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  1. Austin Idehen

    Austin Idehen6 minuta më parë

    Trevor schooled Mr. Goldberg

  2. Maurice Jess

    Maurice Jess7 minuta më parë

    Medvedev did a middle finger at 2019 US Open and had NOOO CONSEQUENCES. Sexism in sports

  3. ChaosLord

    ChaosLord8 minuta më parë

    To anyone reading this: This 16-year-old girl is smarter and more compassionate than you are. Have a nice day.

  4. Cesar Carvalho

    Cesar Carvalho11 minuta më parë

    She is very intelligent... her English is very articulate and clear and her thoughts are very meaningful and elaborate, i can only imagine how she feels around others that for her must seem very basic, you can see her already struggling with the loud ppl ( the cheering and wooing), you can see in her face how hard it is for her to not being properly heard ... i hope she has the strength to keep sane. ( trevor was amazing as usual 👌)

  5. Tricks by Umer

    Tricks by Umer13 minuta më parë

    Big fan of yours TREVOR!! your fans are in all PAKISTAN 🇵🇰

  6. stepaman

    stepaman13 minuta më parë

    Brain wash alert😂


    I L L U M I N A T I GAMING GOD6914 minuta më parë

    14:23 A man who always makes me pay for dinner . . . Ayy buddy we should grab dinner soon... No thanks

  8. Son Of King Jesus

    Son Of King Jesus15 minuta më parë The dumbocrats are still launching investigation's on President Trump ; the sick bastards are taking their marching orders from a murderer , killary Clinton ( the evil witch paid for the dossier ). This nation is Babylon. She may be above mans law but Divine Justice will be served.

  9. Tricks by Umer

    Tricks by Umer15 minuta më parë

    Hahhahaha... bloody hell.... that was damn funny man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. sealy

    sealy16 minuta më parë

    America is a C and D country, the majority of people in this country are assbackwards mentally

  11. Tyrone Johnson

    Tyrone Johnson16 minuta më parë

    But lollipops looks like trevor Noah.

  12. Aoife

    Aoife17 minuta më parë

    I feel this to my core even though I'm white... very white. My big red curls would beg to differ though

  13. Victor Grauer

    Victor Grauer17 minuta më parë

    Greta is featured in my new book, "Existential Crisis: Facing the Climate Change Abyss." She, in fact, is as much a part of the crisis as the fear of climate change. It is she who is helping to precipitate the real crisis that will emerge years before the IPCC deadline. Yet I don't criticize her, because, if "the scientists" are right, her position is perfectly logical. If in fact climate change constitutes an "existential threat," as she very sincerely believes, then any means whatsoever can be regarded as acceptable if it can mitigate that threat. An extremely dangerous idea. I'll be happy to send a free preprint of my book to the first 10 people reading here who request it. Contact me via email at doktorgosh (at)

  14. Teacher Spring VIPKID

    Teacher Spring VIPKID18 minuta më parë

    What kind of darkness must you have inside of you to not value and honor this young girl?

  15. Fred Midtgaard

    Fred Midtgaard20 minuta më parë

    The huge offences against the Nordic countries with the Asap case (you cant just assault people on the street even if you are American) and the buy Greenland case (you cant do that) and the not coming anyway to Denmark case (you don't insult us like that) have totally discredited the USA in the Nordic countries. A sign could be the massive flagging with rainbow flags in Iceland when the unwanted Pence came there. He had a huge 200 man security group with him. Everybody laughed because even the president walks around without escort in Iceland and then this stupid American comes along! It will take a long time to heal the wounds if ever from these incidences!

  16. Nadia Janssen

    Nadia Janssen20 minuta më parë

    Also, my man Trevor is an amazing interviewer. And observational comedian. Love you mr. Noah. Bon biggi!!

  17. jay dowd

    jay dowd21 minutë më parë

    Bernie athiest marxist crazy Jew

  18. jay dowd

    jay dowd22 minuta më parë

    Bernie is a horses ass

  19. Nadia Janssen

    Nadia Janssen22 minuta më parë

    When i was 16, I was saying the same thing. Nature IS our habitat so what the f***. But this girl is more eloquent in explaining the problem and she is probably blessed with a supporting family. I love her message. Coming friday, let's take to the streets. Everybody: your concerns are trivial when there is no air to breathe. Let's go!!!! MYCKET BRA!!!


    SLEEP HEAVEN23 minuta më parë

    THE SACKLER FAMILY ARE THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS EVER AND THEY WALK FREE!!! White Privilege Galore and no one says anything about it. 400,000 people have died of opioid addiction, but the Mexicans are the drug dealers right? I call B.S! White man lies again. It's in their DNA.

