Dr. Phil's Hilariously Terrible Interview


  1. Gus Johnson

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  2. unidentified mogwai

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  3. jenis betzke

    jenis betzke2 muaj më parë

    got the sledge hammer in one hand and your hand on the door knob with the other....?? hand, dr. Phil?

  4. Claudia Bolaños

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    dollar shave club is actually really awesome

  5. Unwise Poppy

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    jesus post the link to the original in the description

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    Yes, you have to


    MELLONWATER17 minuta më parë

    what is a water

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    #SledgehammerMurder yall!

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    3:53 wooooooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Mike Reda

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  11. Golen

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    At 6:41 I yelled OMG! and Gus starts playing the piano in frustration lol

  12. Freeboi19 Ikr

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    Place hand here for validation

  13. Got Cha

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    3:57 Brrruuhhhh lol Savage!

  14. makayla i.

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    the killer dude is in the county RIGHT NEXT TO MINE. WHAT THE FUCK

  15. toastwoozi

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    Gus just made a Post Malone beat with his left hand not looking.

  16. Joshhh

    Joshhh2 ditë më parë

    Yeah but why is there a potato growing out of Dr. Phil’s head?

  17. SatchmoGames

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    I just fucking lost it when he started singing....

  18. Hrithik

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    can we appreciate how effortlessly he played congratulations on that keyboard

  19. jrbisc99

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    The question is, why is Dr Phil interviewing a schizophrenic!? There are plenty of schizophrenics with similar stories in jail. Dr Phil can't fix em so I don't get his motivation.

  20. jrbisc99

    jrbisc993 ditë më parë

    You better hope that dude doesn't get out haha

  21. Jeremy Cremen

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    It's so true you be forgetting a out dr Phil until that 14 year old bad mouth comes on

  22. shrek wazowski

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    according to gus 5 pound sledgehammers are heavy, 5 pounds

  23. Frendly Waffle

    Frendly Waffle4 ditë më parë

    Wouldn’t this have been discussed in court(if he went to trial)

  24. Eli Schneck

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    I have the flu😭

  25. Kenneth Irgendwas

    Kenneth Irgendwas4 ditë më parë

    10:20 i now believe this is a comedy skit. 'i feel it was an accident. i dont think so' WHAT????

  26. Kenneth Irgendwas

    Kenneth Irgendwas4 ditë më parë

    some of these questions were okay. but this whole thing is a little weird for a psychologist

  27. Lorena Cardona

    Lorena Cardona4 ditë më parë

    Please do more of these hahaha. “3lb? 5lb??? HEAVY???”

  28. Tom Bauer

    Tom Bauer4 ditë më parë

    7:33 actually my name

  29. Knight Krawler

    Knight Krawler5 ditë më parë

    I think Phil maybe more fucked up than any of his guest.

  30. Acob

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    *y e s h*

  31. Mak Moncman

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    YOU look a little like doc phill

  32. Daredevil 1142

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    Check out Dr. Phil's interview with the Bum Fights guy as well....

  33. Ash J

    Ash J6 ditë më parë

    More videos like this, please! Skits are awesome too, but so are these, your commentary is on-point

  34. crazysingingchick

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    Sum folks call it a sledgehammer I call it a Kaiser Hammer, mmhmm

  35. FoxForever90

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    I don't reckon I got any reason to kill anybody. mmhmm

  36. Cole Delong

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    *Remembers joke at inappropriate time* “Why did you smile?” “I was thinking about, my, erm, family”

  37. SABIHA Rin

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    8:14 orgasms 8:53 again Edit: 9:23 yes

  38. Josh J

    Josh J6 ditë më parë

    Gus where did u get those amazing shorts??

  39. Areeb Hassan

    Areeb Hassan6 ditë më parë

    Does Gus chew tobacco? There’s a tin behind his left shoulder.

