Straight-A vs Flunking Students: Do Good Grades Matter?

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  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee4 muaj më parë

    Thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this episode! Go to for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and for our fans, enter the promo code ‘jubilee’ when prompted during the sign­up process and your membership is completely free for the first 30 days.

  2. RiceyWifey

    RiceyWifey6 ditë më parë

    I don't wanna be THAT person but that girl really said, "Don't make me less smart of a person.."

  3. Charm Oli

    Charm Oli7 ditë më parë


  4. Aqua

    Aqua18 ditë më parë

    Just found this this is great!

  5. Zach Woolsey

    Zach Woolsey18 ditë më parë

    I'm curious, I kind of want a spot in a video. Is this link how to sign up for a spot in a video? Also, if one were accepted for a video. Would we pay to get to the location where these are filmed? And how do we choose what video we are in?

  6. Paul K

    Paul K25 ditë më parë

    Do this again with college students please.

  7. papi chulo

    papi chuloOrë më parë

    Grace is my friend literally never knew she was on here.

  8. Edward Tino Teh Crasto

    Edward Tino Teh Crasto3 orë më parë

    I like cooper, he is cool, in control, humble?, can critical thinker and most importantly not too proud like the others

  9. #jozzaYT

    #jozzaYT5 orë më parë

    Bruh these guys are actors. They look way older than they said

  10. proc_rai_stinating

    proc_rai_stinating5 orë më parë

    I have officially developed a crush on Cooper.

  11. YaBoiRey

    YaBoiRey7 orë më parë

    Cooper's smart and has straight a's and seems like a cool, popular and likeable guy. It's very hard to be both

  12. George Missailidis

    George Missailidis8 orë më parë

    "grades define your intelligence" Bro, I get straight A's in school, but ask me to not lose my books and to not forget eating lunch, and I'll do exactly the opposite. People are intelligent in different ways.

  13. Preacher Zonee04

    Preacher Zonee0410 orë më parë

    "One day I wont be there to help you..." just keep asking him questions broo 🙏🙏

  14. TheBestMovieAlive

    TheBestMovieAlive11 orë më parë

    Naema can change her grades around and become a super student.

  15. TheBestMovieAlive

    TheBestMovieAlive11 orë më parë

    I partied during high school and college and failed many classes, but I sure did have one hell of a time!

  16. Alexis MSP Gaming

    Alexis MSP Gaming12 orë më parë

    Without even watching this... I will say this.. Go the straight A route. I've been called a millennial and I've been called a boomer, in either case go the straight A route. I went the route of not giving a damn my freshman through junior year and my senior year I realized that I should have cared. It wasn't that I couldn't it was I didn't care. I skirted by my first 3 years in high school and then in my senior year I was A/B (could have been straight A, again at that point not caring). Biggest thing for me, my junior year, failing English but getting a perfect score on the standardized writing test and an advanced score on my English test. Yeah I didn't do the work even though I knew it and could have aced it. WTF was I thinking? I've been through many educational and test taking things since then, and each time its can you help us study, no I just listen and know, I mean I went through that with my dad (running a family business and needing to pass this test) when he studied for weeks and barely passed and I just listened that day and had the highest grade in the whole class. Before that firefighting, help me pass this test, you got the highest score in the class... Wish I could help you but I simply took notes and then glanced over them, then proceeded to get the highest score. Just realized this is coming from my daughters account.

  17. Syed Ahmed

    Syed Ahmed13 orë më parë

    Tanzy sounds annoying af

  18. snipersev07

    snipersev0714 orë më parë

    This video made me feel a lot better of myself

  19. Mlle Alison

    Mlle Alison19 orë më parë

    I want cooper's instagram so baaaad ...he has such a beautiful way of thinking

  20. Reticle Virus

    Reticle Virus21 orë më parë

    From my experience of being hard of hearing and missing a lot in school, no, good grades doesn't matter. because no one is perfect. Thanks for understanding.

  21. Jonah Patton

    Jonah Patton22 orë më parë

    "My teacher was racist" are you serious? Plenty of my teachers didnt like me, and I really really REALLY doubt that it was because I'm mixed, I think a student pulling the race card and saying "it's cuz she's racist" is way more likely than someone who chose to teach other people's children being racist.

