Straight-A vs Flunking Students: Do Good Grades Matter?

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  1. Jubilee

    Jubilee9 ditë më parë

    Thanks to CuriosityStream for sponsoring this episode! Go to for unlimited access to the world’s top documentaries and non­fiction series, and for our fans, enter the promo code ‘jubilee’ when prompted during the sign­up process and your membership is completely free for the first 30 days.

  2. whomwhomwhomyeaaah

    whomwhomwhomyeaaah7 ditë më parë

    Bruh when one of the girls talked about math compared from middle school to HS it’s sooo true, I struggled in middle school because of the way they taught math and got b- and c and now in high school I take math honors and have an A+. I was just really in my head

  3. Harry Spotts

    Harry Spotts8 ditë më parë

    please do this but with college students

  4. CuteintheFace ThickintheWaist

    CuteintheFace ThickintheWaist8 ditë më parë

    Hey @Jubilee Is there any way you can add Korean captions to this? I teach ESL classes and this video would be greeeat to show them!!!

  5. DistortedV12

    DistortedV128 ditë më parë

    One of my favorite episodes Jubilee. I'm in grad school now and relate more with latter, but this really shows how social factors, or being socially acceptable, influence how kids look at the world..automotive tech, taking care of my parents, parents never did college, mental health but wanting to make parents proud vs. "trying to get out", "working my ass off," "take education for granted", "successful". Really interesting!

  6. George Brown 3

    George Brown 38 ditë më parë

    Would y'all look at what said,thank you!?@George Brown 3

  7. Woozy Choo

    Woozy Choo6 minuta më parë

    Truly intelligent people don't need to prove their intelligence.

  8. Ilia Train

    Ilia Train20 minuta më parë

    I liked cooper he wasn’t just smart in grades but genuinely was and he wasn’t dismissive of the flunking kids.

  9. Chuydeez jokes

    Chuydeez jokesOrë më parë

    6:57 😖😖😖

  10. Hot Pepper Lala

    Hot Pepper LalaOrë më parë

    You know why there isn't an Asian on this episode? Becase their answer would be the fuckin same: "my mom/dad will beat my ass"


    I WILL REIGNOrë më parë

    Imagine this: *Straight As walk out and introduce themselves* *Flunkers walk out and introduce themselves and shake their hands* "Hi, my name is Bill Gates." "Nice to meet you, I'm Quentin Tarantino." "How do you do, I'm Isaac Newton's Ghost."

  12. Zachary Joshua Jao

    Zachary Joshua Jao3 orë më parë

    I am both. When i was 9 grades and below i was a flanking students but the thing is was was bullied through all that time i can never catch up to them till i study hard and find my passion and where i belong, at 10th-11th grade my grades' slowly raise up through all hardwork and believing in myself and when i was at the 11th-12th i just move to New York and I'm still learning the language ( i struggled but my hardwork pays off). So, yes hardwork is the number one weapon to have a better grades.

  13. pezpeculiar

    pezpeculiar3 orë më parë

    Grades not defining intelligence is arguable, but it sure shows effort and persistence

  14. Unit 47

    Unit 473 orë më parë

    That straight A dude is such a lad for not walking on that first question - that intellegant one

  15. Jinks Jinx

    Jinks Jinx3 orë më parë

    School makes me want to cry.

  16. Alex Keaton

    Alex Keaton3 orë më parë

    Tanzy is definitely a good student, but she is extremely arrogant and stuck up, as if she is superior to the others. She thinks she is better than others and their circumstances. She also likes to play her race as a bonus for her, not relying on her brain but the color of her skin, exactly the trait that we as a society are trying to make less important in decision making.

  17. Zach Samuels

    Zach Samuels3 orë më parë

    The fact that these kids can have more civilized and intelligent conversations than some of the adults on the show

  18. Angela Denise

    Angela Denise3 orë më parë

    i want a kid like cooper

  19. Truckn Grom

    Truckn Grom4 orë më parë

    All of this just for money if you think about it.

  20. warspyking

    warspyking4 orë më parë

    Saw others post this but want to chime in because I think it's a genuinely good idea - gifted vs not gifted. A talk between people who intuitively grasp concepts quickly in class and don't need to study vs the people who spend several hours a day giving up their free time to match those levels. Would like to hear how they feel about eachother's and their own accomplishments, as well as the downsides to both sides that aren't immediately apparent, and how they feel the skills they have aquired/were gifted have prepared them for the future. My expectations: Gifted students will feel like they did not earn their grades but will still be proud noneoftheless because it shows off their talent, that the opposite side's achievements are much more impressive, that not going through the process of studying and putting in work has hurt their ability to go through struggle therefore impacting their ability to deal with the real world, but also that they think their ability to learn quickly will be an advantage that helps balance it out. Not gifted students will feel very deserving of their grades and of course proud of the dedication put into them as opposed to their ability itself, they will feel jealous (that may be too strong of a term) of their opposing side's talent and how little time it took them compared how much time they wasted into grades when they could've spent that time persuing their hobbies or a social life, and finally they will feel disadvantaged when it comes to the real world because of their inability to quickly grasp things but when told by the gifted students that they do have one advantage - a good work ethic they will feel more hopeful and overall agree that each side has their own strengths and weaknesses that balance eachother out.

