nba 2k19 if there was no lag

NBA 2K19 is fun... when it actually works. When 2K19 isn't working... it looks a lot like this...
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  1. PeterMc

    PeterMc10 muaj më parë


  2. I’m not joke Rakim

    I’m not joke Rakim8 muaj më parë

    PeterMc Xbox One all the man

  3. cal sports minute

    cal sports minute9 muaj më parë

    said no one EVER

  4. VirtualKaancepts

    VirtualKaancepts9 muaj më parë


  5. Owen Boyle

    Owen Boyle9 muaj më parë

    PeterMc fax no printer

  6. Gedeon Ndonga

    Gedeon Ndonga10 muaj më parë

    Delaying is real

  7. Orange Karate

    Orange Karate29 ditë më parë

    I finished highschool when I was 16 without skipping a grade

  8. Darkkingofsouls

    DarkkingofsoulsMuaj më parë

    That crazy I dead played ya without even knowing

  9. Kevwardo

    KevwardoMuaj më parë

    9:53 nae nae steal

  10. SugarShane Gaming

    SugarShane Gaming2 muaj më parë

    When Agent sees someone going for the last slice of pizza 9:44

  11. VENOMAN Games

    VENOMAN Games2 muaj më parë


  12. Jordxn X

    Jordxn X2 muaj më parë

    I’m from the future raptors win a championship kawhi leaves after to the clippers

  13. FusionClapsCheeks

    FusionClapsCheeks2 muaj më parë

    why do you always zoom in to your mouth when you laugh

  14. Jonathian Few

    Jonathian Few3 muaj më parë

    I'm currently grinding to 91 overall

  15. Arya Kumar

    Arya Kumar3 muaj më parë

    9:44 when Agent gets to Popeyes and theres a line

  16. Joshua McNutt

    Joshua McNutt3 muaj më parë

    They are not DDOSing your games. It's a lag switch. Do you even know what a Denial of service attack is?


    THE CAPTAIN4 muaj më parë


  18. RowanSzuba8

    RowanSzuba84 muaj më parë

    So pretty much not 2k 🤔🤔

  19. Lou Maen

    Lou Maen4 muaj më parë

    Agents own character has sweat in the thumbnail

  20. _cappo 3Times_

    _cappo 3Times_5 muaj më parë

    When the lunch lady gives you a extra chicken nugget 5:39

  21. NesirTheFear

    NesirTheFear5 muaj më parë


  22. Ks Ms

    Ks Ms6 muaj më parë

    I’m 17 and graduate this year lmao

  23. OnlyREgret

    OnlyREgret6 muaj më parë

    I keep getting this lag with the same error code any help ?

  24. Deon Ceruti

    Deon Ceruti6 muaj më parë

    I’m gonna be graduating high school when I’m 17 and I didn’t skip any grades

  25. Cooper Austreng

    Cooper Austreng6 muaj më parë

    What’s another word for chicken cock gay ass botch

  26. Justin Sadler

    Justin Sadler7 muaj më parë

    Agent all I'm saying bro with the lag and playing with randoms. It's tuff real f****** tuff

  27. Jui cE

    Jui cE7 muaj më parë

    Did anyone get that lag at the end😏

  28. Logic boy

    Logic boy7 muaj më parë

    What the Sound effect at 6:54?

  29. NES_ Ling

    NES_ Ling7 muaj më parë


  30. spy master

    spy master7 muaj më parë

    What are you like are you a pure shot creater or somthing some one pls tell me

  31. Fight Club

    Fight Club7 muaj më parë

    8:05 is every Xbox player

  32. Biggie2245

    Biggie22458 muaj më parë

  33. Thomas DeTitta

    Thomas DeTitta8 muaj më parë

    we got 10,000 bullyong stops

  34. Kevin Quartermaine

    Kevin Quartermaine8 muaj më parë

    9:44 at that moment agent saw that popeyes chicken was FREE

  35. Dr3amShotz

    Dr3amShotz8 muaj më parë

    Actually i graduated at 17 and didnt skip at grade, it just means you started school on time and not late

  36. Pat Star

    Pat Star8 muaj më parë

    The amount of effort that went in to make this a 10 minute video

  37. Sober Minds

    Sober Minds9 muaj më parë

    Agent taking supersizing to another level.....need to drop 2k and grab a real basketball 😂😂😂😂 sweat some of those 2k wins into irl losses

  38. James FitzGerald

    James FitzGerald9 muaj më parë

    servers in AUS...