  22. Julia C . Edwards

    Julia C . EdwardsDitë më parë

    Ngl but we have the most understanding and open generation and it's amazing :)

  23. Julia C . Edwards

    Julia C . EdwardsDitë më parë

    Cooper be reminding me of Tom Holland 😂

  24. David Eaton

    David EatonDitë më parë

    grades dont matter just being honest. the school system doesnt teach you how to make money your grades dont mean money. i have a ged my brother and i own our own roofing business called reroof out of indiana.. we make in excess of 40k a month....but yet we were highschool drop is everywhere to be made school is not neccessary only if you dont know about money .

  25. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless PizzaDitë më parë

    cooper's 18 and he got the voice of a 12 year old. (not being offensive)

  26. Boneless Pizza

    Boneless PizzaDitë më parë

    i just have a hard time believing hes 18

  27. Wan Baw McGraw

    Wan Baw McGrawDitë më parë

    Education is modelled in the interests of the industrial age and in the image of it - Ken robinson. All day we do nothing but follow instructions sit down, turn to page 53, stop talking etc, at school you are rewarded for doing what you are told do. These are industrial age values which were important for factory workers since their succes depended on following instructions and doing exactly what they were told, in the modern world values people who can be creative, communicate their ideas and collaborate with others. But we don't get a chance to develop those skills in a system based on industrial age values.

  28. Kevwe Tony

    Kevwe TonyDitë më parë

    Kendra has great tiits but an unattractive face

  29. RSA Philosophy

    RSA PhilosophyDitë më parë

    The educational system is very one-sided, exclusionary.

  30. Artificial Idiot

    Artificial IdiotDitë më parë

    I would have been a flunk student if I had more friends

  31. Artificial Idiot

    Artificial IdiotDitë më parë

    I'm not a straight A but math has always been easy for me once I learn why you subtract this or add that

  32. H.

    H.Ditë më parë

    I was a straight A student in high school (well, actually grammar school) and it was just stressful and doesn't help me with anything (where I live grades don't matter for university as long as you passes your a-levels) so just relax and don't worry lol

  33. Smol Bean

    Smol BeanDitë më parë

    i feel like grades dont reflect intelligence, it reflects more on memorization skills and work ethic

  34. nephyril

    nephyrilDitë më parë

    The thing about grades is that you're only learning what the school system is teaching you. You aren't necessarily "smarter" for having good grades when its really just a matter of memory and information retention. The basics like language, mathematics and some understanding of science (how & why chemicals react they way they do, physics, etc) are all that actually matter coming out of high school. Anything beyond that should be towards achieving a higher education in college or your own self-interests.

  35. Miss Awsum

    Miss AwsumDitë më parë

    The reason I think I'm not doing good at some subjects mostly English is because of group work and group talks, I find it hard to talk in groups and stuff like that and I especially hate it when you have to read Infront of the class because I get nervous then get words wrong when I would usually get them right.

  36. Miss Awsum

    Miss AwsumDitë më parë

    I try my hardest most of the time but im not doing good in school?

  37. 0c0cpcpcpc k

    0c0cpcpcpc kDitë më parë

    Nadia really thinks she’ll be accepted into a college😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Ryan Lin

    Ryan LinDitë më parë

    Who has IEP ?

  39. Hyan Batista

    Hyan BatistaDitë më parë

    It's hard to hear people lying to each other. You fail your test, that is what it is. You need to work harder. If you can't do that, sorry, you're gonna fail. They know that and even so keep up lying and diminish the merit of the other kids who did what they didn't: work their ass off!

  40. Garrett Hilton

    Garrett HiltonDitë më parë

    Sorry but if you’re flunking you either do not work hard enough or you are unintelligent.

