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  1. Brian Martin

    Brian MartinMinutë më parë

    I jump in at 999 / I'm here for the female Kate's groupies..

  2. Alfredo Alcantar

    Alfredo Alcantar4 minuta më parë

    The 🐐 7 rings this year with brown

  3. styleyk

    styleyk6 minuta më parë

    He is hilarious.

  4. Nick Pecchiari

    Nick Pecchiari8 minuta më parë

    When did terry crews get so white....

  5. Peeks

    Peeks9 minuta më parë

    That’s not a ribeye. That’s a Porterhouse.

  6. Nurdin Kühnel

    Nurdin Kühnel10 minuta më parë

    A fridge of the size of my garage.

  7. Green Fridge

    Green Fridge14 minuta më parë

    Okay guys, for my 19th meal of the day, I find a unsuspecting cow and just devour the whole thing. Then, If I'm lucky, I'll be able to make it home for dinner. On the way to dinner, I usually try and find a medium sized man to eat as a snack later you know. After I take a shit the size of 2 king kongs, I eat a couple 6 pounds of rice and head to bed.

  8. Mirc Mircx

    Mirc Mircx16 minuta më parë

    Should have had a bodybuilder as the Terminator. So dissapointed.

  9. Test Fortester

    Test Fortester18 minuta më parë


  10. Sapiens Strength

    Sapiens Strength20 minuta më parë

    Fitness industry wouldn’t be what it is without Arnold and a handful of others . Lifting weights and getting strong when most the public thought bodybuilding was a niche market. Now, everyone and their Grandma thinks they are a trainer and pro bodybuilder.

  11. Niamh O'Connor

    Niamh O'Connor20 minuta më parë

    Fucking handsome

  12. Statford

    Statford21 minutë më parë

    Maybe not call yourself Men`s Health and then have a piece on a guy who owes his entire career to a huge amount of steroids?

  13. Dreaded Trader

    Dreaded Trader21 minutë më parë

    Make a video about their bowel movements

  14. ernie bert

    ernie bert22 minuta më parë

    Don’t shit us people. That is NOT his SMALL ass kitchen or fridge. 👿👿

  15. Global virus

    Global virus24 minuta më parë

    Wanna workout with Jesus ,Jesus just used to walk around😂

  16. AllTheWorldsWonders

    AllTheWorldsWonders24 minuta më parë

    5:17 lil legs comparable to that other guys lmao

  17. Robert Martin

    Robert Martin25 minuta më parë

    Pretty cool guy.. Very real..

  18. Kiana Bae

    Kiana Bae26 minuta më parë

    Schwarzenegger means “black Nagga”, real original Germans were black people.

  19. Tobby Martin

    Tobby Martin29 minuta më parë

    Hey arnold is it ture that you are a Democrat in the closet and pertend to be a Republican and in fact that you secretly sucked Obamas balls like the rest of Hollywood did to.

  20. Nelson Omar Valencia-Garcia

    Nelson Omar Valencia-Garcia31 minutë më parë

    "I would ask him to dunk on me," lolol

  21. Nick Krug

    Nick Krug31 minutë më parë

  22. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones35 minuta më parë

    7am work out lol please This is corporate America I work at 4am. I ain’t waking up at 1am.

  23. badassdahn

    badassdahn37 minuta më parë

    Did he just blend a whole egg! 😱

  24. Bethany Clinton

    Bethany Clinton41 minutë më parë

    Arnold is an icon, my husband would love to train with him

  25. Memo Gie

    Memo Gie41 minutë më parë

    I love you arnold, i been watching all the movies you make as i can since i was little 5 year old kid, now im 32 you still my idol. Peace from denmark.

  26. Fuhk Shet

    Fuhk Shet44 minuta më parë

    From eating ass to men’s health.... oak milk is trash lol

  27. Dan Davi

    Dan Davi46 minuta më parë

    He's kidding about the whole egg, right?

  28. Tayyeb Shabir

    Tayyeb Shabir47 minuta më parë

    I'll be back

  29. Fedor Sokolov

    Fedor Sokolov49 minuta më parë

    in my opinion this taskbar.the bottom....

  30. Tod Tad

    Tod Tad52 minuta më parë

    I would give the world to have this “guy” as my personal trainer and diet advisor 😂 😆 😝

  31. matjaž jesovnik

    matjaž jesovnik57 minuta më parë

    If you compare him and one modern bodybuilder this days he looks so small ,but there in no one more estetic as he was his one will beat him ...the best ever....

