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How to Spot a Terminator

How to Spot a Terminator

23 ditë më parë

  1. Korean Ninja

    Korean Ninja5 sekonda më parë

    Keep the Yang vids coming

  2. Tom Jakovac

    Tom Jakovac20 sekonda më parë

    George Soros is the master mind criminal who is behind the anti-Trump and anti-Republic of USA! Trump is playing chess with these globalist, and final moves are in place, check mate shortly! Trump 2020!

  3. Petti Mail

    Petti Mail29 sekonda më parë


  4. Nico Th.

    Nico Th.33 sekonda më parë

    Yang is just like that one Chinese kid that you think is just a nerd, but ends up being one of the coolest kids of the school😂

  5. Hex Elahne

    Hex Elahne36 sekonda më parë

    5:35 "make your 6 minutes count!" ha... well, maybe now that he's off air time with MSNBC he'll get those 6 minutes. The man keeps getting shafted with amount of time they allow him to speak at these debates. yet, every second he gets he absolutely nails it.

  6. Kate Coombs

    Kate Coombs40 sekonda më parë

    Gabbard isn't really a Democrat. Then again, Trump isn't really a Republican. Scary.

  7. Tattletale RED

    Tattletale RED40 sekonda më parë

    Why are TV hosts, so must against the only hero we’ve seen on the demo stage in a very long time, Like Tulsi. When she’s only one of two, who are not afraid to serve our country when all the other Contestants are hampered with Bone spurs on their tongues. They are actually helping us to see who is the Next President worthy of the Office And that’s Tulsi 2020 - The Only Truth Teller on the Stage.

  8. fountainPoison

    fountainPoisonMinutë më parë

    Yang Gang! If anyone is curious about him and his policies, please watch at least one of his interviews on ALworks! They're all good and I think when he gets to talk in-depth is where he really shines

  9. miyu yang

    miyu yangMinutë më parë

    i saw Yang on FB but never really look into him, but wow, he is smart! he got my vote.

  10. REE H.

    REE H.Minutë më parë

    OH SNAP! Yang is a rapper! He curses, spend a lot of money, he's legalizing weed, and freeing ALL the homies. 😂😂😂

  11. Alejandro Kaplan

    Alejandro KaplanMinutë më parë

    We knew 2016 was going to be bad when Ted Cruz said it would be a good year

  12. patphilloccap

    patphilloccapMinutë më parë

    Yang Gang!

  13. jzizzles

    jzizzlesMinutë më parë

    Nerdy Chinese kids? LOL at least he admits it. Unlike the other clowns claiming to be "Taiwanese". Only the Natives are TRUE Taiwanese and they don't look East Asian. They look more like Polynesians / Pacific Islanders.

  14. Liang Hsien Wong

    Liang Hsien WongMinutë më parë

    Most of the clip he show is from Fox.

  15. Lulu Seatown Getdown

    Lulu Seatown Getdown2 minuta më parë

    Money talks. Yang gang = kids that want to move out of their moms... $1,000😂😂😂👍👍👍

  16. El Gordo

    El Gordo2 minuta më parë

    Black, Orange, and now Yellow. Holy hell we're getting the presidential color spectrum

  17. Project Midium

    Project Midium2 minuta më parë

    Thanks for the coverage Trevor!

  18. Hex Elahne

    Hex Elahne2 minuta më parë

    Andrew yang, please unfuck us you great man!

  19. andrew macht

    andrew macht2 minuta më parë

    Andrew. Fucking. Yang. welcome everyone to the yang gang. He's also the smartest candidate in the field with the best policies and strategies for the future.

  20. Zak Silva-Sampaio

    Zak Silva-Sampaio2 minuta më parë

    Is this msm giving in to the Yang? They're getting desperate.

  21. JavierSorianoNY

    JavierSorianoNY3 minuta më parë

    Tio Bernie Sanders for president.

  22. Niggie Biggie

    Niggie Biggie3 minuta më parë

    Ok why wouldn’t you vote for this man He’s super chill 👌👌

  23. Wayan Kartini

    Wayan Kartini3 minuta më parë

    He has kidney problems, poor pedophile.

  24. Gustavo Marroquin

    Gustavo Marroquin3 minuta më parë

    We need to create a movement

  25. 北美小留Study In USA

    北美小留Study In USA4 minuta më parë

    Man you are funny Trevor

  26. G C

    G C4 minuta më parë

    Let's elect Bernie president, Warren for VP, Pete for Secretary of Defense, Yang as commerce secretary, Kamala as AG and they all unfuck Amercia together. It's pretty fucked at the moment and needs all these good people.

  27. Prem Prey

    Prem Prey4 minuta më parë

    Holly Sh!t.. Trevor is a YangGang!! My two most favorite people!!

  28. JavierSorianoNY

    JavierSorianoNY4 minuta më parë

    You are getting fucked and I want to unfuck you? I know how that works...