  41. Garrett Hilton

    Garrett HiltonDitë më parë

    Lol these kids look much older than 15 and 16

  42. D3G

    D3G2 ditë më parë

    Grades only define how smart u r if u didnt study for them

  43. zay

    zay2 ditë më parë

    Incredible video

  44. Fas -

    Fas -2 ditë më parë

    i feel like they shouldve had some older flunking kids and younger straight a students

  45. Guy That

    Guy That2 ditë më parë

    When everyone is smart no one Is

  46. Guy That

    Guy That2 ditë më parë

    College for... dance? Sounds delusional

  47. Guy That

    Guy That2 ditë më parë

    The black straight A girl from my experience isn't smart, a hard worker that's incredibly entitled

  48. Sehun Min

    Sehun Min2 ditë më parë

    i love cooper

  49. AryaStark

    AryaStark2 ditë më parë

    Definetly your grades dont define your intelligence xd

  50. Yung Perk 30

    Yung Perk 302 ditë më parë

    I was literally told by my principal and every teacher that my capabilities r so far beyond my grades. My principal said that if I gave my %100 it's possible for me to get a $25,000-$30,000 scholarship. I'm literally passing only 3 classes lmao and I heavily disagreed when they asked if they thought grades determine my intellect💀

  51. Some Hyena

    Some Hyena2 ditë më parë

    I usually have B- or C+ as my lowest grades. I eventually bring them up a bit, but it hurts. I feel like a failure, like I can't do anything. I worry about how I'll fail high school in my future, and I'm only 12 in 7th grade. I shouldn't worry, but I do.

  52. Craffle L

    Craffle L2 ditë më parë

    I have a controversial opinion NOBODY IS SMART (though people can be somewhat smart in certain ways)

  53. DTA Dylan The Atheist

    DTA Dylan The Atheist2 ditë më parë

    I’m smart because I thought myself 4 languages

  54. Jacob Komnath

    Jacob Komnath2 ditë më parë

    I know that when i was in school they thought i had some learning disability. To no surprise to me, i simply just didn't give a flying F***. I would never try but i would pass so i know im smart, i just dont care for whats being thought. Now in 6th grade history, i remember every word that man said. He was an amazing teacher, so amazing that i would be disappointed when we did a project in class instead of writing notes. Mr. Hontz, youre amazing my guy.

  55. 123 245

    123 2452 ditë më parë

    Why focus more on extra curricular activities instead of primary classes? “But, it’s my fault. It’s nobody else’s fault. I’m putting myself in a position where I’m flunking my classes.” So, why doesn’t she change that? She knows what she’s doing wrong.

  56. Dom

    Dom2 ditë më parë

    Randy goin places don’t sleep on him

  57. James S.

    James S.2 ditë më parë


  58. Claire Rose

    Claire Rose2 ditë më parë

    Straight A's are easy to make, its just that its boring. No one wants to work, or be told what to do.

  59. The Answer

    The Answer3 ditë më parë

    Easy common ground.. Straight A studenta - usually, if they open their worldview - do understand "flunking" students and then recognise that school level isn't a definitive measure of how smart people are or can be. And vice versa

  60. Alexandria KING

    Alexandria KING3 ditë më parë

    I get straight A’s too... but it’s mostly from cheating lmao math and science suck

  61. vivek patil

    vivek patil3 ditë më parë

    I was an A student but my best buddies were always straight F

  62. ode nanda

    ode nanda3 ditë më parë

    Naemaa is soo beautiful

  63. YeahOkayCertainly

    YeahOkayCertainly3 ditë më parë

    I’d be bros with cooper

  64. Michelle Gray

    Michelle Gray3 ditë më parë

    The thing about being a straight A/ almost a straight A student is never having freedom. When my parents want to go to the beach, dinner, or any family outings at night or on the weekends and I constantly have to say no because of school work they not only get annoyed but I really fear that I am losing time with them. Friends don’t mean much to me because they are usually temporary but sacrificing time with family is what’s heartbreaking. I often say that when you’re young you have two options: to dedicate yourself to academics and go to a good college to try and secure a future or enjoy your youth, securing the here and the now. It’s one or the other and it’s nearly impossible to do both. I’ve decided on this two years ago and I’m a senior in high school. Being a teenager is nothing more than an age group I’m almost done with. It was never an experience or a time to remember.

  65. Tanya Artiaga

    Tanya Artiaga3 ditë më parë

    The boy from the straight A side is 👌👏👏👏.

  66. Randomness Gamer

    Randomness Gamer3 ditë më parë

    Cooper is the homie