  21. Nick van Betuw

    Nick van Betuw23 minuta më parë

    *Better English than Harry Kane (also smarter)*

  22. Wolithung Kikon

    Wolithung Kikon24 minuta më parë

    They did the right thing

  23. Delong Tsway

    Delong Tsway24 minuta më parë

    Ronny Chieng sucks as a person. He does not represent all or even most Asian Americans.

  24. Nothin But Facts

    Nothin But Facts24 minuta më parë

    She's so amazing, not only cause she's Diana's Ross's daughter 😁 who I'm a huge fan of 😁 but she's real business smart!! 👍


    SUSAN MEYER26 minuta më parë

    OMG...Kim is so cute...AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Spencer Pool

    Spencer Pool27 minuta më parë

    love billy

  27. Beautifully Blended

    Beautifully Blended31 minutë më parë

    As a mixed woman, I love this...God knows how many times I was called a half breed growing up. Looking forward to trying her products. #biracialandproud

  28. K E

    K E31 minutë më parë


  29. Emila Aleksandra

    Emila Aleksandra31 minutë më parë

    So weird that you have to put your race on paper in america...


    SUSAN MEYER31 minutë më parë

    SpyGate does sound like a good name for a movie...

  31. Three Jewels

    Three Jewels32 minuta më parë

    I just love her.


    SUSAN MEYER32 minuta më parë

    LOL, (try not to laugh,...News Man, LOL!)

  33. Dragon Killer

    Dragon Killer33 minuta më parë

    If you want to have real fellings about food you should visit Mexico <3


    SUSAN MEYER33 minuta më parë

    omg...who believes juliani...

  35. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco Apolonio35 minuta më parë

    Libia? Obama destroyed a country. But Libia is a real country, with peaceful families in there...


    SUSAN MEYER35 minuta më parë



    SUSAN MEYER35 minuta më parë

    ooooh, I'm a spy....

  38. Andi amo

    Andi amo36 minuta më parë

    Reminder: Trevor Noah shilled for Robert Byrd's protege


    SUSAN MEYER36 minuta më parë

    OMG...that first commercial for the movie, or whatever, was AWESOME...., Oooops, sorry,Trev...

  40. Eric Herlihy

    Eric Herlihy36 minuta më parë

    The reason the audience laughed is because they are laughing at themselves. She mentions EVERY stereotype of New York. She's right, they know it. There was only love for this girl here. As for the awkward wooing that people mention in the comments, that's because they agree, and the fact that this young girl can realize the truth but they have to go home to a family member or neighbor who can't... Well, it's enough to make you question reality.

  41. Nick Benson

    Nick Benson38 minuta më parë

    Bernie or bust!

  42. ronkirk50

    ronkirk5039 minuta më parë

    Read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" or watch the author's TED talk for more information on this subject. We need economic equality at both the nation state and global levels. That would be a great boost to political stability - we waste way too much treasure and way too many lives in fighting wars over limited resources.


    YHWH*OUR*POWER39 minuta më parë

    Always noticed the black guys behind him be laughing at him, the white guys be sucking it up, like maybe he's making some sense !! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    SUSAN MEYER39 minuta më parë

    this ADMISTRATION iz already dead.....

  45. Poowawa TV

    Poowawa TV40 minuta më parë

    what he grew up with isnt around...real beef grassfed, pesticide free veggies etc


    SUSAN MEYER40 minuta më parë


  47. GregStickels

    GregStickels41 minutë më parë

    Finally someone spoke the truth about vaccine products policy and the tyrannical policy of all medical mandates. Alas, she lacks the courage to continue to support her convictions.

  48. Andi amo

    Andi amo41 minutë më parë

    Did they have sex after?

  49. Andi amo

    Andi amo41 minutë më parë

    Trevor Noah fan are on par with Samantha Bee fans....fucking losers

  50. Beautifully Blended

    Beautifully Blended42 minuta më parë

    Why is this Author's neck so red? Is it my device? Or is it really red like that?

  51. Ashton Yoshi

    Ashton Yoshi42 minuta më parë

    When people with money backing u up to spread the message u can make up any bull shit. Why don't why Swedens start with eating eachother to help the planet than well talk. Lmao fucking joke

  52. bana daboul

    bana daboul42 minuta më parë

    You should meet With someone from Lebanon . They speak three languages in the same sentence .

  53. Andi amo

    Andi amo42 minuta më parë

    show of many brainwashed idiots in here voted for Robert Byrd's protege??? c'mon idiots...admit it. You voted for the fucking KKK.

  54. Clark Magnuson

    Clark Magnuson43 minuta më parë

    Once the anti fa get the socialist dictator of their dreams, he will round them up... and you know....

