Real Horror | RT Shorts

A masked slasher is loose in the office, but is he really the thing to fear?
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  1. Shane Musket

    Shane Musket12 ditë më parë

    The mafia owns most of the American Medical business

  2. Shane Musket

    Shane Musket12 ditë më parë

    Love the red leather jacket

  3. Mousegiddins

    Mousegiddins20 ditë më parë

    Honestly thought Trevor was going to be silent for the whole thing

  4. Ellis McKennon

    Ellis McKennon21 ditë më parë

    It's weird seeing Trevor outside of the AH Office and with the main RT people. First Gavin in an RT Life now Trevor. I wonder who's next?

  5. Smells_like_meme_spirit_

    Smells_like_meme_spirit_23 ditë më parë

    This one wasn't as funny, just kinda unnecessarily depressing

  6. 16bitakira

    16bitakira24 ditë më parë

    fantastic short

  7. Lobo Fenrir

    Lobo Fenrir24 ditë më parë

    I only dislike rooster Teeth videos maybe once or twice year. Unfortunately this is one of those times. Sorry friends

  8. Gitting Gudder

    Gitting Gudder27 ditë më parë


  9. darthpepito

    darthpepito28 ditë më parë

    I would laugh, but it is too real

  10. Gam3rSheep

    Gam3rSheep28 ditë më parë

    "Climate change is making the weather unpredictable" what a statement

  11. Pink Snake

    Pink Snake28 ditë më parë

    Well. BERNIE 2020

  12. Michael Arellano

    Michael Arellano28 ditë më parë

    Thy slasher needed a therapist... By Odins beard thats hilarious.... Lmao

  13. J N

    J N28 ditë më parë

    Trevor’s face at the end XD

  14. Noice1James

    Noice1James28 ditë më parë

    Not a RT hater, just thought this short was cringe and not funny. Didn't even finish the video

  15. BubbleBlower

    BubbleBlower28 ditë më parë

    Barbara.. If you wanted to do that underwear thing, I have a set of kitchen knives

  16. Jay Poll

    Jay Poll28 ditë më parë

    Why would their cell phones turn off in a rolling blackout?

  17. Igarappappa

    Igarappappa28 ditë më parë

    New way to survive a horror movie.

  18. Ben Fletcher

    Ben Fletcher28 ditë më parë

    2:50 Trevor’s acting is beautiful

  19. kyle payton

    kyle payton29 ditë më parë

    Life is a horror story.

  20. FringedWig46

    FringedWig4629 ditë më parë

    why horror... why not something funny about big noses

  21. Ellis McKennon

    Ellis McKennon21 ditë më parë

    They probably couldn't get Gavin in.

  22. Ranga3595

    Ranga359523 ditë më parë

    FringedWig46 what?

  23. DragonGunnerGaming

    DragonGunnerGaming29 ditë më parë

    Oh my god this is a little too real haha

  24. Kabir Kumar

    Kabir Kumar29 ditë më parë

    Geez, cheer up

  25. Jacob Spell

    Jacob Spell29 ditë më parë

    This is one of the best thought things I've ever seen you guys produce. Hurts to watch, but in the best way. This is better than any horror movie I've ever seen. Ever.

  26. Jaden Clark

    Jaden Clark29 ditë më parë

    The most horrifying part is how real this is

  27. Thread Bomb

    Thread Bomb29 ditë më parë

    2:44 I love that Celtic flute as Jessica is dying.

  28. SkunkCommand

    SkunkCommand29 ditë më parë

    One of the best rt shorts in my opinion

  29. Walter White

    Walter White29 ditë më parë

    Jessica is a hottie

  30. plainlake

    plainlakeMuaj më parë

    "Kids?" Barbara is over 30, according to all popular media she is basically dead already.

  31. Ellis McKennon

    Ellis McKennon21 ditë më parë

    Only if you consider a few months after celebrating her 30th birthday as "over 30".