  21. snaplemouton

    snaplemouton4 orë më parë

    You can tell who's smart in this video without looking at their grades. Cooper is definitely a smart boi and the other 2 A-graders showed their lack of intelligence the moment they stepped up on the first question. Real intelligence is to understand. The best analogy to this is computer science. It is called Artificial Intelligence because the goal is for the computer to understand the world and Knowledge is just a database. A database is only as useful as the data it contains.


    ERIC VALENCIA4 orë më parë

    Catholics vs Christians Immunization shots vs not Something with convicts Politicians vs someone idk Marvel fans vs dc fans Ppl who beat their kids ppl that don’t

  23. Jeremy Hamilton

    Jeremy Hamilton5 orë më parë

    3 and a half minutes in and cooper already speaking facts.

  24. YouTube Superb

    YouTube Superb5 orë më parë

    Can I be on both sides because I get really good grades but I don’t see the point of school or way people think that your smart if you get good grades

  25. Username Unavailable

    Username Unavailable5 orë më parë

    6 drug dealers and 1 cop would be amazing

  26. Evan Watson

    Evan Watson5 orë më parë

    Nadia belongs in a zoo not a ALworks video lmao hippopotamus head ass

  27. tsamm revag

    tsamm revag5 orë më parë

    As a teacher, making friends with me will not get you a good grade. 21 years, I can tell you flunking kids in class are simply LAZY

  28. Djay

    Djay6 orë më parë

    So i definitely relate to this matter. When I was in my early years of school, i always have a flunking grade like 70-79 or D’s because I cant understand the logic of the subject but once I entered 4th grade and had a tutor I grasp the subject and even had a medal for that year. The point is, flunking grade sometimes isnt bc of the student, sometimes it is the way that they teach us. Also believing in someone that they can do that without the subtext of pushing that they” should do it or else “can really boost their self esteem to better themselves. Trust me. When that tutor said that “Oh, you’re smart and I know it, you should just learn to focus your mindset” That gave me hope that I am smart or atleast I can do it. Well, entering highschool I was in a special class for Science and now In my last year of college.

  29. Ashley Cowan

    Ashley Cowan6 orë më parë

    Wow I just realized straight-a student or not they say the word “like” in every sentence.

  30. CalmAndCollected

    CalmAndCollected6 orë më parë

    I don’t know what school system I’m in but I did exponents in 4th grade and algebra 1 in 7th

  31. Babington

    Babington6 orë më parë

    Somebody explain how she is a freshman in college and a senior in high school. 1:25

  32. Vigilane

    Vigilane6 orë më parë

    Grade only equate to intelligence to a certain extent. It doesn’t go much further because in reality it is only a summarize point system that is based on how well you learn a material. If you learn well you may be intelligent in that subject. Im an all A student and I can tell you this, it doesn’t equal 100% intelligence. If you wanna be intelligent, you gotta think really well and throughly.

  33. kaleigh carpenter

    kaleigh carpenter6 orë më parë

    okay but the teenagers had a way better conversation than the adults.

  34. Crunk Monk

    Crunk Monk6 orë më parë

    I love how Naema was too insecure to say how old she way going into her sophomore year hahahah

  35. Mahmoud A

    Mahmoud A6 orë më parë

    The straight A students are so much more mature

  36. TJ

    TJ7 orë më parë

    Wish they had a different kind of flunky on here similar to me where they just can't be bothered to do school work and it just comes from sheer laziness.

  37. Papple9156

    Papple91567 orë më parë

    no grades do not show how smart you are. is just shows whether or not you do the busy work.. why am I failing a class but I pass the state exam with an A? I know the material yet I still barely passed the class. stupif

  38. Detrick

    Detrick7 orë më parë

    17:46 omg what is that caption

  39. Vixon T

    Vixon T8 orë më parë

    For me, i get bad grades, not because i don't understand the work, but because i just don't have the motivation to try anymore. I know people with Phd's who can't get jobs, so whats the point of me wasting my teen years studying, just so i can pay thousands of dollars to study more, end up in debt, and at best with an underpaying office job i hate. Theres so much more to life then conforming to societies standards of what you should be doing, money, status, none of that matters. All that matters is how happy you are with your life. In the end its your life experiences your gonna care about, not how well you did in school.

