Me shopping for ANYTHING online.

When you finally find a good discount while shopping online
King Kaiyo - melodic
Oddwin - 19


  1. SuperCameron77

    SuperCameron777 orë më parë


  2. jellly_BEAN_JERM

    jellly_BEAN_JERM7 orë më parë

    He said "You stupid, STUPID

  3. Neena Sarafina

    Neena Sarafina7 orë më parë


  4. Darth Coblin

    Darth Coblin7 orë më parë

    this mans got ding dang bamboozled

  5. Josue Pesque

    Josue Pesque7 orë më parë

    Never stop making videos.

  6. Nick

    Nick8 orë më parë

    this hit me so hard. some fedex person swapped out my laptop with 3 water bottles 😤🤣

  7. SaraBLQ

    SaraBLQ8 orë më parë

    “That wasn’t even my water bottle, I picked that up off the _STREET!”_

  8. Tyler Ho

    Tyler Ho9 orë më parë

    This is why you use Amazon

  9. KingCookiez

    KingCookiez11 orë më parë

    One piece background on computer

  10. DolaSoza

    DolaSoza14 orë më parë

    Once this nigga said "yah" I knew some shit was up

  11. Jay Hippie

    Jay Hippie16 orë më parë

    so niggas just leavin doors open now ? hah

  12. Jay Hippie

    Jay Hippie16 orë më parë


  13. Tri ni ty

    Tri ni ty19 orë më parë


  14. Kay Shields

    Kay Shields20 orë më parë


  15. OhMyValky

    OhMyValky20 orë më parë

    Ebay be like..

  16. Thomas Nichol

    Thomas Nichol21 orë më parë


  17. The Scientific Chicken

    The Scientific Chicken22 orë më parë

    Soooooooo true!


    VLONE KVSH23 orë më parë

    When you get scam Teejayx6 ....

  19. Aditya chaturvedi

    Aditya chaturvedi23 orë më parë


  20. Tammy Zanders

    Tammy ZandersDitë më parë

    that’s exactly why u don’t buy a phone online

  21. Birdman 82

    Birdman 82Ditë më parë

    Am I the only one that noticed the As Seen on TV screen net thingy?

  22. Isaac Freed

    Isaac FreedDitë më parë

    That’s called a house rent

  23. Halo Devil

    Halo DevilDitë më parë

    R.I.P bank account

  24. Mrs. Kitty

    Mrs. KittyDitë më parë

    I would've been even better if the order number was h2o

  25. Kelon

    KelonDitë më parë

    >Opens up front door >Picks up package in-front of room

  26. ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali

    ABJKLMRS Akagami AliDitë më parë

    I just got my phone from Amazon yesterday lmao

  27. stacythaboss

    stacythabossDitë më parë

    0:48:When Your Mom See's Your grades

  28. T.G.A

    T.G.ADitë më parë

    Teejayx6 hours

  29. Jeremiah Sheppard

    Jeremiah SheppardDitë më parë

    The new phone is in his hands.

  30. Vaxirity

    VaxirityDitë më parë

    i have the asame shoes ayyy nevermind :(

  31. Atrell Evans

    Atrell EvansDitë më parë

    I just like how he casually walks off without closing the door back 😂😂

  32. Hector J. Santaella

    Hector J. SantaellaDitë më parë

    "You fell for it bro! You stupid... 𝘚 𝘵 𝘶 𝘱 𝘪 𝘥!!"

  33. Nala Haughton

    Nala HaughtonDitë më parë

    Lol I couldn't breathe 😂😂😂

  34. CxC_Philly

    CxC_PhillyDitë më parë

    I see in some of ur vines and stuff u have this shirt and hoodie that says 'Supreme Kai' and i wanted to know where I can get it. Best clothing ever. 10/10

  35. Helloz Peoplz

    Helloz PeoplzDitë më parë

    You left the door open

  36. Ocean Ace

    Ocean AceDitë më parë

    Love his one piece wallpaper

  37. Jane Levesque-m

    Jane Levesque-mDitë më parë


  38. Cure Rainbow Official

    Cure Rainbow OfficialDitë më parë


  39. Kurtbyrne 3

    Kurtbyrne 3Ditë më parë

    Please make a super human interview 3

  40. Amani Delaney

    Amani DelaneyDitë më parë

    Why do you need another phone tho?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  41. litcherally

    litcherallyDitë më parë

    is that gjallarhorn

  42. Lonesome Liar

    Lonesome LiarDitë më parë

    Not to sound SJW or anything but everyone who thinks that everyone in Caleb's videos is the same guy is a racist who thinks all black people look & sound the same

  43. Essayify

    EssayifyDitë më parë


  44. Agent X Pro

    Agent X ProDitë më parë

    I really think that you should make a short film, Caleb Drop dem likes if you agree and for him to see👇❤

  45. Deedz Productionz

    Deedz ProductionzDitë më parë

    If you guys like watching entertaining films, please check out my newest movie Choices 4 "Brenda"

  46. Pheebs T

    Pheebs TDitë më parë

    Why tf do I feel related to this

  47. ya boy jacob

    ya boy jacobDitë më parë

    Number #30 on trending

  48. Game Crafting - MineCraftPE

    Game Crafting - MineCraftPEDitë më parë

    "I didn't pay a dime!" Literally paid for the shipping

  49. Chris H

    Chris HDitë më parë

    Needed to see this, literally got scammed out of $350 today and this made me laugh 😂

  50. Nyasia Constantine

    Nyasia ConstantineDitë më parë

    Anyone who has ordered something from Wish has experienced this at least once😂

  51. Prince Joy

    Prince JoyDitë më parë

    Did anyone else think that he had to re arrange the bottle with the instructions and then magically make a new phone? Lmfaooo, I be watching too much caleb city to take his videos seriously

  52. limz Faifua

    limz FaifuaDitë më parë

    How they deliver that package in your garage?... I can't even get them to deliver to my door.

  53. DamageIncM

    DamageIncMDitë më parë

    So don't order from AliExpress or Wish.

  54. Fadh Hz

    Fadh Hz2 ditë më parë

    It's funny and hurtful at the same time.

  55. SuperSaiyan Kb

    SuperSaiyan Kb2 ditë më parë

    *you've been duked.*

  56. AlbinoSkittles

    AlbinoSkittles2 ditë më parë

    Content Creators: you can't use a water bottle as an interchangeable prop. CalebCity: Hold my water bottle.

  57. Legend Tarver

    Legend Tarver2 ditë më parë

    Sorry, the video is hilarious, but all i care about is that One Piece Strong world StrawHat pirates attack on Shiki palace desktop screen saver.

  58. Thenewmoonsskill

    Thenewmoonsskill2 ditë më parë

    I phone x owner buying a new android

  59. Gabriel Mcnair

    Gabriel Mcnair2 ditë më parë

    He must have ordered from 'Scam likely'

  60. FolksloveAK

    FolksloveAK2 ditë më parë

    This is hilarious!!! it reminds me of the skit I did a few weeks ago I would appreciate if y’all would check it out 😂👍🏿