Painting Things for 24 Hours

Hey Guys! Today I am doing a 24 hour challenge AGAIN. BUT, this time, I wanted to make it a little more interesting. I am not too big on challenges on my channel, just because I can't compete with the extreme challenges that so many other youtubers are willing to do LOL. I just like painting on things 😂 PLUS, I feel like a lot of challenges these days have gotten really pointless. But, this one is good haha. I decided to try to paint and decorate different things for 24 hours. I have a lot of art supplies laying around my art room, just begging to be painted. But I don't often have the time to paint that much at a time. So this was a great opportunity to put a bunch of it to good use finally.
I am going to be painting on a seashell, painting a pencil pouch, painting a rock, painting a squishy (mini squishy makeover lol), making a custom mug, decorating a giant clothes pin and a surprise weird item LOL. This video almost turned out like a tiktok painting compilation haha. Warning: Lots of rainbow, fruit and desserts coming your way 😂

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MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES USED (contains affiliate links):
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Acrylic Paint:
Leather Paint:
Glass Paint:
Posca Paint Pens:
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