  32. jeremy J

    jeremy J59 minuta më parë

    I applaud Iggy for unrecognizing these men that thought were dating her, best form of shade

  33. Dominykas Zakrys

    Dominykas ZakrysOrë më parë

    0:51 that look... priceless

  34. Shavonne Jefferson

    Shavonne JeffersonOrë më parë

    Lookin finer than a muthafucka and i dont do light skins

  35. Charlie Millea

    Charlie MilleaOrë më parë

    He's spent the vast majority of his life in the US and his accent gets worse

  36. Ben Zun

    Ben ZunOrë më parë

    "You can get away with a lot when you are younger" Right Arnold kind of like raping woman when you are younger?

  37. Anthony Nelson

    Anthony NelsonOrë më parë

    He doesnt do coke anymore?

  38. Wowgame Playa

    Wowgame PlayaOrë më parë

    Arnold: Almond milk is for babies you need to drink beer

  39. GermanChick85

    GermanChick85Orë më parë

    LOVED his reaction on "squats or deadlifts". It's stupid to compare those two. Hell yeah! Arnie approves CrossFit - good man!!!

  40. Getting To Greatness

    Getting To GreatnessOrë më parë

    So they couldn't find a picture of an actual ribeye?

  41. Rico Saucē

    Rico SaucēOrë më parë

    BeLean by Jeff Logan 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  42. Renegade

    RenegadeOrë më parë

    Twinkies, Moon Pies, Etc.,Etc.,

  43. hazult lobition

    hazult lobitionOrë më parë

    Thank you Gabriel, your bodybuilding Tips were helpful

  44. Chandler Reed

    Chandler ReedOrë më parë

    I can't tell if he was joking at the end

  45. alexiusbigusdickus

    alexiusbigusdickusOrë më parë


  46. So Abel

    So AbelOrë më parë

    Forgot to shout out Jeff loagz

  47. Eee Dog

    Eee DogOrë më parë

    Everybody forgot to add even a muscleman needs his 8-10hours sleep each day. Keep going with 3-4hours a day and you can get anxiety/depression or fall asleep while driving.

  48. Nikita Sid

    Nikita SidOrë më parë

    ALworks was built for this video.

  49. NicheXclusive

    NicheXclusiveOrë më parë

    Keto = no sugar no bread 🥪 lol 😂

  50. Jackshun

    JackshunOrë më parë

    He's the new fish and a rice cake guy

  51. Toad Milker

    Toad MilkerOrë më parë

    How does he still have that accent. Hasn't he been living among Americans long enough for that accent to be almost completely gone? Should I be questioning the diameter of my stretched asshole instead?

  52. Music and Musings By Kadie Karen

    Music and Musings By Kadie KarenOrë më parë

    I am beyond disappointed. I have ZERO respect for this man. He KNOWS about the animals. He has friends who are vegan. And yet he STILL tells everyone to eat eggs and beef. FUCK HIM. He has just shown the world that he doesn't give a shit about the BILLIONS of sentient beings and now, all his fans will start eating even MORE eggs and MORE beef. I am devastated by this. I truly thought that with Game Changers coming out that he was going to at least not ever mention the animals but in this video he proudly tells us about eating them. Shame on him for even mentioning the word vegan. He is a selfish, self-centered evil asshole as far as I'm concerned. If he is in The Game Changers then I am boycotting that movie.Cows have feelings and chickens don't want their eggs taken from them. Arnold: you are nothing more than a pathetic bully.

  53. Lone WolfGamingPlus

    Lone WolfGamingPlusOrë më parë

    He has a stuffed Predator in his office, his trophy.


    EMILIAN BUTOIOrë më parë Arnold will be save in Christ. Another seer. Great.

  55. ODD-one out n about

    ODD-one out n aboutOrë më parë

    he's lost loads of muscle mass but still doing to just stay toned rather than bulked,especially as you get older.

  56. Adrian

    AdrianOrë më parë

    Best man ever!

  57. Mark Fowler

    Mark FowlerOrë më parë

    My wife was an Austrian body builder. Amazing how the Austrians all think alike, Nice job

  58. Aariz.

    Aariz.Orë më parë

    is Tom Ellis always in his Lucifer mode ?

  59. Warren Randazzo

    Warren RandazzoOrë më parë

    Lol I’m half Swedish and half Italian so this funny his kids gonna be

  60. Rifle Chess

    Rifle ChessOrë më parë

    *Don't say I'll be back ok...😎*

  61. Hatechicken official

    Hatechicken officialOrë më parë


  62. 0engima0

    0engima0Orë më parë

    Honestly, he is gonna die one day.

  63. drunkensessions

    drunkensessionsOrë më parë

    So no chicken, no fish, no diary? That's some fucked up diet.

  64. Rice Gains

    Rice GainsOrë më parë

    He used to eat shit left on the ground? Tf

  65. Sławek Mincewicz

    Sławek MincewiczOrë më parë

    All this time I have a feeling he's about to say "This is my fridge. LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES" and go "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..." :-).

