China threatening to ban rare earth minerals to the United States


  1. Sita Tiwari

    Sita Tiwari2 ditë më parë

    Great china

  2. Al Ithivongkham

    Al Ithivongkham23 ditë më parë

    Please do so China s u can build something better than weapons lol

  3. Hik Vision

    Hik Vision28 ditë më parë

    US Global Cops are not scared yet ? China will find more trade partners.

  4. Hendrawan Jaya

    Hendrawan JayaMuaj më parë

    Don't worry easy win right

  5. XiaoYu Liu

    XiaoYu LiuMuaj më parë

    All reports on rare earth metal for the past weeks, I have not seen any words on it from Chinese governments. It actually was stirred up by US media first, and chinese social media seems to pick it up afterward. Rare earth metal are not rare, and the production is not irreplaceable. I can hardly see restricting exporting can cause any long term effect. Maybe to those mines or processing companies pop up on the opportunity (to capture the market Chinese left) they would face difficulties when chinese export re-open (if ever restricted) like after 2013 (all but one US rare earth mine escaped bankruptcy after china's initial restriction and later re-open of rare earth mineral exports.

  6. Mean Max

    Mean MaxMuaj më parë

    Yes there are reserves outside china and also in the US but I believe the mine in California was closed. It'll cost the US billions of dollars in the process of mining on thier own or buying from another country. So yes they'll be fine for the medium term but in the long term it's bad because China has more reserves than Vietnam and Australia combined.

  7. ikm64

    ikm64Muaj më parë

    Well, it looks like Australia and Myanmar are in for a killing... Not to mention arbitrage actors. Ya, what? That's an Australian mining company buying Chinese rare Earth metals through a third party and then sells it to America at an inflated price...Yep the only long term loser in this game will be China...everyone else makes a killing.

  8. Nunum Sinclairs

    Nunum SinclairsMuaj më parë

    we asean not need america influence...we already have BRICS and we can develope ours economy for glorious than america... #AseanSupportChina

  9. Albert Chu

    Albert ChuMuaj më parë

    Why want to supply this kind of hypocrites and troublemakers country !!! Ask them to go and fly kite !!! Better use it to manufacture more wars assets and nuclear missiles to protect China and it’s citizens from this big bully country !!! If they can banned Huawei from US, so China also have the right to stopped the supply of this product to US too !!!

  10. ewqdsacxz765

    ewqdsacxz765Muaj më parë

    1:04 I had no idea rare earth minerals were used to produce butt plugs.

  11. Gentle man

    Gentle manMuaj më parë

    Let’s do it! It’s time to slow down US progress.

  12. Daniel Gutierrez

    Daniel GutierrezMuaj më parë

    Hey china. How’s that economy doing?

  13. Ice baby

    Ice babyMuaj më parë

    Trade war is a lose-lose war, neither China nor the US will win.

  14. Yasoboy

    YasoboyMuaj më parë

    China, please don't just threaten, just do it. Stop all rare earth shipment to US and her allies.

  15. Hayden Philbert

    Hayden PhilbertMuaj më parë

    China is going choke the life out of the rest of the world with trade...

  16. John Verbasi

    John VerbasiMuaj më parë

    Only China has heavy REE look it up Wikipedia the rest of world only has light REE sucked in americunts 😂😂

  17. Gei Xiong

    Gei XiongMuaj më parë White Imperialist keep singing the same song . The song of whatever you do is for Democracy and Human Rights . If anyone else can do better than you then you cry of threat . You Westerners are so low Class, yet you call yourself civilized ... THAT MUST BE YOUR NATURE..WHITE IS COLORLESS , IT'S PLAIN AND DULL BUT YOU CLAIMED COLORFUL.. EVERYTIME, SOMEONE SHOWS TRANSPARENT, IT EXPOSE YOU TO BE FRIGHTEN ...YOU ARE PITIFUL .😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😎

  18. Aiden W

    Aiden WMuaj më parë

    The USA is actually has a lot of these rare Earth metals. But, China flooded our market with their cheap mined quantities. Its about time we start paying Americans to mine these. The Hell with China.

  19. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    LoL, and it has nothing to do with environmental law? you outsource the entire industries out because its better to create pollution elsewhere, blaming others is really easy.

  20. Manuel Hernaez

    Manuel HernaezMuaj më parë

    I demand that China stop exporting rare earth metals to the USA now. China don't be shy ban the export and show the world the power of the Chinese Empire. The USA is now a very poor country. I am now so poor I can't afford to buy a brand new German made car which is a very sad and traumatic experience. Driving a Fiat is not fun in California!

