Why Planes Don't Fly Over Antarctica

Have you ever wondered if there are things an airplane simply can’t or won’t do? It turns out that airplanes have strict rules regarding their pathways in the sky - for safety reasons, and for the sake of staying friendly with continental neighbors. Some of the places they’re not allowed to fly over might surprise you!
For example, planes won’t fly directly over the Earth’s poles and over the Pacific Ocean. You can't see planes over Tibet and over the City of Mecca. The airspace over Walt Disney World and Disneyland is also a no-fly zone. The same applies to Area 51 but we don't know why.
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Antarctica 0:50
The Earth’s Poles 1:20
the Pacific Ocean 2:43
Tibet 3:19
The City of Mecca 4:09
When It’s Too Hot 4:35
George Washington’s House 5:23
Disney World and Disneyland 5:56
Pantex Nuclear Facility 6:43
Camp David 7:08
Kennedy Space Center 7:56
Area 51 8:30
Buckingham Palace 9:11
The Taj Mahal 9:46
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- Due to the windy and snowy conditions of the Antarctic mountains, this area is more prone to white-outs; the pilot wouldn’t be able to see at all!
- The Earth’s north pole has super strong magnetic fields that are constantly changing - their reach and direction can change by miles a year!
- Planes won’t fly over Tibet. This is largely due to the Himalayan Mountains. First of all, if a plane has to land in an emergency situation, mountains aren’t exactly the ideal impromptu runway.
- There’s a strong magnetic field in Makkah. As mentioned earlier, a magnetic field can cause navigational problems for pilots.
- George Washington’s House is considered a National Historic Landmark, so to prevent further damage to the historic home, even from air vibrations in the sky, the airspace above George and Martha’s house was declared a no-fly zone.
- In 2003, the Disney Corporation put “temporary” no-fly zones over both their parks, but somehow, they just stuck.
- Due to the many presidents and world-wide VIPs that visit Camp David, the airspace above the whole compound is a no-fly zone for safety reasons.
- Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a no-fly zone. There’s a lot of NASA and U.S. Airforce activity that goes on here - pretty important work. So safety for all parties is the top priority.
- Buckingham Palace is meant to protect the Queen and the royal family, so of course a no-fly zone was established above it.
- The Indian government place a no-fly zone above the area of the Taj Mahal in 2006 to safeguard this important historical building and the many tourists who come to witness its majesty.
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  2. canmield

    canmieldDitë më parë

    Doug Selsam Yeah, there is so much wrong with this video I had to stop somewhere. B-29’s flew over the Himalayas (near Burma not Tibet) in WWII. Mountains do create dangerous weather patterns but oceans create hurricanes/typhoons. We still fly over them, Pacific included BrightSide. Daocheng Yading Airport is higher than the tallest mountain in Colorado. Almost 2500 feet higher than the Lhasa airport.

  3. Doug Selsam

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    @canmield And there is an airport in Lhasa, Tibet. so planes fly there.

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    I’m from America and I really wanna go to Australia it seems like a cool place

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    Hey Bright side ... not very bright apparently. Many planes fly over the Pacific ocean from Asia to North America!!

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    Bermuda triangle

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    Planes aren't allowed to fly over or land on North Korea.

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    Are you freaking kidding me! WHat an absolute Joke! maybe you should title it, agenda lies and planes from the 1940's

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    I guessed Area 51

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    what's the world in looking for... oh yeah, lame.

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    Lie. This is lie. I flew air China form new York to bejing, exactly over north Pole

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    Why does Mecca 🕋 has a stronger gravity?

  14. Strong Delusion

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    Planes don't fly over the center of earth because Mt Maru the (Magnetic Center) of "Flat Earth" and our Government have a treaty with the occupants/fallen ones of the area known as the N.Pole?, and also because compasses don't work there! Their is no Antarctica, that is a bald face lie! Wake up, quit falling for the MSM/TPTB/luciferians lies, leave the Programming behind, leave the Matrix and the lady in the Red dress!

  15. dragoncult666

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    'They' are afraid we'll see the edge of the earth and discover the truth.

