I'm Azzy and WELCOME TO AZZYLAND! I am a Canadian cosplayer & gamer whose goal is to inspire positive change by bringing people together to encourage one another!
I've been gaming my whole life! I started on the NES and became addicted to original Legend of Zelda and since then I've played thousands of games. It's become my biggest passion.
Lately I have gotten really into cosplay. It is a great combination of my passion for gaming and my passion for art :)
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Amazing FOOD ART Challenge

Amazing FOOD ART Challenge

12 ditë më parë

The most UNUSUAL PETS Ever !
Funniest ASMR Fails !

Funniest ASMR Fails !

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Funniest GENDER REVEAL Fails !
Funniest WATER SLIDE Fails !
Things We All SECRETLY Do !
  1. Anime Papi

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    I dont like azzyland..

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    i love your videos Azzy

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    Love her video

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    Everybody’s saying gifting my next loyal subs first of all you can’t you don’t know their address and second you just want subscribers

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    I think you should be able to make your phone and call me when you can

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    Yo ima waffle person

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    Who here is pancekes and Waffele person 👇

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    i love u azzy!

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    love you azzy #AZZYSQUAD

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    5:25 The bomb .com

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    I love this video I watch you every day

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    Im a big fan azzy i love u!!

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    I cant believe it's my birthday tomorrow

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    Midnightdevil!!Minutë më parë

    But cats can be really big I’ve seen them before

  15. Linda Armstrong

    Linda ArmstrongMinutë më parë

    Love you Azzy I love everything about you keep being amazing you

  16. Carolyn DeMasi

    Carolyn DeMasiMinutë më parë

    Im going to be Miss black Spirit.

  17. Lily Cole

    Lily ColeMinutë më parë

    I love art

  18. piggy wars3

    piggy wars3Minutë më parë

    I'm addicted to Ma Long yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  19. Song Bird

    Song BirdMinutë më parë

    The comment section be like: "lIkE aNd sUbsCrIbE tO mE iF YoU lOvE aZzY"

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    Can't I be both waffle and pancake person? ◕ᴥ◕ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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    I love you Azzyland you're the best youtuber ever ❤️💕

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    crypto liteMinutë më parë

    can someone do a compilation of azzy saying "i love you all sooo much"

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    love u azzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Who knows Ma Long?

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    Azzy:”people love avocados!! Me: I hate avocados!! Still love you azzy

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    joRdi, I sEe yoU heHehE

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    Is that jordi in the background

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    I’m early!

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    This a very good video and I been here before 2019

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    Did anybody see somebody in the background

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    Hewwo! I love azzyland SMALL ALworksR HERE...

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    13 minutes ago!!! I'm earl- Wait there's already 585 comments, 1.7k likes and 16k views... Maybe I'm a bit late.....

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    Not the sunnyD!!!!

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    Love u azzy😍🥰

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    who else noticed the spelling error on the title :)

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    All of the comments: All of the comments: Who been here before 2019

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    I’m just going to be the first one to say azzy is butiful

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    Who else saw Jordy on the bed then noticed Azzy was on the floor

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    Imagine you accidentally touch the hot souce dress then scratch your eye...

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    How many people are watching this in 2019? 👇

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    The dress you thought was made of rose peddles and onions is made of beetroot

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    Dont u mean "dresses"?

  52. bxmbshell

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    i want a dress made out of nuggets so when i take it off i could eat it lol

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    Im not that early

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    6:55 my friend

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    0:53 the strawberry dress looks like Azzy. Anybody else notice that? Azzy also said she wanted to wear that dress

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    Anyone else see Jordie in the back on his phone In the bed😂😂😂😂

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    I think if this was real and we could actually do this..... I think that’s a bad idea actually, I think I’ll eat all of it...

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    It’s 🤮

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    Who else loves Azzy’s video What dress would you wear? I would ware the blue feather one

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    i throud you were made of honey cause your so sweet (oh god sry)

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    Are you sitting on the ground lol?

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