  21. P Le

    P LeMuaj më parë

    China is so smart it hurts trump.

  22. Dan Man

    Dan ManMuaj më parë

    American media is so obsessed with stocks. It's like an addiction.

  23. Chane Downs

    Chane DownsMuaj më parë

    WOW What a great channel. I haven't seen this many race baiting basement dwelling morons with a kindergarten education leave so many comments just like they were written by stellar people.... with iq's less than room temp.

  24. John Cheung

    John CheungMuaj më parë

    Let JESUS support ALL Christians in China and ALL Nations vs. US Trade War.

  25. We The People

    We The PeopleMuaj më parë

    Canada and Australia has rare earth elements, China is not the only country sitting with rare earth elements, Canada will ramp up production. Great opportunity for Canada, when China closes it doors.Dont believe all you hear on Yahoo . Canada also has large amounts of Uranium in Northern Saskatchewan, which is also where rare earth elements come from so go at it China, USA, Canada will fill the gap.

  26. We The People

    We The PeopleMuaj më parë

    Yep and the Idiot Trudeau will be gone in October, total disaster for a PM, and corrupt, Fired AG because would not drop charges agains SNC for bribery. Yep like the Democrats Canada is weeding out the Corrupt Garbage.

  27. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    @We The People oh yeah you do, so you must be very thankful of Philippine, they sending back ships of canadian rubbish for you to extract whatever you can. but if you do have that kind of recycling capability, you wouldnt have throwing rubbish into other's backyard, and calling them polluting the world. such typical drama, i telling you the difficulty of restarting a industries you long given up, instead you tell me how great canada is and how polluted china is? like, wats the point, i not even from china. and from the international news, the picture is simple, your corporate controlled government fully utilize developing countries' need of advancement and setup polluting factories there, you forced them to import your shit saying its cheaper to extract something useful from your shit, after which you use mass media propaganda to brainwash the whole world in believing its all developing countries fault that the world is being polluted. right, typical arrogant deepshit, but its my fault too, should have see that coming from your username, typical "we (i represent) the people"

  28. We The People

    We The PeopleMuaj më parë

    Remember Recycling Computer Hardware, is reclaiming the Rare Earth Elements in Computers. That recycling industry will become very large in US and Canada, recycling without tearing up the Planet, and polluting like China does.

  29. We The People

    We The PeopleMuaj më parë

    Alfred Wan That’s why China is so polluted, it has very poor environmental laws. Having worked in both mining and oil, pulp and paper industry, Canada has strict pollution regulations, especially on the West Coast of Canada, you pollute a Salmon bearing river, and you are in for some serious grief. Remember Salmon rivers come under Federal Laws. The First totally closed loop pulp and Paper Mill was on Vancouver Island, Federal Law says you can’t release effluent into any Salmon bearing stream or Estuary. China doesn’t give a dam. It even feeds babies Melamine contaminated food, oh yes we know.

  30. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    The problem however is not mining the thing out, USA itself has plenty, the problem is the mineral extradition and processing turning them into useful metal, and decades of absence in the industry (similar to manufacturing sector), not much country has that capacity.

  31. Russell Kampf

    Russell KampfMuaj më parë

    Thank you are beloved Trump supporter .For letting Trump in Office add more taxes.The old GOP would of never put up with this shit. As a Dem myself i respected the old party.You have so many GOP party members to run against Trump.

  32. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerMuaj më parë

    Shut down all trade with China and close their shipping lanes, when they provoke us into a war. Take away all homes, businesses from national Chinese residing in America. We do not need China who has been CHEATING the world for more than a decade.

  33. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerMuaj më parë

    @L98FIERO, of course, we will keep buying Chinese stuff, where else will we get the cheap shit most American women like to buy. The trade war is only partly about soybeans and computer parts, where we are ramping up India/Vietnam as a separate supply chain to punish the Chinese from threatening America in a trade war again and our main goal is stopping intellectual property THEFT china been doing for a decade and way more important that this practice STOPS! Europe has recently voted all TRUMP politicians this past week, so Europe will be fully on board when we call for a mass boycott on China products. China needs to negotiate with Trump or suffer. Balls in your court.

  34. L98FIERO

    L98FIEROMuaj më parë

    @Aaron Miller The thousands of Chinese immigrating to America are a side effect of the affluence created by the government controlled economy, like it or not, that system has pulled more Chinese out of poverty than there are people in America, further, I suspect America will still be buying from China far into the future because you don't get to decide, when the 25% tariffs trickle down, yeah, that's always the part that does trickle down, and the wages don't rise correspondingly, the 1% will buy from China again, they will probably just quietly remove the country of origin tags or some such but they _must_ have their margins, that's capitalism and oligarchies for you.

