A kicker / Wide receiver playing in the NFL? Thats scary! I hope you enjoy Episode 4 of this series as I vlog my Kicker journey to the NFL!
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    But you not in the NFL, so not the first

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    You can go to The nfl just keep Tryan then you will exceed

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    Song at 10:49

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    14:36 have you realized that your spelled every, “evey” and either, “eaither?” Just curious

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    Start to get more into tryin to get into the nfl and stop makin videos. Not saying that u have to stop your whole life. But yeah trust me it will work😉

  10. Tomas Pimentel Sanchez

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    To the 138 people that disliked this post, tf is wrong with y’all ? This dude is entertaining and he’s doing it all while trying to make it to the NFL and clearly he might just have the skill set to do so. Good luck Dee!

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    What’s that 69 CHEIF KEEF song called ??

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    On some real shit I hope you get signed! It would be cool if you came to baltimore lol youd have to battle with Justin Tucker for them extra points tho

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    Too much horse playing around and dancing. I hope you don’t make it. I don’t want you in my city

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    We tryna stay in shape and he talkin bout 10 piece chicken McNugget

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    I wished you kicked slower instead of rushing your sequences and modified your strength for closer goals. Breathe before you kick and zone in. Each step and attempt is special. mind over matter

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    What is that song wit you and Troy it’s straight fire

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    And ochocinco

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    I'm a linebacker and d linemen too slow and too weak I got winter spring and summer to get right for my freshman season

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    Dylan Cintron POWER CLEAN SQUAT BENCH and hit them field workouts and trust the work and ull be fine

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    Have you met Shaquille and Shaquem Griffin

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    don't look at the field goal in just face ur plant foot the direction u want the ball to go

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    yo man u gotta go allll da way downnnnn on those pushups

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    Did he make it into the nfl

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    I really like that you’re very accountable. You didn’t not do any pushups because ‘crap, you missed.’ You acknowledged it, you realized that wasn’t your standard and you grinded out those pushups.

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    @deestroying im trying to go the nfl too bro connect me so we can get that work in together and you can help me with pointers and i can help you please let me know im playing semi pro rn and want to take it further

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    I love your intro.

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    I love your work ethic men🚀💯you make me wanna work hard too my name daishean jamison watch out for me Imma commet under all your videos and show some more support you gone hear of me best RB in the nation fastes nigga out her when I'm sixteen Imma make a big year with 45 touchdowns the whole season and Imma tell them where I got my work ethic from deestroying💯🚀

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    Dude u r a really good kicker!!

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    Are receivers allowed to be kickers in the nfl?

  39. Swayzo Crazo

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    Believe it or not there was players that did it all like me on the field. I'll score on you on off then make you fumble on def and score on you. How do you want it. I can't kick yet

  40. iCabSC

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    "And if it's down the middle, 10. F**k it." Rock with the grind!

  41. Jack Linton

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    Just do a day of conditioning and not kicking instead of doing both at once

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    That push up form is so bad.

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    You use premier pro to edit your vids?

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    What type of cleats are those? Name?

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    Wes welker was a kicker and a kick returner and a slot receiver

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    Between you and justin tucker you guys are my favorite place kickers man

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    Good job bro please get drafted on my team the eagles

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    How aren’t you in the NFL?

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    Do a punting video

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    Go to da cowboys

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    All suport from Brazil❤️🇧🇷

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    What is ur name on ps4 my name is DmoneyDashie

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    I do the orange justice

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    You should do squats to build leg muscle instead of push-up building arm muscle

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    Wes welker?

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    Your an awsome kicker

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    How is he not in the nfl yet

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    We need u on the browns

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    Looking forward to using you in Madden

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    how far do u kick when doing these videos

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