  40. _ Lockick _

    _ Lockick _7 ditë më parë

    I like it but not always

  41. Randall Moye

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  42. Ozy Mandias

    Ozy Mandias7 ditë më parë

    You guys really don't get the relevance of these questions? I don't get them all either, but stuff like if he hit her hard the first time gives us insight into how committed to the act he was in onset. Same goes for questioning why he decided to do it that day, he was fishing for a potential emotional explanation or for the kid to reveal a plan he'd had. Same goes for rewording the statement about where he got the sledgehammer, he wanted him to say whether he ran straight to the garage to retrieve it in a fit of emotion or if he'd placed it somewhere else earlier in the day to make it more convenient. These are all relatively standard questions when asking if someone has any thoughts or feelings of harming others; you delve into whether they have a means (the hammer), whether they have a plan (placing the hammer aside and waiting for his mom to fall asleep), how likely his is to carry it out (how hard did you hit her the first time? how long did you wait at the door? did you listen to hear of she was sleeping? did you wisper her name to see if she'd respond because she wasn't deeply sleeping?) Sometimes when someone does something like this it's very impulsive, in such circumstances, they fully committed to begin with, but when there's a lot of premeditation, they don't fully commit with the initial attack, but instead, the attacker finds themself between a rock and a hard place because if they don't carry through, the victim will fight back, which is scary for the attacker (how hard would you fight to save your own life? Interestingly enough, trying to kill someone is life or death once you've made your intentions known for the fact that people fight back), or they'll be reported to authorities, which is also an unwanted consequence for the attacker, so carry through on murder doesn't inform us if the murderer was fully committed early on, hence the question of how hard he swung to begin with. If it was premeditated, and depending on the degree of premeditation vs impulse, one can estimate the possibility for rehabilitation (you can get insight to whether the attacker is a functional or non functional sociopath/psychopath, assuming that diagnosis is accurate [upwards of %60 of prison populations meet the diagnostic criteria, so it probably is]). Anyhow, that's just one example. Most of the questions Gus criticized are pretty valid from a psychological assessment standpoint. I think the issue is you guys are assuming this is an interview and that's an ignorant way to analyze it.

  43. Gothicruler666

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    Yo, I can't watch this

  44. Truth 911

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    This is by far the best video on ALworks lmao!

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    Wow shaggy looks different

  46. IAmAnotherHuman

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    I'm really late but I don't even care He talks about how people come home when they're really sick and watch reality shows. I actually come home and watch Gus Johnson videos

  47. Thomas Larkin

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    Did you hit your mom in the head with the force of 30-50 wild hogs?

  48. Thomas Larkin

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    My name is Thomas so I was a little freaked out.

  49. Haylie Joy

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    Why do I like the noise of you rubbing your mustache on your mic so much

  50. ty wilson

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    Bro the Jeff Dahmer part 😂😂😂

  51. Adrianna Morse

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    Fucking Shaggy became a ALworksr

  52. Alright There Mate

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    Wow Gus, you are a terrible interviewer, and what’s with the wig? You looked so much better without it.

  53. travis bickle

    travis bickle8 ditë më parë

    My name is actually Thomas and I did not close them when asked, so you calling me out while I'm stoned was genuinely jarring

  54. anna

    anna8 ditë më parë

    it is actually a good interview may not seem like it lol he's trying to get an idea of his awareness of right and wrong and remorse, his memory of it, the guy is just really disturbed

  55. Gabriel Kerr

    Gabriel Kerr8 ditë më parë

    more like this

  56. Broken Wave

    Broken Wave9 ditë më parë

    You know you're crazy when you nod your head wrong.

  57. Joe Mc

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    10/10 piano skills by Gus once again

  58. Joe Mc

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    Did no one notice him playing hey look may I made it

  59. Mika Burger

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    Do you have perfect pitch?

  60. Logan Allen

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    “what did it sound like” *starts playing congratulations

  61. dedpanTV

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    Hey, I think you did a good job. And that’s coming from me. You’re welcome.

  62. Jesse Heard wrestling

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    There's a lot of fucked up people in Tennessee. I should know. I live there.

  63. Broken Wave

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    Are you implying that you fuck people up all the time and thus any state you live in must have a bunch of fucked up people? That's badass.

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    Dr Phil over here Trying to make a 1000 words essay with random shit

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    U look like Dr Phil with hair

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    "You have a mustache"*

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    3:49 lol, I was thinking the same

  68. ItsDkoi

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    Making fun of this situation is very distasteful... you should be ashamed... Can I get a #SledgeHammerMurder