  32. Wild bard

    Wild bard27 ditë më parë

    I don't get it

  33. Uncharted Raider

    Uncharted Raider28 ditë më parë


  34. LieutenantButts

    LieutenantButtsMuaj më parë


  35. Deon Spates

    Deon SpatesMuaj më parë

    I really wish Gus was the real Slasher!

  36. BSuGw

    BSuGwMuaj më parë

    3:45 what's Noel Miller doing here?

  37. Nicko1ai42

    Nicko1ai42Muaj më parë

    Best short ive seen in awhile

  38. Luke Emberson

    Luke EmbersonMuaj më parë

    This was decent but only cause Trevor and Barb were in it. Honestly I think this would have been better if you had Ryan as the slasher.

  39. Crazyredemu

    CrazyredemuMuaj më parë

    Wait, now it's 20 years before the planet dies? Still moving the goal posts from the 70s I see.

  40. Crazyredemu

    CrazyredemuMuaj më parë

    @John Doe me and most scientists not funded by climate change politicians.

  41. John Doe

    John DoeMuaj më parë

    Crazyredemu oooh a climate change denier! What an endangered species! Like a remnant of the 2000's

  42. Alexander Pihl Scheef

    Alexander Pihl ScheefMuaj më parë


  43. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.Muaj më parë

    *this is so accurate, i love it* 😂😂

  44. Bryni Adiel

    Bryni AdielMuaj më parë

    This is... It's very.... I.... You know what, thanks.

  45. Monica Redmond

    Monica RedmondMuaj më parë

    This is to real, because same...

  46. ALL

    ALLMuaj më parë

    Plzz sub me😶😞😑

  47. wrllovemen

    wrllovemenMuaj më parë

    love it

  48. Da1ienx

    Da1ienxMuaj më parë

    135 to see a psychiatrist? dam thats cheap

  49. M.Bordeux

    M.BordeuxMuaj më parë

    Woah had a little flashback to classic shorts

  50. Temet Nosce

    Temet NosceMuaj më parë

    1:52 - Love the emphasis by Trevor: YOU'RE 30.

  51. Logical Overdrive

    Logical OverdriveMuaj më parë

    Ahh, so *Real* Horror.

  52. dan newman

    dan newmanMuaj më parë

    Andrew Yang 2020 :)

  53. saya dubre

    saya dubreMuaj më parë

    Still waiting on that shower scene with Barbara.

  54. saya dubre

    saya dubre28 ditë më parë

    @Gabe Puratekuta It's not polite to kink shame.

  55. Gabe Puratekuta

    Gabe PuratekutaMuaj më parë

    You're into watching people urinate? Gross!

  56. Mr. Monokai

    Mr. MonokaiMuaj më parë

    This video was too real.

  57. scheming

    schemingMuaj më parë

    Ah... too real...

  58. The Olster

    The OlsterMuaj më parë

    Most depressing short ever

  59. Noah Assumption

    Noah AssumptionMuaj më parë

    One day I'm gonna be part of Rooster Teeth

  60. BushBaby McLucky

    BushBaby McLuckyMuaj më parë

    Lmao all the references and TREVOR

  61. devilfacethedarklord

    devilfacethedarklordMuaj më parë

    Yang is ready for anything lol

  62. RamenHokage

    RamenHokageMuaj më parë

    Never have i felt more in tune with a ALworks video...

  63. Synfaxed

    SynfaxedMuaj më parë

    This is clever haha

  64. Tsengel Shinekhuu

    Tsengel ShinekhuuMuaj më parë

    3:47 Trevor's face is the real horror.

  65. J Will

    J WillMuaj më parë

    That acting tho

  66. Farmertate

    FarmertateMuaj më parë

    "Gotta wait it out" ageed.

  67. leybac

    leybacMuaj më parë

    I really wish they had Ryan play the slasher

  68. Richard

    RichardMuaj më parë

    Too scary for me. Left after the first minute

  69. Hank Abell

    Hank AbellMuaj më parë

    Now this was actually funny 😂