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  17. The Dusty Shredder

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    Wings do NOT generate lift via pressure differential. If they did, wings would be larger to create as much of a differential as possible, and planes would be far more efficient. Instead, they are not. The reason for this is in the name of the craft itself! Plane! The wings are actually a very fancy inclined plane. The angle of the wing relative to the fuselage is called the angle of attack, and it is THIS that creates lift. At the angle of attack, the wing pushes the air down under the plane, pushing the plane up. However, this also creates drag. The higher the angle of attack, the more drag is created due to vortices. The only time pressure differential has anything to do with lift is once the plane is at maximum cruising speed. At that point, the wing only has to keep the plane in level flight, and so the angle of attack becomes so minimal, the curvature of the wing actually provides most of the lift that is needed. Also, have you ever wondered why most airplanes have a vertical stabilizer? It is actually because of the wing. You see, the plane is controlled by flaps called control surfaces. When these surfaces are used, they create drag. There is more drag when the flap moves up than when it moves down. At the wing, this causes yaw, which the pilot then has to correct using the rudder. Efforts have been made to reduce this, and fly-by-wire systems now automatically adjust the rudder during a bank.

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    It is not Mecca it is Makkah

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    Why don't you put an aluminum can in the freezer for too long....

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    ...lol...don't drink the kool-aide kids..that's not why, the "powers" in charge of the world don't want anyone to see what's really there.

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    It's very simple sheeple, the earth is flat

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    Planes have no problem flying right over the top over my house every 5 minutes

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    only google can fly above those location :D


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    i flew to china going on the pacific because i was in california

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    If the facts are true, are planes allowed to fly over the Bermuda Triangle? Please let me know.. .

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    There is a place in India called TIRUMULA..... Not a flying zone

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    So the US Airspace has the majority of flight restrictions to consider for all air flights?

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    cuz the earth is flat???

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    you know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Depends on jet streams and the time of year

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    I'm pretty sure that air force one can fly over camp David...

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    looks like U.S.A is no fly zone

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  40. Mr. Popo

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    1:30 The longest flight in the world, New York-Singapore flys over the north pole so yes they are allowed. And the north pole aka True North is not where magnetic north is. Magnetic north is currently in Siberia.

  41. Brandon Hanson.

    Brandon Hanson.Ditë më parë

    Interesting video but.... Qantas Airlines offers flights from Australia to fly over Antarctica for a day during their summer months you can pay for if you do not want to step foot on Antarctica. The boarding passes will simple say "private flight" on them. There are Airlines that fly over the North Pole from Newark, New Jersey Airport to Hong Kong Airport. If there are no issues with turbulence, in relevance to flying over the oceans or high elevation areas. Heat, Australia and the Middle East taking flights anytime of the year with their heat. The map showing Amarillo, Texas looks more like the middle of Kansas. You can still see the Taj Mahal from the air of you are landing or leaving New Delhi, India (there are a few videos here on ALworks channels with people getting the shots on their devices or cameras.

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    Things an Airplane can't or won't do? Nope, just my ex.

  43. Census

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    It’s because if there was a mechanical issue/emergency there aren’t suitable airports in Antarctica to make an emergency landing. I though everyone knew this? Planes that fly near the poles have to have the ability to stay 5 hours airborne during an emergency to reach a suitable airport.

  44. Harry Goodhorn

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    Never heard more BS than this video puts out. All modern planes use gyro compasses and GPS, they do still have magnetic compasses for redundancy. As for flying over all of the earths mountain ranges, it's done all of the time. Modern airliners cruise at 25, 000 to over 35,000 feet all of the time. There is some other reason that these airplanes are not allowed to fly over the poles.

  45. Demon curtis

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    Well he isn't wrong it does get hot here in Arizona

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    The North magnetic pole isn't anywhere near the geographic North pole.

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    You forgot the White House Is also a no fly zone

  48. Pax Christus

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    Gotta call bull on this silly video. Airlines fly over the Arctic all the time. And so forth. "Bright"...not so much. I write this as both a pilot and passenger.

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    You can’t fly over Chris ‘s forest in Rhodopes mountains in South Bulgaria

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    I've flown over the Pacific Ocean twice... hahah


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    I love that I only needed to scroll through the first three comments to realize I didn’t need to waste my time watching this farce of a video

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    We do have flights from Australia to Antarctica

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    It's a shame there can't be a rule saying American fighter jets cant fly over middle eastern countries

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    What about military bases? If a plane looked like it was going to fly over one of them, they’d have the airforce asking them to land.

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    This is one of the worst videos I've seen. So many things wrong.

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    false information

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    should have renamed as " why planes dont fly over USA" jut centering ur country. and many wrong facts...............................

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    Well plane don't fly in Antarctica beacuse they might see the passageway from Earth to Aghartha the Legendary City the government has hidden from us. Am i the only one who knows about Aghartha?

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    Area 51’s location isn’t really known? Come on really? Just look on google earth

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    Strong magnetic field over mecca is wrong. It's only due to religious reasons that planes won't fly above it

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    With GPS, it should be safe to fly over the north pole without depending on the compass??