LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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  1. Giraffe Bubblegum

    Giraffe Bubblegum2 ditë më parë

    Who else watched Noah's vid first and then the Dolan Twin's vid .

  2. Bruhitz Kiki

    Bruhitz Kiki2 ditë më parë

    U can’t eat cucumbers🥺

  3. Sharki

    Sharki3 ditë më parë

    Was he coughing up a slug at start

  4. it and stranger things

    it and stranger things4 ditë më parë

    the way ethan and grayson were arguing...i am dying😂😂

  5. Regina Wahyu Febriyanti

    Regina Wahyu Febriyanti4 ditë më parë

    why do I laugh so hard during the pickle scene😂😂😂

  6. Regina Wahyu Febriyanti

    Regina Wahyu Febriyanti4 ditë më parë

    Will Byers is so good at impersonating Noah

  7. melon

    melon5 ditë më parë


  8. Aaliyah H

    Aaliyah H6 ditë më parë

    Am I the only one who started crying because I was trying to act as well?

  9. Getruda Klassen

    Getruda Klassen11 ditë më parë

    Bro I teared up listening to Ethan and Noah talking bout the accident🥺😂 Bro y did i cry about not being able to eat pickles😭 they’re so good!!

  10. billie eilish

    billie eilish11 ditë më parë

    lmao i’d laugh every second of acting😂😂

  11. ѕυииу вσι

    ѕυииу вσι12 ditë më parë

    Am I the only one who started to cry when Noah started to

  12. Stupid Funny

    Stupid Funny12 ditë më parë

    Does anyone else think Noah is soooo cute

  13. Saoirse Hegarty

    Saoirse Hegarty14 ditë më parë

    19:36 I'm the bad guy duh

  14. Saoirse Hegarty

    Saoirse Hegarty14 ditë më parë

    I think people had an anxiety attack watching the acting because it was so realistic wow he truly is an amazing actor

  15. Karsyn

    Karsyn15 ditë më parë

    Noah: randomly breaks leg on “bouncy mattress” Ethan: uuuhhh I don’t know where my phone is uuuhhhh. Is there a medic in this mattress store??

  16. Aditi Singh

    Aditi Singh15 ditë më parë

    you literally have no idea how many times i rewind-ed the after next week scenes, i mean oh my god, i laughed my ass out

  17. Aiech gio

    Aiech gio16 ditë më parë

    Why are the twins actually really good actors¿

  18. Sarah Mc Nulty

    Sarah Mc Nulty16 ditë më parë

    23:36 noah:I lOvE CrYiNg!

  19. ananya sakle

    ananya sakle19 ditë më parë

    At some places you can't help but cringe🤦🏻‍♀️

  20. Savannah Jackson

    Savannah Jackson19 ditë më parë

    Esmeralda has left the chat.

  21. Dassi YL

    Dassi YL19 ditë më parë

    17:57 I love crying. well Noah you would love being me

  22. Kyrie Foskey

    Kyrie Foskey20 ditë më parë

    My eyes. They can't. They put a fricking picture of Tom Holland, and then they are in the video... Obviously, but those are the 3 mostest hottest people in the world, in 1 video, I can't!❤❤

  23. Blank Space

    Blank Space20 ditë më parë

    No one: Grayson: *I LOST MY SON AT SHOPRITE*

  24. ombremermaid8 :3

    ombremermaid8 :322 ditë më parë

    Play 5:32 in 0.25 speed...that's really awkward... Grayson: How old are you now? Noah: I'mmmm *awkward laughs* *looks around nervously* ...Fourteen... Ethan: Fourteen. Grayson: Fourteen. *pause* Grayson: Yeahhhh...Okaaay... *Grayson and Ethan both smile creepily*

  25. EchoDaArtist :3

    EchoDaArtist :323 ditë më parë

    *has intense sad scene about pickles*

  26. Gibbs

    Gibbs24 ditë më parë

    I honestly love this series!! I am so proud of you Gray and e that you guys stepped out of your comfort zones. This series not only helped you guy's but this is going to help me and I've been acting for the past four years. I know I'm late to the party, but im catching up now

  27. Makayla ꎭ

    Makayla ꎭ25 ditë më parë

    this video is everything 😭❤️

  28. Kittenclay cosplay

    Kittenclay cosplay26 ditë më parë

    Noah: I love crying Me: Ok s a m e.

