jk rowling these days

jk rowling is very cool
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J.K. Rowling is very inclusive.
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  1. Gus Johnson

    Gus JohnsonVit më parë

    i like harry potter a lot but my twitter is better @Gusbuckets

  2. Anthony Nunez

    Anthony Nunez17 ditë më parë

    Everyone:Happy New Year! JK Rowling:Dumbledore and Grindelwald celebrated an intense evening during their own New Year celebration. Everyone:F$&@!!!!!

  3. aaron cawthorn

    aaron cawthorn21 ditë më parë

    My foreskin stinks!

  4. transwomen aresexistmen

    transwomen aresexistmen26 ditë më parë

    Every single dumb fuck transwoman is a shitty, sexist man so NO FUCKS GIVEN, TRANSTARDS!

  5. Anthony Nunez

    Anthony NunezMuaj më parë

    The Trial of JK Rowling Judge:Ms Rowling, can you explain to us how these out-of-control racial and LGBT Twitter comments of yours on the Harry Potter series came to be? Rowling:Certainly. What we are seeing on Twitter are the developments of my creative process as modern liberal rights have now caught up with my original vision. The elements of Hermione being white and Dumbledore not talking about his love life are simply discarded unfinished versions. Judge:Are you saying that the liberal version of the Harry Potter series is the correct one, and that Hermione was black all along and that Dumbledore was gay all along? Rowling:Correct, I was under such pressure and fear of being reclusive and not having enough good press when I was originally writing Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, along with the sequels, that I was unable do the books how I originally intended it. I had to trim things down the way you saw it as it might have appeared to you all, but now I am grateful that, as an artist, I am able to go back and correct my mistakes. Lawyer 1:So is is your testimony that you originally intended Dumbledore to be in an “intense” relationship with Grindelwald and for Hermione to be racial? Rowing:Yes, exactly. Lawyer 2(bringing book and paper):Your honor, I have proof that the racial thing was completely false. Ms Rowling would you please read this page from one of the books and explain what this concept drawing of yours is? Rowling:The page says “Hermione’s white face was sticking out from behind a tree.” The drawing is Hermione being white with longer curly hair. Lawyer 1:So, you’re saying that the pages now withstanding, that the original Harry Potter was not your original vision, and at the span between the 2017 release of the second Fantastic Beasts film and 20th anniversary of the first novel, you never were happy with the books? Lawyer 2:Not to mention the facts that you never said that you were unsatisfied with these books, while the whole world waiting in the lines of bookstores for whatever was the latest book before the Twitter comments. Now tell the court, how many billions of dollars did you make and later lose off of these “unfinished” books that you felt weren’t right? Rowling:All of the remaining money that I still had went into the industry to develop new scripts and technologies which have brought you marvels such as The Crimes Of Gindelwald... Judge(hitting hammer): I will not allow that movie ever mentioned in my court room. Rowling:To me, that 90s version doesn’t exist anymore. The liberal version is the series I wanted it to be. Lawyer 2:I’m sure there are people who can know an artist’s wish to revisit his or her own works and improve upon it. Why not save the liberal elements for a completely separate story or series, in order to preserve the Harry Potter arc in its original form that the whole world still loves? Lawyer 1:Exactly. How is it that hard for you? Rowling:I’m sorry you all fell in love with a half completed book series, but I want it to be the way I want it to be. I’m the one who has to take responsibility for it, and to... Lawyer 2:Objection, your honor. Judge:Go ahead. Lawyer 2:Are you say that if CS Lewis was still alive, he should take The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, and just because of LGBT pride parades, he should make the White Witch a bisexual transgender who has... Rowling:The only person that has to like an author’s work is the author his or her self, and that’s why... Judge(hitting hammer):Silence! Lawyer 2:Your honor, I have one more evidence to submit. Martin:That would be me. Lawyer 1:George RR Martin? Rowling:George?! Martin:Yes. Ms Rowling, isn’t it true that during the success of your status as a billionaire author because of the support of Bloomsbury and your agent Christopher Little, and the moment you fired him, your books and career became infantilized? Rowling:I don’t why you’re doing this to me. You once regretted the Red Wedding and killing off characters like Tywin Lannister. Martin:Yes, but I haven’t changed anything to my books I wrote. And my books were turned into the hit show Game Of Thrones, winner of 308 awards out of 628 nominations. But what have you done since,except attacking politics online in the past few years? Frankly, Ms Rowling you’re starting to make us, the pride of modern fantasy authors, look like a major embarrassment to the public. Rowling(signs):I wonder why the people at Warner Brothers weren’t returning my calls. Judge(slamming hammer):Guilty! Lawyer 1:Success.We nailed that b*tch for the fans. The End

  6. Ya Boi Tom

    Ya Boi Tom2 orë më parë

    Why is Jk Rowling being portrayed like a little kid telling a “secret”

