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3 ditë më parë

TOP 10 KNOCKOUTS | Anthony Joshua

TOP 10 KNOCKOUTS | Anthony Joshua

3 ditë më parë

HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 230

HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 230

5 ditë më parë

FULL FIGHT | TJ Doheny vs. Jesus Martinez
DAZN REWIND | Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tony Bellew
POST-FIGHT SHOW | GGG vs. Derevyanchenko
HIGHLIGHTS | GGG vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko
GGG vs. Derevyanchenko Undercard

GGG vs. Derevyanchenko Undercard

14 ditë më parë

FULL FIGHT | Joe Ward vs. Marco Delgado
McAfee: The Browns Won't Lose Again

McAfee: The Browns Won't Lose Again

18 ditë më parë

Gegard Mousasi: "I'm A Bad Loser"

Gegard Mousasi: "I'm A Bad Loser"

20 ditë më parë



19 ditë më parë

Bellator 228 Undercard Livestream

Bellator 228 Undercard Livestream

20 ditë më parë



20 ditë më parë

HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 227

HIGHLIGHTS | Bellator 227

20 ditë më parë

Bellator 228 Weigh-In from Los Angeles
It's Fight Season On DAZN

It's Fight Season On DAZN

23 ditë më parë

Bellator 227 Weigh-In from Dublin

Bellator 227 Weigh-In from Dublin

23 ditë më parë

"I'm Here to Make History" | Lyoto Machida
"People Been Avoiding Me" | Juan Archuleta
COUNTDOWN | Bellator 226: Epilogue


Muaj më parë

  1. Henry Araujo

    Henry Araujo15 sekonda më parë

    Haters will say Mayweather taught him. Mayweather teaching GTD and be ain’t fighting nothing like this!

  2. sadetwizelve

    sadetwizelveMinutë më parë

    Thank floyd

  3. guy

    guyMinutë më parë

    it was staged joshua was told to take a dive .or your family gets it .and tyson is going out with my cousin now brian theyve just bought an appartment in marbella .,

  4. James P

    James P5 minuta më parë

    Canelo the king

  5. Paulo Kraft

    Paulo Kraft6 minuta më parë

    All three guys he spoke of will knock him out cold.

  6. Abdul Bassit

    Abdul Bassit6 minuta më parë

    The other guy is not fast I would like to see canelo slips from tyson's punching speed in his prime and then I would simply say you are excellent

  7. jabs69

    jabs697 minuta më parë

    No real countering off all of that.

  8. Leo_inter_Hyaenaem

    Leo_inter_Hyaenaem10 minuta më parë

    For a mohammedan to go by the name Arthur is - well, a bit excessive.

  9. Fee

    Fee13 minuta më parë

    Hold your horses men, this stay in the pocket head movement defense came from El Gran Champion Mexicano "Julio Cesar Chavez"

  10. Sokol Cufe

    Sokol Cufe21 minutë më parë

    boxing should be 5 rounds 12 rounds is crazy

  11. Angel Cadena

    Angel Cadena25 minuta më parë


  12. garden shine

    garden shine29 minuta më parë

    canelo fans actually count his head movement as actual punches against opponents. literally ask them, they'll give a round to canelo just for using slick head movement without hitting back.

  13. Gagan Kumar

    Gagan Kumar30 minuta më parë

    Uh... Im a Canelo fan but another level? *cough* Mayweather, Whitaker, etc....

  14. D bro

    D bro35 minuta më parë

    Everybody sleep on canelo, mans underated asf cuz he robbed acouple fights

  15. crafty litigator

    crafty litigator35 minuta më parë

    He got hit in the head plenty in his 2 losses to triple G.

  16. ravenshield

    ravenshield43 minuta më parë

    parfois je me demande s'il n'y a pas de combats arrangés ....

  17. Afropurp

    Afropurp43 minuta më parë

    Fury and Wilder would TKO both of them .. I see mexican pride posts ????? Why say mexican pride if the white Mexicans control Mexico but is not from this land but Afro Mexicans are outcasts...?? Must be a white washed culture ..

  18. cr35t23

    cr35t2350 minuta më parë

    Jacobs's Barack Obama ears are excellent targets for Canelo.

  19. Ä°lker

    İlker53 minuta më parë

    Canelo and Crafword are both on the number one of p4p.I can't see anyone who can beat Canelo in middleweight division by the way.

  20. HighCurrent11

    HighCurrent11Orë më parë

    Looked like a short left hook as Seldon was covering up in the corner (?)

  21. Luis Medina

    Luis MedinaOrë më parë

    Who thought this was a 50/50 fight?

  22. Matt Murphy

    Matt MurphyOrë më parë

    Dosser been around for donkeys years fury 🤥

  23. Fernando mtz

    Fernando mtz2 orë më parë

    La leyenda viviente Canelo.

