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Who knows their partner the best?
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  1. Leo Wooden

    Leo Wooden10 minuta më parë

    Why the hell is bazzagazza wearing smg4 merch

  2. EdgYChris 220

    EdgYChris 22055 minuta më parë

    It could be Baza Cray and Tanner tbh

  3. Xq_Gamer 56HU

    Xq_Gamer 56HU2 orë më parë

    In 0:21 I think i know what happened in Paris

  4. Place Marius yt 58

    Place Marius yt 586 orë më parë

    Marcus: saying his name is not Marcus Me: thinking my life is a Lie.

  5. YeetLazar3333 Yeet

    YeetLazar3333 Yeet13 orë më parë


  6. Scott's tube

    Scott's tube20 orë më parë


  7. Scott's tube

    Scott's tube20 orë më parë


  8. Crazyhawks

    CrazyhawksDitë më parë

    My favourite is L and E.

  9. Bladen Keene

    Bladen Keene2 ditë më parë

    When tanner asked what is lannans favorite ALworksr I thought it was kwebblecob

  10. Mike Urquhart

    Mike Urquhart2 ditë më parë

    anyone notice tannars hickey

  11. Puddycat

    Puddycat2 ditë më parë

    Honestly my favorite Click video.

  12. Illuminati's high

    Illuminati's high3 ditë më parë

    Kath and Marcus were yelling out answers

  13. *jax* Ss

    *jax* Ss3 ditë më parë

    10:28 noice

  14. Zer0 Ski11z

    Zer0 Ski11z4 ditë më parë

    Kath thinking us Canadian’s are nice

  15. francios dauteuil

    francios dauteuil4 ditë më parë

    Lets be honest with ourselves, Liv is probably the most attractive one in the house and of the couples. Somehow she stays with the angry loud potato and I am amazed. :/ XD

  16. AelredXD ML Gamer

    AelredXD ML Gamer4 ditë më parë

    Ilsa has big watermelons hahaha

  17. alex piccinato

    alex piccinato4 ditë më parë

    Marcus is hot. Cray 2019

  18. thenights knight

    thenights knight5 ditë më parë

    Loserfruit: everyone in canada is so nice Me a canadian: beat the sh*t out of my best friend during grade 2

  19. Hyp3S4v4g3

    Hyp3S4v4g35 ditë më parë

    Hey lazarbeam won without being carried by fresh that’s cool

  20. Isabelle Forrester

    Isabelle Forrester5 ditë më parë

    8:01 made me laugh so much!!😂😂😂

  21. Katie Lukas

    Katie Lukas5 ditë më parë


  22. Jiskyyy Gaming

    Jiskyyy Gaming5 ditë më parë

    Marcus Llyod butler

  23. Josh Edmonds

    Josh Edmonds5 ditë më parë

    Bazz- we’re just friends Cray in tik tok voice- you say we’re just friends but friends don’t know how you taste

  24. DylDJM9

    DylDJM95 ditë më parë

    I mean 18 of December

  25. DylDJM9

    DylDJM95 ditë më parë

    Marcus Lloyd butler (born in December 1991

  26. Denisz Kincs

    Denisz Kincs5 ditë më parë

    Why is the click logo blacked out?

  27. Jarrod Whybrow

    Jarrod Whybrow5 ditë më parë

    Crays photo at the top left looks like cernal mustard

  28. Ak-47L Bubble

    Ak-47L Bubble6 ditë më parë

    Live in usa

  29. Casey O'Connelll

    Casey O'Connelll6 ditë më parë

    The hairline of marces😂😂😂

  30. Daschel Neighbor

    Daschel Neighbor7 ditë më parë

    Then: Cray says he has only kissed Marcus Now: What about lannan

  31. Benjamin Villa Larroudet

    Benjamin Villa Larroudet7 ditë më parë


  32. Mr Dino

    Mr Dino7 ditë më parë


  33. ItsJRgaming

    ItsJRgaming7 ditë më parë

    17:57 when u win a game with 4 kills instead of 3

  34. Andrew Krieg

    Andrew Krieg7 ditë më parë

    I thought Lannans biggest fear was TTV’s

  35. Wyatt McHenry

    Wyatt McHenry7 ditë më parë

    2:50 my dad has the same thing

  36. CGT-GRIM Gaming

    CGT-GRIM Gaming7 ditë më parë

    4:38 Lannan 😏

  37. Saviour 69

    Saviour 698 ditë më parë

    i know lazar beam than his girlfriend

  38. liz lee

    liz lee8 ditë më parë

    F**k you kath NZ is better!!!

  39. ry valdez

    ry valdez8 ditë më parë

    This is literally just like Obama 1:57

  40. Max Flett

    Max Flett9 ditë më parë

    If loserfruit and Marcus have a kid that kid is gonna be fucking ugly

  41. K1LLer W0lf

    K1LLer W0lf9 ditë më parë

    Idk why Elliot has such a beautiful girlfriend😂 no hate❤️, I still love u 2

  42. DecidueyeStudios

    DecidueyeStudios9 ditë më parë

    This is the video that Cray fell for Tannar

  43. Melon

    Melon9 ditë më parë

    Eliot: *likes Tf2* Mueslk OGs: *happiness noises*

  44. Judah Babcock

    Judah Babcock9 ditë më parë

    We oof

  45. Kyle Tran

    Kyle Tran9 ditë më parë

    I’m over here with no middle name

  46. NinjaFuryGamer

    NinjaFuryGamer10 ditë më parë

    Lazar Beam If you live in USA live in Lowell Massachusetts

  47. Jonah Rofail

    Jonah Rofail10 ditë më parë

    Muselk gf is so ugly and werid

  48. K10 Max

    K10 Max10 ditë më parë

    Who here after lannan kissed cray

  49. Ob-7 House

    Ob-7 House11 ditë më parë


  50. Thomas Hopman

    Thomas Hopman11 ditë më parë

    I live in the netherlands

  51. GDM X

    GDM X11 ditë më parë

    Wait bazza is wearing a smg4 shirt

  52. GDM X

    GDM X11 ditë më parë

    Wait bazza is wearing a smg4 shirt

  53. GDM X

    GDM X11 ditë më parë

    Wait bazza is wearing a smg4 shirt

  54. Alicia Prescott

    Alicia Prescott11 ditë më parë

    Lannan got wayyyy to pumped 😂

  55. Lucas Torelli

    Lucas Torelli11 ditë më parë

    Marcus‘s real name is Jonathan

  56. I'm the wild retard 1234

    I'm the wild retard 123411 ditë më parë

    Play sudnotica

  57. Emontae Bell

    Emontae Bell11 ditë më parë


  58. CriptikC

    CriptikC12 ditë më parë


  59. MMA Elite

    MMA Elite12 ditë më parë


  60. Logan Finley

    Logan Finley13 ditë më parë

    Wtf you didn't give Landon the point