Millionaire Spends $100,000 Dollars on Shoe Shopping Spree!!!

Millionaire Prettyboyfredo goes Sneaker Shopping and Hypebeast Streetwear Shopping at sneaker store CoolKicks in Los Angeles and go on a crazy $1000,000 shopping spree for the rarest and most expensive sneakers and streetwear clothing items. Buying off-white, supreme, jordans, bape, nike, adidas and more!
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    Damn I’m subbed already, I can’t unsubscribe, been here too long

  3. Brennan Dorton

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    Prettyboyfredo I did all of it

  4. LilMaine VEVO

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    It’s Lit🔥🔥 Spent Da Bag💰

  5. santiago florez

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    Can I get the cheapest shoes

  6. Anthony Murillo

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    🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 living the best life

  7. Cam Smith

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    I been waiting for my shoes for a lil min

  8. Zandarrius Blakely

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    fredo u the best your the best youtuber ever and your goated

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  10. Victoria’s Channel

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    I love you fredo

  11. Joseph Errua

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    So much heat 🔥

  12. yoseph Ivgi

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    Hurts my heart u shuda copped all this on goat or stock x

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  14. Arch Villain Rahn Jarobi

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    damn wish i could see this vid kn my phone

  15. Ruthless Merks

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    Unavalible on this device?!

  16. Ducky Fwm

    Ducky FwmDitë më parë

    Bro you should just brought hella black and white forces and give them away

  17. Rayshaun Wheaton

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    Can I get one of them shoes

  18. Hunter Smith

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    Can you get me a pair of all black yeezys size 15 please I’ve never had yeezys

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    I saw you and you said I will be in the vid


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    Done ✅

  22. Jakey Pooh

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    You know what’s crazy I got to go to school with the same 4 outfits everyday and can’t get more cause my mom always working then this guy is getting mad he didn’t spend 100k on shoes 😭

  23. Tarius Martin

    Tarius MartinDitë më parë

    Can you still win shoes ?

  24. TheGoldenBuilder X

    TheGoldenBuilder XDitë më parë

    No cap turn up 100,000

  25. Ronald Dorsey

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    He bought Dem shoes foe him 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😭

  26. Brianna B

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    When your new girl look like the knock off great value version of jasmine. YIKES.

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    Brianna B new girl BADDERRR🤦🏾‍♀️

  28. Steakandcheese

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    The girl on the register soo mad ... thinking shes on $10 per hour and he’s screaming in her face spending 60k

  29. Randolf Scott

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  30. Offical Nlvry

    Offical NlvryDitë më parë

    At least he admits he's a millionaire unlike some ALworksrs

  31. Vishi's Story Golele

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    Remember you got fans in South Africa as well...not only the Americans.

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    You crazy and lit 🔥

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    What’s the instrumental at 5:44 it’s 🔥

  36. ronye Chatman

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    You only bout one pair of shoes for yo daughter

  37. Антон Казаков

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    Набрал хуйни на 100к

  38. Sharifa Simmons

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  39. Donnell Belton

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    Would be dope to win some off whites 🤭 no cap but follow the gram d_thangg3

  40. Jose Perez

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    Let me get a size 13

  41. Ethan Xiong

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    damn, one day ill be this boujee😂

  42. Jervin Farquharson-Cargill

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    please fredo im a fan can i have one please

  43. Jervin Farquharson-Cargill

    Jervin Farquharson-Cargill2 ditë më parë

    Can i get one pleaseeeer

  44. Squishy Clan

    Squishy Clan2 ditë më parë

    I have did everything for the give away

  45. Lukizzy

    Lukizzy2 ditë më parë

    DAMNNN Thats a throw back when he met Malik he helped so many kid jit built so much and helped so many kids like when he gave that kid those ovo's and was helping that 1 kid with that shopping spree a long time ago i really miss the basket ball challenges he yoused to do with his fans like the 1v1s for those gray 12 and the flu games

  46. Donnie da don we the mob171

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    Nobody fucking with yo channel bro

  47. Shalon Thompkins

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    Someone link that vid with Malik in this video for me please.

  48. Ryzek7 Costa

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    95% of those shoes are ass

  49. Jose TRINIDAD

    Jose TRINIDAD2 ditë më parë

    I do everything i hope i win a pair best youtuber fredo

  50. Jeru Mathews

    Jeru Mathews2 ditë më parë

    How come I ain’t get my pair yet I did all the steps at the end of the video 🤷🏽‍♂️🤕

  51. Gt Squad

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    Next video..... " my new shoe collection"😂

  52. Bryant Washburn

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    Damn bro u tryna help a kid out with my college tuition

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    Can I have 100,000 dollars 😂😄😅😅😅😄

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    Hope I win

  55. Dedeaux Brown

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    can i get some shoes i am a size 8

  56. JACK Watson

    JACK Watson2 ditë më parë

    Remember when you destroyed your old camera mans car and got him a new one

  57. JACK Watson

    JACK Watson2 ditë më parë

    Wow honestly if I could afford nice shows no would buy them but I wear Wal-Mart shoes because we can't afford shoes like that. Your a lucky guy btw your videos are dope keep up da nice work

  58. Andrew Gourzong

    Andrew Gourzong2 ditë më parë

    Fredo is really in the top 5 for best youtubers

  59. Various Artists - Topic

    Various Artists - Topic2 ditë më parë

    *_What's the song name called?_*

  60. Real Rare Tv

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    Man fredoooooo an I just want 1 pair

  61. TobiRains

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    Really like the best big brother fredo I got a lot of respect for you 🤕💪🏾⚡️

  62. TobiRains

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    Way so you moving to LA I see

  63. Putitomalo

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    this nigga look like donkey

  64. Dean Keenan

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    Yeah i did fredo big big fan of your contant