Coming Soon: The Farewell, In Fabric, and The Lighthouse.

  1. KBDollar

    KBDollarDitë më parë

    Am I the only person who thinks that James Franco is channeling K-Fed here?...

  2. cookiezxoxo

    cookiezxoxoDitë më parë

    one of the best drama actors are always the funniest comedians (take Bryan Cranston for eg)

  3. Dámaris Mendez

    Dámaris MendezDitë më parë

    Amy te extraño ♡

  4. Mike

    MikeDitë më parë

    Is this real?

  5. mattbradley87

    mattbradley87Ditë më parë

    When the credits started to roll.. my only thought: well that was evil

  6. Tom Smaga

    Tom SmagaDitë më parë

    First thing to remember, people never always agree on anything. That’s why we have ‘opinions’. Statements or beliefs that are not based on fact. On that then, having just watched this, I thought Pattinson confirmed again what I’d thought already & that is his capacity as an actor. He’s very good & continues to show an underrated talent. Same can be said for the brilliant Defoe. The film itself though, beautifully & tightly shot with stark black & white. But the plot & delivery I thought was pretentious. I appreciated watching it. It was interesting but I don’t think it’s a great film. Only the acting was impressive.

  7. Hamza Khan

    Hamza KhanDitë më parë

    This was the weirdest movies i have ever seen after eraserhead

  8. Reynaldo Vieira

    Reynaldo VieiraDitë më parë

    For me, the best movie of the year and one of the best i've ever seen. Too genius, too brilliant for Oscars.

  9. Liyema Mbiza

    Liyema MbizaDitë më parë

    When I saw this in my recommended I thought it was going to be midsummer night's dream...NOT SOME DAMN HORROR, CULT BULLSHIT

  10. A P

    A PDitë më parë

    The scene with his mom...that shit hurted

  11. therisj

    therisjDitë më parë

    Are the people in the comments who find this disturbing serious? This movie is hilarious in how stupid and over the top it is.

  12. ManU III

    ManU IIIDitë më parë

    This movie is the definition of anxiety

  13. OOF

    OOFDitë më parë

    ALI G wtf its not what you said

  14. Viktor Bill

    Viktor BillDitë më parë

    As a Swede, I can confirm that this is what "Midsommar" is like.

  15. D Harrell

    D HarrellDitë më parë

    Just another racist movie that puts black people in a negative light. Why cant they make a positive movie about black people....ah but they did....The Wiz

  16. Tyler Bourassa

    Tyler BourassaDitë më parë

    The Sandman got snubbed!

  17. saturday 360

    saturday 360Ditë më parë

    do not watch it. shittiest movie of all time. i couldn't take it after 50mins. nothing happens in the movie. most boring movie. i wish i could get my 1 hr back.😭😭

  18. Smattless

    SmattlessDitë më parë

    lol it looks so bad. What's it about, feelings n' shit? Seems like a movie about nothing. Hard pass.

  19. *نجمة العالم*

    *نجمة العالم*Ditë më parë

    I love the works of this director

  20. *نجمة العالم*

    *نجمة العالم*Ditë më parë

    رهييب هذه الفلم

  21. Shaima Joseph

    Shaima JosephDitë më parë

    This movie is the weirdest thing ever. When the lady held the girl’s hand and started singing while she was having sex with Christian i lost it😂😂😂😂 and Christian’s face was like😧 and the craziest part they all started to make little noises that sounded like “moaning”😂😂😂😂like wtf.

  22. Jesu Sode

    Jesu SodeDitë më parë

    Came here after watching. It was psychologically scary.

  23. chick EASTWATER

    chick EASTWATERDitë më parë

    NEVER a DULL moment - Full of Anxiety, 1 minute of Relief & BANG - now your Quiet , your Eyes get Big as your Head shakes

  24. svftie

    svftieDitë më parë

    you know its going to be a good movie when you see a24 pull up at the start of the movie

  25. Harrison Scott

    Harrison ScottDitë më parë

    I see they made a film about *My Ex-wife*

  26. DJ6

    DJ6Ditë më parë

    This looks like a parody trailer for A24 movies

  27. Anthony Traga

    Anthony TragaDitë më parë

    If you recently quit your nicotine addiction, calmly exit the theater or eject your DVD and forget about this movie!

  28. Ankush Deep

    Ankush DeepDitë më parë

    Adam Sandler won the best actor by National Board of Review and Oscar snubbed him. Sucha tragedy.

  29. JDC

    JDCDitë më parë

    The two actors deserve an Oscar for brilliant acting.

  30. Mackie Lunkey

    Mackie LunkeyDitë më parë

    I haven’t watched Uncut Gems, but I feel that it’s just _so damn stupid_ that The Oscars didn’t nominate Sandler just because of his less-than-stellar career. What about Mo’Nique? Or Robin Williams? You know what all they have in common? They were all comedians that had stinkers in their careers. Adam should’ve gotten an nom.

  31. Sovereign J

    Sovereign JDitë më parë

    The Spongebob Movie: Sponge On The Run

  32. r B

    r BDitë më parë

    who else is her after she win the oscar ?