  40. Jillian Harris

    Jillian Harris8 orë më parë

    I feel like Nadias Hispanic accent only came out when she mentioned she was Hispanic lmao

  41. Kpat

    Kpat8 orë më parë

    I love history, always have, everything about it I love learning about. In high school, I hated history class, and I consistently failed. School grades do not represent intelligence. Good grades only show that you know how to pass.

  42. MonkaW

    MonkaW9 orë më parë

    Hit orgo I and see how fast you change your mind abound nursing and medicine

  43. Sarada Sreeram

    Sarada Sreeram11 orë më parë

    It's sad that people think their grades define their intelligence. Like I pity them, your grades don't define your intelligence, rather your ability to retain info and take a test. I went my entirety of school just cramming info, throwing it out on a test, and then forgetting all of it. School is about passing, not learning.

  44. S M

    S M7 orë më parë

    Sarada Sreeram It's sad that people make excuses to cover up their stupidity. Try failing highschool and we'll see how far you get

  45. The lebanese lad

    The lebanese lad11 orë më parë

    Bruh smart does not equate to knowledge! What's she saying?! She's the kind of person who thinks that grades define intelligence or you knowing more about a specific subject means you're smarter. It's just not true.

  46. Aaron C

    Aaron C11 orë më parë

    I was once told- “How far you go in life depends on how likeable you are” I didn’t agree at first but I’ve found it to be completely true. You can achieve outstanding academic achievements but if you lack critical thinking skills and consciousness, you won’t go far.

  47. Dani Lu

    Dani Lu11 orë më parë

    Bruh why all the flunking kids sophomores

  48. knowledgerobber

    knowledgerobber11 orë më parë

    what's with the -- like , like like after every couple words.

  49. Rosie Nugent

    Rosie Nugent11 orë më parë

    I love this. It’s great to see students wanting to become successful in what they love. I want to go into film production. I’ve had flunking grades most of my life, but I’ve learned how to multitask and become a better student. It took me years. I’m glad that I’m a pretty good student. At this time, if I wasn’t a good student I would still know that I want to become a movie director and that’s enough. It’s so cool to hear that they all have real plans of what they want to do in life regardless of their current grades. (Dancer, auto mechanic, lawyer, etc.)

  50. Alf

    Alf11 orë më parë

    I'm not busting my ass off for a corrupt school system that only sees me as a statistic.

  51. S M

    S M7 orë më parë

    Alf So why are you alive if you're just a statistic in the population?

  52. 1ksubswithnovids

    1ksubswithnovids11 orë më parë

    I like this one way more than the flat earth one

  53. Milk and Cookies

    Milk and Cookies12 orë më parë




    How many more times can they possibly say the word "like" ?

  55. Alexa Evans

    Alexa Evans13 orë më parë

    Why did Naema not mention her age?

  56. ThatGlobalDesi

    ThatGlobalDesi13 orë më parë

    How old are these kids! Mygod, they're all so mature, well-spoken and so driven!

  57. NeedaMora

    NeedaMora14 orë më parë

    At the end of the day it's about responsibility and finding a balance between pleasure

  58. Vincent Tapia

    Vincent Tapia14 orë më parë

    Cooper really killed it 😤

  59. Luthando Nqakala

    Luthando Nqakala14 orë më parë

    That Cooper kid has that "billionaire" demeanour

  60. Mango Afel

    Mango Afel15 orë më parë

    Who else finds the flunkers more sympathetic?

  61. ayesha anwar

    ayesha anwar15 orë më parë

    I wanna see these sophomores few years later to u know find out if I should flunk class..;)

  62. MouthOpenMonkey

    MouthOpenMonkey15 orë më parë

    I mean, good grades is a reflection of their understanding. Regardless if they find it boring, that student can do the work and study it and understand.

  63. Khady Ndiaye

    Khady Ndiaye16 orë më parë

    I like cooper

  64. daniel tomas

    daniel tomas16 orë më parë

    Never allow your schooling get in the way of your education.

  65. daniel tomas

    daniel tomas16 orë më parë

    She should of got me !

  66. rugdg13

    rugdg1316 orë më parë

    I'm a straight A. High school isn't about learning. 100% about how much responsibility and hoops and bullcrap you can jump through on command. 300 word essay? Ok. Now you want 1000 words in half the time? Ok. Now you want a 3 day standardized test with my diploma on the line? Done. What's the next trick do you want me to do? Scholarship essays? Dioramas and speeches? Life is rough out there and if you can't stay disciplined enough and willing to put in the hours to wade through the MINIMUM bullcrap to "win", whether college or keep a job or start a will be struggling and stressed at best... homeless At worst. Some have to study harder and longer. But the world won't "apply different learning styles" for you to get it...some people fail even when they do everything I hope they don't make it harder on themselves with the "welp, not motivated enough" mentality.

  67. jajkoo

    jajkoo16 orë më parë

    cooper gives me major ned bigby vibes