  29. Envo 22

    Envo 224 minuta më parë

    This is awful

  30. Wayan Kartini

    Wayan Kartini5 minuta më parë

    Killed himself !! AHAHAHAHA

  31. Liem Mackenzie

    Liem Mackenzie5 minuta më parë

    lmao listen to his debates tho. does not paint a good picture

  32. Charlene Solis

    Charlene Solis5 minuta më parë

    Andrew Yang: He's not left, he's not right, he's FORWARD! For more info on Yang please listen to him on the Joe Rogan podcast or visit the subreddit r/YangForPresidentHQ. Go to his website for all his policies Last but not least join the #yanggang

  33. Kahn Fukui

    Kahn Fukui6 minuta më parë

    #yanggang baby all the way. He is definitely the best candidate

  34. Maritza Piccarillo

    Maritza Piccarillo6 minuta më parë

    What people don't get is that it's a choice between $1000/mth or MEDICARE/foodstamps. You can't have both.

  35. Denzel Dickenson

    Denzel Dickenson6 minuta më parë

    Yes I love you Andrew

  36. JabberCT

    JabberCT6 minuta më parë

    Either the entire 4% of Booty Judge voters showed up here to thumb up good comments, or crooked Pete hired some trolls with bots. I suspect the latter. No one wants this zero policy waste of space as president.

  37. DANNYR

    DANNYR6 minuta më parë


  38. Shazi Gets Sober

    Shazi Gets Sober6 minuta më parë

    Listening to his policies gave me goosebumps. He's definitely not going to win.

  39. Joel Austin

    Joel Austin7 minuta më parë

    Bring him on the show!!!

  40. Brooks Workman

    Brooks Workman7 minuta më parë

    Yang2020. Integrity, he's got it.

  41. Marco Antonio

    Marco Antonio8 minuta më parë

    Also wtf is with the video flashes, seems like subliminal messages

  42. Araknair

    Araknair8 minuta më parë

    Andrew Yang sounds the best. Obama had a similar energy to Bernie so I don't want his diplomacy to fall on deaf ears or just lead to some other pompous asshole reversing 2 terms worth of sacrifices in our hop-scotch political system.

  43. L Y

    L Y8 minuta më parë

    Thank you Trevor for making us laugh and sharing the REAL NEWS about the best presidential candidate to lead us into a bright future! #YangGangLove #YangMediaShoutout

  44. Tashya M

    Tashya M8 minuta më parë


  45. Mark Pemberton

    Mark Pemberton8 minuta më parë

    Fuck Trevor is annoying as fuck.

  46. Robelmurph

    Robelmurph9 minuta më parë

    Look some of these ideas do sound great on paper but honestly realistically where are you going to get $1,000 a month for hundreds of millions of people. We can't get funding for basic things we need let alone free money.

  47. Autumn is

    Autumn is9 minuta më parë

    I'm fully Yang Gang, but Pete's an all right guy.

  48. DANNYR

    DANNYR9 minuta më parë


  49. patricia gatlin

    patricia gatlin9 minuta më parë

    I would vote for him.

  50. david salazar

    david salazar9 minuta më parë

    Pete Buttigieg all the way👍👍👍

  51. Nels

    Nels9 minuta më parë

    “Make your six minutes count!”

  52. Vivian Soto

    Vivian Soto10 minuta më parë

    YANG 2020🇺🇸 $1000 a month you got money for college to pay ur credit card go shopping etc....

  53. 10 000 subs without content

    10 000 subs without content10 minuta më parë

    He's gonna get elected and not give anyone the money

  54. Zack Putnam

    Zack Putnam10 minuta më parë

    Fucking finally, they actually put some respect on his name. #yanggang

  55. Donna Thedead

    Donna Thedead10 minuta më parë

    Good job, Trevor Noah. Now interview him already.

  56. Avatar Mezzy

    Avatar Mezzy10 minuta më parë

    I first came across yang on the UBI Kurgezat video comments. They pointed me to Joe Rogan. I knew by then he will be president and no I didn’t support him just to get 1k a month. He doesn’t lie. That alone told me he can win. Then everything he said makes sense. Then I researched the data he brings up. Then once I saw him on Ben Shapiro I seen he’s pulling every political party to him. That’s what this country needs and that’s what sold me. NOT the 1k a month.

  57. James Braxton

    James Braxton11 minuta më parë

    Yo shout out The Breakfast Club!!! They had Yang on a few times!!

  58. Marco Antonio

    Marco Antonio11 minuta më parë

    We need to vote Yang in!

  59. geno816

    geno81611 minuta më parë

    Make ur 6 minutes count? Try 2 minutes... the entire debate

  60. joseph murphy

    joseph murphy12 minuta më parë

    I wamt to punch sissy Noah in the face. Cant stand him.

  61. Liam Carruthers

    Liam Carruthers12 minuta më parë

    The Rudy part was the best lol

  62. Maritza Piccarillo

    Maritza Piccarillo13 minuta më parë

    He is not relatable. I don't know him or wife and kids.

  63. Pranav

    Pranav13 minuta më parë

    I will happily let Andrew Yang unf*ck me

  64. Azazurah Abdullah

    Azazurah Abdullah13 minuta më parë

    A word of caution. "when something is too good to be true....