  33. Foguete400

    Foguete400Ditë më parë

    We need to label these movies - "Rаcе mixing propo"

  34. Eetswa

    EetswaDitë më parë

    Seems to be a lot of casuals commenting about this film. But it’s exactly what I expect from a24, a well shot and well written film that makes you feel something. Not like them theme park entertainment like avengers or what ever it’s called

  35. Zach Clater

    Zach ClaterDitë më parë

    This is definitely a movie that gets better the more times you re-watch it

  36. Patato_Potato

    Patato_PotatoDitë më parë

    My friend watched the movie and showed parts of the worst scenes. Point is, don’t ever watch this movie. I am traumatized, it’s disgusting and just fucking weird

  37. Katerina Luna diCamella

    Katerina Luna diCamellaDitë më parë

    I just finish watching the film I've got to say the translation did not interpreted true meaning of their sense... and I felt the grandma's performance actually so much stronger than awkwafina's play

  38. Rosa Navarro

    Rosa NavarroDitë më parë

    Worst movie ever.

  39. Blue Matrix

    Blue MatrixDitë më parë


  40. Potre Aisha Malawani

    Potre Aisha Malawani2 ditë më parë

    What's the title of the song used

  41. Tuka Chgw

    Tuka Chgw2 ditë më parë

    Great film! it's just so different. It's definitely going on my favorite films of the year and will watch again sometimes in the future.

  42. esSVee

    esSVee2 ditë më parë

    Wow. I’d like to see this.

  43. Todd McCrumb

    Todd McCrumb2 ditë më parë

    This movie sucks. Not scary in the least. Slow moving, very little discernible plot. Do NOT waste your time. Worst movie I’ve seen in years. If I had a choice between this movie and sitting through a five hour long high pressure time share sales presentation, I’d beg to learn more about buying time shares. If I had a choice between watching this movie and appearing as the main character in a snuff film, I’d have to think long and hard about it. To get me to watch this movie again, you could back up a Brinks truck, and bump into another Brinks truck already parked, both of them filled with untraceable cash money and being driven by cocaine carrying nude high end hookers, and I would still say “for the love of god it’s not enough. PLEASE don’t make me watch this steaming pile of dog excrement again”. This is bullshit.

  44. Fiiu Yiuma

    Fiiu Yiuma2 ditë më parë

    Im interested in watching this movie, tho I dun waant it to mess up my head, like my religion and stuff

  45. dedede feedldee dee

    dedede feedldee dee2 ditë më parë

    "The top comments say it's like SpongeBob? I *have* to see this with my kids!"

  46. an inside job was 911

    an inside job was 9112 ditë më parë

    ...where’s saoirse ronan?

  47. TunedRAMS

    TunedRAMS2 ditë më parë

    Excellent acting

  48. Zed

    Zed2 ditë më parë

    where can i watch this?

  49. alex kotov

    alex kotov2 ditë më parë


  50. -G A L A X Y

    -G A L A X Y2 ditë më parë

    This movie lame

  51. Dhhdhdx Bdbc

    Dhhdhdx Bdbc2 ditë më parë

    I'm so traumatized I watch this with my little sibling let that sink in😰

  52. Xccrx Mothapo

    Xccrx Mothapo2 ditë më parë

    Omg what!!??

  53. Cringy Guy

    Cringy Guy2 ditë më parë

    they said this movie is messing up your mind🤯🤯

  54. Omq_ Jxniper

    Omq_ Jxniper2 ditë më parë

    Who came here from the TikTok

  55. Joseph Scaduto

    Joseph Scaduto2 ditë më parë

    It’s official: Adam Sandler is a great actor

  56. Gray Filtered

    Gray Filtered2 ditë më parë

    These movies are just more disgusting than scary

  57. Jannat Ritika

    Jannat Ritika2 ditë më parë

    I don't understand the story

  58. VikaSha

    VikaSha2 ditë më parë

    Just saw it. Awesome movie

  59. Marcelo Fernandes

    Marcelo Fernandes2 ditë më parë

    TOop gostei 👍👍👍

  60. Elijah Angel

    Elijah Angel2 ditë më parë

    Ima sucker for satanic, witches type movies

  61. WutThe Unicorn

    WutThe Unicorn2 ditë më parë

    bo burnham-

  62. Eetswa

    Eetswa2 ditë më parë

    NY is the example of gentrification working well

  63. Eetswa

    Eetswa2 ditë më parë

    3:14 NY got a bootleg Sydney harbour bridge now? Lmao

  64. K the kreator

    K the kreator2 ditë më parë

    This shit was beautiful, RECOMMEND

  65. Vatebulu OK

    Vatebulu OK2 ditë më parë

    Midsommar : I am the weirdest movie ever A serbian film : Am I a joke to you?

  66. You can be free

    You can be free2 ditë më parë

    Looks like a good movie but I still don’t know what it’s about after watching this

  67. Rafael uchihagames 2000

    Rafael uchihagames 20002 ditë më parë

    one of the most disturbing movies in the world

  68. Sybell John

    Sybell John2 ditë më parë

    BJP and RSS has declared this movie the best picture of the planet.

