NBA 2K20: How to Make Every Shot! How to Shoot! Shot Meter Tutorial!

THIS IS THE FULL TUTORIAL how to make 99% of your shots! You will shoot better using these tips I guarantee! This will help you have one of the best shots in NBA 2K20, this will help in 2k20 Mypark, MyCareer, and in the Pro am! Hope you guys enjoy :)
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    This guy literally has the best shooting guides, thanks for these man!

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    Actually one of the coolest youtubers out there

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    Gameplay is just hesi cheesing. I guess thats what you gotta do for the dub

  8. Vince Cross

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    Thinks he's good, anybody who mainly plays two's are not good. Try 3's with that extra threat coming off of screens. So far that's all I saw in this video, is you shooting after getting open from a screen.

  9. Laelyn Bennett

    Laelyn Bennett4 ditë më parë

    I used LT last year! It slowed the shot meter down

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    I did all of this by instinct wtf

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    Nobody ever seems to remember we are not playin on the same connections. Y'all lyin if u haven't lost a game because someone's connection lagged even half a second, on whatever game

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    I have 56 threepoint rating its maxed out cuz im a slashing playmaker...any advice??

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    Don’t bother trying to shoot bruh


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    New subscriber dude but this video is so helpful good shit bro!

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    LT to set your feet! Mind blown. Great vid

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    Just subscribed. And I also hit the like button once you told us about the left trigger set your fit shit lol

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    Yo I appreciate your videos man you definitely know your shit but stop calling yourself whiteBOY just go with white dude or white guy but that BOY SHIT is disrespectful!! believe me I'm a OG white man n from the hood so take the advice my guy!

  54. Rayen Van Soest

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    On 2v2 is easier to get open and shoot open shots. Just run through brickwalls and or hide behind screens. But tips helped thanks

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    Subscribed. In a year where everyone just wants to rant against 2k thank you for giving us casual games some tips and tricks to get better. Thanks for the quick vids

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