  35. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerMuaj më parë

    @L98FIERO All that said, how do you explain the 100s of thousands Chinese living and buying homes all along the west coast of America, with only a few Americans living and OWNING homes in China. I have many Chinese-Ex mainland friends and they love their culture but despise their government, plus way more hardline on china future. We don't want wars but REFUSE to accept another 4.5 trillion to china in unfair trade policies. Once again we DO NOT need China for trade! it used to be Taiwan trade

  36. L98FIERO

    L98FIEROMuaj më parë

    @Aaron Miller I'm not defending Mao but the 75 million that was suggested(the 100 million is even more exaggerated, *nobody* but a right wingnut says that!) is really much closer to 15 million, 1 is too many but damn, be at least a _little_ realistic, though that's never been a strong point of right wing arguments, has it?

  37. Aaron Miller

    Aaron MillerMuaj më parë

    @L98FIERO You and the rest of the china government should be very afraid. They have the most to lose. Plus we know there is never any crime in China and rest of the world and we won't count the 100 plus million Chinese TERMINATED by Mao.

  38. Jinx

    JinxMuaj më parë

    well, U.S. should simply stop letting China have food and clean water. One you can live without, the other.....

  39. Michael Otieno

    Michael OtienoMuaj më parë

    @devilselbow You don't seem to get it agriculture and food can be grown anywhere there is plenty of land in China Russia and Mongolia to replace American soy however rare earth is not found anywhere else and Canada has minimal reserves of rare earth it is not among the top 10. Uranium is not rare earth.

  40. Albert Chu

    Albert ChuMuaj më parë

    China can easily get it food from so many countries, Russia have ample of land and produce ample of food and in fact they are supplying to China for years and therefore China don’t need America food at all !!! China also have they own food productions and secondly China also have ample of water that they decide to supply it to they outskirts in their water planning in their country!!! So US can eat their own GM soybean and other GM foods !!!

  41. devilselbow

    devilselbowMuaj më parë

    @Michael Otieno Canadian here, we have plenty of Uranium and other rare minerals to sell to the US if china stops. We just can't currently compete with China. If they stop exporting however...

  42. Michael Otieno

    Michael OtienoMuaj më parë

    Like the Soy beans issue has shown you can grow food elsewhere but you can't extract minerals anywhere else. Argentina and Brazilian farmers are the greatest beneficiaries of the trade war so much for make America great again

  43. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    So Yanks can now forget about invading Iran. They may run out of guided missiles to strike Iran before invading.

  44. Kukenu tanu

    Kukenu tanuMuaj më parë

    China secret weapon is to release one billion political refugees unto the world and peace will reign ever after. Hehe

  45. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    devilselbow . One thing for certain in the White supremacist country like the US is they will never kill the Whites. They prefer to kill the blacks or native Americans turning them into cannon fodder for the Whites rulers.

  46. devilselbow

    devilselbowMuaj më parë

    @Papyrus Okagbue Yeah they just kill them in China, much cheaper.

  47. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Kukenu tanu . Unfortunately, such fairy tales is US propaganda. There are actually more prisoners held behind bars in the US than in China.

  48. KT Chong

    KT ChongMuaj më parë

    Rare earths are China's "most effective" weapon? LOL. Not even. China has plenty of cards to play. How about these two cards: GENERIC DRUGS and ANTIBIOTICS. Why don't you guys look into who make and supply all of them for Americans? The US loves to put sanctions on other countries and cut off medicines to those country. It's time to let Americans have a taste of their own medicines.

  49. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    @devilselbow thats why all China should do is wait, let USA continue to disrupt the global economy, let the dissatisfaction build up, if China do anything too drastic, western media can bend the reality and make people believe its China that started the trade war. Its very typical tactic of western moral warrior

  50. devilselbow

    devilselbowMuaj më parë

    It's cheaper to make there. As soon as it isn't cheaper to make in China, the companies will move production somewhere else lol. That's some master plan you've dreamed up

  51. Eugene Yeo

    Eugene YeoMuaj më parë

    Mr Xi, please consider this option seriously. I think Mr Trump is still at the Golf Course.

  52. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Eugene Yeo . The trade wars have no winners. It only help that Orangutan to rile up American nationalism for 2020 reelection. The prices of consumables are expected to go up and up and Americans are paying for all these tariffs.

  53. Yang Andrew

    Yang AndrewMuaj më parë

    China must take this rare opportunity to eliminate USA military capabilities once and for all to avoid next world war !!!

  54. Pang Tak

    Pang TakMuaj më parë

    I think as a matter of national security to China, China should stop export and ban all export of rare materials to US.