  7. Harsh Raj Always free

    Harsh Raj Always free10 orë më parë

    Where were u when all the HP characters turned gey ? I was at home reading JoJo's BIZZARE adventure When phone ring "HP is all gey" Yes

  8. ColorPad The lonely chimera foxwolf

    ColorPad The lonely chimera foxwolf12 orë më parë

    LOL you should go to the actual JK Rowling and tell her all this maybe she would stop

  9. Miguel Angel Rangel

    Miguel Angel Rangel15 orë më parë

    JK could always write a new book, with more inclusive stuff (instead of trying to redo what we already like)

  10. zu vitu

    zu vitu19 orë më parë

    É VeRdadE iSSo Ai MaNOr👏😎

  11. Azura011

    Azura011Ditë më parë

    "Professor Snape was a single mother." Yeah, we knew that already

  12. SuperPikachu Jexs

    SuperPikachu JexsDitë më parë

    Jk Rowling in this looks way better than she does in real life. And that's depressing.

  13. VioletxPurple

    VioletxPurpleDitë më parë

    This is inaccurate. JK would never say a character is trans because she's a transphobe. Damn I wish she wasn't

  14. Sean Reese

    Sean ReeseDitë më parë

    "Hagrid was trans" whoops that one didn't age well

  15. Amanda Sayoban

    Amanda SayobanDitë më parë

    "Professor Snape is a single mother" 😂😂😂

  16. Olivia T

    Olivia TDitë më parë

    No one: Jk Rowling: Harry has actually had 6 abortions

  17. MacAndCheesy

    MacAndCheesyDitë më parë

    All her claims did was make people upset and exclude straight people

  18. Kaeble

    KaebleDitë më parë

    Since when did this channel become a documentary?

  19. 264aub

    264aubDitë më parë

    This was my gateway video for Gus Johnson


    TALPAH FELICIAHDitë më parë


  21. Ami Khan

    Ami Khan2 ditë më parë

    “I just forgot to write it down but I meant it in my heart” 😂😂

  22. Dark Star King

    Dark Star King3 ditë më parë

    Its so funny, her own people have turned on her. They are eating their own.

  23. Goncalo Marto

    Goncalo Marto3 ditë më parë

    Damn, i liked this WAY too much!!

  24. Samah

    Samah3 ditë më parë

    Hahahahahha i laugh everytime i watch this haha

  25. booty_ hunter420

    booty_ hunter4203 ditë më parë

    Did yall see that she ran into a gender neutral bathroom at the end

  26. Tsuki no Otaku

    Tsuki no Otaku3 ditë më parë

    Harry and Ginny were gay all along ! Ron didn't do anything that would even be considered manly or brave so Hermione thought of him as a girl which is why their impossible relationship is a thing !

  27. Mimi TWD

    Mimi TWD3 ditë më parë

    Honestly, I always knew Dumbledore was gay when I first read the books...it was a feeling I just had

  28. E

    E4 ditë më parë

    Ron Weasley was a power bottom, open your minds sheep

  29. Grand Baby

    Grand Baby4 ditë më parë

    You guys are so dumb. Harry is obviously a bear

  30. Zoe N.

    Zoe N.4 ditë më parë

    Not to mention she’s transphobic oop

  31. aah

    aahDitë më parë

    *not to mention she spreads misinformation to about 14.6 million people

  32. aah

    aahDitë më parë

    Sor429 mobile.twitter.com/jk_rowling/status/1207646162813100033

  33. Sor429

    Sor4293 ditë më parë

    @a.skyguy omg

  34. a.skyguy

    a.skyguy3 ditë më parë

    @Sor429 shes a terf

  35. Sor429

    Sor4294 ditë më parë

    This is real or youre kidding me

  36. epic gamer

    epic gamer4 ditë më parë

    I never read the books or watched the movies *dab*

  37. IridescentGooseberry

    IridescentGooseberry4 ditë më parë

    Anyone realize that her name is like J.K Rowling? Like Just kidding rolling on the floor XD

  38. DarkJay

    DarkJay3 ditë më parë


  39. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person4 ditë më parë


  40. Keen_Observer

    Keen_Observer5 ditë më parë

    Voldemort did nothing wrong.

  41. 윤성현

    윤성현5 ditë më parë

    Stop insulting JK.Rowling

  42. a.skyguy

    a.skyguy3 ditë më parë

    realism boomer mode activated

  43. huzai fah

    huzai fah4 ditë më parë

    Ok boomer

  44. tagggz

    tagggz5 ditë më parë

    윤성현 no

  45. Jessa G

    Jessa G5 ditë më parë

    let’s be honest... you aren’t born gay, JK Rowling decides you are 12 years later

  46. 아만다Amanda

    아만다Amanda5 ditë më parë

    I mean Ron could be black with red hair. I’ve seen red headed black people before. And Hermione was definitely in a wheelchair.

