick food from floor and put it back to sale it, she saw many rat trap too. She told me most of the employees has no legal documents to work in Canada so the owner and wife abuses their workers. Health inspectors should investigate that place.

  65. Rabbi Bob

    Rabbi BobDitë më parë

    Not really connected to this video, but why do women who have been creampied think they have more privileges than other people?

  66. SmokeFan2014

    SmokeFan2014Ditë më parë

    Just shows how corrupt Canada is and can be......

  67. Sarah Mag

    Sarah MagDitë më parë

    Wuhan is human with the W changed to a H just thought I’d share😳

  68. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanDitë më parë

    Lol all these mfs not just slidn down the chimney

  69. Steve

    SteveDitë më parë

    I dont I see what is wrong with having a preference for certain race. I dont call preference racism. Im just not attracted to certain races

  70. Sylvain Piche

    Sylvain PicheDitë më parë

    yeah you are right yellow lady, those things were going on 15 years ago and they are still going on because you obviously did nothing for the last 15 years being paid generously via our taxes...except maybe learning how to answer a question in such a way that even a politician would have trouble understanding your answer as yes or no... guess you are good at ...something...

  71. Amanda Mccombs

    Amanda MccombsDitë më parë

    I really hope these people will be OK, this is scary for them.

  72. judson meraw

    judson merawDitë më parë

    Maybe this is what it takes to recognize our reckless ways. Globalism,. Cruise Sips, Jet use, long distance holidays, importing food/energy...all are unsustainable. Live locally!

  73. Bill Sherman

    Bill ShermanDitë më parë

    Theres the NDP talking out there asses AGAIN the teachers union should be broken and teachers made an essential service

  74. barbh1

    barbh1Ditë më parë

    Usually they tell you to go buy several Apple gift cards then tell them the numbers from the cards.

  75. MrMuhammadabbasi

    MrMuhammadabbasiDitë më parë

    Unfortunately India has become mother of all the scams

  76. A CB

    A CBDitë më parë

    This is in response to the other P&P video with the comments turned off regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 18. Article 18 of UDHR does NOT say that people have to right to elect their own representatives, and no other article in the UDHR says such thing. The claim that there is a right to democracy sounded strange so I looked it up, Article 18 is actually about right to thought and religion. I would say that right to democracy, if there is such a thing, belongs in the ideology of neoliberalism, which is actually a conservative ideology, and it smells of rationality for effecting regime change in other sovereign nations.

  77. guada71

    guada71Ditë më parë

    All part of the liberal gov plan

  78. Charley Ghanem

    Charley GhanemDitë më parë

    He could have been saved. The drug to reverse the stroke only works within 4 hours of the stroke onset. How sad. Poor guy.

  79. Kissezez

    KissezezDitë më parë

    Didn’t take Canada long to get Chinese people home to Canada but this poor woman and her husband along with other Canadians have to stay there till most got the virus. Don’t ever trust Canada and the people who run it to ever ever ever be there on your defence .

  80. Nick th

    Nick thDitë më parë

    When i got such call... the guy pretending to be from IRS, I laughed at his initial sentence when he tried to introduce himself to me!!! It was hilarious the way he said it and i guess he got embarrassed and hung up the phone.

  81. nebulae10

    nebulae10Ditë më parë

    Dollarama sells glasses ABCD types how do they get away and not the guy that saves customers $

  82. Patricia Bartosik

    Patricia BartosikDitë më parë

    Being stranded on a ship has got to be a nightmare.

  83. arvincheech

    arvincheechDitë më parë


  84. Critter Whisperer

    Critter WhispererDitë më parë

    Reminds me of a time my friend accidentally got herself locked out of her condo. So after calling her dad who has a spare key, she thought of removing her screen from window. It worked and we had too much fun doing it. The window lock didn’t work at the time but is fixed now. And she carries her keys on her at all times

  85. C&C Phx

    C&C PhxDitë më parë

    They should treat them like terrorists and just send some drones to blow up scam centers

  86. sarika love

    sarika loveDitë më parë

    Old people are annoying af!

  87. The Salt Rose

    The Salt RoseDitë më parë

    If women don’t want to wear those outfits, they don’t have to work there. Don’t see what the issue is?

  88. frank rizzo

    frank rizzoDitë më parë

    How tragic at least he was such a moron

  89. Campaigners For Christ

    Campaigners For ChristDitë më parë

    Glad I work for a super honest practice.

  90. Clara Murray

    Clara MurrayDitë më parë

    I can't believe this happen here in Canada....wow that's crazy they obviously would of smelled alcohol if he was drinking or drunk! That was pure lazy police work who ever was the police officer he was not doing his job and he should b investigated!!

  91. garry moran

    garry moranDitë më parë

    Americans again looking down there nose and judging other countries politician's when they have the most corrupt, two faced political system the world has ever known!! There hypocrisy is simply astounding. They try to make Russia out to be such a violent society. This coming from a country plagued by gun violence, high school shootings etc......... Sort your own country out first, then maybe you can lecture the world.

  92. Millie Me

    Millie MeDitë më parë

    The project is definitely economically viable if we had leaders who actually cared about the economy. Why don’t we just get rid of oil and gas. We could burn all our trees for heat or we could go nuclear but environmentalists fight that too

  93. Nurul 'Aqilah

    Nurul 'AqilahDitë më parë

    I already aware that testers are not clean. But temptation makes me want to try it though .. mostly, lipsticks.. for liquid lipscream, i trying hard to avoid them, but for lipsticks, i using my finger to apply the lipstick from lipstick side.. not from the surface. However these testers are dangerous and i should stop using them 🤦🏽‍♀️

  94. Hanif Hearts

    Hanif HeartsDitë më parë

    As an Indian, I would like to inform that these low-lifes cheat people here too. My staff in the office & I have received such calls countless numbers of time. We just talk crap to them, make fun of them and waste their time.

  95. Jerren Campbell

    Jerren CampbellDitë më parë

    Looks as if Jesus was unwelcome at his own institution: Marriage.

  96. llLui Opsll

    llLui OpsllDitë më parë

    Had one called about 4 months ago and told me to pay or they will call the police and I was just talking about some stuff and I was buying my ticket to fly over 😂

  97. mkmason2002

    mkmason2002Ditë më parë

    Never hang one N95 mask over another!!!! If there's a virus on one mask you can transfer it to the other mask! The virus is in the air ducts. You should be wearing that mask while in your room. However, the mask becomes moist after approx 6 hrs and you will need to change to a new mask until that first one dries completely. HANG MASKS AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!

  98. priscamolotsi

    priscamolotsiDitë më parë

    One born every minute! How can you believe these damn scammers? Geez!

  99. jake filmore

    jake filmoreDitë më parë

    "My assesment" "I believe the info we're getting from China is Relatively Reliable" Yeah right! "Linda & Bill Gates are gonna Fund?" "Cautious optimism" WuFlu Please Infect the WHO!!!

  100. llLui Opsll

    llLui OpsllDitë më parë

    Time to go hunting my boys