  55. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Pang Tak . Absolutely correct. China should sanction US for threatening the national security of China using rare earth produced in China.

  56. Yasin Tokat

    Yasin TokatMuaj më parë

    Most of these elements cannot be produced with that price, quantity, and efficiency. There are only a few reliable countries that produce them and most of them cannot support any export on that scale. You can translate it into "a sharp price increase".

  57. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    @devilselbow Right, if you are a very talented skilled worker of making textile, lets send you to space to blow up that incoming meteor. surely that will work.

  58. devilselbow

    devilselbowMuaj më parë

    @Papyrus Okagbue If the US doesn't have skilled labour & "intensive industry", why is Huwei currently so fucked without access US components? I'm not even from the US but my god you're an asshole lmao.

  59. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Yasin Tokat . Processing rare earth is a very labour intensive industry and it also requires highly trained labour, two vital ingredients the US can never meet at the moment. So their military industrial complexes will momentarily run out of high precision missile productions and the invasion of Iran will have to be shelved.

  60. Jerry Daniel

    Jerry DanielMuaj më parë

    USA ban huawei's. China ban rare minerals the match is 50,50 😆😆😆😆

  61. Ice baby

    Ice babyMuaj më parë

    @Jerry Daniel It is OK for not being able to use Huawei phones, but it is not OK if all the car production, lithium battery production, F35 fighter jets, spacecrafts, rockets and other military weapons production are totally shut down.

  62. John King

    John KingMuaj më parë

    @Papyrus Okagbue Good point

  63. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    John King . If you want to invade Iran, you probably need to fire hundreds and possibly thousands of guided missiles into Iran before you dare to set your troops in. You would have to postpone your plans to invade Iran for the moment.

  64. L98FIERO

    L98FIEROMuaj më parë

    @John King Yeah, the US is *always* prepared for war, that's the fallback in any negotiations.

  65. John King

    John KingMuaj më parë

    @Papyrus Okagbue One of the things about the US military is that they plan ahead. They will have stockpiles. The people who don't plan ahead, because they can't afford to, are private businesses. They can't afford to have money tied up in non-productive stocks, that's why 'just in time' manufacturing is so popular. The effect on US manufacturing is worrying.

  66. N Silva

    N SilvaMuaj më parë

    Trump can replace them with coal.

  67. Tony Woo

    Tony WooMuaj më parë

    No Trump can replace that with soybeans.

  68. Somanithel Kheang

    Somanithel KheangMuaj më parë

    How the turn table

  69. devilselbow

    devilselbowMuaj më parë

    Because China has a monopoly on these elements ohwaitheydont

  70. Simon L

    Simon LMuaj më parë

    Not bad! World War III (if happens!) would become to use stone and stick.

  71. bill hanna

    bill hannaMuaj më parë

    Israel PM " When were finished with the US they can blow away in the wind ? Agenda ?

  72. Alt Trader

    Alt TraderMuaj më parë

    Recession coming soon in US

  73. L98FIERO

    L98FIEROMuaj më parë

    @Kaze Trump *did* say he wasn't worried because the next administration would have to worry about it.

  74. Alt Trader

    Alt TraderMuaj më parë

    Now the media will say the global economy is in recession, but in reality its only USA that is in recession. Haha

  75. Kaze

    KazeMuaj më parë

    It started. By the summer of 2020, it will be full blown recession.

  76. Haha MissMiss

    Haha MissMissMuaj më parë

    Lazy american workers can use a vacation about now and a mini recession maybe what they need.

  77. Han Bulban

    Han BulbanMuaj më parë

    Lol Wait until USA puts 100% tariff rate, it will collapse Chinese economy.

  78. Nya Ma Fu Lat

    Nya Ma Fu LatMuaj më parë

    BAN..!! BAN..!! BAN..!! time to teach that cocky president a lesson

  79. Alfred Wan

    Alfred WanMuaj më parë

    @NiGiVlog So its such a good thing that USA is unchecked? within 2 decades, US system had deliver us 2 president that lost popular vote, US citizen too not approve thse dude, and this 2 president give us nothing but war. 18 years of war, it will be more historically poetic thn the 7 years war.

