iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods 3, New iPads & More Event Details!

iPhone 11 Pro rainbow color, centered logo confirmed, AirPods 3 competitor released, 2020 iPhone redesign teased by Kuo & more details before the event. What to expect!
Last iPhone 11 Pro Leaks.
NEW iPhone 11 clone unboxing.
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  1. Dum Bass

    Dum BassMuaj më parë

    Who else is watching from their iPhone 11 Pro Max 🤔

  2. Hi how are ya!

    Hi how are ya!Muaj më parë

    If it wasnt for all the pros in the name they would have the iphone 13 - 14

  3. TheRelaxingEnd 2.0

    TheRelaxingEnd 2.02 muaj më parë

    Cineva din România

  4. Jesus Escobedo

    Jesus Escobedo3 muaj më parë

    Something I realized was that the chip number ex. A9-iphone 6s ios9, A11-iPhone 8/x-iOS 11 they have in the phone is the iOS version the iPhone released with

  5. Yen Therese Barroga

    Yen Therese Barroga4 muaj më parë

    I’m really hoping that I can win your giveaway cause I badly need a new phone rn, since my phone’s lcd is broken and the screen is cracked and it has a big dark spot at the upper right corner 😭 also I’m a graduating student so it’s really important to me😭 I really can’t afford to buy a new one because I have lot if things to pay for like my projects, requirements and school fees so that I can graduate

  6. Sajid Faisal

    Sajid Faisal4 muaj më parë

    *I'm Excited About iPhone 11 Pro Max Giveaway*

  7. Mr Hankey

    Mr Hankey4 muaj më parë

    Got I 10xr stared glitches mouth in now I got 11 pro drop it once like 2 and half feet chip now glitches fuck the iPhone 12

  8. Wickedly Gravitational

    Wickedly Gravitational4 muaj më parë

    Well this didn’t age well

  9. Sam Laguda

    Sam Laguda4 muaj më parë

    Who's here after the iPhone 11 announcement???

  10. K N

    K N4 muaj më parë

    Welp now they are release the color is a total disappointment with their trash green and matte finish. No rainbow or red color for the pro. No reverse wireless charge or screen fingerprint access.

  11. Rakshan Raja

    Rakshan Raja4 muaj më parë

    Me at 0.1 : an ifold ?? Few seconds later , Oh iPhone .... 😂

  12. Kenza Walker

    Kenza Walker4 muaj më parë

    Old iPhone gang 👇

  13. Carbonated Water

    Carbonated Water4 muaj më parë

    Why am i watching this, i have a 7

  14. YouDieYouWin

    YouDieYouWin4 muaj më parë

    I will not watch the ads because you have enough money

  15. Hey Princess

    Hey Princess4 muaj më parë


  16. isaiah Gutierrez

    isaiah Gutierrez4 muaj më parë

    I’m excited for new apples devices

  17. David Zamora Garcia

    David Zamora Garcia5 muaj më parë

    “Innovation is innovation even if it’s been done before” Trash phones trash channel

  18. Gtnene1800

    Gtnene18005 muaj më parë

    In 2007 we thought the phone was gonna be humungous but apparently it’s gonna be the cameras

  19. ELMNTALGaming

    ELMNTALGaming5 muaj më parë

    If the IPhone 11 had a blue color, I would cop it right away😂😂

  20. Raven Pringle

    Raven Pringle5 muaj më parë

    So in the first Butterfly ad, they really just gonna copy Samsung like that?

  21. TAY TAY

    TAY TAY5 muaj më parë

    Sooooo is my battery gonna decrease if I use it to charge my AirPods??

  22. Riot Squad

    Riot Squad5 muaj më parë

    Why are u using ur iPhone in the bath

  23. Trinity N

    Trinity N5 muaj më parë

    I want the AirPods to have a better finding system, I don’t want my 150/200 dollars to get lost in a couch or something...

  24. Leonardo Zavala

    Leonardo Zavala5 muaj më parë

    They put a logo in the middle wow what a revolution

  25. Mohammed Mourid Karaté Foul contact

    Mohammed Mourid Karaté Foul contact5 muaj më parë

    Nice Tooop

  26. Destini Jadaa

    Destini Jadaa5 muaj më parë

    Should I buy the AirPods 2 or wait for the 3’s please need feedback

  27. RLS Erik

    RLS Erik4 muaj më parë

    Destini Jadaa wait

  28. Carina Lopez

    Carina Lopez5 muaj më parë


  29. JosiahTube

    JosiahTube5 muaj më parë

    I'm getting iPad 7

  30. adolfo

    adolfo5 muaj më parë

    Does anyone know where I can buy EverythingApplePro’s case?