  24. George Urraca

    George Urraca2 orë më parë

    Goku it's you!?

  25. Liam Daley

    Liam Daley2 orë më parë

    In the rematch Ruiz is getting the beans and rice knocked out off him and all the belts are coming back to the United kingdom guaranteed

  26. michael edwards

    michael edwards2 orë më parë

    Canelo thinks he's Mayweather

  27. Liam Daley

    Liam Daley2 orë më parë

    Anthony Joshua mistake was after he dropped Andy Ruiz he rushed in and got caught, next fight Anthony will ko ruiz watch

  28. D Thrasher

    D Thrasher2 orë më parë

    You see what Fighting Floyd does to you

  29. John Doe

    John Doe2 orë më parë

    Ggg lost u lost g

  30. John Doe

    John Doe2 orë më parë

    Ggg lost and im not a fan of none of these fighters but i 👀 that the 👦 ggg lost

  31. Julian Ford

    Julian Ford2 orë më parë

    He will get his belts back.

  32. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    Pretty Boy Flizzy2 orë më parë

    Canelo p4p number1

  33. Sigurðsson

    Sigurðsson2 orë më parë

    Say whatever you want, but Floyd would never rematch him. Canelo has become the best boxer since he lost.

  34. owleyes Malignaggi

    owleyes Malignaggi3 orë më parë

    PBC is killing boxing

  35. makein jhonson

    makein jhonson3 orë më parë

    to bad he is against A MONSTER next...

  36. Syahmi Salleh

    Syahmi Salleh3 orë më parë

    Big GGG fan but he's past his prime now. Clearly he lost this match.

  37. The Isolated Male

    The Isolated Male3 orë më parë

    Looks like DAZN is stealing ideas from HaNZAgod videos. He just made a brilliant Canelo highlight video. Canelo is a great fighter with underrated defensive skills. I just wish he would stop his recent run of cherry picking. Charlo and Andrade are young and in their prime. He owes triple G another shot given the controversial nature of their fights. Kovalev is credible but he’s old and he nearly got stopped by Anthony Yarde. Hopefully if Canelo wins he will unify with Bivol or the winner of tonight’s fight.

  38. Ethan Wroblewski

    Ethan Wroblewski3 orë më parë

    If Hogan couldn't knock out Munguia, this dude has no chance with Charlo😂


    OCNBXNG3 orë më parë

    Canelo's such a brilliant boxer.

  40. mika chicha

    mika chicha3 orë më parë

    Its like when Nazy Germany invade Russia everything looks like Germany will win then little by little Russia proved otherwise Ruiz is Russia he overcome the impossible odds

  41. iBall

    iBall4 orë më parë

    The round Joshua knew he bit off more than he can chew. I just now noticed Joshua was looking at the ref like man get him off me his eyes was begging for help

  42. Jahan Abdulin

    Jahan Abdulin4 orë më parë

    But back to the point, i respect UFC and i enjoy watching that and I'm satisfied and acceptable with it, though I'm not obsessive especially pointlessly unlike the people who support logan paul or KSI and they are irrelevant and they deserve to be irrelevant even to me but it doesn't matter how relevant, important, reasonable or important they think they are or might think they are, they are not, even for me. I might recieve unnecesary critisism or unwanted or unnecessary attention from people but that's fine I'm just being honest, truthful and clear. I respect myself and i can defend and justify myself. KSI is the same like his supporters or the people who respect him, i regret that i viewed randomly a news regarding the useless irrelevant fight on my google list because before that i got random videos showing the fight in different ways though i easily made my points clear and obvious on those videos as well, i definitely won't deny that or deny myself but i won't dismiss anything i say but at the same time i won't suffer because of it all. I deserve to be serious and worthy and i am, i don't need to be interested just because of some fight that is irrelevant compared to UFC and that's easily my opinion but easily a fact too. Anyway i won't pointlessly debate with ignorant foolish people but KSI is foolish and ignorant like Logan, they percieve themselves as serious and worthy and they are unworthy considering they are desperate with what they do and say even by having the impression they can impress people, such as the audience in the first press conference and Logan mentioning something about the Special Olympics and for him to say that can also be attributed to his arrogance or excess arrogance and i said that perfectly by the way