  39. Austin poch

    Austin poch9 muaj më parë

    Jeez why does it look like u gained 200 fat

  40. ShawnStylizzz

    ShawnStylizzz9 muaj më parë

    What jumpshot did u use in the vid straight fye?!

  41. Adam last name

    Adam last name9 muaj më parë

    What position and build are you

  42. Foxzwashere

    Foxzwashere9 muaj më parë

    pathetic *spits* garbage

  43. Kadyn Mork

    Kadyn Mork10 muaj më parë

    What build is he

  44. Dre Miller

    Dre Miller10 muaj më parë

    Hey Agent! I enjoy your content and I was hoping you could give some advice since 2k support has been giving me the run around for over a month. I have been running issues with my PS4 pro crashing constantly when loading into pro am games but it doesn't crash with any other game I own which makes me believe its an issue with 2k19 specifically. (This happened to me last year with the elevator to go the apartment as well). Have you run into any issues with your ps4 pro when playing 2k19, if so which game modes and is there anyway you can think of to fix it? Is there anyone I can talk with or that you have spoke with about this issue? Again, I appreciate the content and if you can hit me up with some advice it would be much appreciated.

  45. Stefahn Lee-Backus

    Stefahn Lee-Backus10 muaj më parë

    Imagine being a pure sharp and averaging 6 ppg 😂

  46. Shmoziii

    Shmoziii10 muaj më parë

    Agent wish he looked like his thumbnail😂. Of course I'm just playing tho, love your videos agent00🤘🏾💯

  47. Sweet AIR

    Sweet AIR10 muaj më parë

    1 like=1 kid stops thinking of commiting suicide

  48. rigas panagiwtis

    rigas panagiwtis10 muaj më parë

    Its Time for diet !

  49. Wiklm

    Wiklm10 muaj më parë

    Agent! I need your help I’m 68 overall and no one wants to play with me! Please help username primetime-21

  50. swag daddymac

    swag daddymac10 muaj më parë

    damn so u don't answer all ur fans huh?

  51. Asap

    Asap10 muaj më parë

    8:46 only agent can pull from his 3 point line on the other side of the court and bang i swear

  52. spektra1988

    spektra198810 muaj më parë

    Why do you always accuse people of lag switching when you be losing to better players.. it's sad man

  53. D. K. White

    D. K. White10 muaj më parë

    That missed dunk was the best brick to include the shotgun sound effect I have seen yet.

  54. donkeyfart92

    donkeyfart9210 muaj më parë

    i finished high school at 17 fuck u gotta say

  55. Eli Uncut

    Eli Uncut10 muaj më parë

    That’s that ps4 shit 💀💀

  56. Jayknow music

    Jayknow music10 muaj më parë

    Boy this nigga FAT

  57. swag daddymac

    swag daddymac10 muaj më parë

    ayo agent man I know u got a lot of clout wen it comes to 2k ...I was hoping u can maybe notify Mike Wang to update 2k18 and fix matchmaking with the team pro am. I speak for the small percentage of ppl who don't really mess with 19 like that and still enjoy 18

  58. ad Bandz

    ad Bandz10 muaj më parë

    Bro you fucking suck

  59. Gostappi

    Gostappi10 muaj më parë

    unsurprisingly it’s incredibly irritating to see shots that go in from behind the mid court. I like how they laugh and have fun with it but realistically those of us who use builds that require practice, grinding, and IQ to master the archetype have ruined experiences (especially in Jordan rec) with players like these guys

  60. Karl Rigo

    Karl Rigo10 muaj më parë

    Idk how my boy agent doesn’t have a mil yet. Y’all crazy

  61. Lashaw Barlow

    Lashaw Barlow10 muaj më parë

    When did u turn fat no disrespect

  62. Mr Bucket

    Mr Bucket10 muaj më parë

    Bruh what happened I’m not even tryna snake is you depressed 🤨

  63. John Escoto

    John Escoto10 muaj më parë

    bro this dude think he good at 2k but he just average as fuck. dont be fooled.

  64. aka Zyte

    aka Zyte10 muaj më parë

    Yo Agent... your one of the best 2K players ever just thought you would know that.. big fan bro..

  65. Like who are you?

    Like who are you?10 muaj më parë

    Bro real shit 1v1 Cash's dumb ass bro