Doctor Sleep Final Trailer REACTION

Doctor Sleep Final Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & review of the official final trailer 2019! The Shining sequel!
Doctor Sleep Final Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the official final trailer for Doctor Sleep, the 2019 sequel to The Shining from Mike Flanagan with Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson! Share your own reaction to the official final trailer for Doctor Sleep before you see the full movie in 2019! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on ALworks today!
Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  1. Twxi

    Twxi28 ditë më parë

    I wasn't particular hyped or wow'd by the trailer. In fact, I remember when I first saw it I was incredibly underwhelmed. The premise seems to delve more into the explanation of the 'powers that be' whereas The Shining briefly explained it JUST enough so you could understand surface level character decisions and nothing more. However, I do love this idea that due to these... Shining Eaters that are targeting the girl, our Protaganist brings her to instead of the safest place, the most DANGEROUS place in hopes that the place will destroy them. To me, that seems like an interesting premise that I'd watch.

  2. Curmudeon

    Curmudeon29 ditë më parë

    She should have a top hat.

  3. Koroi 117

    Koroi 11729 ditë më parë

    Ready Player One introduced me to The Shining. That's the only reason lm able to recognize some scenes in the trailer

  4. Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    Jem-Kimber-Aja-ShanaMuaj më parë

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

  5. Eva & Edvard Elseworld Siblings

    Eva & Edvard Elseworld SiblingsMuaj më parë

    Btw, Kubricks The Shining is still one of the few truly, deliberate in every aspect, menacing works of discord, chaos and horror ever filmed with sound. This is a brave work to follow that, and were excited to see how is!

  6. Dante Ferrise

    Dante FerriseMuaj më parë

    Think this will be dope! I love the whole aspect of the little girl helping him defeat the baddies

  7. Axel Rodríguez

    Axel RodríguezMuaj më parë

    Haliee stenifled y Jude law Amber heard Kaya scalario Madison beer vs Angelina Jolie

  8. Matthew Gaffney

    Matthew GaffneyMuaj më parë

    They're obviously looking to ape the visuals of the original, which is only a good thing, really. I'm curious about the music, since Kubrick went straight to the classical masters...

  9. Abe Lincoln

    Abe LincolnMuaj më parë

    Woahhh can’t wait to watch!

  10. Mark Fry

    Mark FryMuaj më parë

    Yes, but will the alphabet soup people be represented?

  11. Libby Putny

    Libby PutnyMuaj më parë

    Dead by daylight theme song was ripped off omg

  12. Tushar Dev

    Tushar DevMuaj më parë

    Most I loved it all

  13. WWG1WGA! USA

    WWG1WGA! USAMuaj më parë

    Finally a movie to look forward to.

  14. Eliseo Palestina

    Eliseo PalestinaMuaj më parë

    Your so Beautiful

  15. DPEART6475

    DPEART6475Muaj më parë

    At 3:54 Grace Randoplh: "What is Akiva Goldsmith doing in there....ehh" So right this guy helped to kill the the Transformers Franchise and killed off the original Batman movie series by writing Batman Forever and following it up with Batman and Robin

  16. Anthony Martines

    Anthony MartinesMuaj më parë

    DPEART6475 I was gonna ask why she made the face, thanks for the clarification. 👍🏼

  17. Lincoln7Echo

    Lincoln7EchoMuaj më parë

    They went crazy with the flashbacks in "IT Ch. 2," I hope they cool it somewhat for this sequel.

  18. Jason Dreibeblis

    Jason DreibeblisMuaj më parë

    I remember reading somewhere that he had a slightly different ending in mind for hill house, but then changed it to something more happy

  19. Mr Riddle

    Mr Riddle10 ditë më parë

    @Jason Dreibeblis thanks

  20. Jason Dreibeblis

    Jason Dreibeblis10 ditë më parë

    Mr Riddle I think so yes, but it was supposed to be the small rectangular window from the red room not the door itself

  21. Mr Riddle

    Mr Riddle10 ditë më parë

    I think he planned for the red door to appear in the background to imply they never got out, but decided to scrap that.