  65. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen13 minuta më parë

    I am definitely voting for Yang! He is the smartest he would know how to lead this country into the future

  66. The Grapist

    The Grapist13 minuta më parë

    yang is my hero

  67. Iliana Guadalupe Villegas

    Iliana Guadalupe Villegas14 minuta më parë

    The US is behind Bolivia's coup, they have the majority of lithium in the hemisphere.

  68. Sandra Hunter

    Sandra Hunter14 minuta më parë


  69. Tucker Bowen

    Tucker Bowen14 minuta më parë

    As badly as I want to know that we're not alone in the universe, telling everyone what's in Area 51 just seems like a dangerous idea

  70. Nitay Harari

    Nitay Harari14 minuta më parë

    This man is insane...

  71. Andy Mills

    Andy Mills14 minuta më parë

    Tulsi Gabbard!!!!!!

  72. Araknair

    Araknair14 minuta më parë

    Only candidate that matches the energy of Bernie in my book

  73. brandon johnson

    brandon johnson14 minuta më parë

    This is the first time I've heard trevor say nigga lol

  74. steve oberdang

    steve oberdang15 minuta më parë

    i love you so much Trevor!!!!!!!!! 😁😁Yang Mother Fucking Gang2020

  75. Angel Julian

    Angel Julian16 minuta më parë

    Andrew fucking Yang🔥👏🏽

  76. Nitay Harari

    Nitay Harari16 minuta më parë

    Releasing information about area 51 will only get him a bullet to the head from the intelligence community

  77. Liam Carruthers

    Liam Carruthers16 minuta më parë

    He’s a clown who needs to drop out. iM gOnNa gIvE pEoPlE A tHoUsAnD dOlLaRs A mOnTh

  78. Ram S

    Ram S16 minuta më parë

    If I am American, I'll be voting for this guy. Period

  79. TheBonnieMonroeShow

    TheBonnieMonroeShow17 minuta më parë

    Please let Yang Un**** America. We need it. #Yang2020 The man is a genius. #MATH

  80. miaeba

    miaeba17 minuta më parë

    where is the black focus group

  81. Terah

    Terah17 minuta më parë

    If Obama endorsed him he would win.

  82. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen18 minuta më parë

    Trevor is preaching to Yang. Start swearing if the moderators don’t give you mins to talk. I noticed when Yang speech, people listened. He has the powers in him.

  83. joeuser771

    joeuser77118 minuta më parë

    Since when does "dope" mean "cool"? Last time I heard it, it meant "drugs"...

  84. Victor Pena

    Victor Pena18 minuta më parë

    Unfortunately he is not going to win

  85. Hien Hong

    Hien Hong19 minuta më parë

    Lmaoo Trevor that “unfuck you” song slaps though

  86. Wesley Leong

    Wesley Leong19 minuta më parë

    This is as close as we'll get to seeing Trevor Noah endorsing Andrew Yang without doing it outright. Imagine how many more people will start to be more willing to put themselves out there as his polls/fundraising continue to climb

  87. Mario Pratt

    Mario Pratt19 minuta më parë

    That was a wet one. But I agree, Obama couldn't of done it like trump. If he did, trump would of rolled it back by now.

  88. Loisaidalisa

    Loisaidalisa19 minuta më parë

    Sounds like an endorsement of #Bernie2020🙋🏽‍♀️

  89. Juan Two

    Juan Two19 minuta më parë

    Thank you for finally talking about yang!! It’s not just the free money he has so much stuff that helps everyone (Students, Veterans, Women, truck drivers, athletes, and so much more). If you’re reading this give him a chance, search up his name on ALworks and just watch 10 minutes of him and his policies (I promise you it won’t be a waste of your time)

  90. Chidi Plays

    Chidi Plays20 minuta më parë

    I’m afrikaans and this makes me feel heartbroken. Only God can heal our country.

  91. Deeds f7

    Deeds f720 minuta më parë

    Finally 6 minutes of Yang2020

  92. Nam Nam

    Nam Nam20 minuta më parë

    Thank you Mr. Noah for the support

  93. Jason Salgado

    Jason Salgado21 minutë më parë

    Yang gang about to make waves! #HispanicsForYang #Yang2020

  94. Name Agree

    Name Agree21 minutë më parë


  95. sulljoh1

    sulljoh121 minutë më parë

    Yang spent his life trying to help normal people What a fresh change that would be after Donald Trump

  96. Nataloo Bangtan 아 미

    Nataloo Bangtan 아 미21 minutë më parë

    Spending money for basketball......why don’t you use it to help people🙄

  97. David Lafferty

    David Lafferty22 minuta më parë

    she's sooooooo fucking hot 🔥

  98. Eugenia M. Rish

    Eugenia M. Rish22 minuta më parë

    Thank you, Trevor

  99. Nitro1000

    Nitro100022 minuta më parë

    Andrew Yang is also the only candidate to do a 10 hour live Q&A unscripted on ALworks where anyone from any party could ask him any question and he would answer it on the spot. I dare any politician to do the same thing. I can guarantee you that not one single career politician would take on that challenge. #YangGang

  100. Julie's Realty LLC

    Julie's Realty LLC22 minuta më parë

    UnFuck America 2020