  43. Jozeph Voorheez

    Jozeph Voorheez4 orë më parë

    That’s like Mexican style with a twist! 😳

  44. Delane Howard

    Delane Howard4 orë më parë

    Straight power 💥💥

  45. The Fandangster

    The Fandangster4 orë më parë

    That kick was beutiful

  46. Jahan Abdulin

    Jahan Abdulin4 orë më parë

    That's to the ALworksr who uploaded this irrelevant video by the way, KSI lacks efficiency, even to impress me, i don't understand what's so beneficial about KSI when he's supposed to be irrelevant to me and he is irrelevant alongside logan paul. KSI is not consistent with the things he does even if he is consistent to an extent or he's genuine and tried to convince people how effective he is he is still irrelevant, i made my points previously clear and understandable, the guy expects to benefit from the things he does and says yet is insignificant. I don't need to be entertained by him or Logan, they don't concern me, they are unworthy and they think they are meaningful and act intentionally meaningful, its rediculous and they are rediculous, I'm still being fair to myself and I'm serious, they don't deserve to be serious even if they do but it won't be overly fair to judge a ALworksr like KSI based on himself overall, which is still fair. He just deserves to be dimissed, i understand he has supporters who are irrelevant and annoying like him, i don't understand the actual purpose of him being desperate to entertain or impress ALworksrs by a single event and i don't understand why it's supposed to be concerning other ALworksrs to find ways to get involved and fight with others for attention, fousey is an example and he's worse then KSI but the same nonetheless, they rely on themselves and satisfy themselves and expect others to accept them or be acceptable with them, i definitely don't need to worry but i don't need to be acceptable to them but i can justify and defend myself, he also relies on fans to boast his popularity, him and his KSI crew whatever they are called 'sidemen' who are the same like him. They are arrogant and they do things pointlessly. They lack the capability to be better or serious, I'm not ignorant but overall i will not dismiss myself. He can act and be convincing thats fine for others and understandable but i won't get convinced by him and i am convincing and strong myself and these points are valid and I'm making strong arguments and he expexts to be effective with what he does, i won't be affected by him anyway or his crew. He thinks he is convincing and strong but you're unconvincing and weak judging by the fact that he's incapable with the things he does and he's questionable with the way he does things, and he's not meaningful, he's probably meaningful and serious to others, but for me he's not. So I'm clear anyway and this is all clear

  47. BoxersPunchHarder

    BoxersPunchHarder4 orë më parë

    Then why is he scared of andrade

  48. Nino Begaj

    Nino Begaj5 orë më parë


  49. Erick Caballero

    Erick Caballero5 orë më parë

    Mayweather style? that guy Runs around the ring thats why nobody could catch him! canelo on the other hand comes forward dodging bullets,Thats something extremely hard to do! Thats why he is p4p king

  50. Mossimo Tiberi

    Mossimo Tiberi5 orë më parë

    I remember when he fought trout and he started doing that. It was beautiful to watch

  51. luis looey

    luis looey5 orë më parë

    Mayweather of you can even read this....i just want to say thank you. Thank you for fighting canelo. Where would canelo be at if he had never fought you.

  52. Max Power

    Max Power5 orë më parë

    Brian Kenny's nuthugging is off the charts

  53. Dynamite Kid23

    Dynamite Kid235 orë më parë

    My Idol crazy head movement amazing!!

  54. pversion

    pversion6 orë më parë


  55. Geert Matthys

    Geert Matthys6 orë më parë

    Kovalev taking acting classes right now so it's not super obvious he takes a dive from Canelos tiny arms 🤣

  56. pepe pepito

    pepe pepito6 orë më parë

    cotto won that fight, and show better skill than canelo being atleast 20 pound over cotto, and cotto do better than golovkin.

  57. Alejandro Rivero Jr.

    Alejandro Rivero Jr.6 orë më parë

    His style is like Chávez Sr meets James Toney.

  58. Dr Anxiety

    Dr Anxiety6 orë më parë

    Wow...... not the fight I just saw

  59. Paulie Copez

    Paulie Copez6 orë më parë

    Russia has alot of BMF

  60. Elber Galarga

    Elber Galarga6 orë më parë

    Ruiz won because he consumes a lot of Vitamin T, you can get this vitamin also in the following ítems: 🌮 tacos, tamales, tortas, takis, tamarindo, tortillas, Tripa, tostadas, etc😁🇲🇽✌️

  61. Raul Vega

    Raul Vega6 orë më parë

    Idk why theres a debate about Canelo. Hes a Phenom. End of story.

  62. TheAntManChannel

    TheAntManChannel7 orë më parë

    He embarrassed that guys striking coach.

  63. Wimm Al'asad

    Wimm Al'asad7 orë më parë

    I dont think anyone can beat Canelo at 154, 160 and 168 he is at his peak of his career now.

  64. Escobar Rich

    Escobar Rich7 orë më parë

    That tainted meat does wonders

  65. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy Dean7 orë më parë

    That was without exception the most brutal ko, while at the same time sweetest KO. Douglas, its time you moved up to UFC to see if you truly make the cut

  66. ChilledLion

    ChilledLion7 orë më parë

    That’s a very high iq KO! Straight out of a movie. The precision it took to ko him after taking out his lead leg, man one of the best tactical ko I’ve seen in a while.

