Steezy Kane and Ryan Trahan joined me for a ALworks 3 on 3 football game in which I got exposed..
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    I’m sorry i had to re-upload this y’all. ALworks was playing with me yesterday 😪 but RUN UP MY LIKES!

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    Deestroying what’s the name of the beat at 0:12

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    It’s okay cause we can’t handle what happens in the future

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    Deestroying your the best football player ever

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    yo look at 16:09 or 16:13, bro steezy was wide open but he still wanted you to catch it when u had pretty much everyone that guy was not that good

  8. devan boyd

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    of a thrower

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    any1 kno what the outro song is called?

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    They were saying ready set go not hike 😂😂😂

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    never win give aways but imma try anyways

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    Hey man I'm not trying to troll you but on God everything you do makes no sense. Like ur a football player and you sold out for youtube lol. I know you are making money but you say stay ten toes down. It's catchy we "kids" like it but in all reality all you are doing is stealing off the youth on merch.... not perfecting you're craft.... consistently bragging about a "ALworks" charity race... that we still don't know where you're winnings went too uhmmmm.....I thought it was for charity not a down payment on a house man lol. We see you completely command your girlfriend around like it's sick man....and now 2 top it off you are possibly representing a sex offender for views...JESUS. I don't see how your channel came to this Mr drip delay"who" 😂

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    Hey deesrtyoing I wish I could get the giveaway but I’m to toying to pay for it my self and im too young to get instagram and just to let you know your my favorite youtuber and I think that who ever kicked you out of there team for ALworks is super dum cause now there missing out on the lits kicker it feels disrespectful to call you kicker cause you can do any position cause your just that good and agian its awesome to see you on this journey to succes and can’t wait to see you in the nfl super bowl cause your just that good P.s. this is your 1 number one fan Julian

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    Actually loved this vid😂


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    Steezy be third wheeling


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    12:04 he thrower a pick because the guy rushed at 3 seconds not 5 so he forced him to throw

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    Aye I done did the thing for the giveaway ✅


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    Did it my photo on my ig is a red mcm bookgag and my name is ricky love ur vids on god tentoesdown gang

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    And it’s on Tuesday

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    Come to my school we are the best in the state and I am really one of your biggest fans we are currently located in Duncanville Texas and we play at 5:30 at old panthers stadium

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    outro song name?

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    Did Steezy know y’all were playing football? Lol

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    what’s the beat at 0:12