6 Belly-Rub Defenses for Expecting Mothers

Every expecting mother has had to deal with it, but no expecting mother should have to put up with it. Share with a mom who would appreciate these 6 techniques by Eve Gracie!!
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  1. Taylor M

    Taylor M7 ditë më parë

    Lol I love you guys

  2. Jamie Mills

    Jamie MillsMuaj më parë

    "If he even mentions twins..." BaHaHaHaHa!!! He paid for that one. This was great!

  3. The Caveira

    The Caveira3 muaj më parë

    Or you can ask him to stop?

  4. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke8 muaj më parë

    Or you can just tell him to not touch your belly...

  5. Samuel Phillian

    Samuel Phillian8 muaj më parë

    9/10 of these basement dwelling virgin commenters can’t empathize with a pregnant woman’s humor

  6. Anna Anima

    Anna Anima8 muaj më parë

    I've never been pregnant, but I literally can't imagine a situation where a pregnant woman would tell a person not to rub her belly and they would keep doing it so the woman would have to break their wrists and elbows. 😂

  7. Daniel C.

    Daniel C.11 muaj më parë


  8. True Games

    True GamesVit më parë

    Was she really about to break his wrist on the baby's face?? Lol

  9. plaidgrub 758435

    plaidgrub 758435Vit më parë

    He just wanted to rub the baby

  10. Bucky Longtree

    Bucky LongtreeVit më parë

    amuricans need to spend less time on internet and computer and more time outside it... too much schizophrenia nonsense and fear mongering.

  11. Bucky Longtree

    Bucky LongtreeVit më parë

    amurica is a very paranoid country. all you got to say is no don't feel my pregnant belly. and only then if they don't cooperate then you use self defense, not before that. lay off the steroids America. and relax and enjoy life.

  12. The Combat Engineer

    The Combat EngineerVit më parë

    This is amazing! Thanks

  13. Luis The Humanist

    Luis The HumanistVit më parë

    How about just politely saying, "Please don't touch my belly."

  14. Skeletons !!!

    Skeletons !!!6 muaj më parë

    How about just politely asking before touching someone else's body saying, "Can I touch your belly?"

  15. Atkrdu

    AtkrduVit më parë

    Doesn't that pressure on some of those locks possibly hurt the baby?

  16. BucketHoodie

    BucketHoodieVit më parë

    wow you gotta make a big eal out of this just ask them to stop and if i kepp goin just slap them no need to just perform sum kung fu on a goddamn innocent man/woman

  17. Santa Muerte

    Santa MuerteVit më parë

    Fucking stiupid

  18. Samuel Wheeler

    Samuel WheelerVit më parë

    Your children are born with more BJJ experience than most internet black belts.

  19. senglish1983

    senglish1983Vit më parë

    Good thing Rener is a high level black belt because with Eve's skills mixed with pregnancy hormones he wouldn't make it LOL... But congrats to the both of you... If you can't get a new white belt in class just make one :) haha

  20. Michael Daniels II

    Michael Daniels IIVit më parë

    Lol, love it. Congratulations to the both of you.

  21. Ray McGrath

    Ray McGrathVit më parë

    "Thrust the baby forward." Yes, I see no problem with this plan.

  22. Raven von Frankenstein

    Raven von FrankensteinVit më parë

    I feel like at least one of these moves would put the baby at risk.

  23. Lady Suave

    Lady SuaveVit më parë


  24. DYnamik Range

    DYnamik RangeVit më parë

    Too funny...good stuff.

  25. maxed out martial-arts

    maxed out martial-artsVit më parë

    he only did this for pussy

  26. Samantha Pateman

    Samantha PatemanVit më parë

    Why do people do that?! Had a random women I never spoke to before come up and did that, come to think of it I don't think she said one word to me, just did that!