  47. rahel. younow

    rahel. younow5 ditë më parë

    Only Scarfy, the scarf of sexual preference can decide one´s sexuality.

  48. jay the no longer blue mama

    jay the no longer blue mama5 ditë më parë

    Jk Rowling confirms this video is true and Canon to the Harry Potter franchise

  49. oh hey stan loona

    oh hey stan loona6 ditë më parë


  50. Haikal Afiq

    Haikal Afiq6 ditë më parë

    Is it weird that i only watch his videos for the outro (the content is a bonus)

  51. Ariché E C

    Ariché E C6 ditë më parë

    he jynxed it and now jk rowling just openly hates transgender people

  52. Lampshades, Soap & Beyond

    Lampshades, Soap & Beyond7 ditë më parë

    You're a grand wizard, Harry.

  53. Usagi Tsukino

    Usagi Tsukino7 ditë më parë

    Does someone still likes J.K Transphobic Rowling?

  54. Francesca MCCORMICK

    Francesca MCCORMICK7 ditë më parë

    He is so cute

  55. Ren Hood

    Ren Hood7 ditë më parë

    Dementors are into BDSM

  56. Marie Rose

    Marie Rose7 ditë më parë

    And now we know J.K. Rowling is transphobic... And maybe homophobic, because only "LGBT support" by her was telling someone is gay, but she didn't want it to be a real canon in movies (or anywhere else except twitter). Maybe she wanted to make Dumbledore scared of his sexuality and show it later, but it doesn't looks like...

  57. Terra Williams

    Terra Williams3 ditë më parë

    Marie Rose in the most recent fantastic beasts movie it was alluded that dumbledore and grindlewald were lovers. So it is real cannon

  58. 1660TiGaming

    1660TiGaming7 ditë më parë

    "Yer a nutcase 'Arry"

  59. miesmilan

    miesmilan7 ditë më parë

    This is really how Jk rowling is acting right now. so accurate 😂😂😂😂

  60. GGG GGG

    GGG GGG8 ditë më parë

    jk rowling : stands up for gay rights, and reveals that dumbledore is gay ALworksrs: We don't like that

  61. Zoe N.

    Zoe N.4 ditë më parë

    She’s not doing it to stand for us. If she really did she would’ve made them gay in the series and mention them dating the same sex but she DIDN’T and instead decided to queer bait after the series. She’s terrible and also happens to be transphobic.

  62. Sunshine.

    Sunshine.6 ditë më parë

    it’s bc she’s doing it to look inclusive, plus she’s also a terf 👀

  63. David Dawkins

    David Dawkins6 ditë më parë


  64. London M

    London M8 ditë më parë

    and this was BEFORE she revealed herself to be a terf :)

  65. Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang8 ditë më parë

    Ironically Rowling is actually against transgender

  66. MJ Boutin

    MJ Boutin8 ditë më parë

    ALL OF THEM! *runs away and slams door* 😂😂😂😂

  67. Anonymous Sinner

    Anonymous Sinner8 ditë më parë

    She spent some time in Azkaban I see.

  68. Pagwava Pagwava

    Pagwava Pagwava8 ditë më parë

    Plot twist!

  69. Kayleigh the Hobbit

    Kayleigh the Hobbit8 ditë më parë

    Yeah the trans one didn’t age well

  70. Mitzi Lee

    Mitzi Lee7 ditë më parë

    She's actually been like this for quite a while. It's just that people only started noticing it recently.

  71. Stephen Barlow

    Stephen Barlow8 ditë më parë

    terrrrfffffff alertttttttt

  72. The Ridiculous Lollipop

    The Ridiculous Lollipop8 ditë më parë

    how rick riordan be acting nowadays with his books.

  73. planet 4

    planet 48 ditë më parë

    ????? He literally writes exactly what the characters are, not spouting random shit years after they were published.

  74. XxItsGachapuffxX !

    XxItsGachapuffxX !9 ditë më parë

    PrOfFeSoR sNaPe WaS a SiNgLe MoThEr

  75. Emcee Hammer

    Emcee Hammer9 ditë më parë

    So where is part 2 now that Twitter turned on her?

  76. Traffic Light

    Traffic Light9 ditë më parë

    hehe :P

  77. Snuggle Owl

    Snuggle Owl9 ditë më parë

    Lol she's a terf tho

  78. Emil Hartfelt

    Emil Hartfelt9 ditë më parë

    Back in the day wizards constantly shit their pants

  79. False Sanity

    False Sanity9 ditë më parë

    Isn’t J.K transphobic?

  80. FocusFanatic

    FocusFanatic10 ditë më parë

    My theory is just that her 15 minutes of fame has ended and shes trying to cling on to her celebrity status by making catchy soundbites.