  22. Den Smith

    Den SmithMuaj më parë

    The trailer didn't do it for me...they just had to put a little black girl in there with a black guy that resembles the cook from the first one that has the same powers just to be culture conscience role reversal off the original film, they wearing stupid hats for some reason, that one lady has smoke coming from her mouth like a succubus, they are going to fuck this up just like every new Star Wars sequel. when will it end with crappy sequels with no worthy script writing, putting some kids in a adult themed movie even though it worked with the original with hope kids will drag out their parents to see it.

  23. Joanna Espino

    Joanna EspinoMuaj më parë

    Huge fan of Ewan and Rebecca, can’t wait 🙌🏻

  24. golgo 13

    golgo 13Muaj më parë

    ewans american accent has gotten better.

  25. Denenterprieses or whats left of it

    Denenterprieses or whats left of itMuaj më parë

    true grace these trailers make the film seem weak not from a horror perspective but from the perspective of watching the shining this feels like a generic horror movie the way its cut and edited

  26. Phoenix King

    Phoenix KingMuaj më parë

    I forgot this was a thing

  27. LunaTic

    LunaTicMuaj më parë

    Grace and I like the same super powers. 🤩💪

  28. Michael Erickson

    Michael EricksonMuaj më parë

    The Shining meets True Blood

  29. Matthew Delano

    Matthew DelanoMuaj më parë

    If you have powerful enough telekinesis there is virtually no power you do not have.

  30. AdventuresInPortland

    AdventuresInPortlandMuaj më parë

    It looks ok. I'd probably watch it on netflix, if it comes to netflix.

  31. TheJlook2000

    TheJlook2000Muaj më parë

    feels like a tv movie - was going to say hallmark channel but went to that website to check if thats the channel i was thinking .... Do they clone the male actors on hallmark channel ??? weird . Anyway this trailer seems by the numbers.

  32. Dwain Madison

    Dwain MadisonMuaj më parë

    Definitely gonna see it.

  33. David Kelly

    David KellyMuaj më parë

    Stanley would be rolling in his grave. Like you I will watch it but not optimistic at all.

  34. peter wright

    peter wrightMuaj më parë

    Let's just hope it's scary because The Shining movie was as scary as a turd in a microwave.

  35. Waltham1892

    Waltham1892Muaj më parë

    Rose the Hat says, " seeing you soon".

  36. Angelo Hernandez

    Angelo HernandezMuaj më parë

    Like your OOTD Grace! ;) plan on doing any meetups on the west coast?

  37. Tony Randall

    Tony RandallMuaj më parë

    Comes out around my birthday and looking forward to it.

  38. Horrornado

    HorrornadoMuaj më parë

    This looks really bad. It looks like a scary movie that thinks it's a superhero film.

  39. Banana Lana

    Banana LanaMuaj më parë

    Good choice Grace picking telekinesis if I had it all the bras in the world mysteriously Open just for ventilation purposes✌️✌️❤️

  40. sesh 17

    sesh 17Muaj më parë

    don't really care about the actors compared to a great movie

  41. Debo4735 X

    Debo4735 XMuaj më parë

    Grace, you hate on Jessica Chastain so much, she may have grounds for a defamation case. Lmao 😅🤔

  42. tgarnett25

    tgarnett25Muaj më parë

    I like Ewan McGregor, and the Stanley Kubrick film. It’s impressive how they recreated those sets. They really punched a hole in the fabric of time. At this point I’m cautiously optimistic.