  31. Kvng_Carlos

    Kvng_Carlos5 muaj më parë

    Why did I just now get the notification

  32. Frank Shook

    Frank Shook5 muaj më parë

    I’m subscribed and this just showed up in my notifications 1 hour ago lol

  33. 6s ix9ni ne

    6s ix9ni ne5 muaj më parë


  34. Kelsey Rogers

    Kelsey Rogers5 muaj më parë

    Does he have an iPhone XR case

  35. ChocoStream

    ChocoStream5 muaj më parë

    Who else came back to see if these leaks are legit? And are like holly fuck shiiittt true 😅😅😱😱

  36. Nielle Zan

    Nielle Zan5 muaj më parë

    Leaks show more stunning design like the one with the flash around the three iPhone X-like lenses

  37. Phuphat Chawalathawach

    Phuphat Chawalathawach5 muaj më parë

    I might upgrade if they change lightning port to USB-C

  38. Phuphat Chawalathawach

    Phuphat Chawalathawach5 muaj më parë

    All I need is USB-C

  39. Ronit N

    Ronit N5 muaj më parë

    Phuphat Chawalathawach they include the fast charging brick tho

  40. Gio Flores

    Gio Flores5 muaj më parë

    Wow so they didn’t do a lot of shit that was rumored

  41. Joshua Fondrenn

    Joshua Fondrenn5 muaj më parë

    I am a diehard apple fan keep it up apple

  42. Megan Evadne

    Megan Evadne5 muaj më parë

    Am i the only one that thinks the iPhone 11 is uglyyyy

  43. RP752000

    RP7520005 muaj më parë

    Boy did Apple live up to expectations !

  44. 60 subs without any vids !

    60 subs without any vids !5 muaj më parë

    Apple: so for our next design what shall we do, something that will stick out, Apple worker: Oh Ik we can have 3 cameras, that’s a new design

  45. Ronit N

    Ronit N5 muaj më parë

    I mean yeah that’s what it was

  46. Cloudie

    Cloudie5 muaj më parë

    My mom still using 4s

  47. Fabien Farah

    Fabien Farah5 muaj më parë

    Iphone 2030: 10 camera lenses Iphone 2040: Full lens glass back

  48. Shaheed E

    Shaheed E5 muaj më parë

    Are they coming out with an S model

  49. Just Prickly

    Just Prickly5 muaj më parë


  50. Mahamud M.

    Mahamud M.5 muaj më parë

    Where can I find the case on 3:05 it looks sick

  51. Rocko99 Rocko99

    Rocko99 Rocko995 muaj më parë

    The phone is a different colour? Do better apple

  52. •Aerie Nelson•

    •Aerie Nelson•5 muaj më parë

    I got regular AirPods

  53. George Garcia

    George Garcia5 muaj më parë

    These leaks were mostly wrong. No AirPods 3, no Tile competitor, no reverse charging, no shiny green, no Time-of-Flight, etc. The Anyhow, what you had in mind is much better than what Apple released. Glad I didn’t take the day off to watch the iPhone 11 event. “By Imitation Only,” sadly, should have been the tag line. Now to decide which phone to buy... Not because I’m excited about anything in the Apple lineup, but because my 6 Plus it long in the tooth. What excitement it was to buy it when it first came out!

  54. Jorge Santiago

    Jorge Santiago5 muaj më parë

    What about the AirPods 3? Did they say something about it or did they just skip it?

  55. Gurleen nanda

    Gurleen nanda5 muaj më parë

    Best channel for Apple lovers

  56. Ronit N

    Ronit N5 muaj më parë

    Gurleen nanda thanks captain obvious

  57. ÅlexTMY

    ÅlexTMY5 muaj më parë

    me here with my jet black iphone 7

  58. Jonathan

    Jonathan5 muaj më parë

    You trash

  59. hulgt alprult

    hulgt alprult5 muaj më parë

    I will upgrade my iPhone XS Max to the pro Max. Turn my current phone in + only 500dollars

  60. Shumi

    Shumi5 muaj më parë

    I'll buy the iPhone 11 to play games 😃😃😃🤣

  61. Minari is my Wifey

    Minari is my Wifey5 muaj më parë

    It looks good because they shift the Apple logo to the center, otherwise it looks ugly af

  62. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola5 muaj më parë

    Apple: *puts logo in the middle* ThisGuy: "Revolutionary"

  63. ßØSS 1417

    ßØSS 14175 muaj më parë

    IT system Pennywise:Apple will float too

  64. Cedric Villani

    Cedric Villani5 muaj më parë

    how the hel are 7.5 million people subscribed to this fool?

  65. xoobo vola

    xoobo vola5 muaj më parë

    So fucking ugly

  66. Rami August18

    Rami August185 muaj më parë

    This guy is sucking tim cock lately. And he pay tim cock joining gay club events