  80. NiGiVlog

    NiGiVlogMuaj më parë

    Dear simpleton, without these moves China's power would grow without any checks. With a president like Obama China would be super #1 by 2022... That is not a good thing for the world. Remember when Trump was gonna start WW3 with North Korea? SMH

  81. nistel SE

    nistel SEMuaj më parë

    won't be easy (in fact, will be a nightmare) to reassess and find another high quality supplier like china, and even worse if u.s. has to start building and operating its own rare earth minerals mines. i know as i am related to the IT sector and parts procurement/manufacturing. trump should not have abused his executive capacity to kidnap huawei's prez's daughter and to now ban huawei. a very rash, hypocritical, fatal mistake. (worst mistake since usa decided to go to war with 'little vietnam.') especially the 'spying' excuse has no evidence. usa itself is the worst menace in terms of spying, according to ed snowden. china is much more determined to now leap so much farther ahead as it will make everything it needs in-country/domestically, as china has the enviable status of possessing unlimited talent/manpower/materials/tech/money. china is deadly serious now in its intention to turn usa into a weak or even negligible rival. (even global companies are now apprehensive about doing biz in usa, which is a far worse prospect for the usa than u.s./global companies moving from china to low-quality inexperienced manufacturing locales like india/philippines with lazy undisciplined workers, etc., lol.) the dragon is awakened, and all thanks to the three stooges (trump, bannon, bolton).

  82. Patricia Blea

    Patricia BleaMuaj më parë

    You are 100 percent correct. Trump awakened the sleeping dragon.

  83. Han Bulban

    Han BulbanMuaj më parë

    nistel SE you are a traitor, Chinese dog

  84. kisuna mayan

    kisuna mayanMuaj më parë

    this is obviously that china fight back politically disaster...US worried about security issues and not for the trade dare you china...c'mon dragon fly be fair

  85. kisuna mayan

    kisuna mayanMuaj më parë

    @Jason Low : relax little kung fu....stay awake and take your medicines before you trying to argument with me....just remember what mom advice is...hehe

  86. Jason Low

    Jason LowMuaj më parë

    if you want fair.. then proof the point that huawei has the security thread...

  87. Desmond Cheah

    Desmond CheahMuaj më parë

    Why use the word " Threatening"? Seems like everything is a National Security Threat. You can name it. Perhaps from textile to soap, even stationery. Hmm.... all China products.

  88. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Desmond Cheah . The US can never sanction China because virtually all the goods are produced in China except commercial airplanes but C919 is coming up soon and as such, the US can never sanction China.

  89. john wing kay Ip

    john wing kay IpMuaj më parë

    America done so much bad things to China , really should stop exporting rare minerals to U.S

  90. Janice KSM

    Janice KSMMuaj më parë

    If China stop exporting the rare earth, then US can't sell their weapon to other countries like Saudi etc for war. Actually is good!

  91. Ice baby

    Ice babyMuaj më parë

    @Michael Rich Many countries have rare earths, but they can't use the raw materials directly, they have to send them to China for processing, China dominates 97% of world's rare earths processing. Trump underestimated China, maybe he knew nothing about rare earths and the consequences involved should China retaliates.

  92. Albert Chu

    Albert ChuMuaj më parë

    Rare earth is not rare but do they have the technology and manpower’s to mine and extract it at a low cost as China and in the short period, US definitely can’t mine to have it. Maybe another few years time !!!

  93. Michael Rich

    Michael RichMuaj më parë

    Rare Earth is not that rare.

  94. Tenzin Wangpo

    Tenzin WangpoMuaj më parë

    All of those mineral are extract from Tibet.

  95. Papyrus Okagbue

    Papyrus OkagbueMuaj më parë

    Inner Mongolia is the world largest rare earth producing region.

  96. Sushi Jam

    Sushi JamMuaj më parë

    @Shawn Li I can confirm. Anyone who has been following this for more than a day would already know that.

  97. Shawn Li

    Shawn LiMuaj më parë

    You're full of shit. The major cities in which rare earths were mined are Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, and Guangxi.

  98. Larrynne seek

    Larrynne seekMuaj më parë

    Ban ban rare earth to all white countries, Japan and Korea, all lapdogs of US and US asshole lickers.

  99. fx H

    fx HMuaj më parë

    It is time to sanction US. US sanction every country in the world. It is time for US taste how is the sanction feel like.

  100. California Guy

    California GuyMuaj më parë


  101. Babi Mangab

    Babi MangabMuaj më parë

    Its time to bring freedom and democracy to the people of China FOLKS?

  102. Patrick Wong

    Patrick WongMuaj më parë

    Let's put the Chinese flag 🇨🇳 on the white House and have three branches of us government under the control of the CCP

  103. Richard Kong

    Richard KongMuaj më parë

    Bring back sanity to the US.

  104. Z S

    Z SMuaj më parë

    With more dictatorial means? Just like the women freedom in Alabama, privacy in Fed-Ex and academic freedom in IEEE, which would make US more like a dictatorship in decades?