  69. Rise Of The Machine

    Rise Of The Machine2 ditë më parë

    The trailer shows reviews that are somewhat misleading...This is not a cookie-cutter horror movie, but there is a very disturbing undercurrent all throughout it. I'm still trying to get my head around the meaning of the ending. Very good acting, suspension of disbelief about the period in history that it took place in did not happen.

  70. Ludi Dzoker

    Ludi Dzoker2 ditë më parë

    Exscuse my desinformation,but is this movie about mermaids among other things ?

  71. Sumina Upreti

    Sumina Upreti2 ditë më parë

    the girl looks like the kid from wonder

  72. MoistGoat

    MoistGoat2 ditë më parë

    A good amount of his movies were funny in the past, then they get kinda samey. Glad to see him doing something a bit different!

  73. that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv

    that L that jimin handed every army in the J1D mv2 ditë më parë

    Dang I shouldn’t have a watched Call Me by Your Name, seeing Timothee act in a movie with with a female love interest is a little weird now lol

  74. Theresia Atmojo

    Theresia Atmojo2 ditë më parë

    I download this movie after reading good comments of all of you guys

  75. Rockstar Nadan Prinda

    Rockstar Nadan Prinda2 ditë më parë

    Most thrilled movie of my life

  76. Ruben Vatle

    Ruben Vatle2 ditë më parë

    YES, Sweden is a cult! don't go there... It's bad enough to be their neighbors to the west! Norway > Sweden!

  77. Stripy Zebra

    Stripy Zebra2 ditë më parë

    The best horror I’ve ever watched, nothing has ever made me THAT uncomfortable

  78. lpward90

    lpward902 ditë më parë

    I saw A24 & immediately clicked

  79. rhona

    rhona2 ditë më parë

    elio really went off the rails when oliver left

  80. tshepo Mediamere

    tshepo Mediamere2 ditë më parë


  81. Julia ED81

    Julia ED812 ditë më parë

    I love this movie! Emma and Fionn did a wonderful job, they made me cry 😭

  82. jimmy goody

    jimmy goody2 ditë më parë

    His character's second name is Ratner. There was another jeweller in England in the 80's called Ratner who caused himself a few problems as well.

  83. Party Boi

    Party Boi2 ditë më parë

    Yer fond of me lobster, ain't ye? Oh oops wrong movie

  84. Nómada Maya en Cancún

    Nómada Maya en Cancún2 ditë më parë


  85. Everything In Desi

    Everything In Desi2 ditë më parë

    Who came here from 'Guns Akimbo'?

  86. katarinas butt cheek

    katarinas butt cheek2 ditë më parë

    Is that the guy in oitnb? Beannie? Billy? Idk man

  87. no one

    no one2 ditë më parë

    idina menzel really cashed in in 2019 huh

  88. MindGem

    MindGem2 ditë më parë

    READ THIS! If you Hate Adam Sandler movies, YOU Must see this one, this movie is fantastic, Adam has nothing to do with direction or script. If you Love Adam Sandler, don't see this movie, its way above your head. The movie is intense and show a bleak life of a selfcentered, egotistic man digging himself deeper and deeper. There are many great scenes that reminiss of The Marathon Man and scenes that is inspired from the 70s where real people rambles on giving you a sense of realism. I guess they asked Adam about Uncut Gems. We're looking for a man who can play a neglecting, child hating, 2timing asshole. Perfect! That's ME, Adam responded. Do go see this movie and after that, rewatch Marathon Man again.

  89. Hello There

    Hello There2 ditë më parë

    Bro, they're vibing. I'm gonna watch this movie because i wanna vibe like them.

  90. Edgar Cruz Cz

    Edgar Cruz Cz2 ditë më parë

    the only snubbed actor in here was Julia Fox for acting attracted to Adam Sandler. this movie is so annoying idk why people said it made them anxious when it is literally men screaming to each other for two and half hours.

  91. Kaden Prows

    Kaden Prows2 ditë më parë

    This film was snubbed at the Oscars BIG TIME.

  92. B Bom

    B Bom2 ditë më parë

    The song brought me here LOL, everybody on the song be like this took them there

  93. Audio Fella

    Audio Fella2 ditë më parë


  94. Eddie Cardwell

    Eddie Cardwell2 ditë më parë

    A24 movies are always robbed unless it’s about LGBT or a coming of age girl film. Dafoe robbed. Toni Collette robbed. Florence for ‘Midsommar’ robbed.

  95. Captain of the Matrix

    Captain of the Matrix2 ditë më parë

    Scary ain't the word. Horrifically Realistic.

  96. Saptarshi Saha

    Saptarshi Saha2 ditë më parë

    pompous and redundant

  97. cheL Balangue

    cheL Balangue2 ditë më parë

    I'm scared 😭

  98. Doggy World Boxing

    Doggy World Boxing2 ditë më parë

    I jus watched cold skin so this is next since it hit redbox

  99. Herr Starr

    Herr Starr2 ditë më parë

    I wonder if they left the lighthouse building there, I wanna see the damn light

  100. xxtentaction

    xxtentaction2 ditë më parë

    director did a good job with the 80s atmosphere