Demetrious Johnson vs. Ray Borg - Most Impressive Submission in UFC History? (Gracie Breakdown)

Ryron and Rener break down the spectacular submissions from UFC 216 with the Monday morning Master Cycle crew in Torrance!
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  1. johnhagebeuk8

    johnhagebeuk83 muaj më parë

    Being part of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Family is the best thing ever happend in my life after my kids then 👊🏻🙏🔺

  2. DiagonalSeven

    DiagonalSeven5 muaj më parë

    3:21 that looked like an ugly spider

  3. Ak24 Official

    Ak24 Official10 muaj më parë

    Does gracie university charge for visits?

  4. Arman Ghaznavi

    Arman GhaznaviVit më parë

    BJJ is a nice shit but don't forget that only BJJ will not guide you somewhere, Jui-Jitsu is only a small part of Martial Arts

  5. FaZeKakashi

    FaZeKakashiVit më parë

    Are they related to Royce Gracie?

  6. Rhodie van der merwe

    Rhodie van der merweVit më parë

    only people who actually get hit understand why you hit and not just take the back let them riggle out then punch you more... if fabricio was a bit smaller he wouldnt take the back.

  7. Tyrant

    TyrantVit më parë

    Damn that was a good move, I didn't even think about that. Used his own grip against him.

  8. Nathan McMullen

    Nathan McMullenVit më parë

    9:20 They stand up the exact same way

  9. Randy Le

    Randy LeVit më parë

    Im coming on the 16th !!!! U guys are soo freaken beast x3

  10. Richard Andrew Crosby

    Richard Andrew CrosbyVit më parë

    Some people know jiu-jitsu, some people are jiu-jitsu, but few are invisible jiu-jitsu.#keepitfun

  11. Script Kiddy

    Script KiddyVit më parë

    This is art. I'm so glad I started taking classes even though I'm still getting crushed by pretty much everybody...

  12. otter 99

    otter 99Vit më parë

    Rener settle down man, your gonna blow up

  13. Jack Daniels

    Jack DanielsVit më parë

    Rener, let your bro talk lol.

  14. Jack Daniels

    Jack DanielsVit më parë

    Cc said: most fighters don't have burritos confidence.

  15. Mat Williams

    Mat WilliamsVit më parë

    'Thanks, Guys! You arre Amazing and Motivating.'

  16. Roger J

    Roger JVit më parë

    DJ best pound for pound fighter period. Anderson is great and Jones was (not now) but DJ is still the G.O.A.T.

  17. randolph patterson

    randolph pattersonVit më parë

    I'm far too old to ever step into the cage, but I really do enjoy learning about what you guys have to show us. I don't think there's anything better that you could be doing with your lives. You're an inspiration to anyone who's ever competed in anything. I'm especially proud of you for what your work is doing for the kids. We need a lot more people like you in the world. Edit: I just subscribed.

  18. RJ Chndlr

    RJ ChndlrVit më parë

    Still kinda love the rousey zingano armbar tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. A70k

    A70kVit më parë

    9:23 they got up completely in synch.


    PMPMPMPMVit më parë

    Rener Gracie is a close talker.

  21. DorjeDriftwood

    DorjeDriftwoodVit më parë

    Yes most impressive... until Brian’s standing no set up/ instant darce.

  22. Pete Townshend

    Pete TownshendVit më parë

    This guy is on some strong cocaine

  23. Nitay Harari

    Nitay HarariVit më parë

    rener got too much energy

  24. Snap C1ty

    Snap C1tyVit më parë

    9:23 was weird as ffffff guys... wtf

  25. Anthony B.

    Anthony B.Vit më parë

    Did anybody notice at 9:23 that they got up completely in sync lol

  26. samurai tim

    samurai timVit më parë

    Ooooh my the breakdowns are so accurate

  27. Rolling Kneebar

    Rolling KneebarVit më parë

    I have this same level of enthusiasm about Jits...I aspire to be Rener one day.

  28. bouama hichem

    bouama hichemVit më parë


  29. Joshua Schwartz

    Joshua SchwartzVit më parë

    Belly to back throws or suplexes are great for dealing some extra damage but more importantly are used for disorientation, as getting thrown will leave you off balance and open you up to strikes or submissions. So my question is, why is it you don't train it, or maybe you do, but it didn't seem like you were well versed in how the move works?

  30. Katy Lee

    Katy LeeVit më parë

    Do the "Khabib Nurmagomedov Gracie breakdown", please.