  27. Ethiopian Phenomenon

    Ethiopian PhenomenonVit më parë

    please do a breakdown on tim elliots failed darce and guillotines on demetrious johnson

  28. Wade Edwards

    Wade EdwardsVit më parë

    Renner's wife is a 10

  29. moe.mendez

    moe.mendezVit më parë

    Who would win freerolling Kron or Rener

  30. Worldraven .Nevar

    Worldraven .NevarVit më parë


  31. JacqueS Oberholzer

    JacqueS OberholzerVit më parë

    Hi Rener and Eva i want your opinion pleas I'm going to start with jiu jitsu but i dont know witch gi to buy Which material is the best for a gi I'm 5'8" en weigh in at 210lbs Thx hope for your response

  32. That One Time

    That One TimeVit më parë


  33. dannonater

    dannonaterVit më parë

    Dude. Yery clever and funny. Loved it.

  34. Kevin Shea

    Kevin SheaVit më parë

    alworks.info/videos/CO1s4TXdAgc-video.html can you do a breakdown of this fight? Would love to hear your input!

  35. CatchJitsu.com

    CatchJitsu.comVit më parë

    Daaaaaannnnnnnggggg! Rener getting tapped by unborn babies now! Just proves that once everyone knows jiu-jitsu, it's a win for jiu-jitsu not the baby (what if the Baby is loured to the Dark Side of Catch Wrestling though???)

  36. newtonianromance

    newtonianromanceVit më parë

    Hahaha :)

  37. Jose Florian

    Jose FlorianVit më parë


  38. cruhg

    cruhgVit më parë

    uh is this gonna be on the belt test?

  39. Rob Kinney

    Rob KinneyVit më parë


  40. Logic Bob

    Logic BobVit më parë

    So awesome!

  41. Jerry Smooth

    Jerry SmoothVit më parë

    i could still beat up any pregnant lady im too fast

  42. Boksimus

    BoksimusVit më parë

    Ya know, this is useful, but I have to say, I did feel awkward watching this and idk why.

  43. Nevius

    NeviusVit më parë

    That double arm bar cant be good for the baby?

  44. Sr. L

    Sr. LVit më parë


  45. realitycheck2001

    realitycheck2001Vit më parë

    And if he even mentions twins... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  46. Tdl Australia

    Tdl AustraliaVit më parë

    Always love your style. Is this the second kid or an older video clip.

  47. Nikola Tesla

    Nikola TeslaVit më parë

    Is this a serious video

  48. 1Hogpilot

    1HogpilotVit më parë

    Yep....Seriously Funny!

  49. Lonnie Smith

    Lonnie SmithVit më parë

    I got a big laugh out of that one!

  50. A. Mohsin

    A. MohsinVit më parë

    You guys can make an advertisement out of anything

  51. Slider X

    Slider XVit më parë

    I was a big fan of Eve's in WWE. and a big fan of Rener in life. glad to see u two are doing well. Congratulations on the next Gracie. i am happy for u guys and i wish u the best of luck

  52. B.I.G. Brandon

    B.I.G. BrandonVit më parë

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love it!!!

  53. Razear

    RazearVit më parë

    Lol, love how Rener drew a Cartesian plane on Eve's belly and briefly turned the segment into a math class. xD


    JCBPARISPARISVit më parë

    Domestic violence : Rener Gracie beaten by his wife. Nice shouts from Rener anyway.

  55. bouama hichem

    bouama hichemVit më parë

    We say in our country God save the child


    FISABILILLAHVit më parë


  57. Jose B. Cruz

    Jose B. CruzVit më parë

    Funny but true. Most pregnant women don’t like it to touch their belly’s.

  58. carcucov

    carcucovVit më parë

    I find this a bit to risky, don't you?

  59. E L

    E LVit më parë

    Gotta try that double armbar next time..

  60. Ramcharger310

    Ramcharger310Vit më parë

    T-City gonna submit Blessed!

  61. Chris Dogan

    Chris DoganVit më parë


  62. Lee gp/mx4life

    Lee gp/mx4lifeVit më parë

    Lol my wife is 8 months! Just forwarded this to her! Awesome!