Rare Free Kick Goals in Football

Rare Free Kick Goals in Football ⚽🔥


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    2:53 2:55 WTFFFF???

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    Wish these compilations didn't contain music

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    2:48 The Best!!

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    Where the he'll is Toni Kross

  15. Happy Dads

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    In number it here was Cristiano Ronaldo and his number was 7 Coincidence don't think so

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    Sick curve from Roberto Carlos

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    13 twice

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    Like = Messi Comment= Ronaldo

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    Arska23 ghj

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    Music ?

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    Cristiano Ronaldo hit like me....👌😅🤣❤️

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    Ronaldo said I’m not ready to retire

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    Ranaldo is trash Messi is the best

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    Te ador Cristiano

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    1:35 was not Honda

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    Honda had black hair when he was younger

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    We're is hulk?

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    I can’t imagine what would of happen if Roberto Carlos free kick would of hit one of the walls head their head would probably fall of


    SARABJEET SINGH24 ditë më parë

    Ronaldo best free kicker ever

  36. boysandgirls rosales

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    Why did u left real Madrid you betraider

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    2:30 *Rare Goalkeeper Performances in Football*

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    What did you mean??? It was so easy you think???

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    Hit goals

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    Ronaldo fan hit like

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    Messi v Liverpool ?


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    Messi=like Ronaldo=comment

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  48. leeeastwood

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    English commentators still think that free-kick was a fluke!

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    Cr no prts

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    Last one insane 😨😨😨

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    Where is mihajlovic

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    Jesus crise my god

  53. Ben K

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    Thumbnail is fake since Ronaldo hasn’t made a free kick on Juventus yet

  54. Helo Hard

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    Ever feel useless? Remember that they put a wall in front of Roberto Carlos freekicks

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    @Did Der Doo lmao

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    Ur comment

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    @yes i can what is overrated

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    malaysial 🇲🇾...thank admin

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    3:47 this goal even can't be recreated in fifa!!!!

  61. Everybody's Friend

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    What type of rare is number 1?? It is most common free kick... and even defender headed that

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    Cr7 no 1

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    Imagine Ronaldo and Messi same team😤😮

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    Are you kids?!

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    Cristiano Ronaldo

  66. Patricia Bramwell

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    nice video

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    Can i ask where Lasse Schöne is? ⚽

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    Ronaldo the monster ps not Juventus Manu



    7. Ronaldo's freekick was the best

  72. Caidan Thomas

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    You know the drill 1:Messi 2:Ronaldo 3:Pele 4:Maradona 5:Salah 6:Hazard 7:van dijk 8:Ramos 9:Neymar 0:Varane

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    First ronaldo

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    Caidan Thomas 2

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    Van dijk I’ll take that

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    Clue JOYMZ yes

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    Where is schone v real madrid