  31. Sam Sule

    Sam SuleVit më parë

    Hi, how can I train BJJ technique at home, without a rolling partner?

  32. Karl AKA OG

    Karl AKA OGVit më parë

    9:22 Pure flow.synchronised standing.

  33. kopxpert

    kopxpertVit më parë

    So DJ was in tears when he saw Anderson triangled Sonnen... hahahaha

  34. jumanji

    jumanjiVit më parë

    Watch at 9:23 how they both get up the exact same way at the same time ! Mirroring each other

  35. Richard Westerlind

    Richard WesterlindVit më parë

    Right, I love that. Great breakdowns. You guys are the shit. But I asked a question before about the style you'd hate the most. I said a Muay Thai guy with great Wrestling abilities. Wouldn't you not agree (Obviously he has some jiu jitsu).

  36. SV Cash Flow

    SV Cash FlowVit më parë

    Also Rener I saw you tried this "cross-stepping-proof-triangle" with Brian, when can we see an explanation of how he escaped? PS i was looking forward to seeing a submission from you until they ended the session prematurely

  37. SV Cash Flow

    SV Cash FlowVit më parë

    Rener if it wasnt for you I'd be dead

  38. SV Cash Flow

    SV Cash FlowVit më parë

    Eu estoa diver minha vida aos Gracies. Treinei no Gracie Academy em Cape Town, gostaria de ser um sinto azul antes de bazar mais prontos eu tenho que presigir dinhero

  39. Art of street work out

    Art of street work outVit më parë

    please make a break down of faze banks vs barley house

  40. David Whitaker

    David WhitakerVit më parë

    You guys! You gotta break down the Ultimate Fighter Finale from tonight. The fights aren't even over yet and there have been SO many submissions, even a calf slicer in like the first minute!

  41. Esham Smith

    Esham SmithVit më parë

    I fkn love your videos!!!

  42. boonster

    boonsterVit më parë

    Rener should fight once in mma

  43. AlfieBatchelor:)

    AlfieBatchelor:)Vit më parë

    Im from UK and would like to learn Jiu jitsu, I am quite unfit and not very flexible :(

  44. d1m4e

    d1m4eVit më parë

    Rener is the best,very nice behavior,good skills,very good person...Rener is God

  45. LuckyZevanns 88

    LuckyZevanns 88Vit më parë

    9:22 what the fuck

  46. nonoo

    nonooVit më parë

    Wheres GSP vs. Bisping breakdown?

  47. edwin gomez

    edwin gomezVit më parë

    Breakdown gsp vs bisping

  48. Dennis Zubov

    Dennis ZubovVit më parë

    Breakdown GSP's RNC

  49. minkyu lee

    minkyu leeVit më parë

    Love jiu jitsu

  50. Thomas S.

    Thomas S.Vit më parë

    What do you suggest for judoka who want to improve their groundwork? I dont want to learn kneebars and stuff. Any videos, techniques etc that you recommend?

  51. Otto Weininger

    Otto Weininger2 vjet më parë

    What happened to Rener, he runs his mouth non stop!!! Almost a monologue...

  52. lord duck

    lord duck2 vjet më parë

    Yo Gracie’s can you guys make a video on how to use jiujitsu to beat an ameridote fighter? Before you call back to any techniques you already have please watch the videos of master ken the greatest martial artist that ever was and ever will be where he breaks down why jiujitsu is bullshit *hurticanes away*

  53. Epic Guy Reborn

    Epic Guy Reborn2 vjet më parë

    Love this channle ive learned more watching this then actualy paying attention in the class that im in

  54. KFC 101

    KFC 1012 vjet më parë

    Hey Gracie university, could u teach us how to deal with side mount or how to follow up a side mount

  55. Pithaah

    Pithaah2 vjet më parë

    Where can i see the most recent ufc fights?

  56. Bienvenido Sanchez

    Bienvenido Sanchez2 vjet më parë

    These are true words " Some people are jiu-jitsu ".

  57. Bruno Mereu

    Bruno Mereu2 vjet më parë

    I just love your enthusiasm. You guys rock! I wish I could still do BJJ.

  58. Angel Feliz

    Angel Feliz2 vjet më parë

    hated that submission from anderson cause a sonnen guy

  59. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer2 vjet më parë

    Why the hell do all the Gracie names start with an R... it's fucking silent anyway

  60. severalpaperclips

    severalpaperclips2 vjet më parë

    Rener: [asks Ryron a question] Ryron: [about to answer] Rener: [continues talking]