  55. DaProdigy

    DaProdigy43 minuta më parë

    5:55 The way the moderater leaned in when asking Kamala a question about her record... DAMN!!

  56. Abhishek Patel

    Abhishek Patel44 minuta më parë

    The day people stop amassing things and start using only what they need, temperature will start to come down. Right now we want everything in extreme, bigger and bigger tv, faster and faster phone and laptop, faster cars, big concerts, more followers on instagram and for those followers travel to extreme locations just to take a selfie. This world cannot bear so many kings and queen and now everyone behaves like a king or queen, they all want priority service, business class seats, bigger rooms in hotels and more food to waste at restaurants, without thinking that while creating that one small dish the chef has thrown away so much more. We need to calm down and ask ourselves what are we fulfilling in our lives by doing this. We are literally taking from the plates of every other animal living on this planet just so we can throw it away.


    SUSAN MEYER44 minuta më parë

    ...okay,...It think it might be time to 'Bring in thAAAA...MMMMOMZ....da, da da Daaah....

  58. Ashton Yoshi

    Ashton Yoshi44 minuta më parë

    Brainwashed little girl being used to spread the agenda when this bitch is fake af

  59. Robert Andrew Sinclair

    Robert Andrew Sinclair44 minuta më parë

    99% of people don’t realize that Kaepernick got the idea of kneeling from a veteran. He specifically asked how he should protest and was told kneeling was a sign of respect. When a brother in arms falls, we kneel in honor of him....

  60. Reginald Jones

    Reginald Jones46 minuta më parë

    White People are strange.

  61. jason lu

    jason lu46 minuta më parë

    They should put these trophy hunter's in a cage with a rock spear like caveman days, and see how they fair with lions and elephants. Shooting a lion with a high power rifle from hundreds of yards away makes you a coward really.

  62. californyeah

    californyeah47 minuta më parë

    STFU Desi with "second, third,..terms" Do Not jinx us ...., The World is still at risks..1st term is not over yet, Maybe someone will do a 22/63 Kennedy on him..!!??!! I'm not mad at you Desi, you know i wanna hug you, you know i wanna hold you, you know i wanna kiss you, you know i wanna...

  63. Keith Anderson

    Keith Anderson49 minuta më parë

    You know your movement is garbage when it is led by a twelve year old with a mental disability. These CO2 levels of 400ppm are amateur numbers. We need to pump them up. 1000-1500ppm. It'll be difficult given the law of diminishing returns but with the help of India and China and with luck a rising Africa we can get close.

  64. Thomas Ray

    Thomas Ray49 minuta më parë

    No one was eating that garbage Obama's wife put out there.

  65. Glenn Conklin

    Glenn Conklin49 minuta më parë

    It's called laryngitis you dumb fuck. WTF that's all you got.

  66. Michelle Ramos

    Michelle Ramos50 minuta më parë

    So did he not read it as he wrote it? Lmaoo

  67. Bantamdude Rodriguez

    Bantamdude Rodriguez51 minutë më parë

    Chupeta actually translates into "Sucker". Not lollipop 😒


    SUSAN MEYER51 minutë më parë

    ...okay, the press expects that beach to tell 'em ANYTHING!!!

  69. Tomasz Gołda

    Tomasz Gołda52 minuta më parë

    Americans buy more Audis, BMWs & Mercs!

  70. LightyBeast

    LightyBeast52 minuta më parë

    Fake News


    SUSAN MEYER56 minuta më parë


  72. allioop3us

    allioop3us57 minuta më parë

    Trevor Noah is a flaming idiot and Tomi Laren is evicerating this pejorative clown Tevor, Black Lives Matter is exactly what they did, by destruction, burning, they are violent and should be placed on the domestic terrorist list along with antifa. This is behavior, by Trevor is typical Democratic Group Think, Mob Mentality which is exactly what all Democrats do, Mob Mentality, Group Think. Who started the Ku Klux Klan, idiot boy Trevor, the party you subscribe to, the Democratic Party. The party that subscribes to which is the party of Communist/Marxist ideology and of Satan and Gehenna. To kneel for the flag should be boycotted at every level. Stop the victim mentality, blacks were orginally sold as slaves by their fellow black Africans. Thank you Tomi Lahren is exactly correct, on every level, this pejorative, Communist, Marxist Trevor Noah is a totally lost soul and intellectually deficient and mentally challenged.

  73. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco Apolonio57 minuta më parë

    Fuck Mugabe

  74. Michelle Ramos

    Michelle Ramos58 minuta më parë

    You didn't put them on the earth.. how do you have the audacity to wipe them out? Get it together.

  75. Zoey Jackson

    Zoey Jackson58 minuta më parë

    Every LIFE matters PRO LIFE ❤❤❤❤👶❤❤❤❤👶❤❤❤


    SUSAN MEYER59 minuta më parë

    oooooooooh, he's scary............(really!)

