moms in horror movies


  1. Gus Johnson

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    ok good video subscribe to gus subscribe to jamie subscribe to sabrina subscribe to a more positive way of thinking

  2. Kayla Sheppard

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    I would die if you and Sabrina did a makeup tutorial of her putting on makeup, and you and Eddy doing voiceover. We need that

  3. 5 subs no vids

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    What happened to the thumbnail

  4. XaZa

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    Where do I buy your keyboard

  5. Moritz Korsch

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    You should be the normal guy and anyone else the crazy character in most of the videos. Watching you act stupid all the time gets old real quick and you act WAY better when you are the relateable serious guy, not the bumbling idiot

  6. mattis.a _official

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    I mean it’s ... ah I hate this

  7. Ajc 7575

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    “Mmmm no, I don’t like that” *walks away* How to deal with horror movies.

  8. Gabriel Hoekstra

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    "I just don't like that."

  9. Uhhlaneuh

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    You should be on Tim and Eric

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    _i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate yoooooooooooooou_

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    My parents every normal day as they never believe anything

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    when did my mother have a 3rd son?

  13. GucciFlipFlop

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    Thats a hairy 11yr old

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  15. The Everything Nothing Show

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    When you want to laugh but your mom’s a sociopath irl so it’s just uncomfortable to watch. Feels bad man.

  16. Headless Gorilla

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    This is how my Mother behaves, and I'm not even in a horror movie.

  17. GingerBeardGeek

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    The way he said "that's a little demon girl" had me in stitches

  18. Truman Sharp

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    Who snaps to get their mom's attention

  19. Hell Boy

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    Mom: no there isn’t Gus: What

  20. LovelyWater Art

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    Why is this so ACCURATE?!?

  21. Gabe Swindler

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    I come running into the room exclaiming to my mother "mom there is a demon please help" my mother readily snaps back "no why do you hate this family so much why would you fo this to us uagagahauaga" I then die.

  22. The Cereal Guy

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  23. Brad the impaler

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    This is definitely a 2003 Chrysler Voyager moment

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  25. The Overlord

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    Jumpscare list: 0:04 1:03 You're welcome guys

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    omg so true ahahhahahahahh

  27. QMan1234red

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    Famous actor James Allen McCune does a really good shane dawson

  28. Amber Ferrell

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    Only famous actor James Allen McCune could give such depth to the role.

  29. A ct from cs source

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    ngl the demon is cute and sexy af

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  31. Aaron madazz Morgan

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    I think the mother was way more scarier!

  32. Silent Human

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    0:07 when my uncle blows a fat load in my raw ass.

  33. Silent Human

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    0:07 when my uncle blows a fat load in my ass

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  36. Jake K

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    This also always happens in kids movies where some kind of magic thing is happening that only the kids understand at first, and it always pissed me off when I'd watch these movies as a kid and this sketch makes me feel validated in such an indescribably deep way.

  37. KeepIt EddieMurphy

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    Spooky box

  38. saliorseal

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    but.. gus is usually the mom

  39. Brad Ng

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    Why'd you throw the box... Literally in every horror movie with a child in it lol

  40. Danny Preklas

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    Gus why did you upload the entirety of the babadook?

  41. Matthew Herring

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    What movies would that happen in😂

  42. Rise5 Xanny

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    Best video

  43. Steve Worrell

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    Mum actor. On point.

  44. ʙᴀsɪᴄ ᴡʜɪᴛᴇ ɢɪʀʟ

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    I love Gus Johnson so much

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    i love this new guy

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    0:30 The gestures tho!

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    "You're just a stupid kid *_pffft_* who doesn't know any better!"

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    0:06 *nope nope nope, NAH* xD

  49. karda009

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    Scream is the best movie cuz her mom is dead. 10/10

  50. Sohaib Saraz

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    It's like the stupidest thing in every other horror movie that there won't be any ghost when her family member/friends walks in his room with him! 🙄

  51. thearmedknight

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    You are lying

  52. Private Frost

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    1:00 ITZ AH VROOM BOI(Racecar)

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    0:20 LOOOOOOOL

  54. Seth Allen

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    Anyone who watches subtitles knows the real meme at the end LOL

  55. I know I'm a Retard because

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    In insidious its different

  56. Jake Pique

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    What is the outro music? I love the tone

  57. You can call me Cal

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    It’s “Guess You Could Say” from Gus’ album Lightning Rods and Leaky Roofs

  58. Jeremy Cremen

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    I've literally been standing in the same spot

  59. Jane

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    “Oh I just don’t like that”

  60. I'm Adam

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    i just dont like that

  61. Mohammed Owais Sayed

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    MICROWAVE : 1:01

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    Wait Bus your 11?!?!

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    This sounds like my mom

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    I am glad this is not the first video I've seen from you...

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    il happy i subscribed to this channel