  29. Scarlett Roman

    Scarlett Roman27 ditë më parë

    at 19:41 did anyone else notice that Ethan’s voice cracked 😂

  30. Emma Rogers

    Emma Rogers27 ditë më parë

    I ask this question out of curiosity, not unkindness: Why do they both look kind of dead

  31. christian wood

    christian wood27 ditë më parë

    "I lOvE cRyInG!!!" -- Noah Schnapp 2019

  32. Frank Brown

    Frank Brown28 ditë më parë

    18:27 *every fanfic in a nutshell *

  33. Muhammad Janneh

    Muhammad Janneh29 ditë më parë

    Who else got an ad before the video came

  34. TheOfficialGlitchR

    TheOfficialGlitchRMuaj më parë


  35. TheOfficialGlitchR

    TheOfficialGlitchRMuaj më parë

    I actualy cried on the pickle part because once I found out I wasnt allowed to have sugar

  36. Esmeralda Calderon

    Esmeralda CalderonMuaj më parë

    19:00 Esmeralda is my real name I feel special ‼️‼️‼️💛

  37. Kay O'Sullivan

    Kay O'SullivanMuaj më parë

    very late to the party but they are really good at acting!

  38. Lennia 2601

    Lennia 2601Muaj më parë

    Noah : I Love crying ! Me too bro, me too

  39. diana

    dianaMuaj më parë

    no one: noah: i love crying

  40. Dominique Siwulich

    Dominique SiwulichMuaj më parë

    Omg I teared up over the pickles !!!!

  41. Dominique Siwulich

    Dominique SiwulichMuaj më parë

    Omg grayson so good

  42. Dominique Siwulich

    Dominique SiwulichMuaj më parë

    Omg u guys are good actors

  43. Aly the Awesome

    Aly the AwesomeMuaj më parë

    How many people love Stranger Things? 👇

  44. Buckets

    BucketsMuaj më parë

    The difference in talent level is STAGGERING

  45. Thea AVERY

    Thea AVERYMuaj më parë

    i would really appreciate it if you guys could follow my dolan twin fan account @mine.dolan on instagram ❤️ sorry for self promo but please help me out💘💘 i do it to support the twins ❤️

  46. Thea AVERY

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    i would really appreciate it if you guys could follow my dolan twin fan account @mine.dolan on instagram ❤️ sorry for self promo but please help me out💘💘 i do it to support the twins ❤️

  47. Stranger Things

    Stranger ThingsMuaj më parë

    Who’s hotter Noah or them I think Noah lol

  48. Kelly Archer

    Kelly ArcherMuaj më parë

    The number of times the word “like “ is said during this video… I will get us started! ⬇️

  49. Makeup Addict

    Makeup AddictMuaj më parë

    Do becoming gymnasts. Try Olympic gymnast but if that doesn’t work do it with Whitney Bjerken!!!!! PLZZ

  50. Martín Epulef

    Martín EpulefMuaj më parë

    Esmeralda jajsjaj i don’t know why but I cringe a lot in that part

  51. rafaela espinosa

    rafaela espinosaMuaj më parë

    soy el comentario en español que esperabas dale like si eres latina

  52. Lovely Edits

    Lovely EditsMuaj më parë

    Hearing him say babe just sounds perfect for some reason

  53. Lovely Edits

    Lovely EditsMuaj më parë


  54. Cat Meows

    Cat MeowsMuaj më parë

    Looove Noah Schnapp :)

  55. Mel Richo

    Mel RichoMuaj më parë

    Noah pretending Grayson is his baby’s daddy hahaha

  56. proforugames 10

    proforugames 10Muaj më parë

    I want s4 to come out now

  57. el_boricua_gringo 2006

    el_boricua_gringo 2006Muaj më parë

    "I love crying" -Noah Schnapp (2019) 17:56

  58. Divine Grace

    Divine GraceMuaj më parë

    Is Noah Schnapp gay?

  59. lynieth anne

    lynieth anneMuaj më parë

    esmeralda? Mobile legends? Hahah

  60. Katelyn Laasia

    Katelyn LaasiaMuaj më parë

    How do you know him