  67. Rita zaarour

    Rita zaarour7 orë më parë

    love how jake is just sipping that tea

  68. Vladimir Kirov

    Vladimir Kirov7 orë më parë

    А не будет у него от бокса как у Тайсона болезнь Паркинсона,мозги-то отобьют?

  69. Kenneth Herring

    Kenneth Herring7 orë më parë

    He looks terrible

  70. Phat Thạch

    Phat Thạch7 orë më parë

    Hahaha what the f***

  71. Phat Thạch

    Phat Thạch8 orë më parë

    Xạo hả mày What the fox

  72. VIIK Broady

    VIIK Broady8 orë më parë

    My guy is just ducking every shot

  73. Donald Quirk

    Donald Quirk9 orë më parë

    He learned a lot from fighting Floyd Mayweather. That fight with Mayweather was like getting the equivalent of a master's degree.

  74. Super DLe

    Super DLe9 orë më parë

    Doesnt matter if thats mayweather style! But where was the movement at their fight?? But i think canelo is a real warrior!

  75. john fury

    john fury9 orë më parë

    Canelo’s PED movement more like

  76. Franky Alvarezhg

    Franky Alvarezhg9 orë më parë

    Amd people wanna say he got it from floyd ??? Like really floyd dont even move like this he just runs and they call him a defense genius ??? Canelos on another level

  77. serega SSV

    serega SSV9 orë më parë

    Чего они в пакетах АТБ?

  78. JPG Only

    JPG Only10 orë më parë

    *Canelo has made a high classed boxer Daniel Jacobs to look like an advanced amateur! Can't wait to see Canelo KO Kovalev!*

  79. excern

    excern10 orë më parë


  80. Ayoutube user

    Ayoutube user10 orë më parë

    He should have fought like that against Mayweather. His emotions got the best of him tho

  81. Rory

    Rory10 orë më parë

    It’s foolish to not make him main event. Most people will just stop watching after his fight. And anyone who thinks that only casuals think that way- most of us are casual boxing fans and are only interested in the big names.

  82. xItsQualityx

    xItsQualityx10 orë më parë

    You win or you learn, Canelo learned from Floyd..

  83. G1Main

    G1Main11 orë më parë


  84. David Riddle

    David Riddle11 orë më parë

    This seems like it would be the most frustrating thing imaginable. Just throwing punches and being unable to even touch him

  85. Mektek19

    Mektek1911 orë më parë

    Not impressive at all.

  86. k12rmy

    k12rmy11 orë më parë

    Canelo is a straight up weapon..

  87. LoOT NuKe'Em

    LoOT NuKe'Em11 orë më parë

    Canelo vs GGG 1 8 to 4 Canelo vs GGG 2 7 to 5

  88. Sara Oslo

    Sara Oslo11 orë më parë

    I like tyson fury but he did not make up the word dosser

  89. Juuuso

    Juuuso11 orë më parë

    He went To school of Floyd In 2013 but oh boy he took notes

  90. Swizzy Mac

    Swizzy Mac11 orë më parë

    At the end of the day, he put the work in the gym to get better but this is thanks to his loss to Mayweather... . Floyd schooled him and he learned his lesson well 💯

  91. ScareDe2

    ScareDe211 orë më parë

    Similar to Mosley against Vernon Forrest. Mosley was the P4P, was smaller, extremely fast but it was just too difficult to work against Forrest jab and reach. I see same result in the Kovalev-Canelo fight. Very similar styles as well.

  92. Hector Valencia

    Hector Valencia12 orë më parë

    Can someone explain how some people think loma is P4P

  93. Mkay

    Mkay12 orë më parë

    Jacob is faster than ggg but he miss a lot than ggg because lack of accuracy

  94. Seth Stidams

    Seth Stidams12 orë më parë

    He should have been called out the second knockdown , aj was wobbling back to corner

  95. KingTipical 11

    KingTipical 1112 orë më parë

    Ultra instinct Confirmed

  96. Paweł Niścigorski

    Paweł Niścigorski12 orë më parë

    Lost against Floyd was the best thing for whole Canelo's career, he draw conclusions from it and become smarter fighter. Hate him or love him right now he is the face of boxing and we can't deny that.

  97. Don Jon

    Don Jon12 orë më parë

    people dont realize how hard it is to actually hit canelo. And then you gotta worry about those counters...

  98. Naamchhem Rumdali

    Naamchhem Rumdali12 orë më parë

    Both fighter is great. However i like canelo.

  99. Roberto Gonzalez

    Roberto Gonzalez12 orë më parë


  100. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez12 orë më parë

    Cotto really countered canelo’s fighting style well, he just didn’t have enough power in his shots to do as much damage as Canelo did with his power punches. Great fight, really shows how amazing Canelo is