  77. James Oswald

    James Oswald59 minuta më parë

    Extremely beautiful and very nice young lady

  78. AJAY_123

    AJAY_123Orë më parë

    Here we go again. Boring comedian Trevor Noah lecturing to us all. 💤💤💤💤


    SUSAN MEYEROrë më parë

    yummy...trevor I haven't eaten yet today, you can't do that, babe, lol...

  80. DPTavares

    DPTavaresOrë më parë

    Damn, I miss Jon Stewart.

  81. Markus Spencer

    Markus SpencerOrë më parë

    I never use none of that stuff they have to offer at the hotel (soap, shampoo) well the towels I do which is probably even worse than using the soap and shampoo.

  82. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco ApolonioOrë më parë

    What about wild Sex ???? Ill buy it. If i can have free sex to those 48 chicks...

  83. Jake Lorenz

    Jake LorenzOrë më parë

    Joe Biden May be the worst Democratic candidate of all are we letting him lead the polls?

  84. Some Person

    Some PersonOrë më parë

    The people who don't think white privilege exists have never actually had minority friends. I've had to fight bigots who used slurs at my friends, I've had to go to court to show video to defend my minority friends from white people who made up stories of being attacked, I've had to sit on juries where it's obvious the cop wanted to say racial slurs(in two cases I actually ran into the cop after trial, where they proceeded to use racial slurs when talking about suspects). Everyone has biases, don't let them hide the actual world from you...


    SUSAN MEYEROrë më parë

    WHAT...pruit got sex from his wife...Oh nooooooo!..........

  86. Thomas Ray

    Thomas RayOrë më parë

    I think it's really Illegal aliens get pepper sprayed.

  87. Isman Ismun

    Isman IsmunOrë më parë

    Sickness American people? How comes? Read Quran!

  88. SukigamiNinja

    SukigamiNinjaOrë më parë

    He can’t say none about Philippines


    ALKJFE JKKJYOrë më parë

    Aung San Suu Kyi is heroine. First time buddhist country Myanmar protect themself and didn't let them kill by Royinga terrorists. MSM and the clown Trevor Noah have no idea about the royingas terrorists sponsored by Saudi.

  90. anna dela prochnow

    anna dela prochnowOrë më parë


  91. Saurer Drop

    Saurer DropOrë më parë

    I admit, that i have not seen an interview with greta yet, although i feel very related to her goals. This young person talks so passionate and is being so polite at the same time (she doesn't attack or discredit anyone directly). There is not even a glimpse of selfish proudness. That makes her truly inspiring and her message so pure. Thank you greta for this impression and thank you trevor for having her in your show, giving her the opportunity to reach your audience. 👍

  92. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco ApolonioOrë më parë

    I hope they all caught on fire...

  93. Kawasaki Man90

    Kawasaki Man90Orë më parë

    White people be like: “trump was being threatened by democrats”!


    SUSAN MEYEROrë më parë

    ...wait a minute, I bought scripts from Canada once!...cant do that no mo, Shit!...that ain't right!

  95. Vasco Apolonio

    Vasco ApolonioOrë më parë

    Im so glad America are so much more Corrupt then my own Country... Swell...

  96. Nicholas Rourke

    Nicholas RourkeOrë më parë

    Well if u ain't a felon than u can own a gun and most the time the gov will call anyone crazy to control them. So 2nd amendment is very clear and the day the gov trys to take anyones gun away that ain't a felon well then it will be our duty as free Americans to stand up against a tyrannical gov and take away their power to govern. Don't underestimate free Americans,like Washington told us God made us all free and the right to bear arms is every person's right that ain't a felon, fuck I had a x gf say I pushed her and it never went to court but if the gov tryd telling me I can't own a gun cuz of a lie a crazy bitch said, I would tell them like I'm gonna tell u trevor Go Fuck Yourself

  97. allioop3us

    allioop3usOrë më parë

    This pejorative, malevolent, nefarious, vile, Sodomite, Perte Buttigieg would not have even a small chance aginst President Donald J. Trump in a debate. President Donald J. Trump would Eviscerate this sewer rate, piece of human debris of human vermin Sodomite in any Presidental Debate. Plus his mayorship is a failed cause in the dismal failure of a city of South Bend, IN.


    SUSAN MEYEROrë më parë

    Whyyyyyyy would WE do that!!

  99. Randomnes2Honor.

    Randomnes2Honor.Orë më parë

    Sure. Lets just ignore all the scientific literature on phones usage and long-term eye health. Unless all that contradicts our narrative.


    SUSAN MEYEROrë më parë

    GO Trevor...LOL!