  66. Marty Smith

    Marty SmithOrë më parë

    The Detroit Lions scouts had him in their back yard during his college days. They passed him up. That sums up the Lions organization: S T U P I D.

  67. beamerUSA

    beamerUSAOrë më parë

    What about his maid?

  68. Thecharliejolly

    Thecharliejolly2 orë më parë

    He needs to get that gyno fixed so his peks can have a better defenition.

  69. ctwatcher

    ctwatcher2 orë më parë

    But did he die yet? Darn. We've got to get him a hot particle or a maid.

  70. Darius Scorobete

    Darius Scorobete2 orë më parë

    90% of the comments: "arnold: i stay away from meat and animal products, interview: whats your favorite thing to cook, arnold: steak "

  71. need more sleep

    need more sleep2 orë më parë

    Still Pumping iron in his 70s and has a good sense of humour 👍

  72. yaron777

    yaron7772 orë më parë

    Gotta love this guy!

  73. skylar maldonado

    skylar maldonado2 orë më parë

    what made you change this different? surgery. then healthy habits after. I appreciate this but in your song you said you had surgery why didnt you mention it here

  74. Lalit Wanchoo

    Lalit Wanchoo2 orë më parë

    Over there is the Exit.. And ' Dont say i'll be back Okay..!!'

  75. Michelle Prera

    Michelle Prera2 orë më parë

    The t1,000 cover in humans tissue

  76. Cal Tek

    Cal Tek2 orë më parë

    I swear this guys been my idol since i watched commando in the 80s

  77. JongJonz

    JongJonz2 orë më parë

    Hey Arnold! *Arnold* Shaddap! I hate dat stupid Cartoon! Always Hey, Arnold dis and Hey Arnold dat! Arurulgeh!

  78. Scott Burnhard

    Scott Burnhard2 orë më parë


  79. skylar maldonado

    skylar maldonado2 orë më parë

    had surgery first dont count

  80. Kasia Dobija

    Kasia Dobija2 orë më parë

    Your fridge Arnold is going to defrost ! CLOSE IT !

  81. SeaDawgOST

    SeaDawgOST2 orë më parë

    Go vegan!

  82. Dániel Huszárszki

    Dániel Huszárszki2 orë më parë

    i love u Army like a boy loves his daddy

  83. Barry Panaretou

    Barry Panaretou2 orë më parë

    The majority of the greats have to die before they become a legend, this guy became one in his early 20s! How can you not love Arnie!

  84. kevin r

    kevin r2 orë më parë

    Best workout explanation I've seen on MH

  85. John Brown

    John Brown2 orë më parë

    WOW, the same shit we all eat and the same iron we all pump!!! AMAZING

  86. DerKIFI

    DerKIFI2 orë më parë

    I love Radler because I am from Austria

  87. الملكة ذات الهمة

    الملكة ذات الهمة2 orë më parë

    please speak arabic

  88. Zack Klapman

    Zack Klapman2 orë më parë

    I think he's trolling everyone with this shake recipe, haha.

  89. Juan Zarate

    Juan Zarate2 orë më parë

    Came here just to dislike cause I can’t stand Kevin gate’s bitchass fukin muslim

  90. Runny117

    Runny1172 orë më parë

    intermittent fasting is a fad diet now? pretty suuuure its not even a "diet" lol

  91. Kyle F

    Kyle F2 orë më parë

    I had just gotten over the long kiss on the lips with his son. Then he says he loves butt blasting?

  92. james fiaco

    james fiaco2 orë më parë

    Unfortunately he doesn't know as much about nutrition as he thinks he does. For a one 8 ounce can of beer consumed will disrupt the way the body absorbs breaks down and digest protein in various other vitamins and minerals for 24 hour. So if you want your body to get nutrition protein alcohol is the worst thing you could possibly have.

  93. Joey Trimble

    Joey Trimble2 orë më parë

    I'm a steeler fan so from the outset ..fudge the patriots ..that being said .. Tom is a nice dude ..not hate here

  94. Mister Ser.G

    Mister Ser.G2 orë më parë

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  95. Haseeb Zakir

    Haseeb Zakir2 orë më parë

    I dont want to use the bathroom after any of these two.

  96. Kai Hofsommer

    Kai Hofsommer2 orë më parë

    Beyond meat is lab grown meat it's not plant based.

  97. BootneckBaz

    BootneckBaz2 orë më parë

    Love this guy. I wished Arnold was my dad and David Attenborough was my grandad

  98. Elephants Memory

    Elephants Memory2 orë më parë

    All that single use plastic is not following the green path man

  99. Jodie Blair

    Jodie Blair2 orë më parë

    Love him so cool and funny legend goat still the best

  100. LoneBerseker

    LoneBerseker2 orë më parë

    2:45 u fucking legend! His humor never gets old, fantastic!