  43. Seb Sandford

    Seb SandfordMuaj më parë

    i think the trailer is very cinematic and haunting at the same time. with some of the shots in that trailer, it's like i'm watching the shining all over again. can't wait to watch Doctor Sleep. :)

  44. Aash Aaron

    Aash AaronMuaj më parë

    It looks like two movies cut together? Like a IT hyper-reality horror and The Shinning which was always scarier coz its like a realistic drama about madness - it looks gimmicky - I don't even think I would have called it Dr Sleep (Probably just REDRUM) I'll see it but all that Strange People sucking smoke souls out is really weird and not scary...

  45. colliric

    colliric11 ditë më parë

    dickhead. this is based on the Sequel novel, not the original.

  46. Andrew Pragasam

    Andrew PragasamMuaj më parë

    Seeing Akiva Goldsman's name attached scared me way more than the trailer.

  47. speedingahead

    speedingaheadMuaj më parë

    Warner’s current strategy regarding trailers is actually good. Let’s hope that Doctor Sleep ends up being an surprise hit for them though

  48. Zeluth

    ZeluthMuaj më parë

    Please don't take offence, Grace, but I use your videos to sleep right now.

  49. David Barry

    David BarryMuaj më parë

    Love grace, would listen to her no matter what she talked about ha.

  50. cholo acosta

    cholo acostaMuaj më parë

    3:20 Yo solo vine a ver el cuadro de RWBY

  51. Luke Harrap

    Luke HarrapMuaj më parë

    That poster will be great at my local cinema, they have mirrors across from the posters in the way in :P

  52. jeffrey dahmere

    jeffrey dahmereMuaj më parë

    I ain’t give a damn about marketing or the box office just make great movies and this looks great

  53. Pavo

    PavoMuaj më parë

    You know what will be really scary? When Stanley Kubrick claws his way out of the grave and kills the people who made this lame sequel to his classic.

  54. wolfman571

    wolfman571Muaj më parë

    I, for one, am very happy to be living in the McGregor-sance

  55. Thomas Scott

    Thomas ScottMuaj më parë

    I honestly thought the ending of Haunting of Hill House was heartbreakingly beautiful. Just my opinion though.

  56. muckymucks

    muckymucksMuaj më parë

    Jessica Chastain is great. Intersteller, The Martian. The only reason I bothered finish watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix was because of her.

  57. Anthony Huntington

    Anthony HuntingtonMuaj më parë

    Looks pretty good ,I was wondering if the Overlook would still be standing as it does at the of Kubrick's film vs the novel where it gets destroyed ,also Halloran who dies in Kubrick's film survived in the novels and seems to be used as a ghost advisor here ,overall I like the cast and hope it works out

  58. fourth1000

    fourth1000Muaj më parë

    Movie looks bad. The cinematography looks like a cheap Netflix tv show.... like Hill House. This movie follows up kubricks movie--- a man who choice in cinematography is studied by film enthusiast.

  59. Kelii Yamashita

    Kelii YamashitaMuaj më parë

    I was hoping that Roses hat was on the side of their head. It was supposed defy logic how is stayed on. Plus Abra I feel is mis-casted.

  60. Luis Daza

    Luis DazaMuaj më parë

    kinda funny McGregor portrays kids that eventually grow up. Would be funny if the kid in Winnie pooh was the same from the shinning and the stories were connected lol

  61. Aki Kolehmainen

    Aki KolehmainenMuaj më parë

    Throwbacks to the original were by far the best part of the trailer. That tells a lot how powerful Kubrick's craft was.

  62. Ariful islam

    Ariful islamMuaj më parë

    Looks very different to shining......kinda franchise building ......not that it's bad. Just looks superhero horror mash up .

  63. rosebuddesign635

    rosebuddesign635Muaj më parë

    I'm not convince. They talk too much.

  64. Supreme Being

    Supreme BeingMuaj më parë

    Does this movie take place in the Shining universe? Is it a sequel?

  65. JaKBaLL TV

    JaKBaLL TVMuaj më parë

    Why haven't you done a reaction to Birds Of Prey trailer?? it's been out several days now